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2020 Women's Tennis Schedule

 62:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Bethel - TNCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Midway - KYCncl 
 Lexington Tennis Club
 4:00PM(A) RV McPherson - KS @ (H) Southwestern - KSCncl 
  4:45PM(A) Bethel - IN @ (H) Indiana South Bend - INCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Oakland City UniversityCncl 
 51:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) Saint Francis - INCncl 
  11:00AM(N) Reinhardt - GA vs. (N) Bethel - TNCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 16 SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Columbia - SCCncl 
 2:00PM(A) 21 Cumberlands - KY @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
  1:00PM(A) TBA @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
 GPAC JV Invite
   (N) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KY vs. (N) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Tournament
  1:00PM(A) Fontbonne University @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
   (A) Mount Marty - SD @ (H) Hastings - NECncl 
  10:00AM(N) 14 Union - KY vs. (N) 6 William Woods - MOCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
  1:00PM(A) Alcorn State @ (H) 3 Xavier - LACncl 
  4:00PM(N) RV University of Northwestern Ohi vs. (N) 14 Union - KYCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Spring Invitational
  1:00PM(A) College of Saint Mary - NE @ (H) TBACncl 
 GPAC JV Tournament
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBACncl 
 4 (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  (A) 4 William Carey - MS @ (H) 25 Mobile - ALCncl 
 3:30PM(A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) 10 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
 11:00AM(N) Bethel - TN vs. (N) 10 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
 Tennis Complex - Dalton, GA
 10:00AM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Indiana Northwest - IN @ (H) 9 Cardinal Stritch - WI  
  1:30PM(N) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL vs. (N) Taylor - INCncl 
  9:30AM(N) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL vs. (N) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
   (A) Spring Arbor - MI @ (H) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan University Tournament
  3:00PM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) Indiana East - INCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Indiana East - INCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Carlow - PA @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Indiana Southeast - IN @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
 5:30PM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
 2:00PM(A) William Jessup - CA @ (H) 12 San Diego Christian - CACncl 
 12:00PM(A) 23 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) Pikeville - KYCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Texas A&M Texarkana @ (H) John Brown - ARCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Southwestern - KSCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Ottawa - KSCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) LeMoyne-Owen CollegeCncl 
   (A) TBA @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  10:00AM(A) University of Montevallo @ (H) 20 Tennessee WesleyanCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Ottawa (Ariz.) @ (H) 18 Westmont - CACncl 
 1:00PM(A) Doane - NE @ (H) Morningside - IACncl 
 11:30AM(A) Tabor - KS @ (H) Kansas WesleyanCncl 
  (A) St. Ambrose - IA @ (H) Holy Cross - INCncl 
   (N) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KY vs. (N) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Tournament
 4:00PM(A) Midland - NE @ (H) Morningside - IACncl 
 11:00AM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
   (A) 14 Union - KY @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
 12:00PM(N) Carlow - PA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
  (A) Saint Francis - IN @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
  12:00PM(A) 22 Missouri Valley @ (H) Fort Hays State UniversityCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Concordia - MI @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
 12:00PM(A) Hastings - NE @ (H) Northwestern - IACncl 
  10:00AM(N) 6 William Woods - MO vs. (N) Grace - INCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
  3:00PM(N) 6 William Woods - MO vs. (N) Huntington - INCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
 11:00AM(A) Lourdes - OH @ (H) RV Indiana TechCncl 
  1:00PM(A) 3 Xavier - LA @ (H) Jackson State UniversityCncl 
  10:00AM(N) RV University of Northwestern Ohi vs. (N) 17 Georgetown - KYCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Spring Invitational
  2:00PM(A) Point - GA @ (H) 21 Cumberlands - KY  
  11:30AM(A) College of Saint Mary - NE @ (H) Simpson CollegeCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) Lewis & Clark CCPPD 
  9:00AM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH @ (H) Ohio Northern UniversityCncl 
 Played at Lindner Family Tennis Center
34:00PM(A) 15 Loyola - LA @ (H) 4 William Carey - MSCncl 
   (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
 3:30PM(A) Bethel - TN @ (H) RV Martin Methodist - TNCncl 
 Senior Day 2020
  7:00PM(A) Northern Illinois University @ (H) RV Indiana TechCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Seward County CC @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
  8:00AM(A) 17 Georgetown - KY @ (H) 24 Marian - INCncl 
 IWU Invitational
  4:30PM(A) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) 24 Marian - INCncl 
 IWU Invitational
 2:30PM(A) William Jessup - CA @ (H) Hope International - CACncl 
  1:30PM(N) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL vs. (N) 17 Georgetown - KYCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan University Invitational April 3-5
   (A) Spring Arbor - MI @ (H) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan University Tournament
  1:00PM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Emory & Henry CollegeCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Texas Wesleyan @ (H) John Brown - ARCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) 18 Westmont - CACncl 
 4:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
   (A) TBA @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 20 Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) 16 SCAD Atlanta - GaCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Doane - NE @ (H) Northwestern - IACncl 
   (N) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KY vs. (N) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Tournament
 1:00PM(A) Midland - NE @ (H) Mount Marty - SDCncl 
   (A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Point - GA @ (H) 14 Union - KYCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Missouri Baptist - MO @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
 2:00PM(A) 23 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  1:00PM(N) 6 William Woods - MO vs. (N) RV University of Northwestern OhiCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Spring Invitational
 4:00PM(A) Midland - NE @ (H) Morningside - IACncl 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBACncl 
  4:00PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) Missouri Baptist - MOPPD 
 2 (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  3:00PM(A) 4 William Carey - MS @ (H) Alcorn StateCncl 
  4:00PM(A) 6 William Woods - MO @ (H) 24 Marian - INCncl 
 IWU Invitational
 3:00PM(A) 9 Cardinal Stritch - WI @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILCncl 
   (A) TBA @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Emporia State University @ (H) Bethel - KSCncl 
 12:00PM(A) 17 Georgetown - KY @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  3:30PM(A) 25 Mobile - AL @ (H) Spring Hill CollegeCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Mount Marty - SD @ (H) College of Saint Mary - NECncl 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBACncl 
14:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) Ottawa - KSCncl 
  3:00PM(A) 24 Marian - IN @ (H) Butler UniversityCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Indiana East - INCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) Kansas WesleyanCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) Rust - MSCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Southwestern - KS @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Tabor - KS @ (H) Bethel - KSCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 23 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) 21 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 5:30PM(A) Concordia - NE @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
  2:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
 312:30PM(A) 4 William Carey - MS @ (H) Delta State UniversityCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Indiana South Bend - IN @ (H) Indiana Northwest - IN  
 3:00PM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) 20 Tennessee WesleyanCncl 
 12:00PM(A) RV McPherson - KS @ (H) Sterling - KSCncl 
 2:00PM(A) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) 17 Georgetown - KYCncl 
  (A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) St. Ambrose - IACncl 
  5:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) University of Southern IndianaCncl 
  2:00PM(A) 23 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) Asbury - KYPPD 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
3011:00AM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Bluefield - VACncl 
  1:00PM(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID @ (H) Point - GACncl 
  1:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHCncl 
 292:00PM(A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Christian Brothers UniversityCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Saint Francis - IN @ (H) Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
 Senior Day
 2:00PM(A) Columbia - SC @ (H) 7 Brenau - GACncl 
  (A) Carlow - PA @ (H) Indiana East - INCncl 
  2:00PM(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID @ (H) 16 SCAD Atlanta - GaCncl 
  11:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) 24 Marian - INCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) 17 Georgetown - KYCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Quincy University @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Louisiana College @ (H) LSU ShreveportCncl 
  (A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) 9 Cardinal Stritch - WICncl 
  2:00PM(A) 22 Missouri Valley @ (H) William Jewell CollegeCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) 21 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 284:00PM(A) 6 William Woods - MO @ (H) Missouri Baptist - MOCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) Judson - ILCncl 
 11:30AM(N) Carlow - PA vs. (N) Midway - KYCncl 
 Foster Park Tennis Courts
  4:00PM(A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
 2:00PM(A) William Jessup - CA @ (H) 18 Westmont - CACncl 
 9:00AM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) 7 Brenau - GACncl 
 10:00AM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) Indiana Northwest - IN  
 3:00PM(A) Hope International - CA @ (H) 12 San Diego Christian - CACncl 
 3:00PM(A) Milligan - TN @ (H) Point - GACncl 
  3:00PM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) IU Kokomo - INCncl 
 Foster Park Tennis Courts
  8:00AM(A) Carlow - PA @ (H) IU Kokomo - INCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Southwestern - KS @ (H) Friends - KSCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Saint Katherine - CA @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Sterling - KSCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Southwestern - KS @ (H) Newman UniversityCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Webber International - FL @ (H) RV Ave Maria - FLCncl 
 10:30AM(A) Grand View - IA @ (H) 22 Missouri ValleyCncl 
   (A) West Virginia Wesleyan @ (H) Bluefield - VACncl 
 1:00PM(A) 17 Georgetown - KY @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Mount Marty - SD @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
  (A) Indiana South Bend - IN @ (H) St. Ambrose - IACncl 
 12:00PM(A) Northwestern - IA @ (H) Midland - NECncl 
  2:00PM(A) 14 Union - KY @ (H) 21 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 11:00AM(A) 6 William Woods - MO @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Asbury - KYCncl 
  11:00AM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  3:00PM(A) Muskingum College @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
  9:00AM(A) Grace Christian University @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
  3:00PM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
  10:00AM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) 23 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
 11:00AM(A) Cornerstone - MI @ (H) RV Indiana TechCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Concordia - NE @ (H) Morningside - IACncl 
  2:00PM(A) Concordia - MI @ (H) Capital UniversityCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Thomas More - KYCncl 
2712:00PM(A) Judson - IL @ (H) Indiana Northwest - INCncl 
 Warm ups @ 10:00am
   (A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) 23 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
 1:00PM(A) 7 Brenau - GA @ (H) 16 SCAD Atlanta - GaCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Reinhardt - GACncl 
 2:00PM(A) William Jessup - CA @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
 3:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  5:30PM(A) Mississippi University for Women @ (H) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 BNA Tennis Park
 1:00PM(A) 20 Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) Point - GACncl 
 4:00PM(A) Grand View - IA @ (H) Baker - KSCncl 
  6:00PM(A) Webster University @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Maryville CollegeCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  3:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) Spring Arbor - MIPPD 
  (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Cornerstone - MICncl 
  1:00PM(A) Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College @ (H) 10 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
   (A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) 22 Missouri ValleyCncl 
 2611:30AM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) Arkansas Tech UniversityCncl 
  5:00PM(A) 11 Indiana Wesleyan @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) Sterling - KSCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Whitworth University @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
  4:00PM(A) College of Idaho @ (H) Arizona ChristianCncl 
  4:00PM(A) 17 Georgetown - KY @ (H) Asbury - KYCncl 
  (A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
   (A) 11 Indiana Wesleyan @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Alice Lloyd - KY @ (H) 21 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 253:00PM(A) Alcorn State @ (H) 4 William Carey - MSCncl 
  4:30PM(A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Mississippi CollegeCncl 
 11:30AM(A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 BNA Tennis Park
 12:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) RV Indiana TechCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Indiana Northwest - IN @ (H) St. Francis - IL  
 4:00PM(A) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
  (A) 14 Union - KY @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
  2:30PM(A) Mississippi College @ (H) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 BNA Tennis Park
 3:00PM(A) 19 Southeastern - FL @ (H) RV Coastal GeorgiaCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Muskingum College @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  4:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Earlham CollegeCncl 
  (A) Concordia - NE @ (H) Hastings - NECncl 
  4:00PM(A) Agnes Scott @ (H) Point - GA  
 Rescheduled from Feb. 18th
  2:00PM(A) Florida National - FL @ (H) Webber International - FLCncl 
242:30PM(A) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) 23 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
  4:00PM(A) University of Idaho @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
 5:00PM(A) Morningside - IA @ (H) College of Saint Mary - NECncl 
  3:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) 22 Missouri ValleyCncl 
 233:00PM(A) Willamette University @ (H) Hope International - CACncl 
   (A) Lincoln Memorial University @ (H) 14 Union - KYCncl 
221:00PM(A) 7 Brenau - GA @ (H) Bluefield - VACncl 
  6:00PM(A) Eastern Illinois @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILCncl 
  (A) Milligan - TN @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
  2:00PM(N) 22 Missouri Valley vs. (N) Midland - NECncl 
  7:00PM(A) Portland State University @ (H) RV Lewis-Clark State - IDCncl 
  1:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO @ (H) Fontbonne UniversityCncl 
  3:00PM(N) University of St. Thomas vs. (N) RV Coastal GeorgiaCncl 
  2:00PM(A) 24 Marian - IN @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) 23 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
 211:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Hillsdale CollegeCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) Bethel - TNCncl 
 11:00AM(A) 7 Brenau - GA @ (H) 14 Union - KYCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
 2:00PM(A) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) Indiana Northwest - IN  
 7:30PM(A) Hope International - CA @ (H) Marymount UniversityCncl 
 11:00AM(A) 16 SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Milligan - TNCncl 
  3:00PM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) 11 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  10:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) Taylor - INCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Hope International - CA @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Ottawa - KS @ (H) Southwestern - KSCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Reinhardt - GA @ (H) 20 Tennessee WesleyanCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Ottawa (Ariz.) @ (H) William Jessup - CACncl 
 Life Time Fitness - Roseville, California
 4:00PM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Kansas WesleyanCncl 
 5:00PM(A) 17 Georgetown - KY @ (H) Thomas More - KYCncl 
 11:00AM(A) 21 Cumberlands - KY @ (H) 17 Georgetown - KYCncl 
  3:30PM(A) Truman State University @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
 11:00AM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Carlow - PACncl 
  10:00AM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Johnson UniversityCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
 12:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
 2:00PM(A) 18 Westmont - CA @ (H) 12 San Diego Christian - CACncl 
  2:00PM(A) Barton County Community College @ (H) 6 William Woods - MOCncl 
 3:00PM(A) Lourdes - OH @ (H) Aquinas - MICncl 
 1:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) 9 Cardinal Stritch - WIPPD 
 1:00PM(A) Point - GA @ (H) Bluefield - VA  
  10:00AM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Cedarville UniversityCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Judson - IL @ (H) Carthage CollegeCncl 
   (A) 23 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) 24 Marian - INCncl 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
  2:00PM(N) Mobile - AL vs. (N) Webber International - FLCncl 
 Tallahassee, Fla. (Florida State University)
2011:00AM(A) Judson - IL @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
 2:30PM(A) 18 Westmont - CA @ (H) Hope International - CACncl 
 2:00PM(A) Point - GA @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
 3:00PM(A) Marymount California @ (H) 12 San Diego Christian - CACncl 
  2:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Southwestern Christian - OKCncl 
  6:00PM(A) Ottawa (Ariz.) @ (H) Fresno Pacific UniversityCncl 
 12:00PM(A) 16 SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Bluefield - VACncl 
  (A) St. Ambrose - IA @ (H) 9 Cardinal Stritch - WICncl 
  12:00PM(N) Missouri Baptist - MO vs. (N) Midland - NECncl 
 6:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Aquinas - MICncl 
  7:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO @ (H) Webster UniversityCncl 
 3:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) 21 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  7:00PM(A) University of Southern Indiana @ (H) 6 William Woods - MOCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) William Jessup - CACncl 
 Played at Lifetime Fitness
  11:00AM(A) Asbury - KY @ (H) 19 Southeastern - FLPPD 
   (A) 15 Loyola - LA @ (H) University of Southern MississippiCncl 
192:30PM(A) RV Cumberland - TN @ (H) 23 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
  12:00PM(N) Indiana East - IN vs. (N) Millersville - PACncl 
 USTA National Campus
  (A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Columbia - SCCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Southwestern - KS @ (H) Bethel - KSCncl 
  7:00PM(A) Kentucky Wesleyan College @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Marietta College @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  4:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN @ (H) Covenant CollegeCncl 
  1:00PM(A) 10 Middle Georgia State @ (H) 19 Southeastern - FLCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Spring Hill College @ (H) 25 Mobile - ALCncl 
 18 (N) Indiana East - IN vs. (N) Bethel UniversityCncl 
 USTA National Campus
 4:00PM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Friends - KSCncl 
 12:30PM(A) 9 Cardinal Stritch - WI @ (H) St. Francis - ILCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 20 Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) Milligan - TNCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Ottawa - KSCncl 
  3:00PM(N) Huntingdon College vs. (N) RV Coastal GeorgiaCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Midway - KYCncl 
 Lexington Tennis Club
  2:00PM(A) 22 Missouri Valley @ (H) Lindenwood UniversityCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Nebraska Wesleyan University @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
  2:00PM(A) Colgate University @ (H) 15 Loyola - LACncl 
 City Park
 1712:00PM(A) Walsh University @ (H) Lawrence Tech - MICncl 
 3:00PM(A) Point - GA @ (H) 7 Brenau - GACncl 
  (A) 16 SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Trinity UniversityCncl 
 Women Only
  4:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Southwest - NM @ (H) Arizona ChristianCncl 
  2:00PM(N) RV Ave Maria - FL vs. (N) Asbury - KYPPD 
  1:00PM(N) 10 Middle Georgia State vs. (N) Florida National - FLCncl 
 Lakeland, FL
165:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) RV McPherson - KSCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Schreiner UniversityCncl 
  1:00PM(N) Webber International - FL vs. (N) Asbury - KYCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Saint Katherine - CA @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  12:00PM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) 19 Southeastern - FLCncl 
 155:00PM(A) Barton Community College @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
  1:00PM(A) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) 14 Union - KYCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Bluefield - VA @ (H) 20 Tennessee Wesleyan  
1410:00AM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) Bethel - TNCncl 
 Mobile Tennis Center - Mobile, AL
   (A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Spring Hill CollegeCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Hope International - CA @ (H) Arizona ChristianCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Marymount California @ (H) 18 Westmont - CACncl 
  (A) 10 Middle Georgia State @ (H) Blue Mountain - MS  
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
 10:00AM(A) 25 Mobile - AL @ (H) Blue Mountain - MS  
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
   (N) 8 LSU Alexandria - La vs. (N) RV Lewis-Clark State - IDCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - IN @ (H) Oakland City UniversityCncl 
  1:00PM(N) Franklin College vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) 23 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Bluefield - VA @ (H) Carson-Newman College  
 5:30PM(A) Cornerstone - MI @ (H) Concordia - MICncl 
 12:00PM(A) Cornerstone - MI @ (H) Lourdes - OHCncl 
  11:00AM(A) Northwestern - IA @ (H) Simpson CollegeCncl 
  9:00AM(N) Ohio Christian vs. (N) Ferrum CollegeCncl 
  9:00AM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO @ (H) Midway - KYCncl 
 Top Seed Tennis Club
  1:00PM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Centre CollegeCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Columbia - SC @ (H) 14 Union - KYCncl 
 4:00PM(A) 12 San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  3:00PM(A) 3 Xavier - LA @ (H) University of Southern MississippiCncl 
 10:00AM(N) 10 Middle Georgia State vs. (N) 15 Loyola - LACncl 
134:00PM(A) Concordia - MIdef(H) Lourdes - OH4-3 
   (A) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(H) Milligan - TN6-1 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
 4:00PM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
 11:00AM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) RV Martin Methodist - TNCncl 
 4:00PM(N) 25 Mobile - AL vs. (N) Bethel - TNCncl 
 Mobile Tennis Center - Mobile, AL
 4:00PM(A) Hope International - CA @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  1:00PM(A) 16 SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Point - GACncl 
   (A) Marymount California @ (H) Concordia UniversityCncl 
 11:00AM(N) 15 Loyola - LA vs. (N) Blue Mountain - MS  
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
  4:30PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Baker - KSCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Pikeville - KYCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
 8:00PM(A) 12 San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) Arizona ChristianCncl 
  3:30PM(A) 6 William Woods - MO @ (H) 13 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
  5:00PM(H) Central Collegedef(A) Northwestern - IA5-4 
  5:00PM(A) Tuskegee University @ (H) Point - GA  
  2:00PM(H) 3 Xavier - LAdef(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID6-1 
 4:00PM(A) Missouri Baptist - MO @ (H) Freed-Hardeman - TNCncl 
   (N) Mount Union College vs. (N) Thomas More - KYCncl 
 at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  3:00PM(A) Asbury - KY @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettPPD 
 2:00PM(A) Bluefield - VA @ (H) 14 Union - KYCncl 
  10:00AM(N) St. Francis - IL vs. (N) Aquinas - MICncl 
 4:00PM(A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) 15 Loyola - LACncl 
 11:00AM(N) 10 Middle Georgia State vs. (N) 25 Mobile - ALCncl 
 12 (N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) Georgetown - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
 5:00PM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) 10 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
   (N) Brevard Collegedef(N) Saint Francis - IN5-4 
  3:00PM(H) 7 Brenau - GAdef(A) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL4-0 
 Spring Break Trip
  4:30PM(A) Fort Hays State Universitydef(H) Tabor - KS7-0 
   (N) Thomas More - KYdef(N) Albany State6-1 
 at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  12:00PM(N) St. Francis - ILdef(N) Morningside - IA5-2 
  5:00PM(N) Milligan - TNdef(N) Gordon College8-1 
 Spring Break Tennis
  4:30PM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) Simpson College9-0 
 5:00PM(A) RV Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) 25 Mobile - ALCncl 
   (N) Roosevelt - ILdef(N) Carthage College5-4 
  9:00AM(N) University of Northwestern - St. Pauldef(N) St. Ambrose - IA5-4 
 Spring Break Trip
 5:00PM(N) Bethel - TN vs. (N) 15 Loyola - LACncl 
114:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) Tabor - KSCncl 
  3:00PM(H) RV Cumberland - TNdef(A) RV Southwestern - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ainhoa Garijo GarridoEmilia Schorghuber6-3, 6-3H
Jessica HernandezJasmin Hauska6-1, 6-1H
Joana BouCatherine Coe2-6, 6-1, 6-4H
Ksenija DmitrovicAlexa Powers6-3, 6-4H
Anna KopitukEmily Burk6-1, 7-5H
Stefanie NavaratnamTiny Phan8-1H
  2:00PM(A) RV Indiana Tech @ (H) Point - GA  
  1:00PM(A) RV Missouri Valleydef(H) RV Coastal Georgia4-3 
  12:00PM(H) 21 Southeastern - FLdef(A) Bluefield State College7-0 
  1:00PM(N) West Liberty Statedef(N) 16 Georgetown - KY6-2 
 Spring Tennis Fest
 1:00PM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Lourdes - OH7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Marymount Californiadef(A) Wheaton College5-2 
  5:00PM(H) Central Collegedef(A) Concordia - NE5-4 
  2:00PM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) 24 Olivet Nazarene - IL6-0 
 Spring Break Trip
 2:00PM(A) 23 Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) Columbia - SCPPD 
  6:30PM(A) Manchester University @ (H) IU Kokomo - INCncl 
 102:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Barton County Community CollegeNo Team Score 
 Veterans Memorial Park - Great Bend, Kan.
  3:30PM(N) Milligan - TNdef(N) Catholic University of America7-0 
 Spring Break Tennis
  1:00PM(A) 16 Georgetown - KYdef(H) RV Coastal Georgia4-3 
 Spring Tennis Fest
   (N) Missouri Valleydef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI7-0 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
  7:00PM(N) Morningside - IAdef(N) Wentworth Institute of Technology7-2 
  10:00AM(N) Roger Williamsdef(N) Morningside - IA6-1 
   (A) Aquinas - MIdef(H) SUNY-Oneonta7-0 
   (A) Aquinas - MIdef(H) Roosevelt - IL4-3 
  12:00PM(H) RV Asbury - KYdef(A) RV Southwestern - KS6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Giovana KelmEmilia Schorghuber6-1, 6-2H
Alexandra LermaJasmin Hauska6-4, 6-3H
Kendall JablonowskiCatherine Coe7-6(5), 3-6, 16-14V
Grace GorbyAlexa Powers7-5, 4-6, 10-7H
Luciana IriarteEmily Burk6-3, 7-6(3)H
Isabella GutierrezMeganne Nihart6-1, 6-1H
   (N) St. Ambrose - IAdef(N) Saint Francis - IN6-1 
 Spring Break Trip
  2:00PM(A) Bethel - TN @ (H) Spring Hill CollegeCncl 
  11:00AM(N) RV Indiana Tech vs. (N) 7 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
 Cancelled due to rain
 910:00AM(A) Coastal Carolina Universitydef(H) 2 Keiser - FL4-3 
   (H) McMurry Universitydef(A) Aquinas - MI4-3 
  8:30PM(N) Piedmont Collegedef(N) Morningside - IA6-1 
  4:00PM(H) Southeastern Oklahoma State Universitydef(A) Ottawa - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
India Shiaelis and Elizaveta TregubovaGabriela Arias and Abby Norris6-3H
Chantal Lozano and Rachel RoutledgeTayler Alterman and Anna Holland6-2H
Elizaveta TregubovaGabriela Arias6-0, 6-0H
India ShiaelisAbby Norris6-0, 6-1H
Diana BudnikAnna Holland6-1, 6-1H
Nicole MaldonadoTayler Alterman6-0, 6-0H
  3:00PM(H) RV Campbellsville - KYdef(A) RV Southwestern - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Brenda AguilarEmilia Schorghuber6-4, 6-1H
Itzel HernandezJasmin Hauska6-1, 7-5H
Rebeca ScurtCatherine Coe6-4, 7-5H
Blaeke Mitchell Alexa Powers6-2, 6-1H
Emily Carbo Emily Burk6-4, 6-2H
Madison HillMeganne Nihart6-0, 6-0H
   (N) Roger Williamsdef(N) Saint Francis - IN9-0 
   (N) Franciscan Universitydef(N) Saint Francis - IN4-3 
  3:00PM(N) Slippery Rock Universitydef(N) 16 Georgetown - KY5-2 
 Spring Tennis Fest
  9:30AM(A) Winona State Universitydef(H) Webber International - FL6-1 
  4:15PM(N) RV Missouri Valleydef(N) Milligan - TN6-1 
 Spring Break Tennis
  3:30PM(A) Fresno Pacific Universitydef(H) Hope International - CA6-1 
   (N) Roosevelt - ILdef(N) Morningside - IA6-1 
  4:30PM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) RV Indiana Tech7-0 
   (H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) 17 Cumberlands - KY7-0 
  4:30PM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) Coe College7-2 
  12:00PM(A) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(H) RV Asbury - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Trip
   (N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) Thomas More - KY7-0 
 at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  10:30AM(N) Ursinus Collegedef(N) St. Ambrose - IA7-2 
 Spring Break Trip
   (H) Southeastern - FLdef(A) Aquinas - MI4-0 
  4:00PM(A) Manchester University @ (H) Goshen - INRAIN 
  1:00PM(N) 12 LSU Alexandria - La vs. (N) 23 Tennessee WesleyanCncl 
 canceled by Tennessee Wesleyan
 8 (N) Roger Williamsdef(N) Roosevelt - IL6-3 
   (N) Piedmont Collegedef(N) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
  5:00PM(H) Whitman Collegedef(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Erica Lee-Avery LieningBegona Andres-Laura Diaz6-1H
Aleah Kert-Jill HughesLaura Rosselli-Kyla Collier6-4H
Hannah Plank-Kyndal LocatiSophie Uhlenkott-Alexis Maison7-5H
Erica LeeBegona Andres7-5, 5-7, 6-3V
Avery LieningLaura Diaz6-2, 6-1V
Aleah KertLaura Rosselli6-7, 6-3, 6-1H
Hannah PlankAlexis Maison6-3, 6-2V
Jill HughesSophie Uhlenkott6-1, 7-5H
Kyndal LocatiKyla Collier7-5, 6-1H
  2:00PM(A) Centre College @ (H) RV Campbellsville - KYPPD 
  1:00PM(H) 17 Cumberlands - KYdef(A) RV Southwestern - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Tomomi NagaoEmilia Schorghuber6-1, 6-3H
Mikaela FrosJasmin Hauska6-1, 6-4H
Jaclyn JewellCatherine Coe6-0, 6-2H
Hana ShimenoAlexa Power6-1. 6-2H
Johanna BeckmannEmily Burk6-1, 6-1H
Satsuki MitaniMeganne Nihart6-0, 6-0H
  8:00AM(N) RV Missouri Valleydef(N) 16 Georgetown - KY5-2 
 Spring Tennis Fest
  12:00PM(H) 6 William Woods - MOdef(A) RV McPherson - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Zlata Shuraeva/Ana ZavalaBrittany Zipf/Erica Paradise7-5V
Rukshika Wijesooriya/Mireia JordanP. Khoroshevskaya/Kayla Ortiz6-0H
Ariadna Jordan/Hannah MeyerVanessa Mundo/Grace Maxey6-2H
Zlata Shuraeva Brittany Zipf 6-4, 6-4H
Ana Zavala Erica Paradise6-2, 6-2H
Rukshika WijesooriyaP. Khoroshevskaya6-2, 4-6, 10-3H
Mirena JordanVanessa Mundo6-2, 6-4H
Ariadna JordanKayla Ortiz6-3, 6-1H
Alessa CremerKendra Maples6-0, 6-0H
  6:00PM(N) Millsaps Collegedef(N) St. Francis - IL6-1 
 Orlando, Fla.
   (N) Thomas More - KYdef(N) Milligan - TN5-2 
 at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  3:00PM(H) Grinnell Collegedef(A) Concordia - NE9-0 
   (A) 12 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(H) RV Cumberland - TN4-0 
  10:00AM(H) RV Coastal Georgiadef(A) Bluefield State College4-3 
  12:30PM(N) St. Ambrose - IAdef(N) The College of St. Scholastica5-4 
 Spring Break Trip
712:00PM(A) 14 Westmont - CAdef(H) Arizona Christian5-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Elizabeth Kelley, Sydney SmythCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-2V
Gabby Gutierrez, Jayci KelleySidney Lowry, Rachal Jackson6-3V
No Player, No PlayerChristine Hemry, Ana NegriWin by DefaultV
Elizabeth KelleyCade Pierson6-5 (unfinished)H
Sydney SmythEmily Peterson6-3, 6-0V
Gabby GutierrezRachal Jackson6-1, 6-2V
Jayci KelleySidney Lowry6-1, 4-0 (unfinished)V
Samantha SalimChristine Hemry6-0, 6-1V
No PlayerAna NegriWin by DefaultV
  12:00PM(A) RV Coastal Georgiadef(H) Savannah State University7-0 
  1:00PM(A) Fort Hays State Universitydef(H) Hastings - NE7-0 
  11:00AM(A) 12 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(H) 17 Cumberlands - KY4-3 
  3:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(H) Belhaven University6-3 
  5:00PM(H) RV Campbellsville - KYdef(A) 24 Olivet Nazarene - IL4-3 
 Spring Break Trip
  11:00AM(A) West Chester University of Pennsylvaniadef(H) Webber International - FL4-3 
 4:00PM(A) Marymount Californiadef(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)5-0 
  3:00PM(H) Calvin Collegedef(A) Concordia - MI8-1 
  11:00AM(A) Mississippi Collegedef(H) 18 Mobile - AL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Maria Toledo & Emily JohnAneta Golmoska & Victoria Roberts6-7, 4-7 (TB)V
Sofija Hrovat & Clair TravisPaulina Cota & Alisa Morosova0-6V
Anna Canton & Ashlyn NicholsEly Alas & Victoria Rodriguez0-6V
Maria ToledoAlisa Morosova6-3, 5-7, 3-6V
Sofija HrovatPaulina Cota7-6, 6-4H
Emily JohnAneta Golmoska1-6, 0-6V
Clair TravisEly Alas3-6, 0-6V
Anna CantonVictoria Roberts0-6, 0-6V
Ashlyn NicholsCarmen Mamcea0-6, 1-6V
  12:00PM(H) Emporia State Universitydef(A) Ottawa - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Silvana Caceres and Shannen MeyerGabriela Arias and Abby Norris6-0H
Kelsie Burr and Viki MakovaAnna Holland and Tayler Alterman6-1H
Jessica PurdyGabriela Arias6-1, 6-2H
Silvana CaceresAbby Norris6-2, 6-0H
Cici PeyrocheAnna Holland6-0, 6-0H
Karen SantiagoTayler Alterman6-0, 6-0H
63:00PM(A) 14 Westmont - CAdef(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Katie Fyall, Stevie WenzelCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-2V
Mitzy Rangel, Payton MaricleRachal Jackson, Christine Hemry6-0V
No player, No playerSidney Lowry, Ana NegriWin by DefaultV
Katie FyallCade Pierson6-1, 6-0V
Mitzy RangelEmily Peterson6-0, 6-0V
Stevie WenzelChristine Hemry6-0, 6-0V
Payton MaricleAna Negri6-0, 6-0V
Danica MilanAva Verchimak6-0, 6-0V
No playerNo PlayerWin by DefaultV
  9:00AM(H) 21 Southeastern - FLdef(A) Point - GA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Letizia/NadezdaHerrera/No Playerby defaultH
RicardoVillalobos6-4, 6-2H
LetiziaGallman6-3, 6-1H
NadezdaMartinez6-1, 6-4H
MyrtilHerrera6-0, 6-0H
BaptistaCohen6-2, 6-0H
RomainNo Playerby defaultH
  2:00PM(H) RV Ave Maria - FLdef(A) Point - GA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Benn/BennHerrera/No Playerby defaultH
TeodoroVillalobos6-2, 6-0H
CandiottoGallman5-0, InjuryH
BennMarinez6-3, 6-0H
KelkboomHerrera6-0, 6-0H
OliveriraCohen6-2, 6-2H
MagelsdorffNo Playerby defaultH
  10:30AM(H) 4 William Carey - MSdef(A) 23 Tennessee Wesleyan5-2 
  1:00PM(H) Washburn Universitydef(A) Tabor - KS7-0 
  1:30PM(A) University of Texas of the Permian Basindef(H) Texas Wesleyan5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Aurora Novati / Kara AntonioLisa Guitton / Melissa Ariza Gonzalez6-2V
Hannah Rey / Caitlin Souvannavong Monika Cantu / Anastasia O. 6-2V
Mae Covacevich / Cecillia SalazaNelia Williams / Krystal Smith6-1V
Aurora NovatiMelissa Ariza Gonzalez6-3, 6-2H
Caitlin SouvannavongLisa Guitton7-6 (3), 6-7 (6), 10-8V
Kara AntonioMonika Cantu6-4, 6-4H
Hannah ReyKrystal Smith6-3, 6-2V
Mae Covacevich Anastasia O. 6-4, 6-0V
Cecilia SalazarNelia Williams6-4, 6-0V
  5:30PM(H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Kansas Wesleyan7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Aurora Novati / Kara AntonioKarley Benson / Zofia Selwesiuk6-0H
Hannah Rey / Caitlin SouvannavongSavanna Noel / Jana Rosich6-0H
Mae Covacevich / Cecillia SalazarBrianna Mendoza / Makenzie Archer7-5H
Aurora NovatiKarley Benson6-2, 6-1H
Caitlin SouvannavongZofia Selwesiuk6-1, 6-0H
Kara AntonioMakenzie Archer6-0, 6-1H
Hannah ReyJana Rosich6-0, 6-0H
Karlee NguyenSavannah Noel6-3, 6-3H
Mikayla SmithBrianna Mendoza6-4, 3-6, 10-5H
  4:30PM(A) Bethel - KSdef(H) Midland - NE4-1 
 10:30PM(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) William Jessup - CA4-0 
 Life Time Fitness - Roseville, California
  12:30PM(H) Carnegie Mellon Universitydef(A) Cardinal Stritch - WI6-1 
  3:00PM(H) Concordia - NEdef(A) Baker - KS4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
C. Miranda Viera/ A. MarshallK. Smith / C. Wolfe6-2V
K. Wagner / T. FerrelP. Moore / J. Moore6-2V
K. Seja / K. KrejciDefaultN/AH
Claudia Miranda VieraKayelee Smith6-4, 6-0V
Kristen WagnerCortlyn Wolfe7-6(4), 6-3V
Allison MarshallPatricia Moore6-0, 6-1H
Ansley GatesJosephine Moore3-6, 6-3, (10-5)H
Tara FerrelDefaultN/AH
Katie SejaDefault N/AH
  5:00PM(N) Wartburg Collegedef(N) Midway - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - Fort Gatlin Tennis Center
   (A) Harding Universitydef(H) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
 4:00PM(H) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO4-2 
 6:30PM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Aquinas - MI4-1 
  12:00PM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Davenport University4-3 
   (H) Southwest - NMdef(A) Sul Ross State University9-0 
  7:00PM(A) Marymount Californiadef(H) Arizona Christian4-0 
  9:00AM(N) Spring Arbor - MIdef(N) Warner - FL4-3 
 Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Resort
  (A) Hope International - CAdef(H) William Jessup - CA7-0 
 Life Time Fitness - Roseville, California
  2:00PM(H) 8 Brenau - GAdef(A) Reinhardt - GA6-1 
  2:00PM(H) Bowling Green Universitydef(A) RV Indiana Tech7-0 
  4:00PM(N) Montreat - NC vs. (N) 3 Xavier - LACncl 
 at Hattiesburg, Miss.
  10:00AM(H) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAdef(A) 25 Marian - IN5-2 
 Spring Break Trip
  9:00AM(H) Webber International - FLdef(A) Regis College6-1 
 53:00PM(H) Arkansas-Fort Smithdef(A) John Brown - AR7-0 
  5:30PM(A) Blue Mountain - MSdef(H) Mississippi University for Women6-3 
  4:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Mesa CC9-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderSchula/Rossi8-0H
Sabrina Porter/Kayla DubuqueCosenza/Romero8-1H
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferDefaultDefaultH
Laura MooreSage Schula6-2, 6-1H
Ellie SniderAlahzay Rossi6-0, 6-1H
Emily ConnollyIsabella Cosenza8-1H
Sabrina PorterAdriana Romero6-1, 6-0H
Lena GolzDefaultDefaultH
Maddie BemisderferDefaultDefaultH
  10:00AM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) 14 Westmont - CA4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferPierson/Peterson6-4H
Thewuni Devaraja/Emily ConnollyJackson/Hemry6-3H
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderLowry/Negri6-2H
Lizzie BaussCade PiersonDNFH
Maddie BemisderferEmily Peterson6-2, 7-6H
Lena GolzRachal JacksonDNFH
Thewuni DevarajaSidney Lowry6-0, 6-2H
Laura MooreChristine HemryDNFH
Ellie SniderAna Negri6-0, 6-0H
 7:30PM(N) 10 Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(N) Judson - IL7-0 
 Spring Break 2020: Collegiate Courts: Doubles Courts: 7-10, Singles Courts: 7-12
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
GarzaSmolikova0-6, 0-6V
BrackenrigTaylor6-4, 2-6, 9-11V
MedinaKeller1-6, 3-6V
RedmondElze3-6, 0-6V
JanecekTait1-6, 1-6V
ColemanSpartmann1-6, 6-4, 7-10V
  6:30PM(N) Regis Collegedef(N) Midway - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  8:00AM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Muhlenberg College4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  4:30PM(A) Hope International - CA @ (H) Cal State-Los AngelesNo Team Score 
  4:00PM(N) 3 Xavier - LAdef(N) 23 Tennessee Wesleyan4-0 
 at Perkinston, Miss.
  10:30AM(N) 23 Tennessee Wesleyandef(N) 18 Mobile - AL4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Maria Toledo & Emily JohnHelena Cabezas & Elisa Piquero6-2H
Sofija Hrovat & Claire TravisNatasha Nesa & Yvette Callaghan3-6V
Anna Canton & Ashlyn NicholsHonoka Tsuji & Ana Ossio0-6V
Maria ToledoElisa PigueroDNFH
Sofija HrovatAna OssioDNFH
Emily JohnNatasha Nesa1-6, 2-3V
Claire TravisHonoka TsujiDNPH
Anna CantonYvette Callaghan0-6, 0-6V
Ashlyn NicholsHelena Cabezas0-6, 1-6V
  1:00PM(N) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH vs. (N) Drew UniversityRAIN 
  3:30PM(A) 12 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(H) 11 Lindsey Wilson - KY6-1 
 43:00PM(H) 16 Georgetown - KYdef(A) Indiana Southeast - IN4-0 
  12:30PM(H) Keiser - FLdef(A) Cardinal Stritch - WI4-0 
  10:00AM(A) 6 William Woods - MO @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettCncl 
  3:00PM(A) 25 Marian - IN @ (H) RV Coastal GeorgiaPPD 
 Spring Break Trip
  9:00AM(A) RV Campbellsville - KY @ (H) RV Coastal GeorgiaPPD 
  6:00PM(H) IU Kokomo - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
  12:30PM(N) 21 Southeastern - FLdef(N) Judson - IL4-0 
 Spring Break 2020
   (N) 25 Marian - IN vs. (N) RV Campbellsville - KYPPD 
 College of Coastal Georgia | Brunswick, Ga.
  12:00PM(A) Fort Hays State Universitydef(H) Kansas Wesleyan7-0 
 32:00PM(N) 20 San Diego Christian - CAdef(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyan6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferUrbanek/Geschke6-0H
Thewuni Devaraja/Emily ConnollyDamiani/Felix0-6V
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderSottile/Rinaldi4-6V
Lizzie BaussSarah Urbanek6-7, 2-6V
Lena GolzBarbara Damiani3-6, 0-6V
Maddie BemisderferAngela Rinaldi5-7, 0-6V
Thewuni DevarajaNadine Geschke3-6, 7-6, 10-6H
Laura MooreValentina Sottile4-6, 5-7V
Emily ConnollyTomi Felix1-6, 3-6V
  11:00AM(A) 6 William Woods - MO @ (H) 7 Middle Georgia StateRAIN 
  8:00AM(N) Emerson Collegedef(N) Midway - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  3:00PM(N) Concordia College-Moorheaddef(N) Midway - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  3:00PM(N) RV Ave Maria - FLdef(N) Judson - IL4-0 
 Spring Break 2020
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Teodoro/CandiottoSofia Corona Garza/Samantha Brackenrig6-7, 3-7V
Oliverra/BermGeorgia Redmond/Liz Medina6-2H
Fuller/KelkboomLauren Janecek/Katelynn Coleman6-2H
TeodoroSofia Corona Garza6-4, 6-0H
Candiotto Samantha BrackenrigUNFH
BermLiz Medina6-3, 6-0H
KelkboomLauren JanecekUNF
FullerGeorgia RedmondUNF
NadiaKatelynn Coleman6-0, 6-1
  10:00AM(N) Judson - ILdef(N) Webber International - FL4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Niehoff/KoenigSofia Corona Garza/Samantha Brackenrig0-6V
Fosdick/RochatGeorgia Redmond/Liz Medina6-0H
Cannor/FernandezLauren Janecek/Katelynn Coleman1-6V
NiehoffSofia Corona Garza6-3, 6-3H
KoenigSamantha Brackenrig7-5, 0-6, 6-10V
FosdickLiz Medina6-4, 6-1H
RochatLauren Janecek6-2, 6-2H
CannorGeorgia Redmond0-6, 0-6V
FernandezKatelynn Coleman5-7, 4-6V
  6:00PM(N) 6 William Woods - MOdef(N) Reinhardt - GA4-0 
  1:00PM(N) Spring Arbor - MIdef(N) Clarion College6-1 
 Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center
  2:00PM(A) Spartanburg Methodist College @ (H) Montreat - NCPPD 
 21:00PM(A) Point - GA @ (H) 25 Marian - INCncl 
 Spring Break Trip
  5:00PM(H) Point - GAdef(A) Wesleyan College7-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Villalobos/ No PlayerPritochett/MotesV
No PlayerMotesV
  11:30AM(N) Ohio Northern Universitydef(N) Midway - KY5-2 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  8:00AM(H) Midway - KYdef(A) Muskingum College6-3 
 Spring Break Trip - Lake Cane Tennis Center
  10:00AM(N) Warner - FLdef(N) Judson - IL6-1 
 Spring Break 2020
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Montoya/AbelaSofia Corona Garza/Samantha Brackenrig4-6V
Silva/KamoiGeorgia Redmond/Liz Medina6-2H
Arias/HancockLauren Janecek/Katelynn ColemanUNFH
SilvaSofia Corona Garza7-6, 6-0H
MontoyaSamantha Brackenrig6-4, 6-4H
AbelaLiz Medina6-1, 6-2H
KamoiLauren Janecek6-2, 6-3H
AriasGeorgia Redmond6-2, 6-0V
HancockKatelynn Coleman0-6, 2-6
   (N) 6 William Woods - MOdef(N) RV Campbellsville - KY4-0 
 Middle Georgia State | Cochran, Ga.
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Brenda Aguilar / Itezel HernandezZlata Shuraeva / Ana Zavala6-4V
Madison Hill / Rebeca ScurtRukshika Wijesooriya / Mireia Jordan 7-6 (1)H
Emily Carbo / Blaeke Mitchell Ariadna Jordan / Hannah Meyer6-2V
Brenda AguilarZlata Shuraeva3-6, 6-4, 0-1, unfinishedH
Itezel HernandezAna Zavala6-0, 6-2V
Rebeca ScurtRukshika Wijesooriya6-2, 6-4V
Blaeke MitchellMireia Jordan6-2, 5-7, unfinishedH
Emily CarboAriadna Jordan2-6, 6-6, unfinishedH
Madison HillAlessa Cremer6-0, 6-3V
  6:00PM(N) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(N) Albion College8-1 
  11:00AM(A) 25 Marian - IN @ (H) 7 Middle Georgia StateRAIN 
 Spring Break Trip
  11:30AM(H) 21 Southeastern - FLdef(A) Grace - IN6-1 
  9:00AM(N) Spring Arbor - MIdef(N) Eastern Nazarene College4-3 
 Hilton Head High School
112:00PM(H) 19 SCAD Atlanta - Gadef(A) Reinhardt - GA6-1 
 AAC Road Opener
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
De Guzman/BenjumedaCarvajal/Dattilo7-5H
Simran KejriwalGlauka Carvajal6-2, 6-4H
Katrina De GuzmanMajenta Marcinkowski6-1, 6-3H
Begona BenjumedaSumana Panuganti6-1, 6-0H
Karina LimyadiSydney Dattilo6-4, 2-6, 1-0 (10-7)H
Vivian AmaroTaylor Nelson6-4, 6-3H
Madie HomanSofia Guaglianone4-6, 6-3, 1-0 (10-6)V
  1:00PM(A) RV Campbellsville - KYdef(H) 7 Middle Georgia State4-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
DesmetAguilar6-3, 6-4H
RuizHernandez6-4, 7-5V
NobisScurt7-6, 6-1V
LopezMitchell6-3, 6-3V
FontaineCarbo6-5, 6-2V
  1:30PM(H) Quincy Universitydef(A) Grand View - IA6-1 
  10:00AM(H) Coe Collegedef(A) Grand View - IA8-1 
  1:00PM(A) 16 Georgetown - KYdef(H) Milligan - TN7-0 
  5:00PM(H) Whitman Collegedef(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID6-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Andrea Gu/Angel LeBegona Andres/Laura Diaz 8-3H
Irene Tsai/Jennifer WongLaura Rosselli/Kyla Collier 8-4H
Hannah Worden/Lorin DeMuthSophie Uhlenkott/Alexis Maison8-7V
Andei FukushigeBegona Andres4-6, 6-2, 6-2H
Angel LeLaura Diaz 7-5, 6-0H
Irene TsaiLaura Rosselli7-6 (7-4), 1-6, 6-1H
Jennifer WongAlexis Maison6-3, 7-5V
Hannah WordenSophie Uhlenkott 5-7, 7-5, 6-1H
Lorin DeMuthKyla Collier 6-0, 6-0V
  11:00AM(H) George Fox Universitydef(A) College of Idaho7-2 
  10:00AM(A) Aquinas - MIdef(H) Holy Cross - IN4-0 
  1:00PM(H) Lees-McRae Collegedef(A) Bluefield - VA6-1 
  2:00PM(H) 11 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(A) 22 Martin Methodist - TN7-0 
  5:00PM(H) Reinhardt - GAdef(A) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology6-1 
  2:00PM(H) RV Missouri Valleydef(A) Ottawa - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Paola Vargas and Myrian AlegreAbby Norris and Anna Holland6-1H
Nicole Straznicky and Mar PalomequeGabriela Arias and Tayler Alterman6-4H
Nicole StraznickyJulia WieneseInjury DefaultH
Myrian AlegreGabriela Arias6-3, 6-4, 10-4H
Paola VargasAbby Norris7-6, 6-0, 10-2H
Lauryn DaxonAnna Holland6-1, 6-2H
Arisa KashimaTayler Alterman6-0, 6-0H
  8:00AM(H) Friends - KSdef(A) Morningside - IA5-2 
  10:00AM(H) Eckerd Collegedef(A) Grace - IN4-3 
  2:00PM(A) College of Saint Mary - NEdef(H) Bethel - KS5-2 
  1:30PM(A) Western Illinois @ (H) St. Francis - ILCncl 
 291:00PM(N) 3 Xavier - LAdef(N) John Brown - AR7-0 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  10:00AM(H) 12 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(A) John Brown - AR6-1 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  4:00PM(A) Texas Wesleyandef(H) Louisiana College7-0 
  1:00PM(H) 15 Loyola - LAdef(A) Texas Wesleyan4-0 
 5:00PM(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) Marymount California4-0 
  1:00PM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Ottawa (Ariz.)7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferFyall/Wenzel6-0H
Thewuni Devaraja/Emily ConnollyRangel/Milan6-1H
Lena Golz/Laura MooreDefaultNo Score ReportedH
Lizzie BaussKatie Fyall6-0, 6-0H
Lena GolzMitzy Rangel6-0, 6-1H
Maddie BemisderferStevie Wenzel6-0, 6-0H
Emily ConnollyDoni Milan6-0, 6-0H
Sabrina PorterPayton Maricle6-2, 6-0H
Laura MooreDefaultNo Score Reported H
  1:00PM(A) 19 SCAD Atlanta - Gadef(H) Berry College6-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ivey/SkowronskiDe Guzman/Benjumeda8-5V
Allison IveySimran Kejriwal6-1, 1-6, 7-6 (7-5)H
Kathryn BarkerKatrina De Guzman4-6, 6-4, 7-5V
Keileen CullenBegona Benjumeda5-7, 6-0, 1-0 (10-5)V
Faith Van RengenKarina Limyadi6-1, 6-3V
Anna SkowronskiVivian Amaro6-4, 6-1V
Sakura ManningBlanca Alvarez6-3, 6-2H
  2:30PM(H) 22 Martin Methodist - TNdef(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN5-2 
  12:00PM(A) Ottawa - KSdef(H) Baker - KS3-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
K. Smith / C. WolfeA. Norris / A. Hollan6-1H
P. Moore / J. MooreA. Arias / T Alterman6-1V
Default DefaultN/AH
Kayelee SmithJulia Wienese- Perez1-0 (ret.)H
Cortlyn WolfeGabriela Arias6-2, 6-3H
Patricia MooreAbby Norris6-1, 6-1V
Josephine MooreAnna Holland6-3, 6-2V
DefaultTayler AltermanDef. V
 4:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) Brescia - KY6-1 
  1:00PM(H) North Central Texas Collegedef(A) Tabor - KS7-0 
  3:00PM(H) RV Southwestern - KSdef(A) Doane - NE5-2 
  (A) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAdef(H) RV Ave Maria - FL4-3 
  6:30PM(A) RV Asbury - KYdef(H) Thomas More - KY6-1 
  6:00PM(H) Sterling - KSdef(A) Morningside - IA6-1 
 Indoor Match (Depending on weather)
 2:00PM(H) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(A) Lawrence Tech - MI5-2 
 11:00AM(H) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(A) Concordia - MI7-0 
  11:00AM(A) College of Idahodef(H) Willamette University8-1 
  12:00PM(A) University of Nebraska-Kearneydef(H) 6 William Woods - MO5-2 
 12:00PM(H) Arizona Christiandef(A) William Jessup - CA6-0 
 Played at Grand Canyon University
   (H) Friends - KSdef(A) College of Saint Mary - NE6-1 
  1:00PM(A) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(H) Louisiana College6-1 
   (H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology7-0 
 Grizzly Spring Break Invitational
  5:00PM(N) Linfield Collegedef(N) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID9-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Kern, Tessa/Matsunaga, Lexie Begona Andres/Laura Diaz 8-3H
Clayeux, Riley/Uyeda, Michelle Sophie Uhlenkott/Laura Rosselli 8-2H
Fujimori, Haley/Fiocchi, Maggie Kyla Collier/Alexis Maison 8-1H
Uyeda, Michelle Begona Andre0-6, 6-1, 6-2H
Clayeux, Riley Laura Diaz 7-5, 6-2H
Matsunaga, Lexie Laura Rosselli 6-1, 6-2H
Wong, Allena Alexis Maison 6-3, 6-1H
Fujimori, Haley Sophie Uhlenkott 6-0, 6-0H
Fiocchi, Maggie Kyla Collier 6-0, 6-0H
  4:00PM(A) 3 Xavier - LAdef(H) 12 LSU Alexandria - La5-0 
 LSUA Tournament, Alexandria, La. -- at LSUA Courts
  2:00PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Webber International - FL5-2 
 Pearson Automotive Tennis Club
 4:00PM(H) 14 Westmont - CAdef(A) Hope International - CA4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Cade Pierson, Emily PetersonKristen Russo, Anastasija Djordevic5-3 (unfinished)H
Rachal Jackson, Christine HemryMatea Ancheta, Jessica Ulloa6-3H
Sidney Lowry, Ana NegriLisanne Siebrecht, Andela Dejanovic6-2H
Cade PiersonAndela Dejanovic6-2, 3-1 (unfinished)H
Emily PetersonAnastasija Djordevic6-4, 6-0H
Rachal JacksonKristen Russo6-1, 5-4 (unfinished)H
Sidney LowryJessica Ulloa6-1, 6-2H
Christine HemryLisanne Siebrecht6-2, 6-2H
Ana NegriLauren Macdonell6-4, 2-3 (unfinished)H
  3:00PM(A) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(H) Purdue University Northwest6-1 
  4:00PM(H) Saint Mary's Collegedef(A) Saint Francis - IN9-0 
 2:00PM(A) RV Indiana Techdef(H) Aquinas - MI6-1 
  12:00PM(A) 2 Keiser - FLdef(H) 21 Southeastern - FL7-0 
  11:00AM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) Bethel - KS5-2 
  1:00PM(A) Ursuline Collegedef(H) Lourdes - OH4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Bucher/RodriguezAnderson/Pignatiello7-6 (5)V
Annsley MannMadison Hite6-1, 6-0H
Vanessa SkouroukosElizabeth Weber6-4, 6-1H
Niki PolceClare Hunt6-2, 6-0H
Erynn GrollMegan Fortney6-3, 6-1V
Jordan BucherBea Torres-Fults6-3, 4-6, 10-8V
Ari RodriguezTaylor Norris6-3, 6-0V
  12:00PM(A) 16 Georgetown - KY @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
 284:00PM(N) John Brown - ARdef(N) Louisiana College7-0 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  1:00PM(N) 15 Loyola - LAdef(N) John Brown - AR7-0 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  10:00AM(N) John Brown - ARdef(N) Texas A&M Texarkana4-3 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
   (H) 3 Xavier - LAdef(A) Texas Wesleyan6-1 
 LSUA Tournament, Alexandria, La. -- at Alexandria City Courts
 2:30PM(A) Marymount Universitydef(H) Hope International - CA4-1 
 4:00PM(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) 14 Westmont - CA4-0 
  (A) Bluefield - VAdef(H) Columbia - SC5-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Dimitrijevic, MurphyMartin,Thacker6-7H
Couch, WatkinsCoradi, Holloway6-0V
  3:30PM(H) Wayne State Universitydef(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohi7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Olivet Collegedef(A) Concordia - MI8-1 
 4:00PM(A) William Jessup - CAdef(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)5-1 
  4:00PM(A) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Arizona Christian7-0 
 1:30PM(H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) St. Ambrose - IA7-0 
  4:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Wittenberg University5-3 
  6:00PM(N) Calvin Collegedef(N) Judson - IL5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Sofia Garza/Samantha BrackenrigAlexis Bunner/Emily Schellenboon6-1H
Georgia Redmond/Liz MedinaGrace Brown/Maya Klopenstein1-6V
Lauren Janecek/Katelyn ColemanCarrie Scofield/Syney Ellisworth1-7V
Sofia Corona GarzaMaya Klopenstein6-0, 7-5H
Samantha BrackenrigGrace Brown6-1, 6-3H
Liz MedinaEmily Schellenboon6-7, 2-6V
Lauren JanecekAlexis Bunner2-6, 1-6V
Georgia RedmondCam Cyrus4-6, 2-6V
Katelyn ColemanSara Kroeze3-6, 6-3, 0-1V
  10:00AM(H) 12 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(A) Texas Wesleyan6-1 
 2:30PM(H) St. Francis - ILdef(A) Holy Cross - IN7-0 
  2:00PM(A) RV Campbellsville - KYdef(H) Midway - KY7-0 
 Lexington Tennis Club | Lexington, Ky.
 2:30PM(A) Marymount Californiadef(H) Hope International - CA4-1 
  9:00AM(A) 17 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) Midway - KY7-0 
  2:00PM(A) Reinhardt - GA @ (H) 22 Martin Methodist - TNPPD 
 274:00PM(N) Texas Wesleyandef(N) John Brown - AR7-0 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
   (H) 12 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(A) Texas Wesleyan6-1 
  12:00PM(H) 3 Xavier - LAdef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
 LSUA Tournament, Alexandria, La. -- at Alexandria Aquatic and Racquet Club
  2:00PM(A) Davenport Universitydef(H) Webber International - FL7-0 
  7:00PM(H) Carleton Collegedef(A) Hastings - NE9-0 
 3:00PM(H) 12 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Darija Mladenovic / Marie CoolLisa Nguyen / Natalie Scott6-1H
Carolina Guerrero / Vanessa LarezKassie Newton / Jisu Choi6-1H
Milijana Milojevic / Katheryne CamposN/AdefaultH
Darija MladenovicLisa Nguyen6-1, 6-2H
Patricia MartinezNatalie Scott6-0, 6-1H
Katheryne CamposKassie Newton6-0, 6-0H
Ellice RamsJisu Choi6-0, 6-0H
Vanessa Larezn/adefaultH
Carolina Guerreron/adefaultH
  1:30PM(A) Reinhardt - GAdef(H) Young Harris College4-3 
  3:00PM(A) 3 Xavier - LAdef(H) Louisiana College7-0 
 LSUA Tournament -- at Richard Crowell Tennis Complex, Pineville, La. . . . Louisiana College NCAA Division III
 264:00PM(A) Spring Arbor - MIdef(H) Albion College9-0 
 2:00PM(A) Milligan - TN @ (H) Columbia - SCPPD 
 2:00PM(A) RV Coastal Georgia @ (H) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAPPD 
 1:00PM(A) Webber International - FL @ (H) 21 Southeastern - FLPPD 
 25 (H) Biola Universitydef(A) Hope International - CA4-0 
  3:00PM(H) Lynn Universitydef(A) 2 Keiser - FL4-0 
 12:00PM(H) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(A) Lourdes - OH7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Sabrina MateosAnnsley Mann6-2, 6-1H
Carolin MinnersVanessa Skouroukos6-0, 6-0H
Samantha WeberNiki Polce6-1, 6-2H
Maria NichollsJordan Bucher6-0, 6-1H
Jessic BettleyAri Rodriguez6-0, 6-0H
Erin HataladefaultH
  11:00AM(A) 8 Brenau - GAdef(H) 7 Middle Georgia State4-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Margot Fontaine/Clara DesbiollesElyse Lavender/Evelin Gouveia5-3 (DNF)H
Anna Ruiz Masip/Steffany BermudezJuana Zambrano/Valentina Pabon6-1H
Franziska Nobis/Alexia DesmetBianca Andersen/Peeraya Charoensirisutthikul6-2H
Alexia DesmetElyse Lavender6-2, 6-0V
Anna Ruiz MasipJuana Zambrano3-6, 6-4, 1-0 (6)V
Steffany BermudezPeeraya Charoensirisutthikul6-4, 6-7 (7) (DNF)H
Franziska NobisEvelin Gouveia3-6, 6-1, 1-0 (7)V
Clara DesbiollesValentine Pabon3-6, 6-2, 1-0 (8)V
Rebeca LopezBianca Andersen6-1, 6-2H
 241:00PM(A) Morningside - IAdef(H) Mount Marty - SD5-2 
  2:00PM(A) 3 Xavier - LA @ (H) 4 William Carey - MSPPD 
  8:00AM(H) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(A) Lake Superior State University4-3 
  6:15PM(H) 21 Southeastern - FLdef(A) Davenport University6-1 
  11:00AM(H) Brescia - KYdef(A) Alma College5-2 
  11:00AM(A) Florida National - FL @ (H) 7 Middle Georgia StatePPD 
 232:00PM(A) Ottawa - KS @ (H) 6 William Woods - MOCncl 
  9:00AM(H) 19 SCAD Atlanta - Gadef(A) Florida National - FL4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
De Guzman / KejriwalBonivardi / Pera7-6 (8-6)V
Homan / LimyadiVivas / Millan6-1H
Benjumeda / AmaroGuzman / Ardanal6-1H
De GuzmanBonivardi6-4, 6-4H
AmaroGuzman6-2, 6-2H
HomanMillan6-1, 6-2H
 12:00PM(H) 2 Keiser - FLdef(A) RV Coastal Georgia7-0 
  1:00PM(A) Georgia Southwestern State Universitydef(H) Reinhardt - GA5-2 
 Season Opener at Bridgemill Tennis Center
  2:30PM(A) Baker - KSdef(H) Midland - NE4-1 
 2:00PM(A) 8 Brenau - GAdef(H) 25 Tennessee Wesleyan4-3 
   (A) RV Campbellsville - KYdef(H) Indiana East - IN5-2 
 Riverside Athletic Club
  9:00AM(N) Albion Collegedef(N) Indiana South Bend - IN5-4 
  12:00PM(H) 13 Union - KYdef(A) 17 Cumberlands - KY4-3 
  10:00AM(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(H) College of Idaho7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alex Sorte-Natalie Little Laura Diaz – Begona Andres 6-3V
Lauren Kreutzer-Leianna Almaraz Sophie Uhlenkott – Laura Rosselli 6-2H
Sydney Ewing-Marissa Shirley Kyla Collier – Alexis Maison 6-3V
Lauren Kreutzer Begona Andres 7-6, 7-6V
Leiana Almaraz Laura Diaz 6-4, 6-7, 10-4V
Alex Sorte Laura Rosselli 6-1, 6-2 V
Natalie Little Alexis Maison 6-3, 7-6 V
Marissa Shirley Sophie Uhlenkott 6-1, 6-2 V
Sydney Ewing Kyla Collier 6-2, 6-3 V
  11:00AM(N) Bethel - TNdef(N) Alma College5-2 
 Centre Courts - Owensboro, KY
 221:00PM(H) 19 SCAD Atlanta - Gadef(A) 23 Cumberland - TN5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
De Guzman / KejriwalGarijo / Hernandez6-3H
Amaro / BenjumedaNavaratnam / Kopituk6-1H
Brunzlow / LimyadiCollazos / Bou6-2H
Simran KejriwalA. Garijo6-2, 6-3V
Katrina De GuzmanJ. Hernandez6-2, 6-2V
Nadia BrunzlowK. Dmitrovic6-1, 6-3H
Begona BenjumedaA. Kopituk6-1, 7-5H
Karina LimyadiC. Earhardt6-2, 6-1H
Madie HomanS. Navaratnam1-6, 6-4, 1-0 (10-5)H
 1:00PM(A) Marymount Californiadef(H) William Jessup - CA6-1 
 Life Time Fitness - Roseville, California
 1:00PM(H) Point - GAdef(A) Columbia - SC6-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Cohen/No PlayerNo Player/No PlayerNo ScoreH
VillalobosDimitrajevic6-1, 6-2H
GallmanMurphy6-4, 6-1H
MartinezCouch6-0, 6-0H
HerreraHicks6-1, 6-2H
CohenNo PlayerDefaultH
No PlayerNo PlayerNo ScoreH
  3:00PM(H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Southwestern - KS7-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Aurora Novati and Kara AntonioEmilia Schorghuber and Alexa Powers6-1H
Caitlin Souvannavong and Hannah ReyJasmin Hauska and Catherine Coe6-3H
Mae Covacevich and Cecilia SalazarEmily Burk and Tiny Phan6-2V
Aurora Novati Emilia Schorghuber6-2, 6-1H
Caitlin SouvannavongJasmin Hauska6-1, 6-2H
Kara AntonioCatherine Coe6-3, 6-2H
Hannah ReyAlexa Powers6-2, 7-5H
Mae CovacevichEmily Burk6-2, 6-4H
  11:00AM(H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Aurora Novati and Kara Antonio Lisa Nguyen and Natalie Scott6-2H
Caitlin Souvannavong and Hannah ReyGrace Higgins and Kassie Newton6-0H
Mae Covacevich and Cecilia Salazarnone6-0H
Aurora NovatiLisa Nguyen6-2, 6-2H
Caitlin SouvannavongNatalie Scott6-2, 6-0H
Kara AntonioGrace Higgins6-1, 6-1H
Hannah ReyKassie Newton6-0, 6-0H
Mae CovacevichJisu Choi6-0, 6-0H
Cecilia Salazarnone6-0H
  1:00PM(A) University of Chicagodef(H) Cardinal Stritch - WI4-3 
  12:00PM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Ohio Wesleyan University9-0 
  11:00AM(N) Dallas Baptist Universitydef(N) Southwestern - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Kate DaughertyEmilia Schorghuber6-2, 6-3H
Taylor LeslieJasmin Hauska6-0, 6-0H
Genie HernandezCatherine Coe7-5, 6-2H
Ira VoglemannAlexa Powers6-0, 6-0H
Ashton WilfongEmily Burk6-0, 6-1H
Leslie OmeireMeganne Nihart6-0, 6-1H
  (A) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAdef(H) Warner - FL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Andrea Silva / Christina Abeln Priya Sukkanha / Valerie Droop 6-3V
Marla Mesa Montoya / Irene Arias Haley Morrissey / Tova Tilk Tobrand6-4V
Veronica Kamoi / Savannah Hancock Nicole Katzarkov / Francine Voit 6-0V
Andrea SilvaPriya Sukkanha 6-0, 6-1V
Marla Mesa MontoyaValerie Droop 6-1, 6-0V
Christina AbelnNicole Katzarkov6-4, 6-4H
Irene Arias Haley Morrissey6-3, 6-0V
Veronica Kamoi Tova Tilk Tobrand 6-0, 6-0V
Savannah Hancock Francine Voit 6-0, 6-2V
  12:00PM(H) 15 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(A) LSU Shreveport6-0 
 3:00PM(A) 21 Southeastern - FLdef(H) RV Ave Maria - FL4-3 
  4:00PM(N) 16 Georgetown - KYdef(N) Kentucky Wesleyan College4-0 
 Owensboro Invitational
  1:00PM(N) 16 Georgetown - KYdef(N) Bethel - TN4-0 
 Owensboro Invitational
  12:00PM(A) Baker - KSdef(H) Bethel - KS3-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
J. Harrison / E. EbenkampK. Smith / C. Wolfe7-5V
C. Bracknell / K. McClellandP. Moore / J. Moore6-2V
Jennifer HarrisonKayelee Smith 6-1, 7-6(6)H
Erica EbenkampCortlyn Wolfe1-6, 6-2, 10-5H
Cameron BracknellPatricia Moore6-2, 6-3V
Kaycee McClellardJosephine Moore6-0, 6-0V
  11:00AM(A) Bethel - TNdef(H) Brescia - KY4-0 
 2:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) 20 San Diego Christian - CARAIN 
 Played at Riveria Oaks & Resort Racquet Club
  6:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Saint Katherine - CARAIN 
  5:00PM(H) Fresno Pacific Universitydef(A) 14 Westmont - CA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Mariia Borodii, Lea FalentinCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-0H
Ioanna Lathouri, Alice Di MatteoRachal Jackson, Christine Hemry6-2H
Sanne Brull, Alice MarquesSidney Lowry, Ana Negri6-0H
Lea FalentinCade Pierson2-6, 6-2, 10-8H
Mariia BorodiiEmily Peterson6-2, 6-3H
Ioanna LathouriRachal Jackson6-2, 6-0H
Alice Di MatteoSidney Lowry6-3, 6-4H
Alice MarquesChristine Hemry6-0, 2-6, 6-2H
Sanne BrullAva Verchimak6-0, 6-0H
 1:00PM(A) 11 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Shawnee State - OH6-1 
 Beechmont Racquet Club
  5:00PM(A) RV Campbellsville - KYdef(H) Indiana Southeast - IN7-0 
 Southern Indiana Tennis Center | New Albany, IN
 2:00PM(A) St. Thomas - FLdef(H) Webber International - FL6-1 
  4:00PM(N) Olivet Collegedef(N) Indiana South Bend - IN4-3 
  5:00PM(H) Boise State Universitydef(A) College of Idaho7-0 
  8:00PM(H) Boise State Universitydef(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lilian Poling - Holly Stewart Laura Diaz – Begona Andres 6-1H
Vanessa Tim - Mae McCutcheon Sophie Uhlenkott – Laura Rosselli 6-1H
Ana Conde Vendrell - Jovana Kuljanin Kyla Collier – Alexis Maison 6-3H
Lilian PolingBegona Andres 6-0, 6-1H
Holly Stewart Laura Diaz 6-0, 6-0H
Vanessa Tim Laura Rosselli 6-0, 6-3H
Camryn Moortgat Alexis Maison 6-2, 6-0H
Jovana Kuljanin Sophie Uhlenkott 6-0, 6-0H
Corey Patton-Lossner Kyla Collier 7-6, 6-1H
  5:30PM(H) University of Southern Indianadef(A) RV Marian - IN5-2 
  2:30PM(H) Cedarville Universitydef(A) Thomas More - KY6-1 
  4:00PM(H) 8 Brenau - GAdef(A) Florida National - FL7-0 
  4:30PM(A) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) DePauw University5-2 
  3:00PM(H) Dallas Baptist Universitydef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Carson-Newman Collegedef(A) 25 Tennessee Wesleyan5-2 
  1:00PM(H) Calvin Collegedef(A) Spring Arbor - MI6-3 
  2:00PM(H) Purdue University Northwestdef(A) St. Francis - IL6-1 
  1:00PM(A) Averett Universitydef(H) Bluefield - VA7-0 
 1:00PM(A) 13 Union - KYdef(H) Milligan - TN6-1 
 4:00PM(A) Ottawa (Ariz.) @ (H) Hope International - CARAIN 
  2:30PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(H) Wittenberg University5-4 
 Played at Springfield High School
  11:30AM(A) Wartburg Collegedef(H) St. Ambrose - IA6-3 
 2112:00PM(H) Harding Universitydef(A) Blue Mountain - MS6-1 
  3:30PM(A) Florida National - FLdef(H) Point - GA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Cohen/No PlayerGuzman/ArdanazDefaultV
VillalobosBonivardi6-2, 6-0V
GallmanPera6-0, 6-0V
MartinezVivas6-7, 7-5, 10-6V
HerreraGuzman6-1, 6-2V
CohenMillan6-1, 6-1V
No PlayerArdanazDefaultV
  3:00PM(A) Dallas Baptist Universitydef(H) Texas Wesleyan7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Aurora Novati and Kara Antonio Kate Daugherty and Taylor Leslie6-3V
Caitlin Souvannavong and Hannah Rey Adriana Carpenter and Ashton Wilfong6-4V
Mae Covacevich and Cecilia SalazarD. Austin-Canning and Leslie Omeire6-2V
Aurora NovatiKate Daugherty6-2, 6-0V
Caitlin SouvannavongTaylor Leslie6-1, 6-1V
Kara Antonio Adriana Carpenter6-3, 6-0V
Hannah Rey Genie Hernandez6-3, 7-6V
Mae CovacevichIra Voglemann6-1, 6-0V
Cecilia SalazarAshton Wilfong 6-0, 6-1V
  3:00PM(N) Southwestern - KSdef(N) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lisa NguyenEmilia Schorghuber6-0, 6-4V
Natalie ScottJasmin Hauska6-3, 6-1V
Gracie HigginsCatherine Coe6-1, 6-1V
Kassie NewtonAlexa Powers6-1, 6-2V
Jisu ChoiEmily Burk6-0, 6-0V
DEFAULTMeganne NihartV
 2:30PM(H) Hope International - CAdef(A) Arizona Christian4-0 
 Played at Fullerton Tennis Center
  7:00PM(N) 16 Georgetown - KYdef(N) Brescia - KY4-0 
 Owensboro Invitational
  6:00PM(A) Baker - KSdef(H) William Jewell College3-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
J. Yamate / K. ParrishK. Smith / C. Wolfe6-1V
J. Farris / G. ReeterP. Moore / J. Moore6-1V
Kelly ParrishKayelee Smith6-0, 6-7(3)H
Julia YamateCortlyn Wolfe6-1, 6-3V
Jessica FarrisPatricia Moore6-2, 6-3V
Gracy ReeterJosephine Moore6-0, 6-3H
   (A) Southwest - NM @ (H) Collin CollegeCncl 
 2:00PM(A) 14 Westmont - CAdef(H) William Jessup - CA7-0 
 Life Time Fitness - Roseville, California
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
McKenzie Hawkins, Melisa HansenCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-0V
Karen Godinez-Ramos, Stephanie AlsmanRachal Jackson, Christine Hemry6-1V
No playersNo playersWin by DefaultV
McKenzie HawkinsCade Pierson6-0, 6-0V
Stephanie AlsmanSidney Lowry6-0, 6-0V
Melisa HansenAva Verchimak4-6, 7-6, 10-7V
Karen Godinez-RamosAna Negri7-5, 6-1V
No playerNo playerWin by DefaultV
  3:30PM(H) Saint Francis - INdef(A) Alma College5-2 
  8:00PM(A) Hendrix Collegedef(H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO9-0 
 6:30PM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Cornerstone - MI4-0 
  5:00PM(A) Bethel - TNdef(H) Kentucky Wesleyan College4-3 
  2:00PM(A) Sterling - KSdef(H) Concordia - NE7-0 
 2:00PM(H) 20 San Diego Christian - CAdef(A) Ottawa (Ariz.)4-0 
  8:30AM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Indiana East - IN6-1 
 Pearson Automotive Tennis Club
  8:00AM(A) Adrian College @ (H) Concordia - MICncl 
 202:00PM(N) Sterling - KSdef(N) Midland - NE7-0 
  1:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(H) Lourdes - OH6-1 
 Played at Shadow Valley Tennis and Fitness
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Annsley MannHannah Fugate6-0, 6-1V
Vanessa SkouroukosHailey Clayborn6-0, 6-1V
Niki PolceSarah Higgins6-3, 7-6 (4)H
Erynn GrollAlyson Landis6-0, 6-3V
Jordan BucherAshley Weber6-0, 6-1V
Ari RodriguezLaurel Sidle6-0, 6-0V
192:00PM(H) 2 Keiser - FLdef(A) RV Ave Maria - FL6-1 
 2:00PM(A) Warner - FLdef(H) Webber International - FL5-2 
 184:00PM(H) Emory Universitydef(A) 19 SCAD Atlanta - Ga8-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Taylor/WatsonDe Guzman / Kejriwal6-1H
OlcayKejriwal6-7(3-7), 6-4, 1-0(11-9)V
WatsonDe Guzman6-0, 6-2H
FatemiBrunzlow6-2, 6-1H
YounBenjumeda6-4, 6-2H
ThomasLimyadi6-3, 6-3H
ShulmanAlvarez6-0, 6-3H
  4:00PM(A) Agnes Scott @ (H) Point - GAPPD 
 3:00PM(H) Arizona Christiandef(A) Ottawa (Ariz.)6-0 
 173:00PM(H) Birmingham Southern Collegedef(A) 22 Martin Methodist - TN6-3 
  9:00AM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) 13 Union - KY6-1 
 Grizzly Invitational
  12:00PM(A) Idaho State Universitydef(H) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Laura Diaz – Begona Andres Alexandria Arkhipov - Angela Walker 6-5H
Kyla Collier – Laura Rosselli Madison Fenske - Melissa Coburn 6-2V
Sophie Uhlenkott – Alexis Maison Adriene Pavek - Viktoria Pavlovets 6-2V
Begona Andres Melissa Coburn 6-2, 6-4V
Laura Diaz Alexandria Arkhipov 6-1, 6-0V
Laura Rosselli Angela Walker 6-2, 6-3V
Alexis Maison Madison Fenske 6-0, 6-2V
Kyla Collier Adriene Pavek 6-1, 6-0V
Sophie Uhlenkott Viktoria Pavlovets 6-0, 6-2V
162:00PM(A) 13 Union - KYdef(H) 19 SCAD Atlanta - Ga4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
De Guzman / KejriwalPetkovic/Pajcin6-4V
Brunzlow/LimyadiKitashita/Schoner7-6 (7-1)V
KejriwalPetkovic6-3, 6-2V
De GuzmanPajcin6-2, 6-2V
BenjumedaKitashita6-3, 6-3V
  11:00AM(A) 22 Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Hanover CollegeRAIN 
   (H) College of Saint Mary - NEdef(A) Grand View - IA5-2 
  2:00PM(A) Southwestern - KSdef(H) Midland - NE7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Villarreal/Splichal Powers/Schorghuber6-2V
Kersigo/Fox Nihart/Phan6-3V
Christina VillarrealJasmin Hauska6-2, 6-2V
Elyse SplichalCatherine Coe6-1, 6-1V
Madison KersigoEmily Burk6-3, 6-2V
Jericha FoxMeganne Nihart6-4, 7-5V
DEFAULTKatherine StegmanV
  9:00AM(A) 17 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) Centre College6-1 
  11:00AM(H) Henderson State Universitydef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
  1:00PM(H) 3 Xavier - LAdef(A) 15 LSU Alexandria - La4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
#1 Angela Charles-Alfred/Lailaa BashirMarie Cool/Darija Mladenovic6-3H
#14 Yi Chen Pao/Farah BaklouitPatricia Perez/Patricia Martinez6-0H
Lacee Ancar/Lindsey DixonMilijana Milojevic/Katheryne Campos3-3 H
#11 Angela Charles-AlfredMilijana Milojevic6-3, 6-0H
#14 Lailaa BashirDarija Mladenovic6-0, 6-1H
#28 Farah BakloutiNiamh Packer6-4,6-0H
#39 Yi Chen PaoPatricia Perez6-0,6-4V
Lancee AncarMarie Cool6-3, 6-7(0-7), 1-0 (10-5) V
Lindsey DixonPatricia Martinez7-6(7-5), 6-3V
  6:00PM(H) University of Tennessee-Chattanoogadef(A) 8 Brenau - GA4-3 
  12:00PM(N) Linfield Collegedef(N) College of Idaho7-0 
  2:00PM(N) Doane - NEdef(N) Grand View - IA6-1 
  1:30PM(A) Northern Illinois Universitydef(H) St. Francis - IL7-0 
  9:00AM(H) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(A) 23 Cumberland - TN5-1 
   (A) Lees-McRae College @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
 1510:00AM(N) University of the Ozarksdef(N) John Brown - AR6-3 
  3:00PM(N) Concordia University-Texasdef(N) Texas Wesleyan4-3 
  11:00AM(H) Austin Collegedef(A) Texas Wesleyan6-3 
 5:00PM(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) Hope International - CA4-0 
  2:00PM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferSabrina Mateos/Carolin Minners6-3H
Thewuni Devaraja/Emily ConnollyAlice Radde/Samantha Weber6-1H
Laura Moore/Sabrina PorterMaria Nicholls/Jessica Bettley6-0H
Maddie BemisderferSabrina MateosDid Not PlayH
Lena GolzSamantha WeberDid Not PlayH
Thewuni DevarajaCarolin MinnersDid Not PlayH
Laura MooreAlice Radde6-0, 6-1H
Ellie SniderMaria Nicholls6-0, 6-0H
Emily ConnollyJessica Bettley6-0, 6-1H
  9:00AM(A) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) RV University of Northwestern Ohi5-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferCamila Puente/Veronica Rydstrom6-2H
Thewuni Devaraja/Emily ConnollyMona Hofmann/Franca RexeisDNFH
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderGabriela Eva/Lena Tessmer6-2H
Lizzie BaussCamila Puente2-6, 0-6V
Maddie BemisderferMona Hofmann6-0, 6-2H
Lena GolzVeronica Rydstrom6-2, 6-0H
Thewuni DevarajaLena Tessmer6-0, 6-1H
Laura MooreGabriela EvaDNFH
Emily ConnollyEllen Sandstrom6-4, 6-1H
 12:00PM(H) RV Coastal Georgiadef(A) St. Thomas - FL4-3 
 3:00PM(H) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAdef(A) 21 Southeastern - FL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Nicole Katzarkov / Valerie DroopSharienne Ricardo / Angelique Myrtil 6-1H
Tova Tilk Tobrand / Haley MorrisseyBijelic Nadezda / Beatrice Letizia6-2H
Francine Voit / Priya SukkanhaPriscila Baptista / Mia Dunagan 6-3H
Priya SukkanhaSharienne Ricardo6-2, 6-1H
Valerie DroopBeatrice Letizia6-1, 7-6V
Nicole Katzarkov Bijelic Nadezda6-0, 6-1H
Haley Morrissey Angelique Myrtil6-0, 6-1H
Tova Tilk Tobrand Priscila Baptista6-2, 6-1H
Francine Voit Mia Dunagan 7-5, 7-5H
  10:00AM(N) 23 Cumberland - TNdef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-2 
 @ University of Northwestern Ohio
  3:30PM(N) 7 Middle Georgia Statedef(N) 13 Union - KY4-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
MasipPetkovic7-5, 6-2V
DesmetPajcin6-0, 6-2V
NobisSchroener7-6, 7-6H
BermudezKitashita6-3, 6-1H
DesbiollesArtega7-5, 5-7 (DNF)H
LopezRodenas3-6, 6-3, 6-2H
  3:00PM(N) Southwestern - KSdef(N) Hastings - NE7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Theisen/PriceCoe/ Hauska6-3V
Megan WaterhouseEmilia Schorghuber6-1, 6-0V
Theresa PriceJasmin Hauska6-4, 6-1V
Samantha WorthingtonCatherine Coe6-1, 6-2V
Hannah TheisenAlexa Power6-2, 6-1V
Camilla LeeEmily Burk6-1, 6-1V
Madelyn ReddingMeganne Nihart6-3, 6-0V
 5:00PM(A) 14 Westmont - CAdef(H) Marymount California4-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Miah Webb, Shahrazad BarahatCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-3V
Hailey McNall, Hannah WhiteSidney Lowry, Rachal Jackson7-5V
Sabrina Subero, Jensen BarnesChristine Hemry, Ana Negri6-0H
Miah WebbCade Pierson6-3, 6-2V
Jensen BarnesEmily Peterson6-3, 6-3V
Hailey McNallRachal Jackson6-3, 1-6, 3-3 (unfinished)H
Sabrina SuberoSidney Lowry6-0, 6-0V
Hannah WhiteChristine Hemry7-5, 3-5 (unfinished)H
Shahrazad BarahatAva Verchimak6-0, 6-0H
  2:00PM(H) King Universitydef(A) Bluefield - VA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Marilyn Roustand/Lauren SmorgonskyAbigail Martin/Hannah Thacker6-3H
Isla Bell/Murphy HarrCamilla Coradi/Kassidy Holloway6-1H
Marilyn RoustandAbigail Martin6-4, 6-2H
Lauren SmogronskyCamila Coradi6-4, 7-6H
Isla BellHannah Thacker7-5, 6-2H
Murphy HarrKatherina Zausek6-1, 6-3H
Morgan BuchananKassidy Holloway6-2, 6-4H
  12:00PM(H) Brescia - KYdef(A) Oakland City University6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Eleni StraveamosHannah Wilson6-1, 6-0H
Mazvita NgoroshaAudrey Wilson6-4, 7-6(8-6)H
Hannah Joy SimmaKaleigh HelmDefaultV
Danielle mattisKeaton Whetstone6-2, 6-3H
Melony DunawayAbby Messengale8-6H
Sierra ThomponAlleyna Goedde8-4H
  11:00AM(A) RV McPherson - KSdef(H) Midland - NE7-0 
  4:00PM(N) 15 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(N) 12 Loyola - LA7-0 
 Match played at Xavier
  7:30PM(H) Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Codef(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CA5-2 
  2:00PM(N) Saint Mary's University of Minnesotadef(N) Northwestern - IA7-2 
  9:00AM(H) Bellarmine Universitydef(A) RV Campbellsville - KY6-1 
  3:00PM(A) Doane - NEdef(H) Bethel - KS7-0 
 (location change)
  3:00PM(N) Saint Mary's Collegedef(N) Spring Arbor - MI6-3 
 MVP Sportsplex
  6:00PM(H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI4-3 
 MVP Sportsplex
   (H) Southwest - NMdef(A) Howard Payne University7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Lincoln Memorial Universitydef(A) 11 Lindsey Wilson - KY5-2 
  4:30PM(H) Thomas More - KYdef(A) Covenant College5-2 
   (A) LSU Shreveportdef(H) Centenary College5-0 
  1:00PM(N) RV Indiana Techdef(N) 23 Cumberland - TN4-3 
 Westwood Tennis Center | Lima, Ohio
 2:00PM(A) 2 Keiser - FLdef(H) Webber International - FL7-0 
   (H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Saint Mary's College4-3 
  10:00AM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Olivet College5-0 
   (N) Montreat - NC vs. (N) Meredith CollegeCncl 
 145:00PM(H) Hendrix Collegedef(A) John Brown - AR7-2 
  4:00PM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) 23 Cumberland - TN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferGarijo/Hernandez6-4H
Thewuni Devaraja/Emily ConnollyBou/Kopituk6-2H
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderDmitrovic/Navaratnam6-3H
Lizzie BaussAinhoa Garijo4-6, 3-6V
Maddie BemisderferJessica Hernandez6-4, 3-6, 6-3H
Lena GolzAna Collazos6-0, 6-1H
Thewuni Devaraja Ksenija Dmitrovic6-0, 6-0H
Laura MooreAnna Kopituk6-2, 6-2H
Ellie Snider Stefanie Navaratnam6-2H
  10:00AM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-0 
 @ University of Northwestern Ohio
  4:00PM(A) Tabor - KSdef(H) Midland - NE6-1 
   (A) Hope International - CAdef(H) Saint Katherine - CA4-1 
  1:30PM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Emory University6-1 
  12:30PM(H) Roosevelt - ILdef(A) Loras4-3 
 7:30PM(A) Judson - ILdef(H) St. Ambrose - IA5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
HousengaGarza1-6, 2-6V
BushBrackenrig2-6, 1-6V
LangRedmond5-7, 0-6H
SchvenemenJanecek4-6, 6-4, 10-7V
YaddofColeman6-7, 3-6
  7:00PM(H) Bethel Universitydef(A) Northwestern - IA9-0 
  2:00PM(A) Western New Mexico Universitydef(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)7-0 
  5:30PM(H) Azusa Pacific Universitydef(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CA4-0 
   (H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Calvin College6-1 
  5:00PM(A) Western New Mexico Universitydef(H) Arizona Christian6-1 
  3:00PM(H) 15 LSU Alexandria - Ladef(A) Louisiana College7-0 
  5:00PM(A) William Jessup - CAdef(H) Mills College5-4 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ashley Tesmer & Grace DeatonMcKenzie Hawkins & Melisa Hansen8-6V
Ashley Tesmer / Grace DeatonMcKenzie Hawkins / Melisa Hansen8-6V
Dana Culpepper & Sierra WestStephanie Alsman &Karen Godinez-Ramos8-2V
Dana Culpepper / Sierra WestStephanie Alsman / Karen Godinez-Ramos8-2V
Jada Temple & Cesaria CaetanoN/ADef.H
Jada Temple / Cesaria CaetanoN/ADef.H
Ashley TesmerMcKenzie Hawkins6-4, 6-0V
Grace DeatonStephanie Alsman6-1, 6-1V
Dana CulpepperMelisa Hansen6-3, 6-1V
Sierra WestKaren Godinez-Ramos2-6, 6-2, 15-13H
Jada TempleN/ADef.H
Cesaria CaetanoN/ADef.H
  3:00PM(H) University of South Alabamadef(A) 3 Xavier - LA6-1 
 South Alabama: NCAA Division I
 132:00PM(A) Georgia College & State University @ (H) 8 Brenau - GAPPD 
 113:00PM(H) Georgia Southwestern State Universitydef(A) Point - GA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Herrera/No PlayerLamer RhodesN/AH
VillalobosHogg6-1, 6-3H
GallmanLamer6-1, 6-4H
MartinezWiaters6-4, 6-0H
CohenLeao6-3, 6-1H
HerreraCervantes6-1, 6-1H
No PlayerSorrocheN/AH
  8:00PM(H) Point Loma Nazarene Universitydef(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CA4-0 
  4:00PM(H) Chapman Universitydef(A) Marymount California8-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Mary Williams & Tatum PhilipsMiah Webb & Shahrazad Barakat5-8H
Liza Antonova & Aliya AllynHailey McNall & Ysabelle Arambulo1-8H
Madison Ross & Lisa TrofimovaSabrina Subero & Jensen Barnes2-8H
Tatum PhilipsMiah Webb5-7, 6-0H
Liza AntonovaJensen Barnes6-2, 7-5V
Madison RossShahrazad Barakat1-6, 3-6H
Aliya AllynHailey McNall1-6, 1-6H
VasilisaTrofimovaYsabelle Arambulo5-7, 3-6H
Anna MaiykaplenSabrina Subero1-6, 0-6H
   (A) Texas A&M Texarkana @ (H) Southern Arkansas UniversityCncl 
  1:30PM(A) Lewis Universitydef(H) St. Francis - IL7-0 
  12:00PM(H) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI5-2 
   (A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Lenoir-Rhyne CollegePPD 
 103:00PM(H) Nova Southeastern Universitydef(A) Keiser - FL4-3 
 912:00PM(H) RV Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(A) College of Idaho6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Laura Diaz – Begona Andres Alex Sorte – Natalie Little7-5H
Kyla Collier– Laura Rosselli Leiana Almaraz – Lauren Kreutzer6-2H
Sophie Uhlenkott –Alexis MaisonSydney Ewing – Marissa Shirley6-3V
Begona AndresAlex Sorte6-3, 7-6H
Laura DiazLauren Kreutzer6-4, 6-2H
Laura RosselliLeiana Almaraz6-2, 6-0H
Alexis MaisonMarissa Shirley6-1, 6-1H
Kyla Collier Natalie Little6-7, 5-2, 12-10V
Sophie UhlenkottSydney Ewing6-1, 6-0H
  9:00AM(A) Colorado Collegedef(H) RV Hastings - NE7-0 
  2:00PM(A) Ottawa - KSdef(H) College of Saint Mary - NE6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Tessa Hurst and Regi ZakrzewskiJulia Winese and Abby Norris6-3V
Kaia Chaisson and Marrisa NewmanGabriela Arias and Anna Holland6-2V
Marrissa NewmanJulia Winese6-0, 6-2V
Gabriela AriasTessa Hurst6-2, 7-5V
Regi ZakrzewskiAbby Norris6-2, 7-5V
Kaia ChaissonAnna Holland7-5, 6-2V
DennellTayler Alterman6-3, 6-2V
  2:00PM(A) Bethel - TNdef(H) Lane College7-0 
  2:00PM(A) RV Tennessee Wesleyandef(H) 21 Cumberland - TN5-2 
  11:30AM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohi5-2 
 Match Played at Indy Healthplex
  2:00PM(A) Mississippi Collegedef(H) 12 Loyola - LA5-2 
 City Park
  2:00PM(A) 17 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) Webber International - FL7-0 
  2:00PM(N) Northern Illinois Universitydef(N) Doane - NE7-0 
 Miracle Hill Tennis Center
  2:00PM(N) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(N) University of West Florida4-0 
 84:00PM(N) RV McPherson - KSdef(N) Colorado College6-1 
  11:00AM(A) RV McPherson - KSdef(H) Hastings - NE7-0 
 1:00PM(H) Ave Maria - FLdef(A) RV Coastal Georgia4-3 
 3:30PM(A) St. Francis - ILdef(H) Judson - IL6-1 
 Vaughan Tennis Center
  (A) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAdef(H) RV St. Thomas - FL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Annie Carrera / Lia PenaTova Tilk Tobrand / Haley Morrissey6-2V
Thalia Skeene / Thais Shibata Valerie Droop / Nicole Katzarkov6-1V
Mariah Bastos / Giovanna Paschoalin Francine Voit / Priya Sukkanha2-0V
Annie Carrera Priya Sukkanha 6-4, 6-1V
Lia Pena Valerie Droop 6-2, 6-2H
Manami Maehama Nicole Katzarkov 6-2, 6-2V
Thalia Skeene Haley Morrissey6-2, 6-1V
Thais Shibata Tova Tilk Tobrand 6-0, 6-0V
Mariah Bastos Francine Voit6-0, 4-6, 10-3V
  12:00PM(H) Spring Hill Collegedef(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN4-1 
 at Rhodes College
  6:00PM(N) Whitworth Universitydef(N) College of Idaho6-1 
 1:00PM(H) 2 Keiser - FLdef(A) Warner - FL7-0 
  1:00PM(A) 8 Brenau - GA @ (H) Berry CollegeCncl 
  5:30PM(A) University of California-Irvinedef(H) Hope International - CA7-0 
  3:00PM(H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) Indiana East - IN5-2 
 Park Forest Tennis Club
  10:00AM(H) Bellarmine Universitydef(A) 16 Georgetown - KY5-2 
   (H) Oklahoma Baptist Universitydef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lisa Nguyen, Natalie ScottMoosbacher, Noel2-6H
Gracie Higgins, Kassie NewtonDowling, Zubkova0-6H
Tiffany Hoang, Jisu ChoiWalsh, Lamas0-6H
Lisa NguyenMoosbacher0-6,0-6H
Natalie ScottDowling1-6,0-6H
Gracie HigginsTahlia Walsh0-6,0-6H
Kassie NewtonZubkova0-6,0-6H
Tiffany HoangNoel0-6,0-6H
Jisu ChoiLamas0-6,0-6H
   (H) University of Texas of the Permian Basindef(A) Southwest - NM9-0 
  5:00PM(H) 19 SCAD Atlanta - Gatied(A) 22 Southeastern - FL3-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
De Guzman / KejriwalRicardo / Myrtil6-2H
Amaro / BenjumedaLetizia / Biuelic6-3H
Brunzlow / LimyadiBaptista / Dunasan7-5H
Simran KejriwalSharienne Ricardo7-5, 6-7 (4), 6-4H
Katrian De GuzmanBeatrice Letisia7-5, 6-2V
Begona BenjumedaNadezda Biuelic6-0, 6-2H
Karina LimyadiAnselique Myrtil7-5, 5-7, 7-5V
Madie HomanPriscila Baptista6-3, 6-0V
Blanca AlvarezMia Dunasan6-2, 3-2H
  3:00PM(H) RV Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(A) Whitworth University5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Begona Andres – Laura Rosselli Erica Lee – Avery Liening 6-3V
Kyla Collier – Laura Diaz Jill Hughes – Aleah Kert 6-4V
Sophie Uhlenkott – Alexis Maison Kyndal Locati – Hannah Plank 6-3H
Begona Andres Erica Lee 0-6, 7-6, 6-3H
Laura Diaz Avery Liening 5-7, 6-2, 6-3H
Laura Rosselli Aleah Kert 2-6, 6-4, 6-4H
Alexis Maison Hannah Plank 6-3,4-6, 6-2H
Kyla Collier Jill Hughes 6-2, 1-6, 11-9H
Sophie Uhlenkott Kyndal Locati 7-5, 6-4V
  5:00PM(A) Northern Kentucky Universitydef(H) Thomas More - KY7-0 
  1:00PM(H) 3 Xavier - LAdef(A) Mississippi College5-2 
 Mississippi College: NCAA Division II
  2:00PM(H) Carson-Newman Collegedef(A) Milligan - TN7-0 
  5:00PM(H) University of New Orleansdef(A) 12 Loyola - LA7-0 
 University Tennis Center
  1:00PM(H) Concordia - NEdef(A) Grand View - IA6-1 
  12:00PM(N) Tiffin Universitydef(N) RV Indiana Tech5-2 
 Lakewood Racquet Club | Lakewood, Ohio
  9:00AM(A) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(H) Valdosta State University4-0 
 71:00PM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) University of Alabama-HuntsvilleRAIN 
  2:00PM(H) Wisconsin-Green Baydef(A) Cardinal Stritch - WI6-1 
  2:00PM(N) Kansas Wesleyandef(N) Texas A&M Texarkana4-3 
  1:00PM(H) Keiser - FLdef(A) Cumberlands - KY6-1 
  6:00PM(A) Ottawa - KSdef(H) William Jewell College6-0 
 Clayview CC
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Kelly ParrishJulia Wienese-Perez6-2, 6-4V
Julia YamateGabriela Arias6-3, 6-2V
Jessica FarrisAbby Norris6-1, 6-4V
Gracy ReeterAnna Holland6-0, 6-3V
  7:00PM(A) 13 Union - KYdef(H) Thomas More - KY7-0 
  3:00PM(A) Marymount Californiadef(H) Saint Katherine - CA6-1 
  2:00PM(H) 8 Brenau - GAdef(A) 22 Southeastern - FL6-1 
 6 (H) Calvin Collegedef(A) Cornerstone - MI6-2 
 54:30PM(H) University of California-Riversidedef(A) 14 Westmont - CA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Tia Elpusan, Sara KhattabCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-2H
Hanh Pham, Mahli SilpachaiSidney Lowry, Rachal Jackson6-1H
Lindsey Gelinas, Lauren WolfeChristine Hemry, Ana Negri6-1H
Natalie ShammaCade Pierson6-2, 5-7, 10-8V
Tia ElpusanEmily Peterson2-6, 0-6H
Lindsey GelinasRachal Jackson1-6, 0-6H
Sara KhattabSidney Lowry1-6, 1-6H
Hanh PhamChristine Hemry2-6, 4-6H
Sofia LazzaroniAva Verchimak0-6, 0-6H
 43:00PM(H) 20 San Diego Christian - CAdef(A) Saint Katherine - CA4-0 
  1:30PM(H) 7 Middle Georgia Statedef(A) RV Tennessee Wesleyan5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
MasipPiquero6-4, 7-6H
BermudezOssio6-2, 6-2H
NobisMesa6-4, 6-4V
DesbiollesTsuji6-4, 6-2V
LopezCallaghan6-0, 6-3H
FontaineMarti6-2, 6-2H
  5:00PM(A) 14 Westmont - CAdef(H) Biola University4-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Colbeyshae Emery, Brooke FagerCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-2V
Anna Hartmann, Lauren LeeSidney Lowry, Rachal Jackson7-5H
Allison Torres, Ines DiazChristine Hemry, Ana Negri6-1H
Colbeyshae EmeryCade Pierson6-1, 2-6, 7-5V
Ines DiazEmily Peterson2-6, 6-4, 6-2V
Brooke FagerRachal Jackson6-4, 3-6, 4-2 (unfinished)H
Lauren LeeSidney Lowry6-2, 6-1V
Madison SwaneyChristine Hemry6-1, 6-4V
Allison TorresAva Verchimak6-0, 6-1H
 35:00PM(A) Point - GAdef(H) Tuskegee University4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
VillalobosHorton6-1, 6-0V
GallmanHarlow6-2, 6-2, 7-5V
MartinezMcGrew6-3, 6-4, 6-4H
CohenQuilin6-1, 6-3H
HerreraBuckeridge6-3, 6-3, 10-7V
  2:00PM(A) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(H) Lander University7-0 
 22:00PM(H) Lincoln Memorial Universitydef(A) 13 Union - KY5-2 
  2:00PM(N) Iowa Central CCdef(N) College of Saint Mary - NE7-0 
  9:30AM(A) 6 William Woods - MOdef(H) William Jewell College7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Kelly Parrish - Julia YamateZlata Shuraeva - Mireia Jordan6-2V
Jessica Farris - Gracy ReeterHannah Meyer - Ana Zavala 6-1V
Kelly Parrish Zlata Shuraeva6-0, 6-0V
Julia YamateMireia Jordan6-0, 6-1V
Jessica FarrisAriadna Jordan6-0, 6-2V
Gracy ReeterHannah Meyer6-0, 6-1V
 111:00AM(A) Blue Mountain - MSdef(H) Christian Brothers University5-2 
 Windike Country Club
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Esther Guemes/Gaby MarinSteffi McDonald/Jess McDonald6-2V
Laura Brazuela/Nellina WootenTatiana Quinonez/Emma Myers6-2H
No PlayersSaige Blanton/J'Myia LipscombDefaultV
Esther GuemesSteffi McDonald6-1, 6-2V
Gaby MarinJess McDonald6-1, 6-2V
Laura BrazuelaTatiana Quinonez6-2, 6-1H
Nellina WootenEmma Myers6-0, 6-0V
No PlayerSaige BlantonDefaultV
No PlayerJ'Myia LipscombDefaultV
 3:00PM(H) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAdef(A) Webber International - FL7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Tova Tilk Tobrand / Haley MorrisseyJenna Fosdick / Lily-Rose Rochat 6-3H
Valerie Droop / Priya SukkanhaIsabelle Niehoff / Svenja Koenig6-1H
Candace Mortier / Francine Voit Esmeralda Fernandez / Cheyenne Cannor 6-0H
Priya SukkanhaLily-Rose Rochat 6-0, 6-0H
Valerie DroopJenna Fosdick6-0, 6-2H
Nicole KatzarkovIsabelle Niehoff6-1, 6-1H
Haley MorrisseySvenja Koenig 7-5, 6-2H
Caroline LewisEsmeralda Fernandez6-0, 6-1H
Brittany WaughCheyenne Cannor6-0, 6-0H
  11:00AM(A) Kenyon Collegedef(H) RV University of Northwestern Ohi7-0 
  5:00PM(H) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(A) LSU Shreveport4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lisa Nguyen, Natalie ScottHumphries, Trax6-3H
Kassie Newton, Gracie HigginsPrez, Anderson4-6V
Lisa NguyenHumphries6-6,4-6,1-0H
Natalie ScottTrax3-6,0-6V
Gracie HigginsPrez3-6, 2-6V
Kassie NewtonAnderson6-6,6-2H
Tiffany HoangSmith4-6,6-4,1-0H
  3:30PM(N) Colorado Mesa Universitydef(N) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Osterberg/WalderburgerAndres/Rosselli7-6 (10-8)V
Kristen KirbyBegona Andres6-2, 6-2H
Laura AlsingLaura Diaz6-3, 4-6, 6-2V
Rebecca OsterbergLaura Rosselli6-3, 6-1H
Carolena CamposAlexis Maison6-3, 6-4H
Maike WaldburgerKyla Collier6-2, 6-1H
  12:00PM(N) Cowley County CCdef(N) Baker - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
K. Smith / C. WolfeC. Leonard / A. Lumanog6-2V
P. Moore / J. MooreC. Do Lago / V. Hoekstra6-2V
Kayelee SmithC. Leonard6-4, 6-4V
Cortlyn WolfeC. Do Lago3-6, 6-2, 10-4V
Patricia MooreV. Hoekstra4-6, 2-6V
Josephine MooreB. Delao5-7, 4-6V
 4:30PM(H) Thomas More - KYdef(A) Shawnee State - OH7-0 
  3:00PM(A) University of Redlandsdef(H) 14 Westmont - CA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Rachal Jackson, Sidney LowryHalle Martinucci, Olivia Rockwood6-4V
Cade Pierson, Emily PetersonKendall Bolock, Gabby Rockwood6-0H
Christine Hemry, Ana NegriJackie Lacy / Karen Kobayashi6-1V
Cade PiersonOlivia Rockwood6-3, 7-5H
Emily PetersonMia Fitzgerald6-0, 6-0V
Sidney LowryKendall Bolock6-3, 6-2V
Rachal JacksonLexi Lehman7-6, 6-3V
Christine HemryHalle Martinucci6-2, 6-1V
Ava VerchimakGabby Rockwood6-0, 6-0V
  9:00AM(H) Lincoln Memorial Universitydef(A) 17 Cumberlands - KY4-3 
  3:00PM(A) Northwestern - IAdef(H) Hamline University7-0 
  1:00PM(H) RV Hastings - NEdef(A) Tabor - KS5-2 
  1:00PM(H) 3 Xavier - LAdef(A) 12 Loyola - LA6-1 
 XULA Tennis Center
  4:30PM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Albion College7-0 
  12:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Mesa CCPPD 
  6:00PM(A) Milligan - TN @ (H) 23 Martin Methodist - TNPPD 
313:00PM(A) Judson - ILdef(H) Indiana South Bend - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Marissa Jaggi/Becca WoosterSofia Corona Garza/Samantha Brackenlig2-6V
Lexy Peak/Morgan BilanciaGeorgia Redmond/Liz Medina6-6, 2-7V
Marissa JaggiSofia Corona Garza0-6, 2-6V
Becca WoosterSamantha Brackenlig2-6, 1-6V
Morgan BilanciaLiz Medina1-6, 6-3, 9-11V
Lexy PeakLauren Janacek1-6, 6-6, 9-11V
Mckenzie PowellKatelyn Coleman2-6, 4-6V
forfeitGeorgia Redmond
  8:00PM(H) Idaho State Universitydef(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Hristina Cvetkovic/Megan PoeBegona Andres/Laura Diaz 6-1H
Melissa Coburn/Madison FenskeKyla Collier/Alexis Maison6-4H
Viktoriia Pavlovets/Adriene PavekLizzy Bremer/Sophie Uhlenkott6-1H
Hristina CvetkovicLaura Diaz6-2, 6-1H
Melissa CoburnBegona Andres6-2, 6-0H
Megan PoeLaura Rosselli 6-2, 6-2H
Angela WalkerAlexis Maison6-1, 6-0H
Adriene PavekSophie Uhlenkott6-2, 6-0H
Viktoriia PavlovetsKyla Collier6-3, 7-5H
  7:00PM(N) Minnesota State University-Mankatodef(N) Northwestern - IA6-1 
  5:00PM(N) Cal State-Los Angelesdef(N) 14 Westmont - CA5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Sidney Lowry, Rachal JacksonChelsea Ruiz, Amanda Schneider6-1V
Cade Pierson, Emily PetersonNoa Davico, Mariko Sagara6-3V
Ana Negri, Christine HemrySakura Kurokawa, Berta Acero5-3V
Cade PiersonNoa Davico6-1, 6-4H
Emily PetersonAmanda Schneider6-2, 7-5V
Sidney LowryChelsea Ruiz6-1, 2-6, 6-4H
Rachal JacksonSakura Kurokawa2-6, 6-2, 6-1V
Christine HemryBerta Cicero6-4, 6-1V
Ana NegriMariko Sagara6-2, 6-0V
  12:30PM(H) Cal State-Fullertondef(A) Marymount California7-0 
  3:00PM(H) Hope International - CAdef(A) Saint Katherine - CA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Dejanovic, DjordjevicHeckert, Blanio6-2H
Russo, AnchetaDuncan, Diaz6-4H
Siebrecht, UlloaWhite, Castro7-5H
  6:00PM(A) 23 Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Carson-Newman CollegePPD 
 304:30PM(H) University of California-Riversidedef(A) Hope International - CA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Andjela Dejanovic, Anastasija DjordjevicElpusan, Khattab2-6V
Kristen Russo, Matea AnchetaSilpachai, Lazzaroni3-6V
Lisanne Siebrecht, Jessica UlloaGelinas, Wolfe0-6V
Andjela DejanovicSilpachai5-7, 2-6V
Kristen RussoLindsey Gelinas1-6, 0-6V
Lisanne SiebrechtSara Khattab3-6, 3-6V
Lauren MacdonnelSofia Lazzaroni2-6, 2-6V
Jessica UlloaLauren Wolfe0-6, 0-6V
Matea AnchetaNicole Hitomi1-6, 1-6V
251:00PM(A) RV Coastal Georgiadef(H) Warner - FL6-1 
 12:00PM(H) 22 Southeastern - FLdef(A) RV St. Thomas - FL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Sharienne Ricardo/ Bijelic NadezdaAnnie Carrera/ Lia Pena6-7H
Angelique Myrtil/ Beatrice LetizaManamu Maehama/ Thalia Skeene1-6H
Mia Dunagan/ Priscila BaptistaMariah Bastos/ Giovanna Paschoalin2-6H
RicardoCarrera3-6, 4-6H
LetiziaPena3-6, 7-6, 5-10H
NadezdaSkeene1-6, 0-6H
MyrtilMaehama1-6, 0-6H
BaptistaPaschoalin3-6, 2-6H
DunaganShibata6-3, 6-3V
  1:00PM(N) University of California-Irvinedef(N) 14 Westmont - CA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Flora Amiri, Jessica TsukijiSidney Lowry, Rachal Jackson6-3H
Stephanie Nguyen, Alyssa FossorierCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-2H
Jenna Schlatter, Arianna TilburyChristine Hemry, Ana Negri6-1H
Stephanie NguyenCade Pierson6-4, 6-2V
Flora AmiriEmily Peterson6-0, 6-2H
Jessica TsukijiSidney Lowry6-4, 3-6, 1-0 (10-4)H
Halla AlajeelyRachal Jackson6-2, 6-1H
Jenna SchlatterChristine Hemry6-3, 6-0H
Alyssa FossorierAva Verchimak6-0, 6-0H
  5:00PM(H) CSUNdef(A) 14 Westmont - CA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Joelene Coetzee, Ana Fraile TobosoSidney Lowry, Rachal Jackson6-1H
Ekatarina Repina, Jacquie TanCade Pierson, Emily Peterson6-1H
Emma Roenholt, Lisa-Marie WurstChristine Hemry, Ana Negri6-0H
Ekatarina RepinaCade Pierson6-4, 6-2H
Jacquie TanEmily Peterson6-2, 6-1H
Joelene CoetzeeSidney Lowry6-1, 6-4H
Ana Fraile TobosoRachal Jackson6-0, 6-2H
Emma RoenholtChristine Hemry6-2, 6-1H
Lisa-Marie WurstAva Verchimak6-0, 6-0H
 12:00PM(A) 2 Keiser - FLdef(H) 5 SCAD Savannah - GA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Valerie Droop / Nicole KatzarkovSarah Schaerer / Lorene Foerste6-4V
Haley Morrissey / Tova Tilk TobrandAnais Gabriel / Dugleisy Linarez6-4V
Priya Sukkanha / Francine Voit Anais Ruyssen / Joyce Nouws6-2V
Priya Sukkanha Anais Ruyssen6-1, 6-0H
Valerie DroopAnais Gabriel6-5, 7-7 (5)V
Nicole KatzarkovAnais Ruyssen7-6 (4), 1-6, 8-10V
Haley MorrisseyLisa Khamassi6-0, 6-3V
Tova Tilk TobrandSarah Schaerer6-2, 6-3V
Francine Voit Lorene Foerste6-2, 6-4V
  2:00PM(A) Jackson State Universitydef(H) 12 Loyola - LA6-1 
 City Park
  1:00PM(A) Marymount California @ (H) CSUNCncl 
 24 (A) Wisconsin-Milwaukeedef(H) Cardinal Stritch - WI7-0 
  6:30PM(H) Northern Illinois Universitydef(A) 24 Olivet Nazarene - IL7-0 
2212:00PM(H) Coastal Georgiadef(A) RV Webber International - FL5-2 
 10:00AM(A) 22 Southeastern - FLdef(H) Warner - FL7-0 
 USTA National Tennis Center
 2:30PM(H) Keiser - FLdef(A) St. Thomas - FL7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Sarah Schaerer/ Lorene FoersteAnnie Carrera/ Lia Pena3-6H
Dugleisy Linarez/ Anais GabrielManami Maehama/ Thalia Skeene0-6H
Anais Ruyssen/ Joyce NouwsMariah Bastos/ Giovanna Paschoalin0-6H
GabrielCarrera1-6, 3-6H
LinarezPena6-4, 1-6, 0-1H
RuyssenSkeene0-6, 0-6H
SchaererMaehama6-4, 2-6, 0-1H
KhamassiPaschoalin0-6, 0-6H
NouwsShibata1-6, 0-6H
 171:00PM(H) 22 Southeastern - FLdef(A) Florida National - FL6-1 
 2 (N) 12 Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Xavier Invitational
 27 (A) TBA @ (H) 8 Brenau - GANo Team Score 
 Golden Tigers Invitational
 26 (A) Point - GA @ (H) 7 Middle Georgia StateNo Team Score 
 Middle Georgia Invitational
   (A) TBA @ (H) 8 Brenau - GANo Team Score 
 Golden Tigers Invitational
 245:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(H) Mississippi University for Women6-1 
  1:00PM(A) Tabor - KS @ (H) William Jewell CollegeCncl 
 234:00PM(A) Milligan - TNdef(H) University of Virginia's College at Wise4-3 
 201:00PM(H) Anderson Universitydef(A) SCAD Atlanta - Ga5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Anna Greer/Mirna Curcic Katrina De Guzman/ Simran Kejriwal6-3H
Victoria Wiulloud/Anya TarlouskayaB. Benjumeda/V. Amaro7-6V
Kristen Reynolds/Cameron BlanchardN. Brunzlow/K. Limyadi6-2V
Anna GreerK. De Guzman6-3, 7-5H
Mirna CurcicS. Kejriwal6-3, 6-1H
Victoria WuilloudN. Brunzlow2-6, 6-1, 7-5V
Anya TarlouskayaK. Limyadi6-4, 6-2H
Kristen ReynoldsB. Benjumeda7-5, 7-5H
Hannah WeaverM. Homan6-1, 6-2H
   (H) Christian Brothers Universitydef(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN6-1 
  1:00PM(A) Milligan - TN @ (H) Maryville CollegeRAIN 
 1912:00PM(N) Roosevelt - ILdef(N) Indiana Southeast - IN4-3 
 1811:00AM(H) University of Illinois at Springfielddef(A) 24 Olivet Nazarene - IL7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
A. LongDana Huck/Narjis Mzibri0-6V
K. Bere/E. SampsonAnna Belschner/Amanda Eberly6-0H
M. Flight/J. CortezGrace Matheis/Jovana Parlic6-0H
LongHuck6-2, 6-1H
FlightParlic6-3, 6-1H
MokhosiMzibri3-6, 6-4, 10-6H
SampsonMatheis6-0, 6-1H
CortezEberly6-0, 6-1H
ThornhillBelschner6-2, 6-2H
  4:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Indiana South Bend - IN7-0 
  1:00PM(A) Milligan - TNdef(H) Mars Hill University5-2 
 165:30PM(H) University of the Ozarksdef(A) John Brown - AR6-1 
 13 (N) Blue Mountain - MS vs. (N) TBARAIN 
 Grizzly Open
 12 (N) Blue Mountain - MS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Grizzly Open
  11:00AM(H) Baker - KSdef(A) Tabor - KS7-0 
  5:00PM(H) Illinois Collegedef(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO7-2 
  9:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettNo Team Score 
   (A) 8 Brenau - GA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 WCU Invite
   (N) 12 Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - West Florida Fall Fling
  2:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Hanover CollegeCncl 
 11 (N) Blue Mountain - MS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Grizzly Open
   (N) Point - GA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Georgia Gwinnett College Grizzly Invitational, Oct. 11-13
  2:30PM(H) Grand View - IAtied(A) TBA0-0 
 Bethel University
  9:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettNo Team Score 
  4:00PM(A) Anderson Universitydef(H) Midway - KY7-0 
 Lexington Tennis Club
   (N) 12 Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 1 - West Florida Fall Fling
  2:00PM(H) Shawnee State - OHdef(A) Capital University4-0 
 103:30PM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Concordia - MI6-1 
  5:00PM(A) St. Ambrose - IAdef(H) Cornell College6-3 
  2:00PM(A) Illinois Institute of Technology @ (H) St. Francis - ILNo Team Score 
 95:00PM(A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) Goshen - IN5-2 
 postponed from Sept. 27
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Krall/Elsie Koop LiechtyHawley/Peschel6-4H
Sarah HinshawMaria Rivas6-1, 6-1V
Victoria OakesGrace Hahn6-2, 6-1V
Hannah McCoyGina Odisho6-2, 6-0V
Anna OsborneKyla Eaton7-6(3), 7-6(3)H
Ashley ArroyoJasmine Abunaim6-2, 6-2V
Kyra KrallAva Collins6-2, 6-3H
 84:00PM(H) Hillsdale Collegedef(A) Huntington - IN6-1 
  5:30PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology6-3 
 62:00PM(A) Quincy Universitydef(H) RV Missouri Valley4-3 
 510:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawk Fall Invitational
  9:30AM(N) Texas Wesleyandef(N) John Brown - AR7-0 
 Arlington, Texas (Arlington Tennis Center)
  1:00PM(H) Southeast Missouri State Universitydef(A) William Woods - MO6-1 
  2:00PM(H) Grand View - IAtied(A) TBA0-0 
 Ottawa University
  3:30PM(H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Judson - IL4-0 
 3:00 PM ET
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Joska Volder/Kiara BerrySofia Corona Garza/Lizeth Medina Diaz7-5H
Bailey Chouinard/Darci TerHaarGeorgia Redmond/Lauren Janecek6-3H
Sara Forletta/Vanessa HeylmunKatelynn Coleman/Hannah Womack6-4H
Joska VolderSofia Corona Garza6-3, 6-1H
Darci TerHaarLizeth Medina DiazunfinishedH
Bailey ChouinardGeorgia Redmond6-2, 3-6, 6-2H
Vanessa HeylmunLauren JanecekunfinishedH
Sara ForlettaKatelynn ColemanunfinishedH
Grace KellyHannah Womack6-1, 6-1H
  12:00PM(H) Baker - KSdef(A) Bethel - KS6-1 
  4:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) 25 Marian - IN4-0 
 Crossroads League Tournament Championship
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Maddie Bemisderfer/Thewuni DevarajaMaria Lueken/Mary Mullaney 6-0H
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderLaura Kuebler/Teodora Simion6-2H
Laura Moore/Kayla DubuqueEmma Wood/Payton HaygoodUnfinishedH
Maddie BemisderferMaria Lueken6-1, 6-2H
Lena GolzLaura Kuebler6-1, 6-0H
Thewuni DevarajaBetija DuseleUnfinishedH
Ellie SniderTeodora SimionUnfinishedH
Laura MooreLiza Lewis6-1, 6-4H
Sabrina PorterMary MullaneyUnfinishedH
  4:00PM(H) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(A) Bethel - TN5-2 
  9:30AM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Judson - IL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Marissa Menichini/Valentina GarciaSofia Corona Garza/Lizeth Medina Diaz6-2H
Alayna Bowman/Nicole VerhulstGeorgie Redmond/Lauren Janacek6-1H
Lauren Brendel/Abbie MuseenKatelynn Coleman/Hannah Womack6-3H
Alayna BowmanSofia Corona Garza7-5, 6-2H
Valentina GarciaLizeth Diaz Medina6-4, 7-6 (7-1)H
Marissa MenechiniGeorgia Redmond4-6, 6-4, 7-10V
Nicole VerhulstLauren Janacek6-0, 6-4H
Lauren BrendelKatelynn Coleman6-2, 6-3H
Abbie MuseenHannah Womack6-0, 6-0H
  9:30AM(N) LSU Shreveportdef(N) Texas A&M Texarkana3-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lily Humphries, Harmony TraxLisa Nguyen, Kallie Newton1-6H
Ali Anderson, Mariz PerezGrace Higgins, Tiffany Huang6-2H
Lily HumphriesLisa Nguyen 7-5, 4-6, 5-10H
Harmony TraxKallie Newton6-0, 6-0H
Mariz PerezGracie Higgins5-7, 6-2, 8-10H
Ali AndersonTiffany Huang6-0, 7-6H
Katie Smith---H
  12:30PM(A) RV Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) RV Lee UniversityNo Team Score 
 Lee Invitational
  12:00PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Indiana East - IN5-2 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Warhawk Fall Invitational
   (N) 12 Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBAPPD 
 Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Invitational
 411:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawk Fall Invitational
  9:30AM(N) John Brown - AR vs. (N) Texas A&M TexarkanaNo Team Score 
 Arlington, Texas (Arlington Tennis Center)
  7:00PM(A) Tabor - KS @ (H) Kansas State UniversityRAIN 
 Match will be vs. KSU Club Team
  4:30PM(H) Concordia - MIdef(A) Albion College4-3 
  9:30AM(N) Southwestern Christian - OKtied(N) LSU Shreveport5-5 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lily HumphriesLisa Nguyen 7-5H
  2:00PM(H) Texas Wesleyantied(A) LSU Shreveport5-5 
  1:00PM(A) Judson - IL @ (H) Hillsdale CollegeNo Team Score 
 TEAM Individual Tournament : 12:00 noon EST START Time
  1:00PM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Kentucky Wesleyan College5-2 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Warhawk Fall Invitational
  4:30PM(A) Friends - KSdef(H) College of Saint Mary - NE6-1 
 Moved indoors to Genesis Westroads
  10:00AM(H) Indiana Southeast - INdef(A) Kentucky Wesleyan College7-0 
 34:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Huntington - IN5-1 
  3:00PM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) Grace - IN4-1 
 Crossroads League Tournament Semifinals
  4:00PM(H) Indiana South Bend - INdef(A) Defiance College7-0 
 24:00PM(H) Bellarmine Universitydef(A) Indiana Southeast - IN7-0 
 14:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Bethel - IN7-0 
 Crossroads League Tournament Quarterfinals
  2:00PM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI7-0 
 Crossroads League Tournament Quarterfinals
  5:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
 1st Round
  4:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Taylor - IN6-1 
  4:30PM(A) Lorasdef(H) St. Ambrose - IA7-2 
 2911:00AM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) 17 Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
   (A) TBA @ (H) Holy Cross - INCncl 
 Holy Cross Invitational
  9:00AM(A) Indiana South Bend - IN @ (H) Holy Cross - INCncl 
  10:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) Holy Cross - INCncl 
 28 (N) Lawrence Tech - MI vs. (N) TBACncl 
 UNOH Tournament
  2:00PM(A) Morningside - IAdef(H) Grand View - IA5-2 
  12:30PM(H) Newman Universitydef(A) Tabor - KS8-1 
  3:00PM(N) Judson - ILdef(N) Indiana Southeast - IN4-3 
 2:00pm EST
  10:00AM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Indiana Southeast - IN4-0 
  9:00AM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) 17 Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
  2:00PM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA2-2 
 Morningside College
  10:00AM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Judson - IL4-0 
 9:00am EST
  4:00PM(A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) Millikin University7-2 
  1:15PM(H) Hanover Collegedef(A) Midway - KY7-2 
  1:00PM(H) RV Missouri Valleydef(A) William Jewell College7-0 
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 Creighton Invitational
  11:00AM(H) Valparaiso Universitydef(A) Huntington - IN7-0 
  3:00PM(H) Ashland Universitydef(A) Lourdes - OH7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Conrad/LakeNo Playerdef.H
BrdickaMann6-1, 6-3H
OginoSkouroukos6-1, 6-0H
BiceKrupp6-3, 6-1H
WieserPolce6-0, 6-0H
ConradGroll6-1, 6-0H
LakeNo Playerdef.H
  4:00PM(N) College of Woosterdef(N) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH8-1 
 Played at Wolfe Park
  9:00AM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(H) Capital University9-0 
 27 (N) Point - GAdef(N) Albany State4-3 
 Dual Match
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Villalobos/ GallmanFoston/Virigil6--0H
VillalobosCopeland6-2, 6-0H
MartinezForero6-3, 6-3H
GallmanFoston6-2, 6-2H
CohenBoyd5-7, 7-6, 6-10V
 1:00PM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) Bethel - IN7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Shawnee State - OH5-2 
 1010 Newark Rd.
   (A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
  5:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Judson - IL5-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Maddie Bemisderfer/Thewani DevarajaGarza/Medina6-1H
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderRedmond/Janeuk6-2H
Laura Moore/Sabrina PorterCouman/Womack6-0H
Lena GolzGarzaNDH
Maddie BemisderferMedina6-1, 6-0H
Thewuni DevarajaRedmond6-1, 6-0H
Laura Moore Janecek6-1, 6-0H
Ellie SniderColeman NDH
Sabrina PorterWomack6-0, 6-0H
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 Creighton Invitational
  4:30PM(A) Fort Hays State Universitydef(H) Bethel - KS7-0 
  3:00PM(H) Miami Universitydef(A) Ohio Christian8-1 
 Middletown Campus
   (A) Coastal Georgia @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Day 2 - Presented by Oracle - Florida Region
   (N) Midway - KY vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - ITA Regionals - Georgetown College
  12:00PM(N) Indiana Techdef(N) Judson - IL4-0 
 11:00am EST
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Abigail Simms/Carolina FabbriSofia Garza/Liz Medina Diaz6-4H
Martina Borges/Elena TokicGeorgia Redmond/Lauren Janacek6-2H
Vero Jimenez/Chloe SmithleyKatelyn Coleman/Hannah Womack6-0H
Abigail SimmsSofia Garza6-3, 3-0H
Vero JimenezLiz Medina Diaz6-0, 6-2H
Martina BorgesGeorgia Redmond6-1, 6-1H
Carolina FabbriLauren Janacek6-4, 4-0 UFH
Elena TokicKatelyn Coleman6-1, 2-1 UFH
Chloe SmithleyHannah Womack6-1, 6-0H
  4:00PM(N) Indiana Southeast - IN vs. (N) Indiana TechPPD 
 IWU Fall Classic | Marion, Ind.
  2:00PM(A) IU Kokomo - INdef(H) Calvin College6-3 
 26 (A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
   (A) TBA @ (H) 17 Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 ITA Southeast Regional Championship Sept. 26-29
  3:00PM(A) Anderson Universitydef(H) Saint Francis - IN5-2 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Coastal Georgia0-0 
 ITA Day 1 - Presented by Oracle - Florida Region
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Napier/Campo Peretta/Curry (STU)8-5H
Napier/Campo #1 Sukkanha/Webber (SCAD)8-2V
Rubio/Landi Droop/Katzarkov (SCAD)8-6V
Marianela Landi Isabelle Niehoff (Webber)6-2, 6-0H
Marianela Landi Alexandra Yeardley (Keiser)6-4, 6-3H
Paige DelaPerriereMariah Bastos (STU)6-1, 6-1H
Paige DelaPerriere#4 Sarah Schaerer (Keiser)6-2, 6-0V
Daniela Campo Ana Gomez (Keiser)6-3, 6-4H
Daniela Campo Emily Perreta (STU)6-0, 6-2 H
 4:00PM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Goshen - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Scott/WrightKoop Liechty/Krall6-1H
Abby DucharmeSarah Hinshaw6-2, 6-1H
Paige TrelaVictoria Oakes6-3, 6-3H
Morgan SummonsHannah McCoy6-4, 7-5H
Lindsey ScottAnna Osborne7-6(1), 6-1H
Shae WrightAshley Arroyo6-1, 6-2H
Karlie RaphaelKyra Krall6-1, 6-2H
  4:00PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Trine University8-1 
 4:00PM(A) Huntington - INdef(H) Taylor - IN5-2 
  4:30PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Indiana Tech4-0 
 IWU Fall Classic
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Maddie Bemisderfer/Thewani DevarajaSimms/Fabbri6-1H
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderBorges/Tokic6-2H
Laura Moore/Sabrina PorterJimenez/Smithley6-4H
Lena GolzSimmsNDH
Maddie BemisderferJimenezNDH
Thewani Devaraja Borges6-1, 7-5H
Laura MooreFabbri7-5, 6-3H
Ellie SniderTokic6-0, 6-3H
Sabrina PorterSmithleyNDH
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Midway - KYNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - ITA Regionals - Georgetown College
 25 (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Davenport UniversityPPD 
  4:00PM(A) RV Missouri Valleydef(H) Truman State University7-0 
  3:00PM(H) Doane - NEdef(A) Bethel - KS5-2 
  4:30PM(H) St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) University of Dubuque9-0 
 245:00PM(H) Morningside - IAdef(A) Buena Vista University6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Emily Clotfelter/Tenly HansenNicole Lange/Destiny Einerwold6-3H
Sam Umberger/Aleks SadowskaAlexis McGinnis/Deanna Schaffer6-1H
Haley Potthoff/Shelain LewisH
Emily ClotfelterAlexis McGinnis6-7, 6-1, 10-3H
Sam UmbergerNicole Lange2-6, 6-7V
Aleks SadowskaDestiny Einerwold6-0, 6-3H
Tenly HansenDeanna Schaffer6-0, 6-0H
Haley PotthoffH
Shelain LewisH
 4:15PM(A) Taylor - INdef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Koop Liechty/KrallBrowning/Pile6-0V
Sarah HinshawK. Gray7-5, 7-5V
Victoria OakesJ. Hotmire6-2, 6-1V
Hannah McCoyL. Riegsecker6-0, 6-1V
Anna OsborneK. Martin6-2, 6-1V
Ashley ArroyoM. Pile6-1, 6-1V
Kyra KrallL. Browning6-1, 6-1V
 2:30PM(A) Huntington - INdef(H) Bethel - IN7-0 
  5:30PM(H) Indiana South Bend - INdef(A) Manchester University7-0 
 4:00PM(A) Saint Francis - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH4-3 
 3:30PM(A) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Spring Arbor - MI7-0 
 1:00PM(A) 25 Marian - INdef(H) Grace - IN7-0 
 235:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) IU Kokomo - IN4-3 
  4:00PM(A) Otterbein Universitydef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH6-1 
 22 (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Regional Tournament
   (N) Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championship - Southwestern College
   (A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 3 - ITA Regional Championships
  4:00PM(A) IU Kokomo - INdef(H) Franklin College9-0 
   (A) Tabor - KS @ (H) TBACncl 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) 12 Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 3 - ITA Fall Regional
 21 (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
   (A) TBA @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
  11:00AM(A) 20 Cumberland - TNdef(H) Bethel - TN7-0 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Saint Francis - IN0-0 
 ITA Midwest Tournament
  3:30PM(A) 20 Cumberland - TNdef(H) Freed-Hardeman - TN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
A. GarijoL. Tatum6-3, 6-4V
S. NovarotnamS. Sullivan6-2, 6-1H
A. KopiturE. Board6-2, 6-2V
C. EarnhardtS. Smith6-2, 6-1V
A. CollozosM. Murphy6-0, 6-0V
J. BouA. Russell6-0, 6-1V
   (A) 25 Marian - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Tournament
  1:00PM(H) Indiana South Bend - INdef(A) Concordia - MI7-0 
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 2 - ITA Regional Championships
   (N) IU Kokomo - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  3:00PM(H) 17 Georgetown - KYdef(A) Lourdes - OH6-1 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  10:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) RV Ottawa - KSNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
   (H) Georgetown - KYdef(A) Midway - KY7-0 
  9:30AM(H) Midway - KYdef(A) Lourdes - OH7-0 
 Georgetown, Ky.
  3:00PM(H) Shawnee State - OHdef(A) Berea College4-0 
  9:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional (Indiana Wesleyan University)
   (N) 12 Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - ITA Fall Regional
  8:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 9 Indiana WesleyanNo Team Score 
   (N) Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championship - Southwestern College
   (H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Adrian College6-1 
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Regional Tournament
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
 20 (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
   (A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA South Regional
   (N) Point - GA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA South Regional Tournament, Sept. 20-22
   (A) TBA @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Saint Francis - IN0-0 
 ITA Midwest Tournament
  10:00AM(A) Judson - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - ITA Regional Championships
   (N) IU Kokomo - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  8:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
  2:00PM(A) RV Tennessee Wesleyandef(H) Mars Hill University7-0 
  4:00PM(A) Olivet Collegedef(H) Concordia - MI5-4 
  8:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 9 Indiana WesleyanNo Team Score 
   (A) 8 Brenau - GA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
   (N) Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championship - Southwestern College
   (H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Regional Tournament
   (A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Taylor - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
  10:00AM(N) RV Missouri Valley vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) 12 Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 1 - ITA Fall Regional
  8:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional (Indiana Wesleyan University)
 19 (A) TBA @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Saint Francis - IN0-0 
 ITA Midwest Tournament
  10:00AM(A) Judson - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
  10:00AM(N) RV Missouri Valley vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) IU Kokomo - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  8:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 9 Indiana WesleyanNo Team Score 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
  9:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Taylor - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
  8:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional (Indiana Wesleyan University)
  5:00PM(H) St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) Monmouth College8-1 
  6:00PM(H) Indiana South Bend - INdef(A) Dominican University9-0 
  8:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional
  4:30PM(H) Goshen - INdef(A) Olivet College6-1 
  11:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
 186:00PM(H) Davenport Universitydef(A) Aquinas - MI5-2 
   (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional // Marion, Ind.
 1:00PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH6-1 
 174:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Fort Hays State UniversityNo Team Score 
 Fort Hays Invitational
 4:00PM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN6-1 
 4:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Grace - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferEmily Mast/Deyana Ortega7-5H
Lena Golz/Thewuni DevarajaCarrie Copeland/Jayna Armstrong7-5H
Laura Moore/Ellie SniderMorgan Mast/Gretchen Adams6-3H
Lizzie BaussEmily Mast6-3, 6-0H
Lena GolzCarrie Copeland6-0, 6-0H
Maddie BemisderferDeyana Ortega 6-1, 6-2H
Thewuni Devaraja Jayna Armstrong6-1, 6-2H
Laura MooreMorgan Mast 6-0, 6-1H
Ellie SniderShelby Bankson6-2, 1-0H
 4:30PM(A) Huntington - INdef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Koop Liechty/KrallBurton/Logan6-1V
Sarah HinshawMeg Dolde6-2, 6-1V
Victoria OakesCharlotte Solli6-0, 6-0V
Hannah McCoyLanae Singleton6-1, 1-6, (10-1)V
Anna OsborneMorgan Fitzpatrick6-0, 6-0V
Ashley ArroyoLisa Colling6-0, 6-1V
Kyra KrallKenzie Logan6-3, 6-1V
 2:00PM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI7-0 
 166:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(H) Geneva College6-3 
  3:00PM(A) Adrian College @ (H) Grace - INCncl 
 1512:00PM(A) Indiana South Bend - INdef(H) Olivet College7-2 
  12:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Franklin College9-0 
  2:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Indiana TechRAIN 
 1600 West Jefferson Blvd.
 1411:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Olivet Nazarene University Fall Invite
   (A) Bethel - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 2019 KCAC Individual Championships
   (A) TBA @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Flighted Tournament
  4:00PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Goshen - IN7-0 
 at Swinney Park
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Borges/TokicArroyo/Koop Liechty6-0H
Abigail SimmsSarah Hinshaw6-0, 6-0H
Vero JimenezVictoria Oakes6-0, 6-0H
Martina BorgesHannah McCoy6-3, 6-2H
Dominique MicheletAnna Osborne6-2, 6-2H
Carolina FabbriAshley Arroyo6-0, 6-0H
Elena TokicKyra Krall6-1, 6-0H
 11:00AM(H) Saint Francis - INdef(A) Goshen - IN6-1 
 at Swinney Park
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
DeRoo/HenlineKoop Liechty/Krall6-1H
Kanye HillSarah Hinshaw7-6(2), 7-6(4)V
Jessica HenlineVictoria Oakes6-0, 6-0H
Taylor StanchinHannah McCoy6-2, 6-2H
Regina FaberAnna Osborne6-4, 6-1H
Sarah LiterAshley Arroyo6-2, 6-0H
Maddy DeRooKyra Krall3-6, 6-2, (10-3)H
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Morningside - IANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - 2019 GPAC Individual Tournament
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 KCAC Individual Championships
  3:00PM(H) Wittenberg Universitydef(A) Indiana East - IN6-1 
   (N) Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Singles Tournament - Woods Tennis Center
  9:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 Campbellsville Tournament
  10:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) RV Ottawa - KSNo Team Score 
 KCAC Individual Championships
  12:00PM(H) Baker - KSdef(A) William Jewell College4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
K. Smith / C. WolfeG. Evans / J. Yamate6-1H
P. Moore / J. MooreM. Houk / K. Parrish 2-6V
DefaultG. Reeter / J. FarrisDefault V
Cortlyn WolfeJulia Yamate6-0, 6-1H
Kayelee SmithGillian Evans6-2, 6-0H
Patricia MooreJessica Farris6-3, 6-4H
Chassidy WeathersKelly Parrish 3-6, 3-6V
Josephine MooreGracy Reeter6-1, 6-2H
DefaultMeredith Houk Default V
   (N) TBA vs. (N) 17 Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 GC Invitational
  3:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Lourdes - OH7-0 
  10:00AM(A) RV Hastings - NE @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Invite
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Fall Tournament
  11:00AM(H) Alma Collegedef(A) Concordia - MI8-1 
 3:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferHannah Fugate/Casey Clark6-1H
Sabrina Porter/Kayla DubuqueSarah Higgins/Aly Landis6-0H
Ellie Snider/Hallie CrenshawAshley Weber/Hailey Clayborn 6-0H
Lizzie BaussCasey Clark6-0, 6-0H
Maddie BemisderferHannah Fugate6-0, 6-1H
Laura Moore Hailey Clayborn6-1, 6-2H
Ellie SniderSarah Higgins 6-0, 6-0H
Kayla DubuqueAly Landis6-0, 6-1H
Sabrina PorterSarah Young6-0, 6-1H
 10:00AM(A) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Huntington - IN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Dolde/FitzpatrickLizzie Bauss/Madddie Bemisderfer1-6V
Singleton/SolliLena Golz/Thewuni Devaraja2-6V
Burton/LoganLaura Moore/Ellie Snider0-6V
Meg DoldeLizzie Bauss6-3, 1-6, 6-4H
Charlotte SolliMaddie Bemisderfer2-6, 6-4, 4-6V
Lanae SingletonLena Golz7-6, 0-6, 2-6V
Morgan FitzpatrickThewuni Devaraja2-6, 3-6V
Lisa Colling Laura Moore6-7, 6-7V
Molly BurtonEllie Snider0-6, 0-6V
  1:00PM(N) Shawnee State - OHdef(N) Heidelberg University7-2 
 30 E. Market Street
   (A) College of Saint Mary - NE @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Individual Tournament
  10:00AM(H) IU Kokomo - INdef(A) Bethel - IN5-2 
  11:00AM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Trine University6-1 
  4:30PM(A) Midway - KYdef(H) Earlham College7-0 
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 GPAC Individuals Tournament
  11:00AM(H) Cedarville Universitydef(A) Taylor - IN7-0 
 9:00AM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
   (N) Xavier - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 HBCU National Championships, Atlanta, Ga.
   (N) Hope vs. (N) Cornerstone - MINo Team Score 
 Hope Invitational
 1311:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Olivet Nazarene University Fall Invite
   (A) Bethel - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 2019 KCAC Individual Championships
  9:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Point - GANo Team Score 
 at Huntingdon College Invitational, Sept. 13-15
   (A) TBA @ (H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Morningside - IANo Team Score 
 Day 1 - 2019 GPAC Individual Tournament
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - KCAC Individual Championships
   (N) Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Singles Tournament
 2:00PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Saint Francis - IN5-1 
  10:00AM(A) RV Hastings - NE @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Invite
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Fall Tournament
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Flighted Tournament
  11:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 GPAC Individuals Tournament
  4:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) IU Kokomo - IN6-1 
 Will Be Played 9/13 @ Howard County Tennis Center
  5:00PM(A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) Elmhurst College7-0 
   (N) Xavier - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 HBCU National Championships, Atlanta, Ga.
   (A) College of Saint Mary - NE @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Individual Tournament
 3:00PM(A) 8 Brenau - GAdef(H) Milligan - TN6-1 
  5:00PM(H) St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) Truman State University5-4 
  10:30AM(A) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(H) IU Kokomo - IN6-1 
   (N) Hope vs. (N) Cornerstone - MINo Team Score 
 Hope Invitational
  4:00PM(A) 24 Olivet College @ (H) Concordia - MIPPD 
 124:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(H) Saint Francis - IN6-1 
  4:00PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Adrian College7-2 
  4:00PM(H) Midway - KYdef(A) Mount St. Joseph University5-2 
 Lexington Tennis Club
   (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Spring Arbor - MIPPD 
 1:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Taylor - IN6-1 
   (N) Xavier - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 HBCU National Championships, Atlanta, Ga.
 114:45PM(H) Lake Forest Collegedef(A) Judson - IL9-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Julie Lord/Leeza BodnarSofia Corona Garza/Lizeth Medina Diaz8-4H
Tebatso Duba/Tyranny MillerGeorgia Redmond/Lauren Janacek8-2H
Emma Wang/Grace GouldKatelyn Coleman/Hannah Womack8-3H
Julie LordSofia Corona Garza7-6, 7-5, 6-3H
Tebatso DubaLizeth Medina Diaz6-4, 6-1H
Leeza BodnarGeorgia Redmond6-2, 6-2H
Tyranny MillerLauren Janacek6-1, 6-3H
Grace GouldKatelyn Coleman6-1, 6-1H
Natalia LeiteHannah Womack6-0, 6-0H
 10 (A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Doubles Invitational
  10:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) RV Ottawa - KSNo Team Score 
 Central Region Doubles Tournament
  10:00AM(H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 Central Region Doubles Invitational
 4:00PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
 4:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 4:00PM(A) 25 Marian - INdef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Arroyo/Koop LiechtyMcClure/Provine6-0V
Sarah HinshawMaria Lueken6-2, 6-2V
Victoria OakesLaura Kuebler6-0, 6-0V
Hannah McCoyLiza Lewis6-0, 6-0V
Anna OsborneLizzie McClure6-0, 6-0V
Ashley ArroyoPayton Haygood6-1, 6-0V
Elsie Koop LiechtyEmma Wood6-1, 6-1V
 3:00PM(A) Taylor - INdef(H) Spring Arbor - MI4-3 
 2:30PM(A) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Bethel - IN7-0 
95:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI6-1 
 812:00PM(H) Thomas More - KYdef(A) University of Miami-Middletown6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Jana Riffe/Emili RiffeRomero/Orozco7-6 (7-4)H
WardenMiller6-0, 6-0H
SnyderEstepp6-4, 6-1H
PerryRomero6-0, 6-1H
DowdellOrozco6-0, 6-2H
Jana RifeRoseberry6-1, 7-5H
HoweShane6-1, 6-1V
 7 (A) Bethel - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(H) College of St. Benedictdef(A) Morningside - IA9-0 
  10:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Quincy University Invitational
   (H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Howard Payne University5-0 
 Arlington Tennis Center, Arlington, Texas
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Hannah ReyAlexandria Houge2-1 RETH
Caitlin SouvannavongJessina Ureste6-1, 6-1H
Kara AntonioBrittany Sutton6-0, 6-0H
Mae CovacevichZayhe Sanchez6-1, 6-1H
Cecilia SalazarDNPH
Karlee NguyenDNPH
   (N) TBA vs. (N) St. Ambrose - IANo Team Score 
 Quincy Invitational
 10:00AM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(H) Doane - NEdef(A) Wartburg College4-3 
  11:00AM(H) Purdue University Northwestdef(A) Judson - IL6-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lena Van Bergen/Olivia KjaerSofia Corona Garza6-2H
Patricia Dizon/Carolina YepezGeorgia Redmond/Lauren Janacek6-7V
Anna Wachowski/Julia Yanes-BarreraKatelynn Coleman/Hannah Womack6-0H
Lena Van BergenSofia Corona Garza3-6, 2-6V
Olivia KjaerLizeth Diaz Medina6-2, 6-3H
Patricia DizonGeorgia Redmond7-5, 6-0H
Carolina YepezLauren Janacek6-0,6-0H
Kelli CanulHannah Womack6-2, 6-0H
   (H) Fort Hays State Universitydef(A) Hastings - NE7-0 
  10:30AM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Day 2 - Missouri Valley College Invitational
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 2 - Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Jinx/Tiger Invitational
  1:00PM(N) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Aquinas - MI7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferVolder/Berry6-3H
Lena Golz/Thewuni DevarajaTerhaar/Chouinard6-0H
Kayla Dubuque/Sabrina PorterKelly/Heymun6-3H
Lena GolzJ. Volder6-2, 6-2H
Maddie BemisderferD. Terhaar6-0, 6-1H
Thewuni DevarajaK. Berry6-0, 6-0H
Laura MooreB. Chouinard6-1, 6-0H
Ellie SniderG. Kelly6-0, 6-1H
Sabrina PorterV. Heylmun6-0, 6-1H
 9:00AM(A) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisderferOakes/Osborne6-0H
Lena Golz/Ellie SniderHinshaw/McCoy6-0H
Laura Moore/Kayla DubuqueKrall/Liechty6-0H
Lizzie BaussSarah Hinshaw6-0, 6-0H
Lena GolzVictoria Oakes6-0, 6-0H
Maddie BemisderferHannah McCoy6-0, 6-2H
Ellie SniderAnna Osborne6-0, 6-1H
Kayla DubuqueAshley Arroyo6-0, 6-0H
Sabrina PorterKyra Krall6-0, 6-1H
  4:00PM(A) Indiana Techdef(H) Huntington - IN7-0 
  9:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - INdef(H) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology8-1 
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) RV Missouri ValleyNo Team Score 
 Missouri Valley Invite
  5:00PM(A) Aquinas - MIdef(H) Goshen - IN5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Koop Liechty/KrallHeylman/Kelly6-1V
Sarah HinshawJoska Volder6-0, 6-1V
Victoria OakesDarci Terhaar6-0, 6-3V
Hannah McCoyKiara Berry6-4, 7-5H
Anna OsborneBailey Chouinard6-1, 3-6, (10-8)H
Ashley ArroyoSara Forletta6-3, 6-1V
Kyra KrallVanessa Heylman6-4, 6-1V
  3:00PM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Wittenberg University4-3 
 11:00AM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Spring Arbor - MI5-2 
  12:00PM(A) Indiana South Bend - INdef(H) Franklin College7-2 
  12:30PM(A) IU Kokomo - INdef(H) Greenville University9-0 
 1:00PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 10:00AM(A) 25 Marian - INdef(H) Taylor - IN7-0 
 6 (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  1:30PM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Quincy University Invitational
  5:00PM(H) Northwestern - IAdef(A) Buena Vista University5-2 
  10:30AM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Day 1 - Missouri Valley College Invitational
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Jinx/Tiger Invitational
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) RV Missouri ValleyNo Team Score 
 Missouri Valley Invite
  3:00PM(H) IU Kokomo - INdef(A) Trine University6-1 
   (A) Michigan Tech University @ (H) Lawrence Tech - MIRAIN 
 52:30PM(H) Bethel - INdef(A) Trine University5-2 
  4:30PM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
  4:00PM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) William Jewell College6-1 
   (H) Grace - INdef(A) Manchester University7-0 
42:30PM(H) Bethel - INdef(A) Goshen - IN7-0 
 US Highway 20 Cup
 4:00PM(A) Spring Arbor - MIdef(H) Saint Francis - IN5-2 
  5:45PM(H) Wheaton Collegedef(A) Judson - IL8-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Abygale Ahn/Claire BrowningSofia Corona Garza/Lizeth Medina Diaz8-2H
Claire Dibble/Nicole FreemanGeorgia Redmond/Lauren Janacek8-3H
Emme Lindqust/Bethany HoogerheideKatelynn Coleman/Hannah Womack8-1H
Claire BrowningSofia Corona Garza3-6, 1-6V
Emme Lindquist Lizeth Diaz Medina7-5, 6-4H
Claire DibbleGeorgia Redmond6-1, 6-0H
Nicole FreemanLauren Janacek6-2, 6-2H
Abygale AhnKatelynn Coleman 6-0, 6-0H
Bethany HoogerheideHannah Womack6-0, 6-0H
  5:00PM(H) Anderson Universitydef(A) IU Kokomo - IN5-4 
 4:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Huntington - IN5-2 
  6:00PM(H) Defiance Collegedef(A) Lourdes - OH6-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Breneman/St. JulianMann/Krupp8-3V
BrenemanMann4-6, 6-3, 1-0 (3)V
OshodinKrupp7-6 (5), 0-6, 1-0 (7)H
St. JulianPolce1-6, 7-5, 1-0 (6)V
HustonGroll6-0, 6-1H
 4:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) 25 Marian - IN5-2 
  4:00PM(N) Ohio Northern Universitydef(N) Lourdes - OH8-1 
 Defiance, Ohio
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
CumminsMann6-2, ret.V
WillsKrupp6-0, 6-1H
LandisPolce6-0, 6-0H
CurryGroll6-0, 6-0H
 3:00PM(A) Taylor - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH6-1 
 34:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohi4-3 
 211:00AM(H) 24 Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) Illinois Institute of Technology4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Jovana ParlicM. Colbert6-4, 5-7, 12-10V
Narjis MzibriH. Iverson6-4, 7-5V
Dana HuckK. Hance6-0, 6-2H
Anna BelschnerS. Nelson6-0, 6-2H
Grace MatheisA. Jrang6-1, 6-2V
Amanda EberlyM. Chahin6-2, 6-4H
 312:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohi7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie BemisdefferPuente/Rydstrom6-0H
Lena Golz/Kayla DubuqueTesomer/Eva6-0H
Thewuni Devaraja/Laura MooreRexeis/Hofmann6-2H
Lizzie BaussPuente5-7, 6-3, 10-2H
Maddie BemisdefferTessmer6-0, 6-1H
Lena GolzRydstrom6-0, 6-0H
Thewuni DevarajaHofmann6-1, 6-4H
Laura MooreEva6-2, 6-1H
Ellie SniderRexeis6-1, 6-0H
   (A) Brescia - KY @ (H) RV Asbury - KYNo Team Score 
 RSC Individual Tournament
  9:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 RSC Fall Invitational
 9:00AM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
  8:00AM(N) Midway - KY vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - River States Conference Individual Tournament - Top Seed Tennis Club
  10:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 River States Conference Individual Tournament (at Top Seed Tennis Club)
 11:00AM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Bethel - IN4-3 
 11:00AM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Oakes/OsborneE. Mast/Ortega6-0V
Koop Liechty/KrallAdams/M. Mast6-2V
Sarah HinshawEmily Mast6-1, 6-2V
Victoria OakesCarrie Copeland6-1, 6-0V
Hannah McCoyDayana Ortega6-1, 6-0V
Anna OsborneJayna Armstrong6-2, 6-2V
Ashley ArroyoMorgan Mast6-2, 6-0V
Kyra KrallShelby Bankson6-3, 6-4V
 1:00PM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 11:00AM(A) 25 Marian - INdef(H) Huntington - IN4-3 
  10:00AM(H) St. Ambrose - IAdef(A) Central College5-4 
   (N) IU Kokomo - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 River States Conference Fall Individual Tournament
 30 (A) Brescia - KY @ (H) RV Asbury - KYNo Team Score 
 RSC Individual Tournament
  8:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Midway - KYNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - River States Conference Individual Tournament - Top Seed Tennis Club
  6:00PM(H) Grand View - IAdef(A) TBA2-1 
 Buena Vista University
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
T. Kajtazovic/Miller Lange/Elnerwold 8-2H
D. Kajtazovic/Wichman Maginnis/Tapia 8-2H
Harvey/Kuntz Schaffer/forfeit H
Dina Kajtazovic Alexis Maginnis 6-1, 6-1H
Tina Kajtazovic Nicole Lange 6-2,6-2V
Meagan Miller Destiny Elnerwold 6-0, 6-0H
Molly Harvey Emily Tapia 6-4, 6-3H
Katie Wichman Deanna Schaffer 6-0, -0H
Lanie Kuntz Forfeit H
   (N) IU Kokomo - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 River States Conference Fall Individual Tournament
  10:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 River States Conference Individual Tournament (at Top Seed Tennis Club)
  2:45PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Manchester University9-0 
  9:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 RSC Fall Invitational
  3:00PM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Anderson University5-2 
 293:00PM(H) Judson - ILdef(A) Goshen - IN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Sofia Corono Garza/Lizeth Medina DiazVictoria Oakes/Anna Osborne7-6, 7-3H
Georgia Redmond/Lauren JanacekSarah Hinshaw/Hannah McCoy6-1H
Katelyn Coleman/Hannah WomackKyra Krall/Elsie Koop Liechty6-4H
Sofia Corona GarzaSarah Hinshaw6-0, 7-6, 7-5H
Lizeth Medina DiazVictoria Oakes6-3, 6-2H
Lauren JanecekHannah McCoy6-1, 7-5, 7-5H
Georgia RedmondAnna Osborne6-2, 6-0H
Katelyn ColemanAshley Arroyo6-1, 6-1H
Hannah WomackKyra Krall4-6, 0-6V
  3:00PM(A) Indiana Techdef(H) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
  2:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(H) Taylor - IN4-0 
284:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI6-1 
 1:00PM(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Goshen - IN7-0 
 postponed from Aug. 27
274:00PM(H) 9 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Taylor - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lizzie Bauss/Maddie Bemisderfer K. Gray/L. Riegsecker 6-0H
Lena Golz/Kayla Dubuque J. Hotmire/M. Pile6-2H
Thewuni Devaraja/Laura Moore L. Browning/K. Martin 6-1H
Lizzie Bauss K. Gray 6-2, 6-0H
Maddie Bemisderfer J. Hotmire 6-1, 6-0H
Lena Golz L. Riegsecker 6-0, 6-2H
Thewuni Devaraja K. Martin 6-0, 6-0H
Laura Moore L. Browning 6-0, 6-0H
Ellie Snider M. Pile 6-0, 6-0H
 1:00PM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
 2:30PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Bethel - IN7-0 
 2410:00AM(A) Saint Francis - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Marian Doubles Tournament
  10:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - IN @ (H) 25 Marian - INNo Team Score 
  10:00AM(N) Taylor - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Marian Doubles Tournament
  10:00AM(A) Saint Francis - IN @ (H) Marian - INNo Team Score 
  12:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) University of Miami-Middletown7-0 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Central College Doubles Tournament
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 25 Marian - INNo Team Score 
 MU Doubles Tournament - Marian - Indianapolis, Ind.

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