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2019 Women's Cross Country Schedule

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 20 IU Kokomo - IN@Bradley Intercollegiate15th of 23
  6:00PMOlivet Nazarene - IL@Midwest Intercollegiate Meet1st of 7
  Team Time: 101:49 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 73
1-5 Time Split: 01:28
1-7 Time Split: 01:28
Link to Results: http://runnersedgeracetiming.com/data/uploadedfiles/ilinterwomen5k2019.htm
Course Description/Comments: Golf course. Primarily flat w/ several small inclines & 1 hill for women's course. 84 degrees & very humid - tough running conditions. Times were slow across the board. Grass on course needed cut. Numerous turns on course.
Competing NAIA schools: Olivet Nazarene University Saint Xavier University Greenville College Roosevelt University Cardinal Stritch University Holy Family College Governors State University
1Angela Budach19:43
2Jaclyn Latocha19:49
3Sarai Vargas20:28
4Cate Akins20:37
5Rachel Shepard21:11
7Samantha McClary21:23
8Naomi Dahlquist21:38
  5:30PMTrinity International - IL@Forester Invite3rd of 4
  Distance: 6K
4Lauren Neveau25:18
12Tenly Bozzi26:18
25Teresa Gorrell28:21
29Shayla Sotelo29:21
47Karis Lancaster35:10
  5:00PMTaylor - IN@Bullock Invitational3rd of 8
  Team Time: 1:36.56 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 103
1-5 Time Split: 1:49
1-7 Time Split: 2:12
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16168/Taylor_University_Ray_Bullock_Invitational
Course Description/Comments: 88 degrees, little to no wind, rolling hills. #2 girl is still struggling with injuring and ran 6th for us. #4,#5, #7 are young and still learning. Not a good day, but hoping to improve as the season progresses. Madonna looked good. They beat us 1:23.
2Sarah Harden18:11.8
4Livy Schroder18:47.6
16Olivia Schroder19:49.4
22Madeline Purdom20:01.2
23Giovanna Domene20:07.1
29Taylor Bluemel20:20.5
32Brooke Studnicki20:24.7
  5:00PMBethel - IN@Ray Bullock InvitationalNo Team Score
  6:00PMColumbia - MO@Bradley University Invitational5th of 20
20Brianna Haller18:28
42Grace Brinkmann19:11
45Jada ODonnell19:15
48Mikayla Sehlmeyer19:24
49Kyla Bertschinger19:30
  6:00PMSaint Xavier - IL@Midwest Intercollegiate2nd of 7
   Rocky Mountain - MT@Providence XC OpenNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5K Total Runners: 26 Course Record: NA
1-5 Time Split: NA
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/195260
Course Description/Comments: Eagle Falls Golf Course/ cool overcast day/ solid day of racing for 2 of our women/ Personal best and season best times/ both moving up
Competing NAIA schools: Providence, Carroll, Montana State Northern, Rocky ( 2 finishers)
9Grace Gilliland20:42
13Guan-Yin Stevens21:17
  5:30PMIndiana Northwest - IN@Lake Forest College - Forester InvitationalNo Team Score
36tMelanie Albers30:44
42tNascha Hladek33:01
49tLexington Sky Harris37:31
51sPrysma Valdivia37:48
  6:00PMGovernors State - IL@Midwest Intercollegiate7th of 7
   Rocky Mountain - MT@Providence XC OpenNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5K Total Runners: 26 Course Record: NA
1-5 Time Split: NA
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: competitivetiming.com/results/195260
Course Description/Comments: Eagle Falls Golf Course / solid footing / cool, overcast / good day for 2 for our runners moving up on our team. personal best and season best for our runners.
Competing NAIA schools: Providence, Carroll, Montana State Northern, Rocky (2 runners)
  6:00PMSt. Ambrose - IA@Bradley Intercollegiate11th of 20
  5:00PMMount Vernon Nazarene - OH@Bullock Invitational at Taylor UniversityNo Team Score
 1:45PMMontana State-Northern@University of Providence InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5K Total Runners: 26
1-5 Time Split: NA
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/195260
Course Description/Comments: Great weather conditions with mild temp and zero wind. Course was 100% grass, good footing, lots of turns, some hill. Pleased with Allie's progression - continues to improve each week. Same with Ashley. I think they learned good pace lessons today as they competed with a very strong College of Southern Idaho team. Allie and Ashley are both looking very strong though. Grace (3) and Kaitlin (4) both improved as well but have further to go in the next few weeks. Rachel David (usually our number 2) and Kaylee Nystrom rested this weekend. We will host our traditional dual meet with Central Wyoming College next weekend.
Competing NAIA schools: University of Providence Carroll College (Incomplete) Rocky Mountain College (Incomplete)
3Allison Tigert19:32
11Ashley McCready-Romero21:08
18Grace Schwenk23:30
20Kaitlin Nystrom24:21
  2:45PMGoshen - IN@GRCC Raider Invitational8th of 19
  Team Time: 104:47 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 165
1-5 Time Split: 1:35
1-7 Time Split: 3:36
Link to Results: http://my-finish.com/teamResults.php?race_name=knightraider19&gender=female&division_id=1&am
Course Description/Comments: Ran at 2:45 under the sun. It was hot and humid with the temp around 83 at race time. Our women ran well and are improving.
Competing NAIA schools: # 7 Aquinas, #10 Cornerstone, Siena Heights, Spring Arbor, Goshen
29Alena Miller20:18
31Sierra Ross Richer20:22
52Ariana Perez Diener21:35
53Erica Gunden21:39
58Annelise Wiebe21:53
66Makayla Collier22:12
88Jenae Stutzman23:54
   Siena Heights - MI@GRCC Raider XC Invitational4th of 22
  Team Time: 101:33 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 377
1-5 Time Split: 2:76
1-7 Time Split: 4:00
Link to Results: https://www.directathletics.com/results/xc/16164.html
2Andrea Crowe18:57
24Brianna Martin20:08
35Casie Nadasky20:29
50Emily Monroe21:06
58Michayla Miller21:33
70Alexis Cordle21:53
94Kelsey Hunt22:57
   Eastern Oregon@Cascade Conference Preview, Cottage Grove, OR2nd of 7
  Team Time: 1:35:16 Distance: 5000 meter Total Runners: 58 Course Record: 17:46
1-5 Time Split: 01:04
1-7 Time Split: 01:36
Link to Results: Live.tf/xc
Course Description/Comments: Pretty flat, 2/3 mushy grass, 1/3 packed gravel/pavement in mixed amounts. Lots of SLOW turns on slick, soft to muddy ground. Spikes needed, but not really an option because of the paved parts. Women's course is faster than men's because of the same amount of hard surface in a shorter race. I was surprised how fast it ran given the soggy ground. Our women's team ran much better than last week, going out more controlled and pushing very well middle to late. Our #3 and 5 in particular ran very well. 1 and 4 ran better in a large part because they weren't sick earlier in the week like they were at the home meet . Having said that, despite beating SOU, they really should be rated ahead of us do to missing their top two studs. If they get those two back healthy and decently fit, they will be very good. OIT looked very solid
Competing NAIA schools: #14 OIT RV EOU #6(?) SOU Formerly RV NW Christian Northwest U Corban Warner Pacific
4Michelle Herbes 18:20
13Megan Bolton 18:57
18Ella Coughlan 19:14
20Katie Jo Gebhardt 19:21
21Molly Gulden 19:24
26Mackenzie Trainer 19:36
34Dierdre McKay 19:56
 2:00PMCorban - OR@CCC Preview Meet5th of 7
  Team Time: 098:54 Distance: 5000 meterS Total Runners: 58 Course Record: 17:46
1-5 Time Split: 02:33
1-7 Time Split: 02:33
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/15799/Cascade_Collegiate_Conference_Preview#109171
Course Description/Comments: Fairly soggy. Some rolling hills. Our #3, Kira Bowers, had her best race as a Corban athlete, and her performance bodes well for a team that has much room for improvement from this race, and we can expect to see continued success in the races ahead.
Competing NAIA schools: Oregon Tech, Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon, Northwest Christian, Corban, Northwest U., Warner Pacific, Multnomah, Walla Walla
6Sydney Nichol18:38
22Gracie Long19:26
27Kira Bowers19:38
35Annabel Kroontje19:58
46Madison Steele21:11
   Cornerstone - MI@GRCC Raider Invitational (Riverside Park - Grand Rapids, Mich.)2nd of 19
  Team Time: 97:10 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 178
1-5 Time Split: 2:04
1-7 Time Split: 2:47
Course Description/Comments: Standard Riverside but actually dry. 84 at race time. It was really HOT! Kelli Smith blitzed the field and won by 59 seconds. Finished 2nd to AQ who looked phenomenal. POllard joined the mix finally but did not have A. McConnell or Albus. McConnell will be back, unsure on Albus. We ran over a minute faster than Calvin race. We are getting better while still missing some key pieces. This group is still on the rise for sure.
Competing NAIA schools: # 7 AQ, #10 CU, , Siena Heights, Spring Arbor, Goshen
1Kelli Smith17:58
8Cammie McConnell19:32
10Amanda Sorokin19:46
14Bailley McConnell19:51
20Nygia Pollard20:02
26Annika Shoemaker20:16
35Haley Nieuwkoop20:45
  2:45PMAquinas - MI@GRCC Raider Invitational 1st of 21
  Team Time: 096:30 Distance: 5000 Meters Total Runners: 129
1-5 Time Split: 00:25
1-7 Time Split: 00:25
Link to Results: http://my-finish.com/fullResults.php?race_name=knightraider19&division=1&gender=female&f
Competing NAIA schools: #7 Aquinas, #10 Cornerstone, Siena Heights, Spring Arbor, Goshen
3Janie Noah19:03
4Tannah Adgate19:13
5Whitney Taylor19:20
6Gabby Brandonisio19:26
7Hanna Grant19:28
9Emily McManus19:46
15Hannah Adler19:54
   Marian - IN@Catholic Invite - Notre Dame - South Bend, Ind.13th of 21
  4:15PMLourdes - OH@National Catholic ChampionshipsNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 158
Link to Results: https://www.enduranceracetiming.com/live/2019/ndac/final/
102Sheila Samoei21:24
129Emma Kosek22:43
133Ellie Kosek22:46
148Jasmine Stein24:23
   Thomas More - KY@National Catholic Invitational18th of 21
 2:00PMProvidence (Mont.) - MT@Providence openNo Team Score
155:00PMSierra Nevada - NV@2019 Pioneer Cross Country InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 2.4
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16097/2019_PUC_Cross_Country_Invitational_Women
Course Description/Comments: Herrera Gabriella (SNC) run as unattached, finished 2nd, 19:12.6
3Isabelle Bertram 19:12.6
9Victoria Boldi22:29.8
 8:00PMCal Maritime@PUC Invitational1st of 3
  Distance: 3.11 mile
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16097/2019_PUC_Cross_Country_Invitational_Women
Competing NAIA schools: Pacific Union College, Sierra Nevada College
1Lauren Silva17.55
3Sara La Russa20.21
5Nora Anastasia20.53
 8:00PMPacific Union - CA@PUC Pioneer Cross Country InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 2.5 mi. Total Runners: 7 Course Record: 17:55
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16097/2019_PUC_Cross_Country_Invitational_Women
Competing NAIA schools: CalMaritime, SIerra Nevada College, PUC
5Isabella Malan20:53
6Ana Orozco-Redmon21:33
 148:45AMTougaloo - MS@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country FestivalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 67
Competing NAIA schools: Loyola University Xavier University Dillard University
35Obadiah Montgomery 24:13
58Karry Callahan27:40
65Samys Douglas32:22
67Mia Sanders37:48
  12:30PMViterbo - WI@Luther All-American Invitational7th of 11
  Team Time: 1:49:36 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 13
1-5 Time Split: 3:32.4
1-7 Time Split: 4:06.6
Link to Results: https://www.luther.edu/sports/men/cross-country/assets/All_American_College_Women.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Very steep hill in first and third mile. Course had some mud and was soft due to heavy rains in days before meet. Calm, but temps in upper 70's and humid.
Competing NAIA schools: None
21Madelyn Adam20:24.7
33Sophie Leinfelder20:42.6
72Lauren Herzog21:44.3
97Brenna McDonough22:46.6
117Bridget Proper23:57.1
121Megan Scheuer24:28.3
122Gabriella Czech24:31.3
  11:00AMBellevue - NE@Bronco Invite (Hastings)8th of 11
  Team Time: 112:50 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 118
1-5 Time Split: 3:05
Link to Results: http://blacksquirrelresults.com/2019/XC/19HastingsXC.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Lake Hastings Park
Competing NAIA schools: 2)Concordia, 3)Friends, 5)College of St. Mary, 6)Tabor, 8)Bellevue, 9)Hastings, 11)Peru State
24Lorena Ramirez20:50
50Alisiara Hobbs22:12
62Isabelle Gonzalez22:46
69Mai Dar23:09
74Dayana Monysno-Salama23:55
93Diana Montano-Salama25:21
  11:00AMWaldorf - IA@Les Duke Invitational hosted by Grinnell (Women 6K, Men 8K)No Team Score
  Team Time: 0 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 136
Link to Results: http://www.waldorfwarriors.com/stats/2019-20/lesdukewomen.htm
Competing NAIA schools: Grand View, Coe, Graceland, Central, Grinnell
12Marissa Widener24:42.9
106Hannah Perry31:25.8
124Kourtlyn East33:53.6
127Clara Roderick35:48.2
  11:30PMWilliam Jessup - CA@Kim Duyst Invitational6th of 8
  Team Time: 129:39 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 67
1-5 Time Split: 04:38
1-7 Time Split: NA only 5 runners
Link to Results: https://timerhub.com/get_web_index.php?page=redcaptiming.com/2019/duyst/
Course Description/Comments: Golf course 95% grass minimal dirt. Minimal elevation change. Course was 2k continual loops
Competing NAIA schools: UC Merced
15Bailey Cossentine22:59.9
47Rebekah Hupp26:06.5
51Ally Eskenazi26:34.1
55Alex Ceja27:03.4
59Emma Herron27:37.9
   St. Thomas - FL@Mountain Dew Invitational - University of Florida23rd of 35
  Team Time: 106:36 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 306
1-5 Time Split: 03:18
1-7 Time Split: 04:46
Link to Results: https://live.halfmiletiming.com
79Susana Gutierrez19:58
89Andrea Peterson20:02
140Calyope Ortega21:02
196Mariana Morante22:18
233Carolyn Galan23:16
246Naomi Marcin23:38
265Sofia Naya24:44
  11:30AMEmbry-Riddle - AZ@Embry-Riddle Arizona Invitational1st of 5
1stAnderson, Ariana19:04
2ndLewis, Emma20:46
3rdSimon, Emily20:48
4thWilson, Meah20:57
5thSimon, Lizzie20:59
6thEvans, Carissa21:25
7thSloan, Caroline22:05
  11:00AMHastings - NE@Bronco Invite9th of 11
  Team Time: 114:09 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 118 Course Record: 18:48
1-5 Time Split: 2:17
1-7 Time Split: 3:11
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16074/2019_Hastings_College_XC_Invite
Course Description/Comments: Park with Natural grass and multiple road and trail crossings. Rough footing in sports. Temps were in the low - mid 70's and very high humidity at race time. This course is deceptively tough when warm and humid. Concordia women look very good so far this year.
38Cody Selvage21:30
57Leah Schmidt22:33
67Bailey Patterson23:02
70Savannah congrove23:16
73Shelby Lee23:47
85Olivia Nelson24:34
86Emily Grant24:41
   Tabor - KS@Hastings College Bronco Stampede6th of 11
  10:30AMVanguard - CA@U.C. Riverside Invitational5th of 16
  8:15AMMontreat - NC@Montreat-UNCA Dual2nd of 2
  Team Time: 98:49 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 16
1-5 Time Split: 2:14
1-7 Time Split: 2:53
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16068.html#108532
Course Description/Comments: Yesterday we were set to race at the Eye Opener in South Carolina. The ladies were spiked up and ready to go two separate times before being called off the line due to lightning. After the second time, the meet was canceled. So we threw together a meet at our place with UNC-Asheville coming over. All things considered, it was a great effort by our ladies. Our normal #2 runner (18:46 PR) had some fatigue issues today so we backed her off and she was our #7. We also had two of our ladies just go through 2 miles, one of which was our #4 at the time. Weather was humid and in the 70s at race time. I love how this team is coming along!
Competing NAIA schools: N/A
1Lydia Wilson18:24
5Erica Morin19:25
7Lillie Siniard19:51
9Amy Schlosser20:31
10Jenna Mallory20:38
11Rosalea Marshall20:44
13Skyler Tait21:17
   Cottey - MO@Cottey College Invitational3rd of 6
  Team Time: 175:51 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 61
1-5 Time Split: 11:13
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16073/Cottey_College_XC_Invite
Course Description/Comments: Frank E. Peters Golf Course
Competing NAIA schools: William Woods Cottey College
11Deanndria Shields21:17
13Ella Page21:28
15Martina Ramirez21:50
18Karina Gchachu22:10
42Cheyanne Porter25:12
57Emily Alvarez-Hamilton31:22
60Janamay Carother32:30
  10:30AMMidway - KY@Berea College Mike and Mary Kay Cross Country Invitational6th of 10
  10:30AMAntelope Valley - CA@UC Riverside Invitational (Women)19th of 19
  Team Time: 2:11:03.93 Distance: 6000 Total Runners: 164
1-5 Time Split: 26:12.79
1-7 Time Split: 26:12.79
Course Description/Comments: 80 degrees at race start, packed dirt race surface. No. 1 and No. 3 did not run.
Competing NAIA schools: Antelope Valley
129Tiajhae Nez 23:55.17
155Tiana Tso25:39.30
158Eushawna Nodestine26:52.46
159Tunte Vigil27:15.78
160Lashawna Baldwin27:21.22
162Aleisha Wheeler28:03.01
164Araya Apachee31:42.52
  11:00AMPeru State - NE@Bronco Stampede11th of 11
  Team Time: 2:05.11.2 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 118
1-5 Time Split: 25:02
Competing NAIA schools: Concordia (NE), Friends, College of St. Mary, Tabor, Bellevue, Hastings, Peru State
60Julia Zurek22:39
81Sophia Schroeder24:20
99Jacey Sutton25:45
101Hailee Lynn26:12
102Alyssa Brink26:13
104Aubrey Wattier26:48
105Brealynn Wattier27:06
  11:30AMHope International - CA@UC Riverside Invitational16th of 16
  Team Time: 1:48:51 Distance: 5 km Total Runners: 190
1-5 Time Split: 2:23
1-7 Time Split: na
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC_2019/Invitationals/UCR-Invite/women-open.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Traditional UC Riverside course on Agricultural Fields. 100% dirt trails, mostly flat, some small rolling hills. Race time temp 80 degrees. All women ran faster than 2 weeks ago. Still missing #1 runner Daphne Salomon, out with injury.
Competing NAIA schools: Vanguard (5th) , The Masters (11th), Westmont (14th)
109Shaylynn Wynn20:17
144Sofia Gutierrez21:03
169Tabitha Abbey22:14
174Jasmine Valdez22:35
177Veronica Chen22:40
188Sophia Ruesga25:39
   Georgetown - KY@Berea College Invitational4th of 10
  8:15AMReinhardt - GA@North Georgia Invitational 9th of 14
  Team Time: 119:55 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 102 Course Record: 17:21
1-5 Time Split: 6:05
1-7 Time Split: 6:05
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16085/7th_Annual_UNG_XC_Invitational
Course Description/Comments: 70 degrees, cloudy and very humid at 8:15 AM start. Not a fast course by any means but a fair course given the right day. Everyone ran about the same time from 2 weeks ago on a much easier course so that is progress for this group. Will have to get better at #4 and #5 this group to finish in the 5-6 range at conference. SCAD-Atlanta looked very good at 1-4, projected #5 is still awaiting clearance from NAIA according to coach but they looked good otherwise.
Competing NAIA schools: SCAD-Atlanta (2nd), Truett-McConnell (5th), Brenau (6th)
25Caprice Konitshek21:10
38Alexis Casey22:38
54Carly Harrison23:47
64Pam Lalo25:03
82Ashlyn Tuttle27:15
  11:30AMWilliam Woods - MO@Cottey College Invitational2nd of 6
  Team Time: 98:28 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 61
1-5 Time Split: 19:41
1-7 Time Split: 19:51
Link to Results: http://blacksquirrelresults.com/2019/XC/19CotteyXC.pdf
Course Description/Comments: weather good/flat course overall. Women's team was missing #1 runner Whitneigh Drown (2018 National qualifier) and #6 runner Ryan Esterline.
4Alicia Engelbrecht 19:52.82
8Kimi Putnam20:01.35
22Katie Keath22:22.18
24Faith Gerling22:27.14
27Harley Nale22:47.79
29Reyna Schmauch22:55.28
  9:30AMCumberlands - KY@Friendship Invitational - Cedarville, OH6th of 13
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 116
1-5 Time Split: 2:04
1-7 Time Split: 2:59
Link to Results: https://bit.ly/2lQG1Zn
Course Description/Comments: Decent weather out this morning. Not too much wind and around 67-70 degrees at the start of the race. Mostly cloudy. Course was in good shape. It is a fairly flat course with few inclines. Women competed well today. We were without our #1, Rute Simoes, again for this meet (still going through eligibility center process) as well as our #6 runner, Lise Voyles (dealing with slight knee pain, so we opted not to race). Our true freshman, Maleah, had another good race. She went out with top pack that went through around 5:35ish for first mile. She definitely felt the affects of that the last 2 miles. Times are coming along nicely and will have a good 3 weeks of training leading up to Louisville. Elvin R. King XC Course; Cedarville, OH -- Against NAIA, NCAA Division I and II opponents
Competing NAIA schools: Cumberlands (KY), Cumberland (TN), Thomas More, Cincinnati Christian
9Maleah Chumley18:29.3
30Evelyn Moore19:29.1
37Lauren McHan19:47.9
45Katelynn Soltero20:23.2
49Tara Todd20:33.8
56Jenna Grogan21:19.1
57Samantha Connelly21:28.8
  8:30AMSoutheastern - FL@Mountain Dew Invitational5th of 35
  Team Time: 96.53 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 306
1-5 Time Split: :56
1-7 Time Split: :56
Link to Results: https://floridagators.com/documents/2019/9/14//UF5KWomen.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Rolling hills on a golf course with 1 large hill. Weather was about 80 degrees at race time, hot and humid. Footing was good but wet and soft from recent hurricane and rainy season. Probably not as tough a course as Holloway (last weeks meet) but challenging. 35 teams consisting of NCAA DI, DII, JUCO and a few NAIA. Traditionally this is a fast course, but for some reason this year it ran slow across the board. Winning time last year was 16:13 and this year 16:54 (same girl). Rohm ran 18:23 last year and this year she was 18:49 but paced 25 places higher than last with just as many teams/runners. We had a very impressive day finishing 5th overall and 2nd non DI (our highest ever at this meet, last year we were 12 overall, 5th non D1). Rohm had a very strong race as did all my top 5 with a 56 sec 1-5 split. Ogilvie (2017 indoor 5k All-American) coming off of knee surgery in January, although not in her best shape is still running well and was our 6th runner today. She is not in bad shape, the girls in front of here are just running that well. I expected top 5 in the non DI race today and to be top 5 over all is very exciting for our team and how our program is progressing. We also have depth, with 3 sub 19 PR girls and 2 sub 20 PR girls not even making it in the top 7. They are coming off injury or just getting beat by other girls. Fun day for the Fire!
Competing NAIA schools: St. Thomas Univ. (RV) Florida College Edward Waters
16Julia Rohm18:49
31Emma Woltjer19:10
40Makenzie Johnson19:25
58Macy Peterson19:44
60Macy Scherer19:45
81Kelsi Ogilvie19:59
88Liliana Baker20:01
   Friends - KS@Bronco Stampede3rd of 14
  Team Time: 1:41:12 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 118 Course Record: 18:48-Heidi Hennings- Has
1-5 Time Split: 1:04
1-7 Time Split: 1:48
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16074/2019_Hastings_College_XC_Invite
Course Description/Comments: The course had a lot of concert paths that had to be run over during the Women's at least 6 different points. Several areas of gravel as well as 4 very congested areas over the bridge and narrow side walks that forces many runners to stop and what for on coming runners to pass. Course ran close. We had opportunity to run against a very strong Women's Fort Hays team as well as Concordia NE who is currently receiving votes.
Competing NAIA schools: Corcordia NE Friends University Tabor College Hasting College
1stAileen Gurrola19:35.18
5thAubry Donley19:54.18
13tNicole Sprague20:24.06
19tCaroline Giles20:39.28
20tShelby Hundley20:39.81
21sGrace Garrison20:41.91
25tMiranda Tenove 20:53.55
   Edward Waters - FL@Mountain Dew InvitationalNo Team Score
  9:30AMMobile - AL@Women's 5K - Mountain Dew Invitational31st of 35
145Madelyn Wells21:49.02
152Billie Shelton21:57.62
176Candice Jackson23:06.47
178Taylor Barkley23:07.99
216Allison Preator26:36.49
  2:00PMNorthwest - WA@Central Washington Invitational5th of 6
  Distance: 4K Total Runners: 57 Course Record: 14:51
1-5 Time Split: 02:50
1-7 Time Split: 04:47
Link to Results: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sidearm.sites/northwestu.sidearmsports.com/documents/2019/9/14/2019_CWU_Inv
Course Description/Comments: Slow course run on uneven grass along a looped course that was around 2k in length and featured some rolling hills on the backside. Temperatures were ideal. I thought our women ran great to open up the season. Our top two look really strong and the 1-5 gap should shrink next time since we didn't run our #3 who should be about 20-25 seconds behind our #1-2.
Competing NAIA schools: Northwest
23Kaylea Hartman16:00
24Ellie Summers16:00
44Grace Gerardi17:38
46Hayleigh Schwartz17:51
52Anna Swedin18:50
53Quinn Dhaenens19:10
56Leila Praino20:47
  11:30PMUC Merced - CA@Kim Duyst Invitational, River Oaks Golf Course5th of 8
  Team Time: 126:11 Distance: 182:10 Total Runners: 67 Course Record: 20:52
1-5 Time Split: 126:11
1-7 Time Split: 182:10
Link to Results: https://timerhub.com/getHytResults.php?v=6&page=redcaptiming.com/2019/duyst/190914F005.htm
Competing NAIA schools: William Jessup University
35Carissa Estrada23:56
38Maria Aguilar24:37
40Julia Gionet-Gonzales24:40
48Hannah Meskienyar26:12
53Doris Reyes26:46
  10:30AMOttawa (Ariz.) - AZ@Embry-Riddle Arizona InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 19
Link to Results: https://xc.tfrrs.org/results/xc/15662.html
Course Description/Comments: 95 percent dirt with hills throughout
Competing NAIA schools: Embry-Riddle (AZ) Arizona Christian (Ind. only) Benedictine Mesa (Ind. only)
15Gwyndalynne Romrwll25:54
18Rose Chaidez30:04
19Rachel Jones31:06
  11:30AMDakota State - SD@17th Annual Herb Blakely at Dordt (Iowa) Invitational2nd of 7
  Team Time: 1:47:16.50 Distance: 5000 Total Runners: 64
1-5 Time Split: 2:09
1-7 Time Split: 3:36
Course Description/Comments: Rolling grass hills, somewhat soft from rain, 18 mph winds with 25 mph gusts that increased the difficulty of the course. Good opener for us, we had a few performances that should improve and bring our 1-5 split down considerably. Faster TT than every meet but one last year so looking forward to the October meets!
Competing NAIA schools: Dordt, Dakota State, Mount Marty
4Jacia Christiansen20:28
11Ashley Robinson20:55
23Jada Anderson21:37
24Christianna Green21:37
39Andrea Bryant22:37
46Mallory Aughenbaugh23:01
52Madison Whitcomb24:04
  11:15AMArizona Christian@Embry-Riddle InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5K Total Runners: 19
1-5 Time Split: NA
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/15662/Embry-Riddle_Arizona_Invitational
Course Description/Comments: Hilly, with grass, pavement and hard dirt
Competing NAIA schools: Embry-Riddle
10Emily Greenberg23:05
11Felicia Harris23:07
13Sophie Henze25:32
  11:00AMConcordia - NE@Bronco Stampede2nd of 11
  Team Time: 1:40:51.21 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 118 Course Record: 19:35.18
1-5 Time Split: 54.54
1-7 Time Split: 54.54
Link to Results: http://blacksquirrelresults.com/2019/XC/19HastingsXC.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Well-marked winding course made up of several smaller and larger loops, with multiple long gradual hills. Footing was tough in places (holes filled with sand). Course has not run fast in the past two years compared to Augustana Twilight the week previously and all later-season meets. This year it seemed softer with recent rains. Temperatures around 75 at race time with a breeze, humidity and partly cloudy skies (plenty of sun). Heat and humidity were enough at race time to be a factor. NCAA DII Fort Hays State won, outscoring our women by only 11 points. Friends ran well and were 3rd, only 10 points behind us. We were the top NAIA team out of 7 complete teams. Our women ran in a pack near the front for most of the race. Mostly pleased with the race. We trained very hard through the previous week, with our focus on later-season races.
Competing NAIA schools: Concordia University Nebraska (2), Friends University (3), College of St. Mary (5), Tabor College (6), Bellevue University (8), Hastings College (9), Peru State College (11)
3Kylahn Heritage19:41.82
6Rebekah Hinrichs19:54.94
9Amie Martin20:15.46
12Lydia Cook20:22.63
17Sydney Clark20:36.36
27Miranda Rathjen20:59.30
28Abi DeLoach21:02.34
 11:30AMCrowley's Ridge - AR@Cottey College InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 61
35BreAnna Warren24:15
50Eden Hernandez27:30
  11:00AMBenedictine Mesa - AZ@Embry-Riddle InvitationalNo Team Score
  10:15AMCumberland - TN@Friendship Invitational - Cedarville, OH8th of 13
  Team Time: 102:17 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 118 Course Record: 17:12
1-5 Time Split: 02:19
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: http://live.finishtiming.com/index.html#/results/meet-xc/2019002475/scoreboard-xc/results/2
Course Description/Comments: High 60s, sun came out for women's race. Course hard, extremely dry. We held out 2 of our top 6 today because of injuries, and both Kilian and Sneed are possibly done for the season. Performance of remainder of team was mixed - overall slight improvement in TT from first meet.
Competing NAIA schools: Cumberlands(Ky) (RV), Eastern Mennonite, Cincinnati Christian. Finished behind Cumberlands, and ahead of Eastern Mennonite and Cincinnati Christian.
25Amber Mays19:17
49Aleksandra Petrova20:01
59Abigayle Gawthorp20:27
71Elise Krone20:56
82Hannah Spring21:36
100Victoria Reales Pruano23:46
   Brenau - GA@UNG Invitational6th of 14
   Morris - SC@Winthrop UniversityNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 65
Competing NAIA schools: N/A
  11:45AMWestmont - CA@UC Riverside Invitational14th of 16
  Team Time: 101:40 Distance: 5000 meters Total Runners: 190 Course Record: unknown
1-5 Time Split: 01:02
1-7 Time Split: 02:09
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/
Course Description/Comments: The UC Riverside course is mostly flat with a few rolling hills, and hard packed dirt with pre-competition watering to reduce dust. It is run through the agricultural operations center which features 100-year-old citrus trees. Opening competition for the Warriors. Three freshmen in the top 5 handled the challenge well and two seniors who have not been in the top 5 previously did well.
Competing NAIA schools: 5. Vanguard 126 11. The Masters 330 14. Westmont 361 16. Hope International 479
72Madden Hundley19:43
108Sarah Claud20:17
111Callie Guthrie20:20
123Amanda Colacchia20:35
132Macy Cholometes20:45
153Emma Lottman21:27
165Abigail Stadtlander21:52
  11:00AMMissouri Valley@Cottey Fall InviteNo Team Score
   Thomas More - KY@Cedarville InvitationalNo Team Score
  11:00AMDordt - IA@Herb Blakely Invite1st of 7
  Team Time: 101:18 Distance: 5,000 Total Runners: 64
1-5 Time Split: 01:15
1-7 Time Split: 01:22
Link to Results: https://services.dordt.edu/files/athletics/boxscores/herbblakely2019.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Course rolling hills with average footing. We had a few inches of rain on it this week as well as some the morning of the race that made for a very soft course. Weather: 72 degrees, partly cloudy, 18 mph wind from south with 25 mph gusts. The course was slow today for the women with rain before and wind during. We had a nice first meet w/the top three not really being challenged after a mile. Had a freshman as and a sophomore that was injured all last year as our 4 and 5. I was pleased to see those two step into the scoring and think they have some great racing ahead of themselves this Fall. Overall, scoring 18 points (Compared to 2nd places 83 points) in our first meet with three NCAA D2 teams, a JUCO, and 3 NAIA teams is a good day.
Competing NAIA schools: Dordt, Dakota STate, Mount Marty
1Olivia Couch19:34
2Sarah Wensink20:00
3Sienna De Jong20:18
5Greichaly Kaster20:37
7Eden Winslow20:49
8Jordan Bos20:54
12Mary Kate Postma20:56
  11:00AMClarke - IA@Grinnell InviteNo Team Score
  11:30AMCollege of Saint Mary - NE@Bronco Invite5th of 11
  9:30AMLoyola - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country Festival5th of 8
   Campbellsville - KY@Berea College Invitational2nd of 10
  Team Time: 1:42:07 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 91
1-5 Time Split: 2:25
1-7 Time Split: 4:01
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/16065/Mike_and_Mary_Kay_Johnson_Invite#108508
Course Description/Comments: Course is tougher so wasn't expecting super fast times today. Sat 3 of my top 7 from last week due to various reasons. One was just out of town, the other two needed a little extra rest to be ready for Louisville. Starting to warm up during the women's race, its been about 90 degrees in Kentucky all this week so we have had some very hot training conditions. Good race overall
Competing NAIA schools: Georgetown (KY), Pikeville
2Hailey Stallings19:19
10Mia Rodriguez20:11
12Miranda Rzendzian20:23
13Hailey Shank20:28
30Madeline Rhoads21:44
39Maggie Parrish22:22
53Jennifer Maxwell23:20
   Texas Wesleyan@UT-Arlington Gerald Richey Invitational, Arlington, Texas8th of 8
  Team Time: 107:22 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 71
1-5 Time Split: 22:44
Link to Results: http://www.mychiptime.com/searchevent.php?id=12476
23Melissa Gonzalez19:40.3
39Rianna Vidales20:31.7
45Elizabeth Cervantes20:52.3
58Raquel Ramos22:07.7
66Jaclyn Ramos24:10.2
69Michelle Alfaro25:26.7
   William Penn - IA@Grinnell InvitationalNo Team Score
   The Master's - CA@UC Riverside Invitational11th of 16
  Team Time: 101:16 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 190
1-5 Time Split: 3:35
1-7 Time Split: 5:39
Course Description/Comments: --The Mustangs No. 2 runner did not compete on Saturday. --Temperature was approaching 80 degrees by race time.
Competing NAIA schools: Vanguard (5th place) Redlands (8th) Westmont (14th) Hope Int. (16th)
14Arianna Ghiorso18:17.10
79Kimberly Page19:50.07
106Brooke Milam20:14.44
143Autumn Nootbaar21:03.06
164Kayla Gray21:52.29
175Hannah See22:39.35
183Priscilla Gutierrez23:56.57
  11:30AMMount Marty - SD@Herb Blakley Invite (Dakota State)5th of 7
  Team Time: 111:00 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 64
1-5 Time Split: 2:09
1-7 Time Split: 4:52
Link to Results: GPAC Sports.com
Course Description/Comments: Course was slightly rolling hills with a 16 MPH South wind and temp around 65 degrees on the Dordt University campus.
Competing NAIA schools: Dordt, Dakota State, Mount Marty
8thKelsey Folchert20:50
16tGenevieve Clark21:13
35tMikayla Prouty22:08
43rTayler Carlson22:49
51sGracie Rippen23:59
56tLeighton Mlady25:10
58tElianna Clark25:42
  11:00AMGrand View - IA@Les Duke Invitational9th of 11
  Team Time: 142:29 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 136 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 2:55
Link to Results: http://onlineraceresults.com/race/view_plain_text.php?race_id=69967
Course Description/Comments: 70 & Sunny, challenging course, rolling hills throughout, soft course due to rain the previous days
Competing NAIA schools: 6th-Graceland, 9th-Grand View, Inc-Clarke, Inc-Waldorf, Inc-William Penn
50Michaela Barretta27:17
59Chloe Greig27:29
76Megan Smoldt28:30
83Allie Flaws28:58
99Paige Thompson30:12
  10:15AMSt. Louis Pharmacy - MO@Fontbonne University Meet at Six Flags2nd of 3
  8:30AMFlorida College@Dew Invite35th of 35
   Cincinnati Christian - OH@Friendship Invitational12th of 13
  Team Time: 118:46 Distance: 5,000 meters Total Runners: 82
1-5 Time Split: 2:45
Link to Results: http://live.finishtiming.com/#/results/meet-xc/2019002475/scoreboard-xc/results/2
64Hannah Sams22:13
68Meredith Hiles22:57
71Emily Yeakley23:58
72Kylie Niedecken24:40
74Dalia Gibson24:58
  9:30AMDillard - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country FestivalNo Team Score
  10:00AMLourdes - OH@Tiffleberg Open5th of 5
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 46
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/15807/Tiffelberg_Invitational#108578
17Sheila Samoei25:51
23Emma Kosek27:14
24Ellie Kosek27:24
39Jasmine Stein29:26
45Julia Campos37:43
  11:00AMGraceland - IA@Les Duke Invitational 6th of 11
  10:00AMWilliams Baptist - AR@University of Ozarks InviteNo Team Score
   WVU Tech@Roanoke College Preview | Salem, VA4th of 19
  Team Time: 2:06.42 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 147
Link to Results: http://snaptiming.com/meets/roanokeinvitational9-14-19/
22Jaelynn Parks24:41.3
26Michaela ODell24:41.3
28Kaeley Boyd25:13.9
37Danielle Roberts25:39.7
44Carmen Camino25:58.8
49Kara Sandusky26:12.0
71Annmarie Gruttadauro27:40.4
  9:30AMXavier - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Festival, New Orleans, La.6th of 8
 136:00PMTrinity International - IL@Spartan Classic8th of 13
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 214
20Lauren Neveau23:46
45Tenley Bozzi24:49
135Teresa Gorrell27:30
136Shayla Sotelo27:31
199Karis Lancaster33:18
210Sidney Stewart36:08
  6:00PMTennessee Wesleyan@Dual at Buffalo Creek2nd of 2
 3:00PMCarroll - MT@Frontier Preview2nd of 8
  Team Time: 67 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 66
1-5 Time Split: 20:28
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/195589#%20%203
1Reghan Worley19:16
8Kendyl Pierson20:15
15Katelyn McKay16
16Natalie Yocum20:49
27Elly Machado21:12
   Texas College@Border Dash No Team Score
  8:00PMWalla Walla - WA@Cougar Classic hosted by Washington StateNo Team Score
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 100
Link to Results: https://uwolves.com/documents/2019/9/13//women_res.pdf?id=144
   Rocky Mountain - MT@Frontier Conference XC Preview4th of 8
  Team Time: 100:31 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 66 Course Record: 19:16
1-5 Time Split: 2:07
1-7 Time Split: 2:29
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/195589
Course Description/Comments: Amend Park Soccer Complex/ 3100 ft elevation/ steady breeze/ flat course/ wet in two short areas/ Carroll ran Very Well 2nd (1st NAIA team)/ beat Lewis-Clark State and Rocky/ Rocky's top finisher ran 19:28 (2nd Place) We also ran 9th & 14th with a gap to 30th & 32nd. Montana Western solid 4th.
Competing NAIA schools: Carroll, Lewis-Clark State, Rocky, Montana Western, MSU-Northern , Providence (incomplete), Dickinson St.
2Ruth Chepsat19:28
9Courtney Hallock20:21
14Sydney Little Light20:34
21Carrie Daniels21:30
32Carina Bracy21:35
33Mei-Li Stevens21:37
37Grace Gilliland21:57
  12:00PM(H) 14 Rocky Mountain - MTdef(A) RV Dickinson State - ND4-7
 Frontier Preview Invitational
  Team Time: 1:25:56 Distance: 3.1 miles
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/15460/Frontier_XC_Preview_
  6:00PMJarvis Christian - TX@Border DashNo Team Score
  6:00PMSCAD Savannah - GA@GMC Brickyard Invitational1st of 5
  Team Time: 105:36 Distance: 5km Total Runners: 46
1-5 Time Split: 02:32
1-7 Time Split: 05:26
Course Description/Comments: Course was a well groomed single loop through a farm field. Temperature was in the low 90's with a breeze. 60% of my scorers were freshman with our #2 runner out due to a sprained ankle-with her in we would've swept. Like the men's team, we had to evacuate due to hurricane warnings so my time with them had been fairly limited. We jumped out to a quick lead and the race turned into an individual tempo run.
Competing NAIA schools: Middle Georgia State
1Lemi Wutz18:59
2Sarah Foreman20:40
3Kaitlyn Sauickie21:12
4Ivy Zingone22:12
6Lara Federspiel22:31
7Sarah Kiehle24:34
16Catherine Saucier25:25
  6:30PMDalton State - GA@UTC Twilight Classic3rd of 7
  Team Time: 80:31 Distance: 4K Total Runners: 88
1-5 Time Split: 2:20
1-7 Time Split: 2:42
Competing NAIA schools: William Carey (Miss.)
11Kathryn Vradenburgh14:39
33Kay Vradenburgh15:58
37Rachel Ward16:09
53Alex Gass16:46
55Ana Karen Padilla16:51
56Kate Roberts16:59
59Mari Morales17:21
  5:30PMHuntington - IN@Rumble in the Fort2nd of 5
  Team Time: 98:21 Distance: 5km Total Runners: 55 Course Record: 17:30
1-5 Time Split: 03:46
1-7 Time Split: 04:44
Course Description/Comments: Hot and humid race that started after a two hour storm delay (real feel above 90 for the races). Course was rolling in several areas with some difficult footing. We sat our #3 returner. Our top four wore trainers and tempo'd until 1km to go then closed hard.
Competing NAIA schools: RV Indiana Tech, Michigan Dearborn
1Hannah Stoffel17:30
4Saige Norris19:33
6Molly Mitchell19:36
14Mara McFarland20:24
23Olivia Von Gunten21:16
28Sydney Kallem21:54
31Isabel Hunter22:14
  5:00PMThomas - GA@TCC InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 5k Total Runners: 26
1-5 Time Split: N/A
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: https://fl.milesplit.com/meets/361348/results/664632/raw
Course Description/Comments: Rolling w/some good hills. Hot as well.
Competing NAIA schools: None
4Charizma Dixon25:08
10Sharai Larry30:21
25Jen Coleman44:51
  4:00PMWashington Adventist - MD@Virginia State Fall Opener No Team Score 
  7:00PMNorthwestern - IA@@ SDSU Classic5th of 5
  Team Time: 103:13 Distance: 5000 meters Total Runners: 86 Course Record: 17:06
1-5 Time Split: 00:26
1-7 Time Split: 00:26
Link to Results: https://results.dakotatiming.com/display.html?event_id=435&res=190913F001
Course Description/Comments: This course received considerable rain earlier in the week and still had standing water. The course was 2 large loops and 1 small loop with inclines/declines, standing water in multiple locations on the course It was muddy and sloppy, with difficult footing throughout. The weather was 63 degrees, sunny with 14 mph winds from the west. We raced mostly NCAA DI & DII schools. First non NCAA DI runner was 30th. We had the top NAIA runner. There were 5 schools that did not have enough ladies for a team score. We did not have our #1 runner - Breanna Harthoorn, who is out with an injury. She was a individual national qualifier last year for us. We were also missing another individual national qualifier from last year - Autumn Muilenburg. We hope to have both of them back in the next few weeks.
Competing NAIA schools: Northwestern Briar Cliff with no team score Jamestown with no team score
35Anessa Schoo20:26
38Hunter Koepke20:31
41Kelsey Lang20:37
44Anna Teigland20:44
47Micah Van Kalsbeek20:52
50Emma Van Meeteren21:02
57Lindsey Groen21:58
  8:30PMEastern Oregon@EOU Open, Lane Farms3rd of 4
  Team Time: 100:53 Distance: 5000 meters* (more like 5 Total Runners: 43 Course Record: 17:47 (Jessa Perkins, SOU
1-5 Time Split: 01:35
1-7 Time Split: 02:16
Link to Results: eousports.com
Course Description/Comments: All dirt, one 250 meter long hill just after the mile marker, consistent, challenging grade, but not super steep, one STEEP 150175 meter long hill just before 1.5 miles, one roughly 200 meter hill on most of the same ground as the first hill starting just before 400 meters to go (corresponding downhills). Not a real fast course, but not super slow either. Switched the order of the loops this year from past years, but same ground (just had the big hill- "Potato Hill"- between mile one and 1.5, instead of with .5 left). Not sure if that made it any easier. College of Idaho is significantly better than they were last year, because we are and the thumped us and we ran almost as fast as they did last year!...we did have better weather (very little wind, while last year was WINDY). On the other hand, they ran 1:36:15 this year and 1:40:13 in 2018 (ended up 11th at Nationals in 2018).. We ran 1:40:53 this year and 1:44:22 last year.....we are MUCH better than we were in 2018. Still missing a potential top 5 gal ( Lisa Megargee- 5th in our time trial and our #2 in 2017 and 18th at the Conf meet in 17- coming back from a knee injury in wrestling) and another potential to 7 type, although she may not get into our top 7 (one - and one other (Dierdre McKay- 7th in our time trial) just under the weather
Competing NAIA schools: College of Idaho and EOU
7M Herbes19:21
10M Boals19:45
13KJ Gebhardt20:06
21E Coughlan20:44
23M Gulden20:56
25M Trainer21:00
31M Loe21:37
  11:00AMConcordia - MI@MSU Spartan Invite22nd of 25
  6:00PMMiddle Georgia State@GMC Brickyard Invitational2nd of 5
  Team Time: 124:13 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 46
1-5 Time Split: 3:20
1-7 Time Split: 7:00
Link to Results: http://www.ptgrouponline.com/Live/2019/XC/GMC/
Competing NAIA schools: SCAD Savannah
5Alyssa Mountin22:16
15Anna Ruis Massip25:20
17Franziska Nobis25:29
18Tiffany Mountin25:29
19Emily Dukes25:36
29Kimberly Raley28:28
30Alexia Desmet29:16
   Lewis-Clark State - ID@Conference Preview3rd of 8
  Team Time: 103:29 Distance: 5000m Total Runners: 66 Course Record: unknown
1-5 Time Split: 01:13
1-7 Time Split: 01:59
Link to Results: http://www.directathletics.com
Course Description/Comments: Flat course that circles a soccer complex. Lots of turns on 100% grass. A few soft spots from rain earlier in the week. Consistent wind in the 7-10 mph range. Not real bad, but enough to get your attention and induce drafting. altitude of about 3100 feet. We had a mediocre race. Top girl lost her draft and got caught in no-mans lands. Mix up of the rest of the girls. Brown had a good day as our #2. conference has 4 solid teams with carroll running with all their girls. RMC seemed to have a little bit of an off day as well. Black hills state was there and they are currently ranked #26 in NCAA DII.
Competing NAIA schools: LC State, RMC, Carroll, MSUN, Western, Providence, DIckinston State.
  6:00PMJudson - IL@16th Annual Aurora University Spartan Classic6th of 19
  Team Time: 119:2.43 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 213
1-5 Time Split: 3:01.2
1-7 Time Split: 4:09.6
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/15482/Spartan_Classic_-_Aurora_University
Competing NAIA schools: Judson, Bethel (IN), Trinity International
11Kasey Moreno23:11.3
13Marie Mayer23:21.9
23Chloe Burkhart23:50.3
46Anali Cisneros24:49.9
95Fatima Chaudhry26:12.5
106Rachel Mueller26:23.1
132Cassidy Richter27:20.9
  7:00PMJamestown - ND@SDSU Classic @ Brookings, SDNo Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 5000 Meters Total Runners: 86
1-5 Time Split: N/A
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: https://results.dakotatiming.com/display.html?event_id=435&res=190913F001
Course Description/Comments: Very wet and soft from previous rain. Standing water in some locations.
Competing NAIA schools: Briar Clff, Northwestern (IA), Jamestown
59Lindi Chadwick22:00
65Kendra Murnion22:25
84Eve Stegner26:43
  8:30PMCollege of Idaho@EOU Invitational1st of 4
  Team Time: 96:15 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 43 Course Record: 18:35
1-5 Time Split: 1:24
1-7 Time Split: 1:49
Link to Results: https://eousports.com/documents/2019/9/13//Results_Women.htm
Course Description/Comments: Same course as previous two season except that loop with hill ran first instead of on finishing loop. All well packed dirt with a three hill climbs. Course ran faster than last season, unsure how much that was due to running hill earlier as opposed to later as we had in prior seasons. Overall our women's team looks good, we need to continue to work on closing the gap between our 3-5.
Competing NAIA schools: #9 The College of Idaho RV Eastern Oregon
  5:45PMMontreat - NC@USC-Upstate Eye OpenerCncl 
  6:00PMBethel - IN@Spartan Classic7th of 19
  Team Time: 120:13 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 215 Course Record: 20:35
1-5 Time Split: 03:07
1-7 Time Split: 03:30
Link to Results: http://raceresultsplus.com/event/aurora-university-spartan-classic-2
Course Description/Comments: Flat course made up of two separate loops; one is around a lake on predominately crushed limestone, the other is a dirt trail through woods. At 250m mark from start the course bottlenecks for a short stint and is a little narrow till first mile. We again showed progress. Emma J. proved again she is a front runner. Again kept the team controlled for the first 3k. The majority of the team ran faster through the 5k than they finished at IWU last week. The results on TFRRS and the raceresultsplus page are a little different. They decided to pull out unattached runners in some of the results which effects the team placing a little. Rebecca Maynard is progressing well but still not at full strength. Judson has a solid top 3. Their #1 went out a little fast and was with Emma J. through 3k. She looks strong though.
Competing NAIA schools: Bethel, Judson, Illinois Tech
2Emma Jankowski22:02
24Jessica Duall23:51
30Anna Nisen24:07
57Emma Romero25:03
61Megan Cooper25:09
70Molly Campbell25:27
74Rebecca Maynard25:32
  3:00PMIndiana Tech@Rumble in the Fort | Fort Wayne, Ind.3rd of 5
  Team Time: 1:41:45 Distance: 5k
1-5 Time Split: 1:00
1-7 Time Split: 1:09
Course Description/Comments: After a few hours of severe weather delays, we started with a real feel above 90 for the races. It was a rolling course with some difficulty, and it was made worse by the heat. Huntington is awesome. They are at least a top 15 team right now.
Competing NAIA schools: Huntington 48, Indiana Tech 68, Michigan-Dearborn 115
8Megan Theismann19:51
11Kara Kline20:09
12Kaleigh Renninger20:11
18Alexis Lombardo20:40
19Nikki Wilson20:51
20Hayley Newman20:58
22Angie Sanchez21:00
  6:00PMMilligan - TN@Dual at Buffalo Creek1st of 2
  Team Time: 057:02 Distance: 3200m Total Runners: 17 Course Record: NA
1-5 Time Split: 00:29
1-7 Time Split: 00:29
Link to Results: slipstreamtiming.com
Course Description/Comments: Humid and temps in the high 80s at race time. Flat and relatively fast, multi-loop format on grass (soccer fields/field) with multiple turns. Turns and humidity/heat probably kept it from running faster. Lots of national experience (both cc and track) with this team and they continue to work well together. Held out multi-time All-American Erica Stone (just managing reps) who was our no. 2 girl at cc nationals last year and also held out Kelsey Mowrey, one of our top 7 from nationals last year - minor ankle sprain but back training at 100 percent. If this group were 12th last year with both Haas and Ferguson out, they're easily a top 10 team at this point in the season.
Competing NAIA schools: Tennessee-Wesleyan - Wesleyan has a strong squad with most of their women back from last year that had a team avg. of 19:11.
1Gabrielle Mardis11:09
2Avery DeWolf11:19
4Bekah Owen11:24
5Katlyn Haas11:29
6Hannah Bell11:38
7Caitlin Dominy11:45
8Amy Ferguson11:46
  11:30AMSan Diego Christian - CA@Cougar Invitational at Cal State San MarcosNo Team Score
  7:00PMWilliam Carey - MS@University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Twilight 4th of 7
  Distance: 4000M Total Runners: 88
Link to Results: https://gomocs.com/documents/2019/9/13/Twilight_Women.pdf
26Jaden Russell15:33.73
34Paige Anderson16:00.98
40Andi Wheeler16:18.95
47Denise Ricaldi16:33.04
64Olivia Pitts17:47.41
  11:00AMCleary (Mich.) - MI@MSU Spartan InviteNo Team Score 
 3:00PMMontana State-Northern@Frontier Conference Preview Meet6th of 10
  Team Time: 112:54 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 66
1-5 Time Split: 4:38
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/195589
Course Description/Comments: Mild weather conditions, with some wind. 2-Lap, flat course with many corners. Grass was tall and the course was soft due to rain in the previous days. I felt the course ran pretty slow, but it was an excellent field with DII Black Hills State and 4, Nationally-Ranked NAIA teams. I'm encouraged by the consistency of our front-runner, Allie. As a freshman, she's still learning the field but training and competing well. I expect continued productivity. Our number 2, Rachel, had a tough day. Went out way too fast and had a bad second half. I was encouraged with the improvement from our number 3, Ashley. I felt her performance was much improved. Kaylee also improved, but has a ways to go - she tends to start slow so I think she'll be more competitive in Nov. Not having any depth after that is a concern.
Competing NAIA schools: Carroll College Lewis Clark State College Montana State University Northern Rocky Mountain College University of Montana Western University of Providence
12Allison Tigert20:29
28Rachel David21:15
42Ashley McCready-Romero22:39
43Kaylee Nystrom23:23
48Grace Schwenk25:07
49Raini Jonson25:25
51Kaitlin Nystrom26:38
  2:00PMMontana Western@Frontier Conference Preview5th of 9
  Team Time: 1:44:41 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 66 Course Record: 19:16
1-5 Time Split: 1:59
1-7 Time Split: 3:14
Link to Results: competitivetiming.com
Course Description/Comments: 2 loop course- mostly flat and windy, grass was quite soft and spongy. course seemed long for both men and women. women ran solid, clearly there is solid depth in the conference
Competing NAIA schools: Montana Western MSU Northern Providence Rocky Carroll Lewis-Clark Dickinson St
3Eireann OConnor19:48
18Shelby Walls20:55
19Marley May20:58
26Emma Adams21:10
35Mason Baseley21:47
38Morgan Baseley22:13
46Elizabeth Varner24:02
  7:00PMBriar Cliff - IA@SDSU InvitationalNo Team Score 
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 86
Course Description/Comments: Muddy
Competing NAIA schools: Briar Cliff, Northwestern (IA), Jamestown
   Central Baptist - AR@Bob Gravett Invitational - Cliff Harris StadiumNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5K Total Runners: 55
Competing NAIA schools: Central Baptist
38Ally Swaim24:51.1
54Courtney Rife34:14.1
55Louisa Henderson38:13.5
  5:00PMMichigan-Dearborn@Rumble in the Fort5th of 5
  Team Time: 106:37 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 55
Competing NAIA schools: Huntington, Indiana Tech, Michigan-Dearborn
16Victoria Hebda20:34.20
21Kylie Callison20:59.70
25Riley Day21:21.20
26Emily Warrington21:51.20
27Camryn Zurawski21:51.90
29Mikayla Borg21:57.70
30Julia Cercone22:12.80
   Science & Arts@Cameron XC MeetNo Team Score
  Team Time: na Distance: 5 kilometers Total Runners: 29 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: na
1-7 Time Split: na
Link to Results: na
Course Description/Comments: na
Competing NAIA schools: University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
2Ruth Jebet19:41
5Roshae Burrell20:15
6Feliciana Kiptoo20:16
24Whitney Spitler24:32
   Shawnee State - OH@Michigan State Spartan Invitational 17th of 26
  11:00AMIndiana East - IN@Michigan State University Spartan Invitational22nd of 26
  Team Time: 134:39 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 291
1-5 Time Split: 02:34
1-7 Time Split: 02:34
184Abby Bittner25:58
187Edmalie Cruz Sanchez26:02
207Savannah Hart26:28
238Morgan Schaefer27:39
250Claire Meyer28:32
259Mara Wetzel29:16
  6:30PMGrand View - IA@Grand View - Viking Invitational W-5k/M-8kCncl 

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