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2021 Women's Tennis Schedule

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17 (A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) Indiana South Bend - INCOVID No Contest 
  (A) Marymount California @ (H) Saint Katherine - CACncl 
 164:00PM(N) 25 Marian - INdef(N) Warner - FL5-0 
 Doc Richards Tournament
  2:00PM(N) William Carey - MSdef(N) Middle Georgia State4-0 
 SSAC Tournament
 4:00PM(H) Westmont - CAdef(A) Hope International - CA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Pierson/Jackson R.Paz/Guerrero6-4H
Jackson L., MadarangDefaultDefaultH
PiersonPaz6-0, 6-1H
Jackson, R.Cuerrero6-1, 6-3H
HemryDjordjevic6-2, 6-1H
MadarangSiebrecht6-3. 6-1H
Jackson, L.Valdez6-0, 6-4H
  1:00PM(N) University of Northwestern Ohidef(N) Lewis-Clark State - ID6-1 
  5:00PM(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Huntington - IN5-0 
  3:00PM(A) Holy Cross - INdef(H) Spring Arbor - MI4-2 
  5:30PM(A) Eastern Michigan Universitydef(H) Grace - IN6-1 
 3:00PM(H) Ottawa - AZdef(A) William Jessup - CA6-1 
 2:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) Indiana Southeast - IN4-3 
 No Visiting Spectators
  5:30PM(H) Azusa Pacific - CAdef(A) 12 San Diego Christian - CA7-0 
 5:00PM(A) Midland - NEdef(H) Northwestern - IA6-1 
  1:00PM(H) Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Emory University6-1 
  2:00PM(N) 9 Montreat - NCdef(N) 14 Tennessee Wesleyan4-3 
 AAC Tournament Semifinal
  2:00PM(N) 6 Union - KYdef(N) 18 Reinhardt - GA4-1 
 AAC Tournament
  1:30PM(N) Campbellsville - KYdef(N) Shawnee State - OH4-0 
 MSC Quarterfinals -- Moreland Park
  1:30PM(N) 16 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(N) Thomas More - KY4-0 
 Mid-South Conference Tournament - Quarterfinals
  12:00PM(H) Oakland City - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN5-2 
  11:00AM(N) RV Cumberland - TNdef(N) RV Georgetown - KY4-1 
 MSC Tournament April 15-18
  2:00PM(N) 3 Xavier - LAdef(N) RV Blue Mountain - MS4-0 
 SSAC Tournament semifinals, Mobile, Ala.
  2:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) Asbury - KYCncl 
 153:00PM(H) 25 Marian - INdef(A) RV Lewis-Clark State - ID4-3 
 Doc Richards Tournament
   (H) Thomas More - KYdef(A) Bethel - TN4-1 
 MSC Opening Round
  4:00PM(N) RV Blue Mountain - MSdef(N) Mobile - AL4-3 
 SSAC Championship
  12:00PM(A) RV Missouri Valleydef(H) Missouri Baptist - MO7-0 
  (N) Shawnee State - OHdef(N) Freed-Hardeman - TN4-1 
 Mid-South Conference Tournament - Owensboro, Ky.
  2:00PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Anderson University5-4 
  3:00PM(A) Bethel - KSdef(H) Baker - KS4-3 
  2:00PM(N) 9 Montreat - NCdef(N) Milligan - TN4-0 
 AAC Tournament Quarterfinal
  2:00PM(N) Union - KYdef(N) Point - GA4-0 
 AAC Tournament
  4:00PM(A) Warner - FLdef(H) Huntington - IN4-3 
  2:00PM(N) 14 Tennessee Wesleyandef(N) 23 Brenau - GA4-0 
 Opening Round
   (A) Martin Methodist - TNdef(H) Pikeville - KY5-0 
 2021 Mid-South Tennis Championships April 15-17
  1:00PM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeCncl 
145:00PM(H) McPherson - KSdef(A) Tabor - KS6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Erica Paradise/Polina KhoroshevskayaOlivia Brubacher/Liliana Wait7-6 (7-5)V
Grace Maxey/Kayla OrtizGeanna Richard/Marisol Blair6-1H
Kendra Maples/Vanessa MundoAriana Miller-Wyse/Kayla Roth6-0H
Vanessa MundoOlivia Brubacher6-4, 3-6, 6-4V
Polina KhoroshevskayaGeanna Richard6-1, 6-1H
Erica ParadiseMarisol Blair6-1, 6-1H
Kayla OrtizKayla Roth6-0, 6-1H
Kendra MaplesAriana Miller-Wyse6-0, 6-1H
Tori MaplesBethany Yutzy6-2, 6-3H
  4:00PM(A) Spring Arbor - MI @ (H) 23 Indiana TechCncl 
  4:00PM(H) Point - GAdef(A) Bluefield - VA4-0 
 Appalachian Athletic Conference Tournament
   (H) Concordia Universitydef(A) Westmont - CA5-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Pakbaten/AndersonPierson/Jackson R.6-2H
Jolin/GorgesMadarang/Jackson L.6-4V
PakbatenPierson6-2, 6-4H
AndersonJackson, R.6-4, 6-1H
TumosaLowry6-3, 6-1H
RichardsHemry6-1, 6-3H
GorgesJackson, L.ufH
 132:30PM(A) 4 William Carey - MSdef(H) Alcorn State7-0 
  11:00AM(A) IU Kokomo - INdef(H) Bethel - TN6-1 
  3:00PM(A) Emporia State Universitydef(H) McPherson - KS5-2 
 5:00PM(H) Doane - NEdef(A) Hastings - NE7-0 
 11:30AM(A) St. Ambrose - IAdef(H) Judson - IL4-3 
 No spectators allowed
  4:30PM(H) Bethel - INdef(A) Manchester University7-0 
 4:00PM(H) Morningside - IAdef(A) Northwestern - IA7-0 
 3:30PM(H) Ottawa - KSdef(A) Bethel - KS5-2 
 1:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) Brescia - KY5-0 
 Moreland Park
 5:00PM(H) Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) Roosevelt - IL4-1 
  12:00PM(A) 19 Loyola - LA @ (H) Nicholls State UniversityCncl 
124:00PM(H) Southwestern - KSdef(A) Sterling - KS6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Catherine Coe/Samantha LovingMaddie Stoll/Nicole Marin6-4H
Mariana Ochoa/Alexa PowersRachel Carlson/Kinzie Comley6-3H
Brynn Harmsen/Caroline HenryKylah Comley/April Swartz6-0H
Mariana OchoaMaddie Stoll6-4, 6-2V
Samantha LovingNicole Marin6-1, 6-0H
Catherine CoeRachel Carlson6-1, 6-1H
Alexa PowersKinzie Comley7-5, 6-4H
Caroline HenryKylah Comley6-2, 6-3H
Emily BurkApril Swartz6-1, 6-0H
  4:00PM(H) Martin Methodist - TNdef(A) IU Kokomo - IN4-3 
 Senior Day
   (A) Evangel - MOdef(H) John Brown - AR5-2 
  4:00PM(A) Midway - KYdef(H) Hanover College8-1 
  12:00PM(H) 23 Indiana Techdef(A) Holy Cross - IN7-0 
 5:00PM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) College of Saint Mary - NE4-3 
 Match moved to Koch Family Tennis Center, Omaha, Neb.
   (H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) 21 Reinhardt - GA6-1 
  2:30PM(A) Milligan - TNdef(H) Johnson University7-0 
 2:00PM(H) 16 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(A) Thomas More - KY6-1 
 11:00AM(H) Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) Indiana South Bend - IN7-0 
  3:00PM(A) 19 Loyola - LA @ (H) University of New OrleansCncl 
 University Tennis Center
 1112:00PM(H) 17 Cumberlands - KYdef(A) IU Kokomo - IN7-0 
  1:00PM(A) Saint Francis - IN @ (H) Adrian CollegeCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OHdef(H) Thomas More - KY4-3 
 Covington Catholic High School
  12:30PM(H) Morningside - IAdef(A) Simpson College4-3 
  2:00PM(H) UHSP St. Louis - MOdef(A) Westminster College4-1 
 12:00PM(H) 7 Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(A) St. Francis - IL4-0 
  9:30AM(A) Baker - KSdef(H) UHSP St. Louis - MO5-2 
 Rescheduled from 4/10
  (H) Cumberland - TNdef(A) Pikeville - KY7-0 
 12:00PM(A) Cornerstone - MIdef(H) Lourdes - OH7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Polce/SkouroukosMatamoros/De La Vega6-2V
MannBowman6-0, 6-0V
SkouroukosMatamoros6-0, 6-0V
PolceGarcia6-0, 6-1V
BucherDe La Vega6-1, 6-0V
  11:00AM(A) RV Missouri Valley @ (H) 24 Marian - INCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
  3:00PM(A) Texas A&M Texarkana @ (H) Seward County CCCncl 
102:00PM(H) RV University of Northwestern Ohidef(A) Aquinas - MI5-2 
 1:00PM(A) Pikeville - KYdef(H) Martin Methodist - TN5-2 
 12:00PM(N) Indiana Southeast - INdef(N) Carlow - PA7-0 
 9:00AM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Ohio Christian7-0 
   (A) Xavier - LAdef(H) Indiana Wesleyan4-3 
 IWU Invitational, Marion, Ind. . . . 4 p.m. EDT
  (A) 5 SCAD Savannah - GAdef(H) RV Southeastern - FL7-0 
  2:00PM(N) Missouri Baptist - MOdef(N) John Brown - AR4-2 
   (N) John Brown - AR vs. (N) UHSP St. Louis - MORAIN 
 2:00PM(H) Morningside - IAdef(A) Hastings - NE6-1 
 10:00AM(A) Friends - KSdef(H) Tabor - KS4-3 
 Hillsboro Sports Complex
 1:00PM(A) RV Georgetown - KYdef(H) Bethel - TN7-0 
 1:00PM(H) Ave Maria - FLdef(A) Warner - FL7-0 
  11:00AM(N) 3 Xavier - LAdef(N) 7 Cardinal Stritch - WI4-1 
 IWU Invitational, Marion, Ind. . . . 11 a.m. EDT
  3:30PM(A) Simpson Collegedef(H) Northwestern - IA7-0 
  8:30AM(H) Bethel - INdef(A) Grace Christian University7-0 
  9:00PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) Missouri Baptist - MOCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Ottawa - KSdef(H) Sterling - KS5-2 
  (A) Campbellsville - KYdef(H) Freed-Hardeman - TN7-0 
 11:00AM(A) McPherson - KSdef(H) Bethel - KS6-1 
 3:00PM(A) Carlow - PAdef(H) Ohio Christian5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ashleigh Bowser, Julianna MamajekKiley Staley, Rebecca Strawser 6-4V
Karissa Miller, Caitlin HoagGabriella Egbert, Kara Velte 6-4V
Ashleigh BowserKiley Staley6-1, 4-5H
Karissa MillerRebecca Strawser 6-4, 6-4V
Julianna MamajekGabriella Egbert6-3, 6-1H
Caitlin HoagKara Velte 6-4, 6-1V
Josephine KobakElizabeth Ennis 6-1, 6-1V
 4:00PM(A) Holy Cross - INdef(H) St. Ambrose - IA4-0 
 11:30AM(A) College of Saint Mary - NEdef(H) Northwestern - IA7-0 
 12:00PM(H) Concordia - NEdef(A) Mount Marty - SD7-0 
  2:30PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) UHSP St. Louis - MOPPD 
 Rescheduled for Sunday, April 11th
 3:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) 16 Lindsey Wilson - KYPPD 
  2:00PM(A) Webster University @ (H) Evangel - MOCOVID No Contest 
 4:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) RV Saint Katherine - CACncl 
 95:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Kentucky Wesleyan College7-0 
   (H) Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Cardinal Stritch - WI4-0 
 4:00PM(A) RV Georgetown - KYdef(H) Freed-Hardeman - TN7-0 
 1:00PM(H) Midway - KYdef(A) Ohio Christian7-0 
 Lexington Tennis Club
  3:45PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Indiana South Bend - IN7-0 
 Played at Adams HS
  5:00PM(A) Baker - KSdef(H) John Brown - AR7-0 
   (N) RV Missouri Valleydef(N) Grace - IN6-1 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
  4:00PM(A) Dallas Baptist Universitydef(H) RV Texas Wesleyan5-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Aurora Novati / Thamara PintoKate Daugherty / Taylor Leslie6-4V
Caitlin Souvannavong / Kara AntonioIra Volgelmann / Leslie Omeire6-0V
Cecilia Salazar / Mae CovacevichSarah Castleberry / Adriana Carpenter6-3V
NovatiDaugherty6-1, 3-0 (ret.)V
PintoLeslie6-3, 4-2 unfinishedV
Souvannavong Carpenter6-0, 6-2V
AntonioVogelmann6-1, 6-1V
SalazarOmeire6-2, 3-2 unfinishedV
CovacevichCastleberry6-1, 6-0V
 12:00PM(H) 23 Indiana Techdef(A) RV University of Northwestern Ohi6-1 
 3:00PM(H) 12 San Diego Christian - CAdef(A) Arizona Christian7-0 
 4:00PM(A) Hope International - CAdef(H) William Jessup - CA5-2 
 Life Time Fitness - Roseville, California
 1:00PM(H) 8 Montreat - NCdef(A) 15 Brenau - GA6-1 
 3:00PM(A) 20 Campbellsville - KYdef(H) Bethel - TN6-1 
  4:00PM(N) 24 Marian - INdef(N) Olivet Nazarene - IL4-0 
 IWU Invitational
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Laura Kuebler/Teodora SimionMzibri/MoyoUnf.H
Betija Dusele/Katharina BopstPatel/Wakeley6-1H
Sarah Wittenbaum/Payton HaygoodRuggiero/Zoeteman6-2H
 3:00PM(H) 16 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(A) Shawnee State - OH6-1 
 2:00PM(A) 17 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) Martin Methodist - TN7-0 
 1:00PM(A) Reinhardt - GAdef(H) Milligan - TN4-3 
  12:00PM(A) Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(H) Huntington - IN6-1 
 1:00PM(H) 14 Tennessee Wesleyandef(A) Point - GA7-0 
   (N) Spring Hill College vs. (N) RV Mobile - ALPPD 

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