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Today's Scores


Men's Basketball
 812:00PM(H) 23 Columbia - MOdef(A) Central Christian College106-62 

Yesterday's Scores


Men's Basketball
710:30PM(A) RV Antelope Valley - CAdef(H) Saint Katherine - CA81-73 
 10:30PM(H) La Sierra - CAdef(A) Park Gilbert - AZ58-52 
  8:30PM(H) Central Christian - KSdef(A) Barclay College87-69 
 8:00PM(A) Philander Smith - ARdef(H) Oakwood - AL71-65 
  11:00AM(H) Truett McConnell - GAdef(A) New College of Florida81-76 
 10:30PM(A) Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(H) Walla Walla - WA94-68 
  7:00PM(H) Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) Moody Bible Institute125-43 
 9:30PM(A) Benedictine Mesa - AZdef(H) Embry-Riddle - AZ79-55 
  9:00PM(A) Multnomah - ORdef(H) Arizona Christian76-65 
 8:45PM(A) Mid-America Christian - OKdef(H) Texas Wesleyan59-51 
 9:00PM(H) John Brown - ARdef(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State - OK72-55 
 9:00PM(A) Wayland Baptist - TXdef(H) Oklahoma City82-59 
Women's Basketball
  7:00PM(A) Ohio Christiandef(H) Cedarville University79-75 
  6:30PM(H) Central Christian - KSdef(A) Barclay College72-35 
  6:30PM(H) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(A) Arkansas Baptist76-61 
  6:30PM(H) LSU Shreveportdef(A) 25 Rust - MS68-59 
 8:30PM(A) Antelope Valley - CAdef(H) Saint Katherine - CA72-54 
 6:00PM(A) RV Philander Smith - ARdef(H) Oakwood - AL64-46 
 8:30PM(A) Park Gilbert - AZdef(H) La Sierra - CA84-68 
 6:30PM(A) Life - GAdef(H) Tennessee Southern - TN68-61 
  5:30PM(H) Kentucky Christiandef(A) Bluefield - VA76-74 
 8:30PM(A) 8 Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(H) Walla Walla - WA82-62 
  6:00PM(A) Florida National - FLdef(H) Trinity Baptist College69-62 
 7:30PM(A) Benedictine Mesa - AZdef(H) Embry-Riddle - AZ68-64 
   (H) Pacific Lutheran Universitydef(A) Multnomah - OR63-56 
 7:00PM(H) John Brown - ARdef(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State - OK75-28 
 7:00PM(A) 16 Mid-America Christian - OKdef(H) Texas Wesleyan56-54 
 7:00PM(A) RV Wayland Baptist - TXdef(H) Oklahoma City55-54 
Men's Wrestling
 9:00PM(A) 19 Saint Mary - KSdef(H) RV Avila - MO29-22 
  (A) Ottawa - KSdef(H) Oklahoma Wesleyan40-9 
   Williams Baptist - AR@CBC Dual1st of 2
  8:00PM(H) Providence - MTdef(A) Eastern Oregon28-15 
  (A) Central Methodist - MOdef(H) Graceland - IA30-16 
 Morden Center | Lamoni, Iowa
Women's Wrestling
 8:00PM(A) Saint Mary - KSdef(H) Avila - MO30-18 

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