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2018 Men's Cross Country Schedule

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 18 Midway - KY@Run for the Water Barrel - Lykins Park3rd of 3
 168:45PMUC Merced - CA@Pacific Union College Pioneer Invitational1st of 5
  Team Time: 152:33 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 42 Course Record: 29:24
1-5 Time Split: 152:33
1-7 Time Split: 152:33
Link to Results: http://www.synergyracetiming.com/2018-puc-cc-invitational/
3Hunter Bailey29:50
5Tomas Virgen30:11
6Oscar Cruz30:30
7Andrew Goff30:32
12Gael Cruanes31:30
15Allan Gomez32:39
16Andrew Luna32:46
  8:00PMLa Sierra - CA@Pioneers Invitational5th of 5
  Team Time: 4:22:27 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 42
Competing NAIA schools: Sierra Nevada College UC Merced CSU Maritime Pacific Union College Simpson University
18Gauge Hill33:29
37Galo Ortiz46:30
40Jonathan Siregar58:24
41Melvyn Pardede1:01:34
42Mario Munoz1:02:28
  8:45PMSimpson - CA@Day 1 - PUC Pioneer InviteNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 42
Link to Results: http://www.synergyracetiming.com/2018-puc-cc-invitational/
Course Description/Comments: hilly
Competing NAIA schools: UC Merced, California Maritime Academy, Holy Names, Pacific Union College, La Sierra, Sierra Nevada
19Christian Taylor33:40.6
32Spencer Scofield41:38.8
34Andrew Hus44:26.9
38Nathan Bruce47:36.2
  8:45PMCal Maritime@PUC Invitational2nd of 7
  Team Time: 157:59 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 42
1-5 Time Split: 3:04
1-7 Time Split: 5:47
Competing NAIA schools: UC Merced, Pacific Union College, Simpson College, La Sierra College, Sierra Nevada College
3Sam Comerford30:04
8Goody Walowit31:01
11Stephen Rosenfeld31:49
12Isaiah Sulivan31:54
15Kevin Nguyen33:09
21Thomas Drangsholt35:51
22Niko De Castro36:56
  8:45PMPacific Union - CA@Pioneer XC Invitational4th of 4
  Team Time: 2:58:43.8 Distance: 5.2 mi Total Runners: 42 Course Record: 29:24
Link to Results: http://www.synergyracetiming.com/2018-races-and-results/
Course Description/Comments: Evening race, all dirt, double track, partially forested, some rocks, roots, loose ground. Hilly, with 350 - 400 ft. elevation change.
Competing NAIA schools: Cal Maritime Acad., UC Merced, Simpson, Sierra-Nevada, La Sierra
7Eric Daniels30:34.6
17Pablo Garrido33:49.5
19Kyle Bullington34:44.5
23Espen Scarbrough39:33.8
25Tony Olivarria40:01.3
26Charles Berlandres40:52.8
35Antonio Robles44:47.3
 159:30AMCincinnati Christian - OH@Friendship Invitational14th of 16
  Team Time: 2:26:38 Distance: 8,000 Meters Total Runners: 206
1-5 Time Split: 01:55
50Chet Mientkiewicz28:04
70Alex Albarran28:58
78Johnny Seitz29:38
85David Klenk29:55
86Carter Carr30:00
97Zach Kirk30:39
101Ryan Wolf31:22
   Keiser - FL@UCF Knights Invite3rd of 3
  10:00AMHaskell - KS@Missouri SSouthern Stampede - MSSU12th of 24
  Distance: 8K
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/
32Jessie Madalena27:57.06
48Dorian Daw28:23.28
69Max Tuckfield29:03.43
94Uriah Little Owl29:47.37
112Josh Garcia30:07.86
121Justin Yazzie30:30.46
125Alexander Manygoats30:43.94
   Talladega - AL@Falcon Classic Montevallo, ALNo Team Score
   Hannibal-LaGrange - MO@MSSU Southern Stampede13th of 24
  Team Time: 146.03 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
1-5 Time Split: 02.03
1-7 Time Split: 03.11
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/#event17
Course Description/Comments: Rolling hills, Hot/ 80, Lots of turns, great footing
Competing NAIA schools: Southwestern (Kan.), Friends, Missouri Baptist, Baker, College of the Ozarks, Evangel, St. Louis Pharmacy, Williams Baptist University, Kansas Wesleyan,
43Nathan Rose28:07
66David Ballew28:59
78Tyler Byars29:19
91Cyle Butenhoff29:42
103Devin Neff29:56
126Cody Conway30:44
140Preston Horne31:18
  11:00AMBellevue - NE@Bronco XC Invitational6th of 6
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 63
  11:00AMCumberlands - KY@Berea College Mike and Mary Kay Invitational3rd of 11
  Distance: 5 mile Total Runners: 104
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13661/Berea_College_Mike_and_Mary_Kay_Invitational#100266
Course Description/Comments: very hot conditions at start of race. Race started at 11am, and heat index was pushing 87 degrees. The course distance was 5 miles, not 8k. We did not race our full A team for this meet. We did not race 2 of our top 6 runners due to minor injuries. Back half of the course crossed a creek and footing was rough and had lots of tree roots.
Competing NAIA schools: Georgetown, Martin Methodist, Union, Pikeville
2Lucas Huelvan26:20.2
4Nicolas Grandperrin26:51.1
12Garrett Faulkner28:16.5
24Mitchell Miracle29:42.8
35Spencer Schick30:28.4
59Keaton Logan32:34.5
   Florida College@ASICS Embry-Riddle Classic12th of 13
  12:00PMEmbry-Riddle - AZ@Embry-Riddle Invitational1st of 3
1Matthew Siegel28:31
2Jordan Bramblett29:20
3Lucas English29:32
5Robert Kimmerling30:05
6Grady Kerst30:06
7Cole Zink30:12
8Austin Luttrell30:32
  6:45PMColumbia - MO@Bradley Open2nd of 9
  10:00AMMissouri Baptist - MO@Missouri Southern Stampede20th of 24
  Team Time: 2:33.27 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/#event17
Course Description/Comments: Cut Grass, rolling hills and flat at times, hot & humid
Competing NAIA schools: Southwestern, Friends, Baker, John Brown, Hannibal-LaGrange, College of the Ozarks, Evangel, St. Louis Pharmacy, Southwestern Assemblies of God, Williams Baptist University, Haskell Indian Nations, Lindenwood-Bellville,
68Colburn Powell29:01.2
98Richard Peugeot29:52.1
118Brendan Grbcich30:21.8
137Jordan Crawford31:07.4
187Luke Little33:04.3
190Hunter Boker33:10.0
204Joshua Person34:17.4
  10:30AMTougaloo - MS@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country Festival9th of 9
  Team Time: 24:00.63 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 59
Competing NAIA schools: William Carey University Loyola University Xavier University Dillard University
45Stanimir Zivulj21:09
48Christopher Mitchell22:23
53Emmanuel Lewis25:28
54Darius Kennedy25:30
55Datavian Porter25:31
  9:30AMWVU Tech@Friendship Invitational | Cedarville, OH8th of 16
  Team Time: 2:21:47 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 206
Link to Results: https://goldenbearathletics.com/documents/2018/9/15/MXC_FriendshipMen091518.pdf
22Dan Nehnevaj26:54.1
54Michael Ecker-Randolph28:17.3
63Zachary Longwell28:35.8
65Nathan Morton28:42.1
75Seth Bierbrauer29:17.9
77Marcus Vital29:27.0
80Luke Jobson29:44.7
  11:00AMCumberland - TN@Tiger Invitational (Campbellsville, Ky.)2nd of 6
  Team Time: 2:22:42 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 44 Course Record: 26:49
1-5 Time Split: 3:06
1-7 Time Split: 3:06
Link to Results: https://campbellsvilletigers.com/documents/2018/9/15//Men_s_XC_9_15_18.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Tough course, possibly long, and heat index of 87 F. Times were at least 1:00 slower than normal race conditions
Competing NAIA schools: Campbellsville, Lindsey Wilson, Brescia, Asbury.
2Cornelius Kipchumba27:12
3Joel Barlow27:51
5Nate Mihnovich28:10
10Jerry Rojas29:11
21Chris Swann30:18
23Carlos Tirado30:34
32Eric Sparks32:29
  10:30AMXavier - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Festival, New Orleans, La.5th of 9
   Friends - KS@Missouri Southern Stampede7th of 24
  Team Time: 2:21:18 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227 Course Record: 24:42
1-5 Time Split: 1:53
1-7 Time Split: 2:40
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13760/Southern_Stampede
Course Description/Comments: Very nice course at Missouri Southern: It has a lot of nice little rolling hills with some opportunities to stretch it out on the course. Some very good competition today with Junior College leading the way.
Competing NAIA schools: Baker Evangel Friends Southwestern Kansas Wesleyan
15Jonathan Jones 27:06
41Logan White 28:06
49Isaac Sprague28:25
53Nathan Mier 28:39
62Logan Krenn28:59
64Reno Ferris29:01
82Brett Martin 29:47
  9:30AMIndiana East - IN@Cedarville University Friendship Invitational15th of 16
  Team Time: 148:34 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 206
1-5 Time Split: 01:15
1-7 Time Split: 01:42
Link to Results: http://www.iueredwolves.com/stats/2018-19/MXC_FriendshipMen091518.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Fast course, warm temperatures
99Shannon Milnickel29:04
102Cole Dudley29:08
125Chance Klipstine30:01
126Johnny Fike30:02
131Parker Morris30:19
143Zach Barkdull30:35
147Trey Pemberton30:46
  10:00AMAsbury - KY@Tiger Invitational4th of 4
  11:45AMDoane - NE@Bronco Stampede2nd of 6
  Team Time: 144:24 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 63
1-5 Time Split: 03:12
1-7 Time Split: 04:44
Course Description/Comments: We had a tough day today. It was hot and humid and that slowed the race. Hubbell stepped off at 6k because of illness. Saldivar had similar issues but finished. On the bright side, Evan Wick is returning to form. He ran through 6k as planned and was ahead of Harmon when he came off. His first full 8k will be Briar Cliff on 10/6. We are a lot better than what we showed today.
Competing NAIA schools: Concordia, Doane, Hastings, York, Bellevue
1Alec Wick27:13
11Samuel Saldivar28:27
13Nate Harmon28:42
21Riley Wehrer29:35
30Brandon Crom30:25
34Stephen McGee30:54
43Tanner Harsin31:57
   Shawnee State - OH@28th Annual Friendship Invitational3rd of 16
  Team Time: 2:14:02 Distance: 8000 Meters Total Runners: 206
1-5 Time Split: 01:04
1-7 Time Split: 01:42
Link to Results: https://yellowjackets.cedarville.edu/documents/2018/9/15//MXC_FriendshipMen091518.pdf?id=2614
Course Description/Comments: Hot, humid day at Cedarville for their annual invitational. The footing was not quite as good as in normal years there but it was dry and the ground was fairly hard. There were portions where the footing was a bit uneven though. Shawnee ran pretty well but not great. Defeated #17 Indiana Tech by over 100 points and nearly 4 minutes in team time.
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee State, Cincinnati Christian, Bethel, Indiana Tech, West Virginia Tech.
9thSeth Farmer26:11
16tHunter Hoover26:34
26tSteven Adams26:56
30tThryceton Deckard27:04
39tJonah Phillips27:15
46tHunter Bennington27:37
54tOwen Reeher27:53
  11:00AMBenedictine Mesa - AZ@Embry-Riddle InviationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 36
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13755/Embry-Riddle_Arizona_Invitational
Competing NAIA schools: Embry-Riddle Arizona Christian
21Dennis Arthur34:05
24Chris Gutierrez35:09
31Justin Harrison40:05
  1:00PMGreen Mountain - VT@Aldrich Invitational - Middlebury7th of 9
  Team Time: 3:01:51 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 104
Link to Results: https://www.directathletics.com/results/xc/14480.html?athlete_hnd=6903603
54tBirch Swart31:35
55tNick Volkov31:36
74tChristian Przybyla35:32
95tPierce Caldwell40:16
100Cameron Boon42:51
103Aiden Braverman46:32
  8:00AMReinhardt - GA@Falcon Classic 12th of 25
  Team Time: 2:19:10 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
1-5 Time Split: 3:38
1-7 Time Split: 3:38
Link to Results: http://www.reinhardteagles.com/documents/2018/9/15/mens_8k_run.pdf
Course Description/Comments: 80 Degrees w/ 95% Humidity and 75 degree dew point at 8:00AM in Alabama. Course was in full sun as start time was 1.5 hours after sunrise. We were suppose to run at Furman this weekend but race was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence so this was our replacement. Course was 100% grass that was moderately thick and very soft in spots due to rains. Many sweeping turns and 4 rolling hill sections that the course went over ranging from 200-400m apiece. Jackson was the only guy that ran all out and he ran extremely well. He was 14 seconds from his PR even with the course ans conditions. Had a group of 4 that ran controlled effort thru 5K (17:30-17:50) and tried to close the last 3K. Mixed results from that group as #2 looked good but others just didn't move as much as I expected. Projected #5 dropped out before 3 mile mark as he was throwing up multiple times during the race. We have done similar controlled efforts last two years after heavy training weeks on easier courses with better conditions around this date (mid Sept), and this was our fastest team time and last 3K effort (Top 5 averaged 10:05 today) of those last couple years.
Competing NAIA schools: Blue Mountain, Bryan, Talladega and Rust
9Jackson Helfrich25:39
58Jose Diaz27:09
97Per Ellingson28:25
106Brian Vincent Jr.28:38
131Austin Brennan29:17
175Robert Jordan32:07
196Brandon Starks34:21
  12:45PMArizona Christian@Embry-Riddle (AZ) Invitational2nd of 3
  Team Time: 2:46:50 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 36
1-5 Time Split: 33:22
Course Description/Comments: Very hilly and slow
Competing NAIA schools: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (AZ), Arizona Christian
4Jacob Hoppe29:38
12Kody DeHart31:33
16Tim Williams32:16
20Tanner Hilton33:49
30Jared Valadez39:34
32Dereny Long41:15
  11:05AMHope International - CA@UC Riverside Invitational19th of 21
  Team Time: 132:58 Distance: 8 km Total Runners: 172
1-5 Time Split: 1:59
1-7 Time Split: 1:59
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC2018/Invitationals/UCRinvitational/m8kI.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Relatively flat, all dirt course; hot and dusty, about 75 degrees at race time.
Competing NAIA schools: (#16 Ranked) 15th The Master's 449 pts; 19th Hope International University 534 points
38Joseph Tobin25:13
131Johan Sanchez26:46
133Andrew Valle26:47
138David Martinez26:58
146Anthony Ramos27:12
  9:00AMDillard - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country Festival8th of 9
  Team Time: 22:24.81 Distance: 5K Total Runners: 59
Link to Results: file:///C:/Users/wbjones/Desktop/Dillard%20XC%20Releases/DU%20XC%20Results/sugarbowlcolmen.pdf
Competing NAIA schools: William Carey Spring Hill College Mobile Loyola (La.) Xavier (La.) Louisiana College Tougaloo College
   SAGU - TX@Missouri Southern State - Southern Stampede4th of 24
  Team Time: 138:53.7 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 227 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 2:11.2
1-7 Time Split: 3:25.1
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13760/Southern_Stampede
Course Description/Comments: The field was very competitive and was 84 degrees at the start. It continued to get dangerously hot, coupled with an extremely high humidity. My top runner, freshman, began well (Top 5) but the heat got to him and finished 20th overall. The team had a solid showing with 4 in the Top 22 of 227.
Competing NAIA schools: Evangel Baker John Brown SW(Kansas) College Ozarks Friends Haskell Webster Lindenwood Missouri Bap Will Bap Univ
13Adrian Cedillo27:00.8
19Cody Walker27:28.5
20Zachery Hammond27:31.9
22Robert Herrera27:37.7
74Jose Alvarez29:12.0
100Arturo Valdez29:53.8
120Blake Hutchins30:25.9
   Clarke - IA@UW-Whitewater3rd of 5
  9:00AMLindenwood-Belleville - IL@Missouri Southern Stampede11th of 17
  Team Time: 2:47 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 227 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 2:47
1-7 Time Split: 3:21
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/
Course Description/Comments: The course is fairly fast, well known course. The temp and humidity started to climb as the day went. A lot of the guys in the men's race crashed pretty big in the heat and humidity. They had water on the course that just about everyone was taking advantage of.
55Josh Ferguson28:47
77Cisco Zaragoza29:23
93Evan Alcorn30:07
96Jered Nolie30:09
124Jorge Hernandez31:34
  10:00AMCollege of the Ozarks - MO@Missouri Southern Stampede - Joplin, Mo.11th of 24
  Team Time: 2:25:24 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
Link to Results: www.heartlandtiming.com/
Competing NAIA schools: Evangel, John Brown, Southwestern (Kan), Haskell ,Hannibal-LaGrange, Lindenwood-Belleville
24Garrett Pierce27:43.0
29Sam Baumer27:47.6
59Shane York28:47.7
115Wesley Moore30:13.9
130Sam Scaggs30:51.1
155David Byrd31:44.7
167Mason Apperson32:23.6
  11:45AMHastings - NE@Bronco Stampede (Hastings College) Map4th of 6
  Team Time: 149:55 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 63 Course Record: 26:20
1-5 Time Split: 1:59
1-7 Time Split: 2:12
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/14475/2018_Bronco_Stampede
Course Description/Comments: Very hot and humid. Looking at results a lot of guys from multiple teams ran a minute or more slower than they did last year on this course. Fort Hays State took the race out hard the first mile and you could see it really impacting people in the middle. Zach Hole who is our #4 had hamstring cramps around mile 3 and ended up being our 8th today. We had a great week of practice, not sure if the guys left their legs in practice or if the Hot and Humid conditions really affected them as much as it looked. Regardless not a good outing for us. Concordia is legit - they looked solid. Our guys still managed to beat a York team that is receiving votes.
Competing NAIA schools: Concordia Doane (23), Hastings, York (RV), Bellevue University.
18Dylan Jaure29:14
20Jarred Russell29:33
23Andru Hansen29:45
28Ethan Bergmann30:08
38Stephen Gonzales31:13
40Trevor Alber31:20
41Ryan Parthemer31:26
   Baker - KS@Southern Stampede3rd of 24
  Team Time: 2:18.09 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227 Course Record: N/A
1-5 Time Split: 2:11.4
1-7 Time Split: 3:26.3
Link to Results: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Southern_Stampede_College_Division/
Competing NAIA schools: Baker Southwestern Assemblies of God Evangel Friends John Brown Southwestern (Kan.) College of the Ozarks Haskell Hannibal-LaGrange Lindenwood-Belleville Johnson & Wales (Colo.) Missouri Baptist Kansas Wesleyan Williams Baptist St. Louis Pharmacy
3rdGreg Flores26:12.0
18tJacob Cofer27:24.7
27tLiam Barnsby27:45.3
47tAdam Preston28:23.0
49tMaxx Bradley28:23.4
51sDrew Cook28:25.7
88tParker Wilson29:38.3
  10:30AMWilliam Carey - MS@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country Festival 1st of 9
  Team Time: 1:23:47 Distance: 5k Total Runners: 59
Link to Results: http://www.chippedtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/sugarbowlcolmen.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Hot, Humid, and Wet
Competing NAIA schools: Mobile, Loyola New Orleans, Xavier, Dillard, Tougaloo
1Jacob Plocher16:17
2Andrew Knott16:18
6Cooper Herrington16:33
8William Neese17:05
12Hayden Shows17:32
14Zachary Fielder17:34
16Tyler Warren17:45
  12:15PMVanguard - CA@UC Riverside Invitational - Open Division10th of 17
  Team Time: 139:58 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 202
1-5 Time Split: 04:50
1-7 Time Split: 04:50
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC2018/Invitationals/UCRinvitational/m8kO.pdf
Course Description/Comments: UC Riverside Agricultural course. Mostly flat with a few small hills. Course is all on dirt trails. Race time temp was close to 80 for the men.
Competing NAIA schools: 10th Vanguard (RV) 279 pts, 16th Marymount 431 pts.
27Caleb Myers26:09
57Josh Anderson26:45
76Cade Clark27:21
129Noah Meister28:42
180Jordan Travis30:59
  8:45AMMobile - AL@Allstate Sugar Bowl XC Festival3rd of 9
  Distance: 5K Total Runners: 59
Link to Results: http://www.chippedtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/sugarbowlcolmen.pdf
Course Description/Comments: muddy course #2 runner did not compete
Competing NAIA schools: William Carey, Loyola, Dillard, Xavier
4Nathan Whitton16:26
15Zachary Taylor17:40
23Jacob Abston18:38
24Tucker Hill18:41
31Seth Mattocks19:16
40Ashton Howell20:25
  9:00AMLoyola - LA@Allstate Sugar Bowl Cross Country Festival4th of 9
  9:30AMIndiana Tech@Friendship Invitational | Cedarville, Ohio7th of 16
  Team Time: 2:18:39 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 206
1-5 Time Split: 1:22
1-7 Time Split: 2:04
Link to Results: https://yellowjackets.cedarville.edu/documents/2018/9/15//MXC_FriendshipMen091518.pdf?id=2614
Course Description/Comments: This course is pretty tough and for the second year in a row, ran long for us. All of our gps watches were between .08 and .1 long, likely due to the excessively wide paths. Between the length, hills, and heat it explains why it ran :45-1:00 slower than our meet last week at Calvin. The difference was all in the first 5k, which affected both distances (5k/8k). We did not have our #2, Karawira, because of heat, and are still sitting out Runyan due to knee issues. He is cross training and hopes to return at Bethel for a low-key startup, and full go at Seminole Valley. Even with them, we would still be behind Shawnee St in this field, they look to be a top 15 team right now.
Competing NAIA schools: Shawnee St., Indiana Tech, West Virginia Tech, Bethel, Cincinnati Christian, Indiana East
28Cayce Griffin27:02
43Christian Corrion27:29
45Alex Rodriguez27:33
65Jared Wells28:10
74Justin Fleming28:24
96Lukas Brant28:56
101Jake Willison29:06
  9:30AMBethel - IN@Friendship Invitational12th of 16
  Team Time: 145:43 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 206
1-5 Time Split: 02:08
1-7 Time Split: 03:45
Link to Results: http://live.finishtiming.com/#/results
Course Description/Comments: Rolling, all grass, former NCCAA nationals course, which also hosted NCAA DII regionals last year. Temp: Hot (mid 70's with not much (if any) breeze). Temps caused course to run slow. Shawnee State looked very deep (and to prove it was slow: only ran 2:14:02 team time). They are much better than that time indicates. Our inexperience was evident today. Rough day for most, but our #1 has raced well two weeks in a row.
Competing NAIA schools: #21 Shawnee State, #17 Indiana Tech, West Virginia Tech, Bethel, Indiana East
50Evan Herr-Knispel27:46
92Erick Contreras28:52
109Trevor Miller29:23
120Kole Hanke29:46
122Devlin McNeil29:54
139Aden Burke30:31
159Jose Sosa-Escamilla31:31
  11:00AMMontana State-Northern@Montana State University Invitational 6th of 6
  Distance: 5 miles Total Runners: 54
1-5 Time Split: 00:56
1-7 Time Split: 02:27
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/185187ALLM
Course Description/Comments: Grass course mostly flat, great weather. 1.5 loop course between 4000 and 4500 ft elevation. 4 of our 8 men have had upper respiratory infections this week, so we were really on the fence about competing this weekend. I'm proud of the guys for wanting to race - they did okay considering their health. Our 1-4 guys were mostly healthy, 5-8 all ran ill. Tough field with all NCAA runners - more of a training meet for us.
Competing NAIA schools: Carroll College
28Isiah Runsabove28:17
30Beau Hyatt28:28
33Liam Baez-Terry28:55
35Amos Taiswa29:00
36Field Soosloff29:13
37Luke Karnauskas29:13
40Kai Krumwiede30:44
  11:00AMMartin Methodist - TN@Berea College Invitational10th of 11
  9:00AMPhilander Smith - AR@Rhodes CollegeNo Team Score
   Ottawa - KS@Missouri Southern StampedeNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
Link to Results: http://www.mssulions.com/sports/2018/9/15/mens-college-8k.aspx?id=104
39Alan Rangel Aguilar28:04.5
106Joseph Corbin30:04.7
192Zerai Belai33:16.2
200Jacob Whiteley33:46.0
   Evangel - MO@Southern Stampede - Joplin, Mo.4th of 24
  11:00AMCarroll - MT@Bridger Creek Golf Course, Bozeman MT4th of 6
  Team Time: 2:18:43.82 Distance: 5 Miles Total Runners: 54 Course Record: 24:14
1-5 Time Split: 02:16
1-7 Time Split: 04:39
Link to Results: http://competitivetiming.com/results/185187ALLM
Course Description/Comments: Bridger Creek Golf Course at 4,700 ft in Bozeman MT. Good weather 48* and cloudy with decent footing. 5 Mile course of a 1 mile section then 2 by 2 mile loops. First mile has most of the elevation changes for the course. Top 5 averaged a minute faster from last year going from 2:23:46.98 to 2:18:43.92 and this is without our #3 Johnny who did not race this weekend due to religious obligations. He had a great workout this week where he ran sub 5:30 pace for 6+ mile tempo and will be projected between our #1 and #2 next weekend. Our #1 and #4 freshman had great races and are adjusting well to the longer courses. #1 Spencer is the first non-NCAA runner in the meet. Chance is still going up in mileage at this part of the season although ran much more consistent than last week. A number of runners really stepped up and ran much better this week even with the very difficult week of training. The 3 teams that beat us are some of the top NCAA D1 Teams in our region. The men also beat NCAA D1 Team MSU-Billings.
Competing NAIA schools: Carroll College 132 points, MSU- Northern 162 points
21Spencer Swaim26:39.09
24Chance Hyatt27:10.37
26Noah Majerus27:40.32
29Drew Zwijack28:18.76
32Drake Johnson28:55.28
39Ben Wood30:30.78
41Patrick Miranne31:18.33
   Briar Cliff - IA@University of Nebraska Greeno/Dirksen InviteNo Team Score 
  10:00AMSouthwestern - KS@Missouri Southern Stampede9th of 24
  Team Time: 2:24:45 Distance: 8000m Total Runners: 227
1-5 Time Split: 2:13
Link to Results: Www.heartlandtiming.com
Course Description/Comments: Rolling course with good footing. Large field with great competition. Warm and humid temps slowed the entire field. Guys didn't run well. We are a better team than this. We didn't back off much going into this race and our men paid the price for that. Looking long term and hoping to run well on Nov 3 at KCAC Championships. Number 1 guy ran well below his fitness, I expect him to help us down the road and lower team scores and total time. Number 4-5 guys are freshman and they definitely got their eyes opened to 8000m racing. Looking forward to getting these guys back to work and racing again Oct 6.
26Bryce Grahn27:45.0
36Manuel Gonzalez28:01.4
71Kyler Newkirk29:07.7
97Jax Pelkey29:52.0
105 Peyton Wardell29:58.7
  10:30AMCarlow - PA@Saint Vincent College Invitational4th of 4
  Team Time: 174:09 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 37
1-5 Time Split: 7:24
Link to Results: https://static.athletics.stvincent.edu/custompages/stats/XC/2018/SVC%20Invite%20Men%20Overall.html
17Ethan Stroebel30:15.46
29Kevin Sheehan34:59.01
30Joseph Palmieri35:19.69
31Evan Antes35:57.38
33Michael Randal37:39.17
   John Brown - AR@Missouri Southern State Stampede8th of 24
  Team Time: 2:22:40 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
1-5 Time Split: 2:44
Course Description/Comments: Sunny, high 80's; rolling grass course.
9Ben Martin26:46
33Jacob Benjamin27:58
75Jacob Synek29:14
76Josh Uzelac29:15
83Matthew Bloom29:27
  11:00AMBrescia - KY@Tiger InvitationalNo Team Score
   Georgetown - KY@Berea College Invitational6th of 11
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 104
  11:00AMConcordia - NE@Bronco Stampede1st of 8
  Team Time: 2:21:49.33 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 63 Course Record: 27:13.51
1-5 Time Split: 1:13.11
1-7 Time Split: 2:10.05
Link to Results: http://blacksquirrelresults.com/2018/XC/18HastingsXC.pdf
Course Description/Comments: The course was flat for the most part, with one hill. This would have produced much faster times overall if the weather conditions had been more favorable. It was sunny, about 78 degrees F and around 75% humidity. Our men finished well; 6 of them were in the top 20. Six teams scored, two schools (Fort Hays State and Southeast CC) competed but did not have enough runners to score.
Competing NAIA schools: 1st) Concordia University Nebraska; 2nd) Doane University; 4th) Hastings College; 5th) York College; 6th) Bellevue University
4Josiah McAllister27:52.79
5Wyatt Lehr27:53.58
8Thomas Taylor28:16.13
12Christian Van Cleave28:40.93
17Evan Asche29:05.90
19Jordan Lorenz29:30.67
27Ethan Pankow30:02.84
  9:30AMCrowley's Ridge - AR@Rhodes College Cross Country InvitationalNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 183
Link to Results: https://rhodeslynx.com/sports/2007/7/31/mtrack_home_meet_info.aspx?path=mtrack
Competing NAIA schools: Lyon College
149Ryan Camp34:07
174Christian Gilbert39:03
  11:30AMSoka - CA@University of San Diego Invite5th of 5
  Team Time: 2:51:02 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 54
1-5 Time Split: 8:09
Link to Results: https://usdtoreros.com/documents/2018/9/15//USD_INVITE_RESULTS.pdf
Course Description/Comments: 4 x 2k loops. Rolling grass, off-camber, mild temps.
Competing NAIA schools: None
49Michael Note30:55
50Tanner Montagriff-Peck32:35
51Ryota Kamiuchi34:02
52Landis Meyer34:26
53Marlen Riviere39:04
54Arslan Kasimov40:12
   Campbellsville - KY@Campbellsville Tiger Invitational1st of 4
  11:00AMYork - NE@Bronco Stampede5th of 6
  Team Time: 154:55 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 63
1-5 Time Split: 6:17
1-7 Time Split: NA
Course Description/Comments: Course was pretty flat, Would probably run fast on a cooler day. Was hot at roughly 80 degrees, dew point was almost 70. We are missing our number 3 or 4 but did not run well overall regardless. Doane's top runner looked great, Concordia's Men's team won and looked really good .
Competing NAIA schools: Concordia, Doane , Hastings, York, Bellevue
3Ian Meek27:50
15Logan Kaliff28:54
37Joeseph Ruffcorn31:08
49Mason Held32:45
52Conner Cogswell34:17
   Union - KY@Berea College8th of 11
  12:00PMLourdes - OH@Tiffleberg OpenNo Team Score
  Team Time: 69:04.9 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 71
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13797/Tiffleberg_Invitational
Competing NAIA schools: Lourdes
51Kevin Huang32:00.8
69Daniel Bautista-Macias37:04.1
   Williams Baptist - AR@Missouri Southern Stampede22nd of 24
  11:00AMLindsey Wilson - KY@Campbellsville Tiger Invitational3rd of 4
   Kansas Wesleyan@Missouri Southern Stampede21st of 24
  11:05AMThe Master's - CA@UC Riverside Invite16th of 22
  Team Time: 130:54 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 172
1-5 Time Split: 2:00
1-7 Time Split: 2:27
Link to Results: http://www.finishedresults.com/files/XC2018/Invitationals/UCRinvitational/m8kI.pdf
Course Description/Comments: Relatively flat, all dirt course; hot and dusty, about 75 degrees at race time. Sat out our #3 today.
Competing NAIA schools: Hope International
46Wes Methum25:17
62Stephen Pacheco25:32
108Josh Nunez26:16
119Davis Boggess26:31
148Justin Harris27:17
154Sully Hudson27:30
160Isaac Ventura27:44
  10:00AMSt. Louis Pharmacy - MO@Missouri Southern Stampede (Missouri Southern State University)24th of 24
  9:30AMLyon - AR@Rhodes College Invite17th of 21
   St. Thomas - FL@Embry-Riddle ASICS Classic8th of 12
  Distance: 8 K
1-5 Time Split: 02:50
1-7 Time Split: 03:01
31sGeorge Kimutai28:45.57
48tDiego Lopez29:42.91
53rJose Panalven30:16.01
67tBenjamin Guerrero31:24.77
69tMichele Collete31:35.23
70tPeterley Louis31:43.96
71sAlejandro Garcia31:46.55
   Bryan - TN@Falcon XC InviteNo Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
Link to Results: https://www.xpresstiming.com/Live/2018/XC/Falcon/
Course Description/Comments: Montevallo XC Course
85Brady Smith28:00.55
171Jayden Parris31:48.37
173Jonathan Nelson32:00.52
180Daniel Morris32:35.13
  8:00AMTruett-McConnell - GA@Penn State Behrend Invitational3rd of 11
  9:00AMBlue Mountain - MS@Falcon Classic16th of 25
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 227
Link to Results: https://www.xpresstiming.com/Live/2018/XC/Falcon/
  9:15AMMontreat - NC@Furman XC ClassicCncl 
  9:15AMSCAD Savannah - GA@ Winthrop Cross Country InvitationalCncl 
 146:00PMLC - IL@Bradley Intercollegiate Invite - Detweiller Park9th of 9
   Texas College@Border Dash Cross Country Invitational No Team Score
  Distance: 8K Total Runners: 22
5Fabian Arreola30:03.0
12Tyler Sanders33:38.4
16Christian Rodriguez35:40.6
   Jarvis Christian - TX@Bossier Parish Community College - Border Dash3rd of 4
  Distance: 8k Total Runners: 22 Course Record: N/A
10Robert Evans Jr.31:29.5
17Thomas Monroe35:49.0
20Brian Alexander39:45.0
22Khalil Johnson1:02:52.1
  8:15PMWalla Walla - WA@Cougar Classic9th of 9
54Austin Blubay28:12
55Josiah Buster29:41
56Andrew Eoff30:03
57Matthew Negley31:39
58Matthew Kontra32:41
   Indiana Northwest - IN@Forester InvitationalNo Team Score
44Miguel Tapia32:20.3
48Jeremiah Mabon43:39.7
   Cleary (Mich.) - MI@Spartan Invitational19th of 25
  6:00PMRoosevelt - IL@Forester InviteNo Team Score
  4:00PMCalumet - IN@National Catholic Invitational16th of 18
  6:30PMGrand View - IA@Viking Invitational W-5k/M-8k3rd of 5
  Team Time: 148:44 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 52 Course Record: na
1-5 Time Split: 1:54
1-7 Time Split: 1:54
Link to Results: http://onlineraceresults.com/race/view_plain_text.php?race_id=64774
Course Description/Comments: Hot/Humid conditions, upper 80's, felt like low-mid90's with humidity. 2 loop course, challenging/rolling hills throughout. Toughest course we'll run this season, rate it a 4 out of 5.
Competing NAIA schools: 2-Morningside, 3-Grand View, 4-Waldorf, 5-William Penn
5Trevor Albert28:43
9Ben Huftalin29:19
12Alex Arechavaleta29:32
21Kirk Leach30:33
22Chris Hatch30:37
26Talon Munger31:07
30Caleb Chmelka32:10
  3:30PMSaint Francis - IN@National Catholic Invite - University of Notre Dame12th of 18
   Concordia - MI@MSU Spartan InviteNo Team Score 
  5:00PMSaint Mary - KS@2018 National Catholic Invitational3rd of 18
  Team Time: 134:00 Distance: 5 mile Total Runners: 228
1-5 Time Split: 01:35
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/13810/2018_National_Catholic_Invitational#99807
Course Description/Comments: Flat, Soft, Golf Course. Race started @ 5pm, Very Warm 82 Degrees w/ Heat index of 91. Nothing to really compare us to. Mostly D1,D2,D3 competition. Last time we came here we finished 7th overall and ended up 14th at nationals. finishing 3rd today with 2 minutes total team time faster. I feel that we fit in the 7-10 rank range based off of this performance.. We did not run well early. With our 2-9 runners going out very slow first mile of 5:22 being in 180+ place. Never really started racing. We were a little timid with it being our first 8k of the year. Should look sharper next time we race.
Competing NAIA schools: 3rd- (8)Saint Mary, 9th= (RV)Marian, 11th- Sienna Heights, 12th- St. Francis(Ind)
19Philip Lagemann25:41
52Jacob Stewart26:46
62Eric Vazquez27:04
73Luke Skinner27:13
80Johnathan Bowen27:15
92Nick Thomas27:32
106Clayton Price27:39
  6:00PMSt. Ambrose - IA@Bradley Intercollegiate3rd of 9
  Team Time: 136:29 Distance: 8000m Total Runners: 156
1-5 Time Split: 02:01
1-7 Time Split: 02:50
Link to Results: https://www.tfrrs.org/results/xc/14461/Bradley_Intercollegiate_Championships
Course Description/Comments: Weather was very good... The sun continued to go down during the women's race so conditions were near ideal... Fairly fast course tons of looping with a 600m slight uphill... This was a really nice performance for us... Nos. 3-4-6-7 are freshmen so things are looking good for the future... Our No. 5 remains a challenge... Nos. 3-4 should continue to improve as this was their first 8k... We may be in the conversation for a RV situation depending on how the rest of the top 30 competed... I haven't looked real closely except at a few of the 22-28 type of teams and I think we would match up really well against any of them
Competing NAIA schools: Columbia (Mo.), Lincoln
39Emilio Mancha26:28
55Josh Pestka26:59
58Matt Jung27:02
68Nick Chapan27:29
90Sam Long28:29
99Cristian Nolasco29:16
100Chris Borschnack29:18
   Siena Heights - MI@National Catholic Invitational @ Notre Dame (South Bend, Ind.)11th of 18
  Team Time: 142:52 Distance: 5 Miles Total Runners: 228
1-5 Time Split: 1:17
1-7 Time Split: 1:47
107Esrom Woldemichael27:43.09
137Bradley Bauer28:29.61
153Liam Hartsuff28:47.23
156Nicholas Barth28:52.12
160Joe Vermilye28:59.58
172Shane Skelcy29:22.49
174Jareb Duggan29:30.44
  6:30PMWaldorf - IA@Viking Invitational4th of 5
  Team Time: 152:13 Distance: 8K Total Runners: 52
1-5 Time Split: 2:41
1-7 Time Split: 7:37
Link to Results: http://www.gvvikings.com/stats/2018-19/2018%20GV%20Invite%20M-8k%20Results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: High 80s, sunny, rolling long hills, uneven footing, tough course
Competing NAIA schools: Grandview, Morningside, William Penn
8Andrew Murley29:13
15Bryce Elm29:54
17Kobi Sadler30:18
23Jaden Dawson30:54
28Jesse Vega31:54
36Jack Warmann33:27
44Chase Bennett36:50
   Marian - IN@40th Annual Catholic Invitational - South Bend, Ind.8th of 18
  Team Time: 2:20:29 Distance: 5 MILE Total Runners: 227
1-5 Time Split: 1:38
1-7 Time Split: 2:55
Link to Results: enduranceraceresults.com
   Lewis-Clark State - ID@WSU Cougar Classic5th of 8
  Team Time: 130:02 Distance: 8000m Total Runners: 100 Course Record: unknown
1-5 Time Split: 01:02
1-7 Time Split: 01:36
Link to Results: www.wsucougars.com
Course Description/Comments: flat golf course. Lots of turns, but otherwise not too challenging. good weather. Tad on the warm side, but still good. Very competitive field with 6 NCAA D1 programs, plus LC and WWU. Felt my men ran well. Nice gap from 1-5 and 1-7. Weakland back in lineup and finished as our #2 for the day. We finished in front of two D1 schools (Eastern Washington and Portland State). Although being ranked #4 is nice recognition, I feel we are more like a 10-12 team right now with potential to get better
Competing NAIA schools: LC State. Walla Walla University.
30Cole Olson25:32
37Thomas Weakland25:41
45Jonny Handel26:03
48Karl Lundgren26:12
56Dylan Johnson26:34
62Dillon Dawson26:46
68Peter Spencer27:08
   William Penn - IA@Grand View Invitational5th of 5
  Distance: 8K
Link to Results: http://www.gvvikings.com/stats/2018-19/2018%20GV%20Invite%20M-8k%20Results.pdf
   Lawrence Tech - MI@Spartan InvitationalNo Team Score 
  5:00PMSaint Xavier - IL@-- Notre Dame National Catholic Invitational8th of 18
   Wayland Baptist - TX@Texas Tech Open, Lubbock, TXNo Team Score
  Team Time: 000:00 Distance: 8k Total Runners: 89
1-5 Time Split: 00:00
1-7 Time Split: 00:00
Course Description/Comments: Slow
18Derrick Reid27:51
37Martin Harding29:01
66Cesar Amador30:54
  4:45PMSt. Andrews - NC@NCSU Adidas XC ChallengePPD 
 136:30PMMontreat - NC@Lenoir-Rhyne XC Invitational5th of 7
  Team Time: 135:15 Distance: 8k
1-5 Time Split: 1:13
1-7 Time Split: 2:07
Link to Results: http://bigkahunatiming.com/dev/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/lru-cc-invitational-men-results.pdf
Course Description/Comments: 3 big loops; primarily grass with some gravel sections; was in the mid-80s at race start. The course moved really well. Our top 4 guys used this as a tempo run with the idea to finish between 26:50-27:00. The group of 4, along with our #2 runner from last year, who only ran the first three miles as he works back from a lower leg injury, stayed together through 4 miles before our top finisher got a little ancy and broke ranks the last 800m. Our #4 finisher came into the race sick and stayed on tempo pace the entire run as planned. As we work last year's #2 back into the mix, I believe we have a really solid top 5. The second 5 is pretty young and showed some good things today. Our #5-7 finishers went out with our lead pack and most of them hung around through 3 miles before falling off towards the end. One of the guys, who was running #7 for us, bailed after 3.5 miles due to a tight hip flexor.
Competing NAIA schools: N/A
20Nathan Richards26:35.35
26Antonio Gomez26:48.37
27Benjamin Schmidt26:50.35
29Rylan Hincher27:02.72
44Daniel ODell27:48.52
48Garret Welsh28:09.80
55Jacob Parker28:42.47

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