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2020 Men's Cross Country Schedule

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 272:00PMColumbia - MO@Day 1 - Columbia College Winter Classic1st of 4
  Team Time: 142:22:19 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 25 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 2:16
1-7 Time Split: 4:18
Link to Results: http://www.trxctiming.com/Columbia_College/XC/Winter_Classic/Results/2021.htm
Course Description/Comments: Gans Creek Cross Country course. The course was soft in some areas as the cold and snow two weeks earlier had made the course pretty soft. The City of Columbia Manages the course and with the number of turns they wanted to save the inside line. So they widened some of the turns. This caused the men's race to be 400 meters longer than it was in the fall. We believe that this caused times to be at least 60-90 seconds slower than the course typically is. Plus with so few people on the large course it makes racing hard.
Competing NAIA schools: College of the Ozarks, William Woods University, John Brown University.
1Alexander Dukes27:18
2Mason Gaines28:03
5Carter Brocato28:38
6Jerrod Rotthinghaus28:44
10Dean Frossard29:34
21Ben Huskey30:57
22Jacob Jenkins31:39
  1:00PMCollege of the Ozarks - MO@Columbia College - Cougar Winter Classic4th of 4
  Team Time: 2:33:19 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 25
Link to Results: https://l.antigena.com/l/OUPuFcDmd881HEr2twLjI_HoDDsJb9LPkbbHIOxhmXXgUrptSqWoa4-72_HAiVitEKJ_tapTone
Course Description/Comments: Very windy conditions caused slower race times than normal. The Course was soft and ran very slow. Top two runners were held out due to injury but will return to the lineup next week.
Competing NAIA schools: Columbia College William Woods University John Brown University College of the Ozarks
12Cole Chafin29:57
14Wesley Moore30:10
17David Byrd30:35
18Adin Hiebsch30:37
23Mason Apperson31:58
   William Woods - MO@Columbia College2nd of 4
  3:00PMJohn Brown - AR@Columbia (Mo.) Cougar Winter Classic3rd of 4
  Team Time: 2:29:05 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 25
1-5 Time Split: 1:57
Link to Results: Results
Course Description/Comments: Conditions: Temps in the 50s, sunny, and 10-15 mph winds out of the south. Course was very soft! Course may have been slightly LONG. Times were 1:00-1:30 slower per runner than the fall races on same course.
Competing NAIA schools: Columbia (Mo.); William Woods (Mo.); College of the Ozarks (Mo.).
4Ben Martin28:34
9Jake Hagood29:24
13Jadin Whiting30:09
15Parker Hale30:24
16Matt Roehr30:32
 263:00PMCarroll - MT@LC Winter Invite 24th of 6
  Team Time: 135:27 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 50
1-5 Time Split: 0:58
1-7 Time Split: 2:18
Link to Results: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sidearm.sites/lcsc.sidearmsports.com/documents/2021/2/26/LC_Winter_2.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Windy & somewhat cold. Around 700 ft elevation. Course was slower than it has been in the past. This was an incredibly strong field. Lewis-Clark State & College of Idaho looked really tough. College of Idaho and Northwest are both much better than they have been given credit for so far. This was our first race back after having our conference season in the fall, so we expect to get better over the next month. 1 and 2 are both returning from surgeries/injuries over winter break and have only been back to completely normal training for the past few weeks. 3,4,5 are freshmen and 3,4 had a good day. We will improve as that group gains experience and confidence.
Competing NAIA schools: Lewis-Clark State, College of Idaho, Northwest, Multnomah, Carroll
14Spencer Swaim26:40
18Connor OHara26:58
19James Normandeau27:02
20Jonah Fisher27:11
22Zach Rector27:37
26Clayton Ryerson28:32
28Joe OSullivan28:58
  4:00PMNorthwest - WA@LCSC Winter XC Invite #23rd of 6
  Team Time: 132:03 Distance: 8,000 Total Runners: 50 Course Record: 23:29
1-5 Time Split: 1:46
1-7 Time Split: 2:53
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/17517/LCSC_Winter_Invite_#2
Course Description/Comments: Around 40 degrees at race time but there was constant wind of about 15-20 mph that made it feel much colder. Short and long loops (1,500 & 2,000m) with the long loop adding a 400m section to the short loop. The course rolls a little bit and the footing was better than last time but the winds made for slower times, especially if you were caught out in the wind by yourself. Another solid race by our guys, especially with more teams to race against like #16 COI and #21 Carroll. It was their first cross country race since November, but we put our top 4 in front of Carroll's #1 and ran 3:26 TT faster. We cut down our TT to #6 LCSC from 3:15 to 2:07 and we were only 1:47 TT behind COI (who really look underranked). Our 1-4 looked great and all we need is any one of our 5-7 to show up (they have PR's of 26:01, 26:37, and 27:00). About COI: I thought they could look like a Top 10 team but it was hard to tell from their preview races without much competition but they look much better than I expected. They put their Top 7 in from of LCSC's #5 but it looks like LCSC didn't race Conner Turpin (25:09 PR).
Competing NAIA schools: #6 LCSC, #16 COI, #21 Carroll, Walla Walla, Multnomah
4Dawson Andrews25:48
7Corban Phillips26:08
9Cameron Nielsen26:13
11Micah Murphy26:21
24Ben Benson27:33
26Noah Phillips27:40
30Craig Lambert28:41
  4:00PMMultnomah - OR@Winter Invite #2 @ LCSC XC Course in Lewiston, ID5th of 6
  Team Time: 2:36:31 Distance: 8000m Total Runners: 50
1-5 Time Split: 04:12
Link to Results: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/189673/results/767611
Course Description/Comments: Course a little bit soft but in solid condition after rain/snow had been hitting the area. It was incredibly windy throughout and made the wind chill quite cold. Course still ran pretty quick despite the conditions and how often the loops make you turn. Can get a little confusing differentiating the women's vs men's loops on south end.
Competing NAIA schools: Carroll (Mont) College of Idaho Northwest (WA) Lewis-Clark State Walla Walla Multnomah
35Austin Barker29:18
37Izak Garza29:46
42Caden Lowman30:56
46Noa Miller33:03
49Josiah Basaldua33:30
   College of Idaho@Winter Invite #21st of 6
  Team Time: 130:14 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 50 Course Record: 24:01
1-5 Time Split: 00:58
1-7 Time Split: 1:27
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/17517/LCSC_Winter_Invite_
Course Description/Comments: Flat fast course. Soft footing with consistent winds at 20mph. Our men ran a smart tactical race. We finished ahead of #6 LC but it sounds like they left out their #4 runner. Just off of the eyeball test I think we're a team that should be around 10. Northwest is GOOD, if their 5th runner can continue to improve they aren't far behind. Just from the eyeball test, I think LC, us, Oregon Tech, and Northwest are very similar teams.
Competing NAIA schools: #6 LCSC #16 C of I #21 Carroll RV Northwest
  5:00PMLoyola - LA@Loyola Wolf Pack Invitational1st of 3
   Lewis-Clark State - ID@LCSC Winter Invite #22nd of 6
  Team Time: 129:07 Distance: 8000 Total Runners: 50 Course Record: 23:30
1-5 Time Split: 01:43
1-7 Time Split: 02:40
Link to Results: http://www.lcwarriors.com
Course Description/Comments: Second meet in a row with less than desirable conditions. Had close to a foot of snow on it a week ago and it all melted with rain most of the week. Very wet and soft. Winds constant at 14-18mps with gusts in the upper 30s. Wind helped to dry out the surface some, so not as bad as it could be. Times were generally slower. Olsen, who has won every race he has run in this year, won in 25:10, 2 weeks ago on the same course in the snow he went 24:01, so conditions definitely a factor. Times not as dramatic as that with most of the other runners but team time almost 2 minutes slower. Over half of that due to Olsen, but we were also without our normal #4 (Turpin) who did not race as he is trying to hit a half-marathon mark tomorrow. He would have helped us in team time and in scoring. Generally though, we need to be better in the 4-7 spots if we want to be competitive in the top 5-8 at nationals. College of Idaho and Northwest both looked very good with strong packs and appear to be under-ranked IMO.
Competing NAIA schools: #16 College of Idaho, #6 LC State, #21 Carroll, RV Northwest.

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