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2019 Men's Tennis Schedule

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 183:30PM(A) University of California-Riversidedef(H) Ottawa (Ariz.) - AZ7-0 
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COUTO, Eduardo/COUTO, LeonardoKyle McCann/Fillip Engstrom7-6V
HARIRI, Peter/KIM, Dong HyunNabil Abdallah/Gilbert Chung6-2V
TODD, Austin/PETRIE, JordanVignesh Subramanyan/A. Whelan-Merediz6-4V
COUTO, EduardoKyle McCann1-6, 6-0, 6-2V
COUTO, LeonardoNabil Abdallah6-2, 6-0V
KIM, Dong HyunGilbert Chung6-4, 6-4V
TODD, AustinVignesh Subramanyan6-3, 6-0V
HARIRI, PeterDavid Ramirez6-3, 6-0V
PETRIE, JordanA. Whelan-Merediz6-4, 7-5V

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