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2020 Men's Soccer Schedule

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54:00PM(A) RV Southwestern Christian - OKdef(H) Central Christian - KS3-0 
 1:00PM(A) Aquinas - MIdef(H) Cleary (Mich.) - MI4-0 
43:15PM(H) LSU Alexandria - Ladef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana3-1 
  9:00PM(A) University of West Alabamadef(H) Faulkner - AL3-0 
  8:00PM(A) Colorado Christian Universitydef(H) Tabor - KS1-0 (OT) 
 Joel H. Wiens Stadium
  5:00PM(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Rochester - MI2-1 
  8:00PM(H) 20 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) RV Reinhardt - GA1-0 
  6:00PM(H) Middle Georgia Statedef(A) Point - GA2-0 
  7:00PM(H) Milligan - TNdef(A) 14 WVU Tech3-2 
 Elizabethton High School; Elizabethton, TN
 5:30PM(H) RV Vanguard - CAdef(A) San Diego Christian - CA4-1 
 Campus closed to spectators
 4:00PM(H) RV Ottawa - AZdef(A) The Master's - CA3-1 
 2:30PM(H) Our Lady of the Lake - TXdef(A) Jarvis Christian - TX5-0 
 2:30PM(H) Life Pacific - CAdef(A) William Jessup - CA3-0 
  3:00PM(H) 8 Keiser - FLdef(A) 6 Mobile - AL2-1 
 3:00PM(H) 12 Westmont - CAdef(A) Hope International - CA1-0 
  2:00PM(A) Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) William Carey - MSCOVID No Contest 
33:15PM(H) Arizona Christiandef(A) The Master's - CA2-0 
 6:00PM(A) Providence Christian - CAdef(H) Antelope Valley - CA3-2 
  8:00PM(H) Friends - KSdef(A) Benedictine - KS2-0 
 10:30PM(H) La Sierra - CAdef(A) Saint Katherine - CA1-0 
 3:00PM(A) UC Merced - CAdef(H) Pacific Union - CA3-0 
 7:00PM(N) Wayland Baptist - TXdef(N) John Brown - AR2-1 (OT) 
  6:00PM(A) William Woods - MOdef(H) Ottawa - KS1-0 
 7:00PM(A) Aquinas - MIdef(H) Siena Heights - MI1-0 
  4:00PM(A) RV LSU Shreveportdef(H) 2 Oklahoma Wesleyan1-0 
 7:00PM(A) Madonna - MI @ (H) Lawrence Tech - MIPPD 
 4:00PM(A) Saint Mary - KS @ (H) Avila - MOCOVID No Contest 
 2:00PM(A) Harris-Stowe State - MO @ (H) RV Lyon - ARPPD 
26:00PM(A) Trinity Christian - ILdef(H) Indiana Northwest - IN5-0 
 IU Northwest Men's Soccer student-athletes will receive two family passes - No away spectators admitted
 3:00PM(A) Oklahoma Citydef(H) SAGU - TX10-0 
 2:00PM(H) Governors State - ILdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL5-0 
 closed to spectators
 7:00PM(H) Cumberlands - KYdef(A) Martin Methodist - TN4-1 
 1:00PM(N) Indiana Techdef(N) Cleary (Mich.) - MI2-0 
 Legacy Center
 9:00PM(H) LC - ILdef(A) Holy Cross - IN2-1 
 Corn Crib
 8:00PM(H) Life - GAdef(A) Cumberland - TN2-1 (2OT) 
 8:30PM(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State - OKdef(H) Science & Arts1-0 
 2:00PM(A) Georgetown - KYdef(H) Freed-Hardeman - TN2-0 
 at University School of Jackson
 4:00PM(H) Shawnee State - OHtied(A) Campbellsville - KY0-0 (2OT) 
 Shawnee Turf
  4:00PM(A) Williams Baptist - ARdef(H) Evangel - MO3-0 
 2:30PM(A) Saint Xavier - ILdef(H) St. Ambrose - IA3-2 (2OT) 
 no spectators
  3:00PM(A) Houston-Victoria - TXdef(H) Hardin-Simmons University2-1 (2OT) 
 2:00PM(H) Judson - ILdef(A) St. Francis - IL4-2 
 6:30PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) Bethel - TNPPD 
 3:00PM(H) Southwestern Christian - OKdef(A) Texas Wesleyan6-0 
 2:00PM(A) Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(H) Calumet - IN5-0 
 1:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) Pikeville - KYPPD 
 8:30PM(H) RV Mid-America Christian - OKdef(A) Central Christian - KS1-0 
12:00PM(H) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(A) Thomas More - KY3-2 (OT) 
 at University School of Jackson
286:30PM(H) Life - GAdef(A) Martin Methodist - TN3-1 
 5:30PM(H) La Sierra - CAdef(A) Pacific Union - CA4-0 
  (A) Campbellsville - KY @ (H) Pikeville - KYPPD 
 2:00PM(H) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(A) Thomas More - KY3-2 
 3:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Shawnee State - OH3-2 (OT) 
 Shawnee Turf
 3:30PM(A) Park Gilbert - AZdef(H) Saint Katherine - CA4-1 
 5:30PM(H) Cumberlands - KYdef(A) Cumberland - TN2-0 
 5:30PM(A) Georgetown - KY @ (H) Bethel - TNPPD 
 3:30PM(A) Southwest - NM @ (H) Jarvis Christian - TXRAIN 
  4:30PM(H) Eastern Oregondef(A) Northwest - WA2-0 
 271:00PM(A) Siena Heights - MI @ (H) Indiana WesleyanCncl 
 1:00PM(A) LC - ILdef(H) Calumet - IN4-1 
 Bloomington HS *No Fans Allowed
  3:30PM(A) Thomas - GAdef(H) Brewton-Parker - GA2-1 
 @ the Pit
 3:30PM(H) Judson - ILdef(A) Holy Cross - IN3-0 
  11:00AM(A) Northwest - WAdef(H) College of Idaho2-1 
 3:30PM(H) Middle Georgia Statedef(A) Florida College5-0 
 Date TBA
  4:30PM(H) Kansas Wesleyantied(A) MidAmerica Nazarene - KS3-3 (2OT) 
 3:00PM(A) Southwestern Christian - OKdef(H) SAGU - TX8-1 
 2:00PM(A) Friends - KSdef(H) Saint Mary - KS3-0 
 5:00PM(A) William Carey - MSdef(H) Mobile - AL2-1 
 2:30PM(H) Saint Xavier - ILdef(A) Trinity Christian - IL2-0 
  3:00PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Grace - IN2-0 
 1:00PM(A) Houston-Victoria - TXdef(H) Texas A&M Texarkana2-1 (OT) 
 2:30PM(H) LSU Shreveportdef(A) LSU Alexandria - La2-0 
 5:00PM(A) Trinity International - ILdef(H) St. Ambrose - IA2-1 (OT) 
 3:30PM(H) Dalton State - GAdef(A) Faulkner - AL3-0 
 4:30PM(H) St. Francis - ILdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL3-2 
 4:00PM(A) Science & Artsdef(H) John Brown - AR2-1 
 3:00PM(H) Cornerstone - MItied(A) Cleary (Mich.) - MI0-0 (2OT) 
 MSA Field House
  3:00PM(A) McPherson - KSdef(H) Tabor - KS2-0 
 Joel H. Wiens Stadium
 8:00PM(A) RV Mid-America Christian - OKdef(H) Texas Wesleyan4-0 
 6:00PM(A) Providence Christian - CA @ (H) UC Merced - CACOVID No Contest 
 4:30PM(A) William Woods - MO @ (H) Harris-Stowe State - MOPPD 
 3:30PM(A) Cardinal Stritch - WI @ (H) Indiana Northwest - INPPD 
 No spectators admitted (home or away), please watch our live stream.
  1:00PM(A) University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) Rio Grande - OHCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Trevecca Nazarene UniversityCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Warner Pacific - OR @ (H) Northwest - WACncl 
 4:00PM(H) Central Christian - KStied(A) Oklahoma Panhandle State - OK1-1 
  (H) Oklahoma Citydef(A) Wayland Baptist - TX2-0 
265:30PM(H) La Sierra - CAdef(A) Park Gilbert - AZ2-1 
 8:00PM(A) Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Campbellsville - KY2-1 (2OT) 
  11:00AM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Tiffin University3-1 
 11:30AM(H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Madonna - MI3-2 (OT) 
 Brighton, Mich. (Legacy Center)
  6:30PM(H) Northwest Nazarene Universitydef(A) Eastern Oregon4-2 
 258:30PM(A) Thomas - GA @ (H) Middle Georgia StateCOVID No Contest 
 2:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Thomas More - KYPPD 
 3:30PM(A) William Jessup - CAdef(H) The Master's - CA3-0 
  4:00PM(A) William Woods - MOdef(H) Evangel - MO2-0 
 10:30PM(A) San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) Hope International - CA2-1 
 Due to COVID restrictions, no spectators will be permitted
  4:00PM(A) Brescia - KYdef(H) Georgetown - KY1-0 
  8:00PM(H) Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Faulkner - AL2-1 (2OT) 
 2:00PM(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TXdef(H) Texas A&M Texarkana2-1 
 6:15PM(H) Westmont - CAdef(A) Vanguard - CA1-0 
 2:30PM(H) Arizona Christiandef(A) Life Pacific - CA4-0 
 2:30PM(H) Brewton-Parker - GAdef(A) Florida College1-0 
 Date TBA
  2:00PM(H) Bethel - KSdef(A) Ecclesia College5-1 
  5:00PM(A) 19 Corban - ORdef(H) Multnomah - OR12-0 

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