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2020 Women's Volleyball Schedule

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223:15PM(H) Hastings - NEdef(A) Morningside - IA25-15,19-25,25-20,25-18 
 5:00PM(H) Hastings - NEdef(A) Morningside - IA25-15,20-25,25-20,25-18 
 213:00PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Northwestern College25-19,25-21,25-27,23-25,17-19 
 NCCAA National Championship
  1:00PM(H) IU Kokomo - INdef(A) Indiana East - IN25-21,25-19,25-18 
 RSC Volleyball Championship -- Finals
 1:00PM(A) Bluefield - VAdef(H) Montreat - NC16-25,26-28,24-26 
 Senior Day
 3:00PM(A) Reinhardt - GA @ (H) Bryan - TNPPD 
 7:00PM(A) Concordia - NE @ (H) Hastings - NECOVID No Contest 
 Previously scheduled for Nov. 3
 1:00PM(A) Columbia - SC @ (H) Union - KYPPD 
208:00PM(H) Midland - NEdef(A) Hastings - NE25-20,23-25,20-25,26-24,15-12 
 Fan Information
  9:00PM(H) University of Northwestern - St. Pauldef(A) Grace - IN28-26,25-21,23-25,25-17 
 NCCAA National Championships - Semifinals
   (N) Grace - INdef(N) Campbellsville - KY25-21,26-24,25-14 
  7:00PM(N) Bethel - INdef(N) Dallas Baptist University25-19,23-25,25-16,25-15 
 NCCAA National Tournament Semifinals
  1:00PM(N) Bethel - INdef(N) Mid-America Christian - OK25-16,25-13,25-15 
 NCCAA National Tournament Pool Play
 6:30PM(H) St. Andrews - NCdef(A) Bluefield - VA17-25,24-26,25-18,25-23,15-10 
  2:00PM(H) University of Northwestern - St. Pauldef(A) CIU - SC25-13,25-15,25-20 
 NCCAA DI Volleyball National Championship
  10:00AM(N) Grace - INdef(N) Campbellsville - KY21-25,24-26,14-25 
 NCCAA National Championships
  11:00AM(N) Grace - INdef(N) Campbellsville - KY21-25,24-26,14-25 
 6:30PM(A) Reinhardt - GA @ (H) Tennessee WesleyanPPD 
 6:30PM(A) Reinhardt - GA @ (H) Tennessee WesleyanPPD 
 197:00PM(N) Bethel - INdef(N) Grace - IN28-26,25-19,25-17 
 NCCAA National Tournament Pool Play
  11:00AM(N) Bethel - INdef(N) Campbellsville - KY25-16,25-20,25-21 
 NCCAA National Tournament Pool Play
  6:00AM(N) Campbellsville - KYdef(N) Mid-America Christian - OK23-25,25-16,17-25,24-26 
  2:00PM(N) Grace - INdef(N) Mid-America Christian - OK25-20,22-25,19-25,23-25 
 NCCAA National Championships
  4:00PM(A) Dallas Baptist Universitydef(H) CIU - SC25-20,19-25,27-29,25-15,7-15 
 NCCAA DI Volleyball National Championship
 8:00PM(H) College of Saint Mary - NEdef(A) Hastings - NE17-25,25-20,26-24,25-14 
 Fan Information
  1:00PM(N) Campbellsville - KYdef(N) Mid-America Christian - OK25-23,16-25,25-17,26-24 

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