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2018 Women's Cross Country Schedule

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 18 Midway - KY@Run for the Water Barrel - Lykins Park1st of 3
 17 Walla Walla - WA@Cougar Classic8th of 8
46Alexa Johnson24:22
48Julia Fowler24:40
52Kandice Gage26:28
53Alexis Ramirez27:36
54Mindy Robinson29:22
 168:00PMUC Merced - CA@Pacific Union College Pioneer Invitational1st of 2
  Team Time: 117:49 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 31 Course Record: 21:50
1-5 Time Split: 117:49
1-7 Time Split: 117:49
Link to Results: http://www.synergyracetiming.com/2018-puc-cc-invitational/
Competing NAIA schools: California Maritime Academy La Sierra University Pacific Union College Sierra Nevada College Simpson University
1Karina Martinez21:50
2Julia Gionet-Gonzales23:06
4Sara Zaldana23:29
5Hannah Meskienyar23:41
10Angelica Costilla-Mancha25:43
11Doris Reyes25:59
12Daisy Nava Perez26:23
  8:00PMLa Sierra - CA@Pioneers InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 31
Competing NAIA schools: UC Merced Sierra Nevada College CSU Maritime Simpson University Pacific Union College
7Arianna Marquez24:17
14Lelani Del Pinto27:03
16Destinee Mireles27:15
26Jamie Kon31:36
  8:00PMSimpson - CA@Day 1 - PUC Pioneer InviteNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 31
Link to Results: http://www.synergyracetiming.com/2018-puc-cc-invitational/
Course Description/Comments: hilly
Competing NAIA schools: UC Merced, California Maritime Academy, Holy Names, Pacific Union College, La Sierra, Sierra Nevada
9Alyson Rippingham25:24.3
15Emily Ward27:08.2
21Laura Finn28:56.1
   Cal Maritime@PUC InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: 158:32 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 31
1-5 Time Split: 13:40
1-7 Time Split: na
Competing NAIA schools: UC Merced, Pacific Union College, La Sierra College, Sierra Nevada College, Simpson College
8Lauren Silva24:52
20Gwynn Curry28:25
24Evelyn Esparza29:42
30Jessica Suarez37:01
31Starr Jones38:32
  8:00PMPacific Union - CA@Pioneer XC InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 3.2 mi Total Runners: 31 Course Record: 21:50
Link to Results: http://www.synergyracetiming.com/2018-races-and-results/
Course Description/Comments: Evening race, all dirt, double track, partially forested, some rocks, roots, loose ground. Hilly, with 350 - 400 ft. elevation change.
Competing NAIA schools: Cal Maritime Acad., UC Merced, Simpson, Sierra-Nevada, La Sierra
13Fatima Sosa26:58.4
19Blanca Martinez28:25.4
22Ana Redmon29:12.5
 15 Keiser - FL@UCF Knights Invite5th of 5
  9:30AMCincinnati Christian - OH@Friendship Invitational13th of 16
  Team Time: 1:55:58 Distance: 5,000 meters
1-5 Time Split: 01:24
60Kayla King22:26
70Meredith Hiles23:06
72Sydney Kauffer23:16
73Hannah Sams23:16
77Felicia Rosvanis23:51
91Jerica Hinson27:52
   Talladega - AL@Falcon Classic Montevallo, ALNo Team Score
   Hannibal-LaGrange - MO@MSSU Southern Stampede11th of 30
  Team Time: 102:48 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205
1-5 Time Split: 2:16
1-7 Time Split: 2:42
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/#event17
Course Description/Comments: Rolling hills, great footing, 75 /warm, lots of turns
Competing NAIA schools: Southwestern (Kan.), Friends, Missouri Baptist, Baker, College of the Ozarks, Evangel, St. Louis Pharmacy, Williams Baptist University
8Shelby Kallem19:03
59Bailey Wagner20:38
74Brooke Hoeft20:56
76Kelsey Mitchell20:58
81Tessa Starbeck21:13
89Sierra St, Aubyn21:26
101Sarah Lacy21:39
   Columbia - SC@Winthrop InvitationalCncl 
  11:00AMBellevue - NE@Bronco XC Invitational6th of 6
  Distance: 5K
  10:00AMDalton State - GA@Tiger Invitational2nd of 5
  Team Time: 109:53 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 42
1-5 Time Split: 0:40
1-7 Time Split: 4:47
Competing NAIA schools: Campbellsville (Ky.), Cumberland (Tenn.), Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
6Kay Vradenburgh21:44
7Rachel Ward21:49
13Sabrina Young22:18
14Hayley Hight22:18
15Reagan Guess22:24
33Alex Gass24:57
38Morgan King26:31
  10:00AMCumberlands - KY@Berea College Mike and Mary Kay Invitational3rd of 11
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 90
Link to Results: https://www.directathletics.com/results/xc/13661.html
Course Description/Comments: very hot conditions at start of race. Race started at 10am, and heat index was pushing 83 degrees. Back half of the course crossed a creek and footing was rough and had lots of tree roots.
Competing NAIA schools: Cumberlands, Georgetown, Martin Methodist, Pikeville, Union
2Evelyn Moore20:01.7
13Lauren McHan21:31.7
17Alyssa Hamilton21:51.2
19Tara Todd21:55.0
26Samantha Connelly22:22.6
34Kinsey Forgey22:59.0
39Emily OConnor23:26.0
  10:15AMIndiana Tech@Friendship Invitational | Cedarville, Ohio7th of 14
  Team Time: 1:45:32 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 133
1-5 Time Split: 2:15
1-7 Time Split: 6:02
Link to Results: https://yellowjackets.cedarville.edu/documents/2018/9/15//WXC_FriendshipWomen091518.pdf?id=2615
Course Description/Comments: This course is pretty tough and for the second year in a row, ran long for us. All of our gps watches were between .08 and .1 long, likely due to the excessively wide paths. Between the length, hills, and heat it explains why it ran :45-1:00 slower than our meet last week at Calvin. The difference was all in the first 5k, which affected both distances (5k/8k). Our #5 Wilson, dropped out today due to heat exhaustion. We are still without our #1 Theismann, who is nursing sore shins. She will return at Louisville. We are also still without Gorman, also out with shin splints. Bethel looks better than past years, Shawnee didnt look as strong as past years.
Competing NAIA schools: Bethel, Indiana Tech, Shawnee St, Indiana East, West Virginia Tech, Cincinnati Christian
33Kara Kline20:16
40Kaleigh Renninger20:37
44Alexis Lombardo20:48
57Hayley Newman21:17
83Julianna Colon22:31
117Kati Maugel26:18
   Florida College@ASICS Embry-Riddle Classic12th of 13
  12:00PMEmbry-Riddle - AZ@Embry-Riddle Invitational1st of 2
1Ariana Anderson19:59
2Kelli Dorn20:02
3Rachel Chrisman20:28
4Jessica Embro21:03
5Meah Wilson21:46
6Caroline Sloan22:17
7Joy Fucella22:33
   Texas Wesleyan@UC-Riverside 38th Annual CC Invitational16th of 19
  Team Time: 101:48 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 218
1-5 Time Split: 20:21
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: http://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/#/results/meet-xc/8487/scoreboard-xc/results/3
Course Description/Comments: The course is deceptive, appearing flat, fast and easy at first, but with a large difference in elevation from one end of the course to the other. The west end, at about the 1.5 mile mark, is 100 feet lower than the start/finish area, and runners tend to go out fast only to find the return home challenging
Competing NAIA schools: Vangaurd Master's Hope International
41Melissa Gonzalez18:56
117Rianna Vidales20:08
128Chloe Riley20:18
159Jaclyn Ramos21:04
171Griselda Jasso21:23
201Crystal Oliver23:21
  6:00PMColumbia - MO@Bradley Open3rd of 8
  10:00AMTougaloo - MS@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country FestivalNo Team Score 
  Team Time: 27:21.26 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 58
Competing NAIA schools: William Carey University Xavier University Loyola University University of Mobile
  9:30AMWVU Tech@Friendship Invitational | Cedarville, OH10th of 16
  Team Time: 1:50:57 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 133
Link to Results: https://goldenbearathletics.com/documents/2018/9/15/WXC_FriendshipWomen091518.pdf
42Jaelynn Parks21:02.2
46Kara Sandusky21:11.2
65Annmarie Gruttadauro22:49.9
67Alisa Kuchmak22:53.3
68Hannah Pride23:00.4
76Kaeley Boyd23:39.6
  10:00AMCumberland - TN@Tiger Invitational (Campbellsville, Ky.)1st of 6
  Team Time: 1:47:26 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 42 Course Record: 20:44
1-5 Time Split: 1:13
1-7 Time Split: 2:22
Link to Results: https://campbellsvilletigers.com/documents/2018/9/15//Women_s_5K_Individual_Scores_9_15_18.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Tough course, possibly long, heat index of 87 F. Times probably affected by 1:00 from moderate course/moderate weather.
Competing NAIA schools: Campbellsville, Brescia, Dalton State, Lindsey Wilson, Asbury.
2Amber Mays20:55
3Riley Kilian21:09
4Aleksandra Petrova21:19
8Abigayle Gawthorp21:53
11Taylor Blaneksnhip22:08
12Claudia Tepox22:17
18Gavin DuVall23:17
  10:00AMHaskell - KS@Missouri SSouthern Stampede - MSSU18th of 20
  Team Time: 1:56.55 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205
1-5 Time Split: 6:32
1-7 Time Split: 7:28
Link to Results: Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/
Competing NAIA schools: Competing NAIA schools: Baker Southwestern (Kan.) Missouri Baptist John Brown Hannibal-LaGrange College of the Ozarks Webster Evangel St. Louis Pharmacy Southwestern Assemblies of God Ottawa Haskell Williams Baptist University
86Tavia Hart21:20.32
96Anika Francis 21:34.20
140Chantel Yazzie 22:51.01
152Tiffany Berryhill 23:16.52
194Oke wt’sha Roberts 27:52.69
196Samyra Logan 28:37.96
197Hannah Harvey 28:48.92
  10:00AMXavier - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Festival, New Orleans, La.5th of 7
  10:15AMIndiana East - IN@Cedarville University Friendship Invitational9th of 16
  Team Time: 107:10 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 143
1-5 Time Split: 01:27
1-7 Time Split: 04:12
Link to Results: http://www.iueredwolves.com/stats/2018-19/WXC_FriendshipWomen091518.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Fast course, very warm conditions
43Ashley Toschlog20:46
53Savannah Hart21:10
55Sarah Hornak21:12
73MAckenzie Neher21:59
76Edmalie Cruz Sanchez22:13
89Mara Wetzel22:27
110Brooke Perreria24:58
   Friends - KS@Missouri Southern Stampede3rd of 20
  Team Time: 1:38.18 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205 Course Record: 18:42
1-5 Time Split: 58 sec
1-7 Time Split: 1:31
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13760/Southern_Stampede
Course Description/Comments: Missouri Southern has a very good course. It has some slow rolling hills with some good long stretches of running. Very competitive field. Our Ladies Falcon ran against a very tough and rank team in the Southwestern : This team averaged 19:31.
Competing NAIA schools: Southwestern Friends Baker Evangel Ottawa
10Christa Titus 19:13
11Nicole Ballard 19:15
22Miranda Tenove19:46
26Kara Simmons19:50
42Kara Zahariades20:11
46Grace Garrison20:24
62Payton Reaves20:44
  11:00AMPeru State - NE@Bronco Stampede - Hastings, Neb.5th of 7
  Team Time: 25:40.50 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 88
Competing NAIA schools: Hastings, Concordia (NE), Doane, York, Bellevue
33Julia Zurek23:14
55Jacey Sutton25:08
61Alyssa Brink26:20
62Aubrey Wattier26:32
65Sydney Stevelinck27:06
66Brealynn Wattier27:13
68Marisa Wingert27:47
  10:00AMAsbury - KY@Tiger Invitational5th of 5
  11:00AMDoane - NE@Bronco Stampede3rd of 6
  Team Time: 110:19 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 79
1-5 Time Split: 02:11
1-7 Time Split: 03:32
Course Description/Comments: Hot and humid day made the times a little slow. We are with out our #1 due to illness.
Competing NAIA schools: Hastings, Concordia, Doane, York, Peru State, Bellevue
6Emma Frerichs20:52
13Isabelle Watson21:39
23MacKenzie Brandl22:10
27Maddy Sladky22:35
31Jacinda Davis23:03
43Victoria Lokken24:16
45Madison Stevens24:24
   Shawnee State - OH@28th Annual Friendship Invitational8th of 16
  Team Time: 1:47:08 Distance: 5000 Meters Total Runners: 133
1-5 Time Split: 03:34
1-7 Time Split: 06:29
Link to Results: https://yellowjackets.cedarville.edu/documents/2018/9/15//WXC_FriendshipWomen091518.pdf?id=2615
Course Description/Comments: Hot, humid day at Cedarville. Competition was solid.
Competing NAIA schools: Cincinnati Christian, Indiana Tech, West Virginia Tech, Bethel.
23rMarissa Smith19:54
38tJessica Price20:32
52nMallory Spencer21:08
74tJessica Cook22:03
103Kayleigh Blevins23:28
116Hailey Marshall26:08
118Jozi Brown26:23
  11:00AMBenedictine Mesa - AZ@Embry-Riddle InviationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 28
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13755/Embry-Riddle_Arizona_Invitational
Competing NAIA schools: Arizona Christian Embry-Riddle
13Desteny Duque25:58
15Queta Yazzie26:40
16Patsi Silva26:57
25Bailee Sjoblom32:55
  2:00PMGreen Mountain - VT@Aldrich Invitational - Middlebury6th of 8
  Team Time: 2:12:22 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 76
Link to Results: https://www.directathletics.com/results/xc/14480.html?athlete_hnd=6903575
42nLuna Collins24:26
48tMaggie Hickey24:52
55tJiayong Chen25:41
63rMargaret Scognamiglio28:05
65tAnnie Baker29:16
67tAnnabelle Morrill29:28
73rHaleigh Benally34:22
  9:00AMReinhardt - GA@Falcon Classic 14th of 22
  Team Time: 1:56:25 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 195
1-5 Time Split: 7:42
1-7 Time Split: 7:42
Link to Results: http://www.reinhardteagles.com/documents/2018/9/15/womens_5k_run.pdf
Course Description/Comments: 80 Degrees w/ 80% Humidity and 70 degree dew point at 9:00AM in Alabama. Course was in full sun as start time was 2.5 hours after sunrise. We were suppose to run at Furman this weekend but race was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence so this was our replacement. Course was 100% grass that was moderately thick and very soft in spots due to rains. Many sweeping turns and a rolling hill section that lasted for about 400m. Top 4 all ran faster times this week than 2 weeks ago and this course was tougher and conditions were worse. Only have 5 healthy right now but If I can get one more back our #5 will be 4-5 minutes better.
Competing NAIA schools: Blue Mountain (9th), Bryan, Talladega and Rust
43Sophie Davis20:30
61Savanah Rice21:03
119Jenna Chance22:55
139Alexis Casey23:43
177Ashlyn Tuttle28:12
  12:00PMArizona Christian@Embry-Riddle (AZ) InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 28
Course Description/Comments: Very hilly and slow.
Competing NAIA schools: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Arizona Christian University
12Sophia Henze25:35
22Felicia Harris28:09
24Juliana Boyachek31:09
28Zuri Vasquez40:46
  11:30AMHope International - CA@UC Riverside InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: NA Distance: 5 km Total Runners: 218
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC2018/Invitationals/UCRinvitational/w5k.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Relatively flat, all dirt course; hot and dusty, approximately 79 degrees at race time.
Competing NAIA schools: 4th (#16 ranked) Vanguard 125 pts, 15th (#11 ranked) The Master's 387 pts, 17th Texas Wesleyan 437 pts.
50Tabitha Abbey19:12
110Daphne Salomon20:03
212Sophia Ruesga25:06
   SAGU - TX@Missouri State University - Southern Stampede16th of 20
  Team Time: 111:39.9 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 2:01.9
1-7 Time Split: 5:33.3
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13760/Southern_Stampede
Course Description/Comments: The field was very competitive and was 84 degrees at the start. It continued to get dangerously hot!coupled with an extremely high humidity.
Competing NAIA schools: Evangel Baker John Brown SW(Kansas) College Ozarks Friends Haskell Webster Lindenwood Missouri Bap Will Bap Univ
79Alexandria Castillo21:10.6
111Ayla Pope21:59.3
141Alyssa Moore22:53.4
146Destiny Barclift23:04.1
150Caitlin Cruz23:12.5
183Kaitlyn Canales25:13.7
192Elizabeth Vien26:43.9
  9:00AMCollege of the Ozarks - MO@Missouri Southern Stampede - Joplin, Mo.12th of 20
  Team Time: 1:44:27 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205
Link to Results: www.heartlalndtiming.com
Competing NAIA schools: Evangel, Friends, John Brown, Haskell, Missouri Baptist, Southwestern (Kan.), SAGU
38Bethany Edgar20:05.5
63Adeline Holder20:46.2
68Hannah Duncan20:51.7
71Bethany Marteney20:56.0
105Aspyn Britt21:47.7
108Alyssa Goth21:53.1
118Mary Zimmerman22:10.2
  9:00AMLindenwood-Belleville - IL@Missouri Southern StampedeNo Team Score
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 205 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: N/A (4 runners)
1-7 Time Split: N/A (4 runners)
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/
Course Description/Comments: The course is fairly fast, well known course. The temp and humidity started to climb as the day went. A lot of the guys in the mens race crashed pretty big in the heat and humidity. They had water on the course that just about everyone was taking advantage of.
137Elysabeth Lamoureux22:43
139Alayna Toedte22:48
161Alexis Hawes23:48
187Aimie Marshall25:26
   Clarke - IA@UW-Whitewater4th of 7
  10:00AMWilliam Carey - MS@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country Festival 1st of 7
  Team Time: 1:46:18 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 58
Link to Results: http://www.chippedtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/sugarbowlcolwom.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Mobile, Xavier, Loyola
3Ariel Jones20:01
4Andi Wheeler20:13
12Haley Green21:22
18Ashlyn Holliday22:03
21Denise Ricaldi22:37
27Kimberly Ramirez23:11
32Arnancy Arnold23:35
   Baker - KS@Southern Stampede7th of 20
  Team Time: 1:40.46 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 1:03.99
1-7 Time Split: 2:01.2
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/
Competing NAIA schools: Baker Southwestern (Kan.) Missouri Baptist John Brown Hannibal-LaGrange College of the Ozarks Webster Evangel St. Louis Pharmacy Southwestern Assemblies of God Ottawa Haskell Williams Baptist University
18tSophy Tsabadze19:42.7
23rMia Wilhoit19:47.6
34tCamille Henderson19:59.8
49tJaneane Hernandez20:28.8
64tJenna Black20:46.6
80tLarissa Weidler21:12.5
103Emily Chambers21:43.9
  11:00AMHastings - NE@Bronco Stampede (Hastings College) Map1st of 6
  Team Time: 101:36 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 79 Course Record: 18:48
1-5 Time Split: 3:00
1-7 Time Split: 3:22
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/14475/2018_Bronco_Stampede
Course Description/Comments: Hot and Humid. Course can be fast when conditions are favorable, but the it was over 80 degrees with a strong sun and high humidity today. Heidi led start to finish. Running a course record in these conditions was very impressive. Our other women really fell off pace mile 2 and 3. There were several kids who dropped out and even needed medical attention do to conditions. A tough day for sure. It was good to get the win, but we need to run better especially with our 4-7 runners.
Competing NAIA schools: Hastings (RV), Concordia (RV), Doane, York, Peru State, Bellevue University.
1Heidi Hennings18:48
2Aleisha McDonald19:49
3Karsen Keech19:55
10Makayla Mudloff21:23
15Nicole Mundy21:48
16Cody Selvage21:53
22Janice Garcia22:10
  11:45AMVanguard - CA@UC Riverside Invitational - Open Division4th of 20
  Team Time: 92:56 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 218
1-5 Time Split: 01:38
1-7 Time Split: 06:00
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC2018/Invitationals/UCRinvitational/w5k.pdf
Course Description/Comments: UC Riverside Agricultural Course, mostly flat with a few small hills. All on dirt trails. Good conditions with race time temp close to 75.
Competing NAIA schools: 4th (#16 ranked) Vanguard 125 pts, 15th (#11 ranked) The Master's 387 pts, 17th Texas Wesleyan 437 pts.
12Savannah Yi18:02
15Marissa Thompson18:14
17Madison Parr18:17
32Avery Dorff18:41
76Sarah Gee19:40
168Bethany Hinson21:20
205Ana Flores24:02
  8:45AMMobile - AL@Allstate Sugar Bowl XC Festival6th of 7
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 58
Link to Results: http://www.chippedtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/sugarbowlcolwom.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Muddy course
Competing NAIA schools: Loyola, William Carey, Dillard, Xavier
10Madelyn Wells21:19
13ShaMario Cole21:29
52Angel Peterson27:45
54Nichole Slocumb28:12
56Kayla Barren30:48
  9:00AMLoyola - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country FestivalNo Team Score
  9:30AMBethel - IN@Friendship Invitational6th of 15
  Team Time: 102:55 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 132
1-5 Time Split: 01:42
1-7 Time Split: 02:13
Link to Results: http://live.finishtiming.com/#/results
Course Description/Comments: Rolling, all grass, former NCCAA nationals course, hosted NCAA regional last year. Temp: Hot. 78+ degrees at race time with little to no breeze. We ran fairly well considering the heat. Gap times don't look great but our #1 ran very well. For perspective: our 2-5 gap was 28 sec & 2-7 gap was 63 sec. Good progression & we continue to show depth. First NAIA team to finish. We were behind 4 D1 and one D2 teams.
Competing NAIA schools: Bethel, Indiana Tech, #27 Shawnee State, Indiana East, West Virginia Tech
12Emma Jankowski19:24
39Jessica Duvall20:34
45Anna Nisen20:51
48Rebecca Maynard20:56
51Kaylee Galvan21:06
63Vanessa Steiner21:35
64Mariah King21:37
  11:45AMMontana State-Northern@Montana State University Invitational 6th of 6
  Team Time: 105:08 Distance: 3 miles Total Runners: 48
1-5 Time Split: 02:43
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/185187ALLW
Course Description/Comments: Grass course mostly flat, great weather. 1.5 loop course between 4000 and 4500 ft elevation. Both our men's and women's team have been battling illness all week, so I'm proud of the effort today. I had to keep 3 out, so that hurt scoring. All our gals that ran were dealing with a URI. I think our times could have been a little better with better health, but it was a Division I meet so I don't think our scoring would have been much different. We'll race at the UM meet in a couple weeks and expect to have all 8 racing at that point.
Competing NAIA schools: Carroll College
25Rachel David19:29
28Carlee Brown20:29
29Raini Jonson20:48
34Kaitlin Nystrom22:08
35Grace Schwenk22:12
  11:00AMMartin Methodist - TN@Berea College Invitational7th of 11
   Ottawa - KS@Missouri Southern StampedeNo Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205
Link to Results: http://www.mssulions.com/sports/2018/9/15/womens-college-5k.aspx?id=101
47Breanna Clayton20:26.6
130Suleica Lee22:30.9
155Dakota Bunch23:27.3
166Jordan Fritz24:07.3
170Alexis Reim24:23.2
189Olivia Lemus25:56.4
   Missouri Baptist - MO@ Missouri Southern Stampede 6th of 20
  Team Time: 1:40:21 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205
1-5 Time Split: 1:27
1-7 Time Split: 1:27
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/
Course Description/Comments: All grass course, about half flat/half rolling hills, warm and humid morning
Competing NAIA schools: Southwestern, Friends, Baker, John Brown, Hannibal-LaGrange, College of the Ozarks, Evangel, St. Louis Pharmacy, Ottawa, Southwestern Assemblies of God, Williams Baptist University, Haskell Indian Nations, Lindenwood Belleville
13Rebecca Starrett19:27.6
24Elizabeth Rogers19:49.7
32Emily Bayer20:00.7
38Faith Strautmann20:08.4
63Alyssa Jakcsy20:54.6
99Ansley Little22:35.6
116Meagan Ryan23:59.5
  10:00AMPhilander Smith - AR@Rhodes CollegeNo Team Score
   Evangel - MO@Southern Stampede - Joplin, Mo.14th of 20
  11:45AMCarroll - MT@Bridger Creek Golf Course, Bozeman MT5th of 6
  Team Time: 1:42:15.50 Distance: 3 Miles Total Runners: 48 Course Record: 16:23
1-5 Time Split: 04:29
1-7 Time Split: 08:40
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/185187ALLW
Course Description/Comments: Bridger Creek Golf Course at 4,700 ft in Bozeman MT. Good weather 48* and cloudy with decent footing. 5 Mile course of a 1 mile section then 2 by 2 mile loops. First mile has most of the elevation changes for the course. Samantha, 7th in the race, was the only non NCAA runner in the top 20 and ran 28 seconds faster than last year. Kendyl our other returner ran 16 seconds faster compared to last year. We are missing our projected #3 runner, Elly who should race in 2 weeks. Also our projected #4 runner Allison who will start racing in October. Overall a very strong race by Samantha against 3 of the top NCAA D1 Teams in our area. The women lost to the NCAA D2 Team MSU-Billings by 1 point. Our #3,4,5 ran decent today. #6 has been sick this past week.
Competing NAIA schools: (22) Carroll College 130, MSU-Northern 151
7Samantha Mundel17:47.7
24Kendyl Pierson19:27.15
31Abby Hammermeister21:12.77
32Hannah Mikesell21:20.75
36Taylor Leistiko22:27.13
39Hannah Johnson26:29.54
  9:00AM(A) Dillard - LA @ (H) Loyola - LANo Team Score 
 Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country Festival
  9:30AMCarlow - PA@Saint Vincent College Invitational3rd of 4
  Team Time: 149:05 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 31
1-5 Time Split: 4:06
1-7 Time Split: 6:46
Link to Results: https://static.athletics.stvincent.edu/custompages/stats/XC/2018/SVC%20Invite%20Women%20Overall.html
12Clare Brown27:55.00
14Rachel Jones28:18.44
17Olivia Miller29:01.94
22Katherine Winter31:50.03
23Megan Horgan32:01.69
24Gabrielle Kluger32:05.45
26Delaney Pavlick34:41.60
  9:00AMSouthwestern - KS@Missouri Southern Stampede2nd of 20
  Team Time: 1:37:32 Distance: 5000m Total Runners: 205
1-5 Time Split: 00:45
1-7 Time Split: 2:15
Link to Results: Www.heartlandtiming.com
Course Description/Comments: Rolling course with good footing. Great field of solid competition. Warm and humid temps may have hindered overall performances for all teams and athletes. Girls ran well. The team has been looking towards this meet since the beginning of the season. They understand that they must run well at the big meets in order to become ranked early in the season. Only lost to Cowley College who will be fighting for a podium finish at NJCAA Nationals. Still a little tired as we are training hard but they stepped up and raced closer to their potential this morning. Need to continue to work on depth and a complete front runner. Kari Blattner stepped up and ran her best time in her life and freshman Michelle Sanchez will be looking to improve each race. I can see 4 girls who can break 19:00 by the end of the season, with our number 5 looking to run 19:20. I believe this is a rankable team. We will go back to training until racing again Oct 6 in Shawnee OK.
Competing NAIA schools: Southwestern KS Friends MO Baptist Baker John Brown Hannibal-Lagrange College of the Ozarks Webster Evangel SW Assenblies of God Ottawa Haskell Ozark Christian College Williams Baptist
9Kari Blattner19:08.9
12Michelle Sanchez19:22.6
13Sydney Staples19:26.3
17Justine Vogele19:40.1
30Lexi Inscho19:53.8
57Erin Floyd20:36.3
87Morgan Benton21:23.8
   John Brown - AR@Missouri Southern State Stampede8th of 20
  Team Time: 1:41:35 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 205
1-5 Time Split: 1:54
Course Description/Comments: Sunny, high 70's; rolling grass course.
16Allika Pearson19:35
28Reagan Roth19:52
40Sarah Larson20:06
50Emilie Asbeck20:30
90Kylie Tucker21:29
  10:00AMBrescia - KY@Tiger InvitationalNo Team Score
   Georgetown - KY@Berea College Invitational5th of 11
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 87
  10:00AMCollege of Saint Mary - NE@Woody Greeno Invite8th of 8
  Distance: 6,000 meters
  10:15AMCrowley's Ridge - AR@Rhodes College Cross Country Invitational19th of 20
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 168
Link to Results: https://rhodeslynx.com/sports/2007/7/31/mtrack_home_meet_info.aspx?path=mtrack
Competing NAIA schools: Lyon College
134BreAnna Warren31:27
135Kylie DeVries31:28
156Eden Hernandez36:02
157Emily Smith36:25
162Madison Pikey38:54
  12:30PMSoka - CA@University of San Diego InviteNo Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 6K Total Runners: 65
Link to Results: https://usdtoreros.com/documents/2018/9/15/USD_INVITE_RESULTS.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Rolling, grassy, off-camber, mild-temps.
Competing NAIA schools: none
37Miranda Almeida25:14
57Linden Amundsen27:50
62Isis Roman28:02
65Jessica Lee30:22
  11:00AMConcordia - NE@Bronco Stampede2nd of 8
  Team Time: 1:44:57.62 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 80 Course Record: 18:48.65
1-5 Time Split: 42.80
1-7 Time Split: 1:01.07
Link to Results: http://blacksquirrelresults.com/2018/XC/18HastingsXC.pdf
Course Description/Comments: The course was flat for the most part, with one hill. This would have produced much faster times overall if the weather conditions had been more favorable. It was sunny, about 78 degrees F and around 75% humidity. Our women finished well; 12 of them were in the top 25. Hastings was also very strong and are looking good. Six teams scored, two community colleges (Central Wyoming and Southeast CC) competed but did not have enough runners to score.
Competing NAIA schools: 1) Hastings; 2) Concordia; 3) Doane; 4)York; 5) Peru State; 6) Bellevue
4Taylor Grove20:40.32
5Abi DeLoach20:43.74
7Rebekah Hinrichs20:54.11
9Miranda Rathjen21:16.33
11Lydia Cook21:23.12
12Jacy Johnston21:32.91
14Sydney Clark21:41.39
   Campbellsville - KY@Campbellsville Tiger Invitational3rd of 5
  11:00AMYork - NE@Bronco Stampede4th of 6
  Team Time: 116:25 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 79
1-5 Time Split: 3:59
1-7 Time Split: na
Course Description/Comments: Course was mostly flat and would probably run fast on a cooler day. Almost 80 and dew point close to 70. Hastings ladies looked really good, one of their top girls stepped in a hole and limped a sub 20 performance. Their top 3 dominated the course 45 seconds ahead of 4th. Concordia's ladies also looked good with 10 girls in the top 20.
Competing NAIA schools: Hastings, Concordia, Doane, York, Peru State, Bellevue
8Maria Geesaman20:55
28Madeleine Martinez22:36
37Hannah Rohda23:53
41Hailey Stigger24:05
52Breianna Cortez24:54
   Union - KY@Berea College10th of 11
   Briar Cliff - IA@University of Nebraska Greeno/Dirksen Invite6th of 8
  11:00AMLourdes - OH@Tiffleberg OpenNo Team Score
  Team Time: 114:45.7 Distance: 6k Total Runners: 53
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13797/Tiffleberg_Invitational
Competing NAIA schools: Lourdes
3Sheila Samoei25:16.5
26Emma Kosek27:57.2
37Jasmine Stein28:47.6
50Julia Campos33:24.4
   Williams Baptist - AR@Missouri Southern Stampede20th of 20
   Kansas Wesleyan@Missouri Southern StampedeNo Team Score
  11:45AMThe Master's - CA@UC Riverside Invite15th of 20
  Team Time: 104:11 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 218
1-5 Time Split: 6:06
1-7 Time Split: NA
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC2018/Invitationals/UCRinvitational/w5k.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Relatively flat, all dirt course; hot and dusty, approximately 79 degrees at race time. Rested our #3 today; she will return to race in 2 weeks. Please note: Rachelle Nelson (top returner) will not be competing this season as she is no longer a student at TMU.
Competing NAIA schools: Vanguard University
21Mikala Fairchild18:22
31Arianna Ghiorso18:39
144Autumn Nootbaar20:41
183Kayla Gray21:59
208Priscilla Gutierrez24:28
  9:00AMSt. Louis Pharmacy - MO@Missouri Southern Stampede (Missouri Southern State University)15th of 20
  8:00AMSt. Thomas - FL@Embry-Riddle ASICS Classic5th of 13
  Distance: 5 K
1-5 Time Split: 01:32
1-7 Time Split: 03:20
Course Description/Comments: On the sand and hot course without the team's number one runner, the STU women's cross country team competed against and won over multiple NCAA D1 and DII programs
Competing NAIA schools: Ave Maria Florida College
15tSusanna Gutierrez20:39.50
18tAndrea Peterson20:44.36
26tSofia Young21:11.89
43rGabriella Gutierrez22:11.98
44tCalyope Ortega22:05.93
45tLesly Marcin22:27.97
58tMarianna Morante23:59.36
  10:15AMLyon - AR@Rhodes College Invite17th of 20
  11:00AMLindsey Wilson - KY@Campbellsville Tiger Invitational4th of 5
  10:00AMBlue Mountain - MS@Falcon Classic9th of 22
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 195
Link to Results: https://www.xpresstiming.com/Live/2018/XC/Falcon/
   Bryan - TN@Falcon XC InviteNo Team Score
  Distance: 6K Total Runners: 195
Link to Results: https://www.xpresstiming.com/Live/2018/XC/Falcon/
Course Description/Comments: Montevallo XC Course
67Sarah Welch21:14.88
80Isabella Dawson21:46.92
111Elizabeth Thompson22:43.39
150Hannah Burt24:16.91
  8:00AMTruett-McConnell - GA@Penn State Behrend Invitational6th of 11
   Brenau - GA@Winthrop/Adidas 35th Annual Cross Country InvitationalCncl 
  10:00AMMissouri Valley@Benedictine Rocky Raven InviteNo Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 5k Total Runners: 68
1-5 Time Split: N/A
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: http://blacksquirrelresults.com/2018/XC/18BenedictineXC.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: Benedictine, Central Methodist, MidAMerica Nazarene, St. Mary, Avila
3Kirari Furumoto20:40
37Alyssa Sanchez23:07
54Brittney Mahan24:41
60Zoie Betagnolli25:45
   Rust - MS@Day 1 - Freed Hardeman UniversityCncl 
  10:15AMSCAD Savannah - GA@ Winthrop Cross Country InvitationalCncl 
 146:00PMLC - IL@ Bradley Intercollegiate Invite - Detweiller Park5th of 9
  8:15PMWalla Walla - WA@Cougar Classic8th of 8
46Alexa Johnson24:22
48Julia Fowler24:40
52Kandice Gage26:28
53Alexis Ramirez27:36
54Mindy Robinson29:22
   Texas College@Border Dash Cross Country Invitational No Team Score
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 16
1TKeyah Pace22:46.4
4Makyla Sanders24:11.7
6Dayza Lane24:48.4
8Hannah Torres25:20.8
   Jarvis Christian - TX@Bossier Parish Community College-Border Dash2nd of 4
  Distance: 5k Total Runners: 16 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 29:30.2
3Shauncy Ringo23:56.6
11TyAnn Broughton28:36.0
12Julianna Olsen29:15.7
14Kiarah Rounds32:43.5
15Jocelyn McCoy32:59.4
   Indiana Northwest - IN@Forester Invitational5th of 5
  Distance: 6k Total Runners: 53
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/14292.html
31Angela Klukken27:55.0
43Melanie Albers29:53.6
44Prysma Valdivia30:05.4
45Emily Morrison30:27.3
50Marisol Ramirez32:58.5
52Nascha Hladek33:56.2
   Cleary (Mich.) - MI@Spartan Invitational19th of 23
  4:00PMCalumet - IN@National Catholic Invitational15th of 15
  6:00PMRoosevelt - IL@Forester InviteNo Team Score
  4:15PMSaint Mary - KS@2018 National Catholic Invitational2nd of 15
  Team Time: 99:34 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 203
1-5 Time Split: 1:05
1-7 Time Split: 1:05
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13810/2018_National_Catholic_Invitational#99807
Course Description/Comments: Flat Soft Golf Course, Afternoon Race @ 4:15, Very Warm 82 Degrees with a Head Index of 91. Really Excited about this ladies team. This is the best group we have had by a long shot. 2 Years ago(2016) on the same course we Total Team timed 6:45 seconds slower at this meet. That same year we finished 19th as a team were as this year we finished 2nd as a team in the meet. That year we finished 27th at Nationals.. No ranked NAIA Teams to really compare to. Shoemaker will run much faster this year. Today was first race in nearly a year. Rust buster for her.
Competing NAIA schools: 2nd (23rd) Saint Mary, 9th Marian, 10th Saint Mary Ind., 13th Saint Xavier
67Brittany White Dold119:46
83Mariah Stein20:05
92Divina Flores20:12
99Shelby Stouffer20:17
  6:30PMGrand View - IA@Viking Invitational W-5k/M-8k5th of 7
  Team Time: 119:32 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 54 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 2:12
1-7 Time Split: 2:12
Link to Results: http://onlineraceresults.com/race/view_plain_text.php?race_id=64773
Course Description/Comments: Hot/Humid weather conditions, upper 80's felt like low 90's w/very high humidity. Rolling hills/challenging throughout the course. The toughest course we'll race all season. Rate it 4 out 5.
Competing NAIA schools: 1-Morningside, 3-William Penn, 4-Waldorf, 5-Grand View, 6-Cottey College
23Ronnoja Ayers23:13
25Michaela Barretta23:23
27Jenessa Carpenter23:44
28Lindsey Dobyns23:47
39Allie Flaws25:25
  3:30PMSaint Francis - IN@National Catholic Invite - University of Notre Dame10th of 15
   Concordia - MI@MSU Spartan Invite18th of 23
  Team Time: 2:13:03 Distance: 6K Total Runners: 275
1-5 Time Split: 5:14.5
Link to Results: http://crossroadstiming.com/results/2018/Spartan_XC/index.html#event21
Course Description/Comments: flat. warm and sunny
Competing NAIA schools: Cleary, Lawrence Tech
67Hannah Jeffress24:25.7
87Amber Streeter24:59.2
118Veronica Bell26:57.9
120Abby Bentz26:59.2
144Lydia Schroeder29:40.2
  6:45PMSt. Ambrose - IA@Bradley Intercollegiate1st of 8
  Team Time: 93:38 Distance: 3 miles Total Runners: 147
1-5 Time Split: 01:08
1-7 Time Split: 01:19
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/14461/Bradley_Intercollegiate_Championships
Course Description/Comments: Pretty hot day... Course is relatively flat with slight uphill 600m stretch that is repeated 3 times... We ran pretty well, beat Wartburg who is ranked #26 in NCAA D3... Our No. 2 girl ran as our #5 which hurt us a little but had good packs to pick up the slack... Our No. 8 also ran 19:16 so we definitely have good depth... This was a very good, quality improvement from our first race of the season as our pack 2-5 was more aggressive and tried to narrow the gap between them and Plumb... The pack was 78 seconds behind Plumb in our first race and less than a minute behind her on Friday... She ran as high quality of a race (if not better) than she did at St. Francis...
Competing NAIA schools: Columbia (Mo.), Lincoln
16Ashley Plumb17:56
32Keeley Knobloch18:46
33Megan Grady18:49
34Abby Sears18:52
47Chloe Gunn19:14
49Emma Duncan19:15
50Jenny Dickes19:15
  6:30PMWaldorf - IA@Viking Invitational4th of 7
  Team Time: 118:25 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 54
1-5 Time Split: 7:04
1-7 Time Split: 7:04
Link to Results: http://www.gvvikings.com/stats/2018-19/2018%20GV%20Invite%20W-5k%20Results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: High 80s, sunny, rolling long hills, uneven footing, tough course
Competing NAIA schools: Grandview, Morningside, William Penn
1Marissa Kuik19;49
4Marissa Widener20:49
36Natasha Troxel24:49
41Bailey Mattaidess25:59
43Clara Roderick26:53
49Mindy Barchenger29:53
   Marian - IN@40th Annual Catholic Invitational - South Bend, Ind.9th of 15
  Team Time: 1:45:42 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 203
1-5 Time Split: 1:32
1-7 Time Split: 2:44
Link to Results: enduranceraceresults.com
   Lewis-Clark State - ID@WSU Cougar Classic6th of 8
  Team Time: 117:02 Distance: 6000m Total Runners: 91 Course Record: unknown
1-5 Time Split: 01:20
1-7 Time Split: 02:53
Link to Results: www.wsucougars.com
Course Description/Comments: Flat golf course, 6k. Not real challenging, but lots of turns. Weather was good. Field of mostly NCAA d1 programs. We were able to beat one of them, plus the other naia school. Felt we ran well. Were without one of our top 5 from last meet who was nursing a sore achilles, so we took precautions. #3 Borrego continues to improve. took 5K splits (19:00, 19:13, 19:22, 19:45, 20:10). Feel we are improving and better than the current #25 rating.
Competing NAIA schools: LC State. WWU.
30Emily Adams22:45
38Rebecca Saxton23:11
40Dallas Borrego23:13
54Rylee Brown23:48
58Jessiny Howard24:05
70Molly Stephenson25:19
71Jacinta Kuther25:38
   William Penn - IA@Grand View Invitational3rd of 7
  Distance: 5K
Link to Results: http://www.gvvikings.com/stats/2018-19/2018%20GV%20Invite%20W-5k%20Results.pdf
   Lawrence Tech - MI@Spartan InvitationalNo Team Score
  4:15PMSaint Xavier - IL@-- Notre Dame National Catholic Invitational13th of 15
   Wayland Baptist - TX@Texas Tech Open, Lubbock, TX2nd of 12
  Team Time: 1:38:15 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 114
1-5 Time Split: 01:28
1-7 Time Split: 01:28
Course Description/Comments: slow course as usual. Lots of turns. One tough hill. We were average in this one. Not a bad start but not good either. Typical start for our program. To give you an idea we ran 1:38.11 here last year and finished 2nd. This year we ran 1:38:15 and I didn't run my top girl. She had a Biology field trip that was mandatory. Jemeli ran 18:55 here last year and was 11th at nationals. She is pretty close to last years pace. Kiyeng gives us an addition up front that should be top 10-15 at nationals with Jemeli and Cherono. Jacobs ran a minute faster here last year for NMJC....I don't think she ran a step this summer but she is very talented. Williams is in better shape (25 seconds faster) but did not run well today...she is only 20-30 seconds back from Jemeli really. Taylor Williams is a huge surprise. She didn't run well today at all but in practice she is with all girls. So I think she has potential for 18:30 as well. Cano was my 5th girl last year at 18:31 at nationals and she is my 7th girl this year. She is not running well however. She struggled today and has so far most of year.
9Prudence Kiyeng19:01
10Jackline Jemeli19:02
20Teresha Jacobs19:49
22Elizabeth Williams19:52
38Taylor Williams20:29
49Tiffany Cano21:18
60Tanya Pavez21:40
  5:15PMSt. Andrews - NC@NCSU Adidas XC ChallengePPD 
 136:00PMMontreat - NC@Lenoir-Rhyne XC InvitationalNo Team Score
  Team Time: N/A Distance: 5k Total Runners: 66
1-5 Time Split: N/A
1-7 Time Split: N/A
Link to Results: http://bigkahunatiming.com/dev/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/lru-cc-invitational-women-results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: 2 Big loops; primarily grass with some gravel sections. About 85 degrees at race start. We held out half of the team due to illness/injury prevention.
Competing NAIA schools: N/A
6Lydia Wlson18:31.79
36Skyler Tait20:58.45
51Rosalea Marshall22:19.14
53Alma Rodriguez22:27.38

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