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2020 Men's Tennis Schedule

 512:00PM(A) Hillsdale College @ (H) 24 Indiana TechCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) Saint Francis - INCncl 
  11:00AM(N) 5 Reinhardt - GA vs. (N) Bethel - TNCncl 
  7:00PM(A) 19 Marian - IN @ (H) Eastern IllinoisCncl 
 Match Played at Eck Tennis Pavilion at Notre Dame
  1:00PM(A) TBA @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
 GPAC JV Invite
 2:00PM(A) 13 Cumberlands - KY @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
   (N) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KY vs. (N) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Tournament
  1:00PM(A) Fontbonne University @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
  (A) Mount Marty - SD @ (H) Hastings - NECncl 
  10:00AM(N) 11 William Woods - MO vs. (N) 15 Union - KYCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
  1:00PM(A) Alcorn State @ (H) 2 Xavier - LACncl 
  4:00PM(N) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi vs. (N) 15 Union - KYCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Spring Invitational
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBACncl 
 412:00PM(A) Concordia - MI @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
   (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) 14 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  (A) 4 William Carey - MS @ (H) 12 Mobile - ALCncl 
 11:00AM(N) Bethel - TN vs. (N) 6 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
 Tennis Complex - Dalton, GA
  3:00PM(A) Texas A&M Texarkana @ (H) John Brown - ARCncl 
  (A) Indiana Northwest - IN @ (H) 3 Cardinal Stritch - WI  
 10:00AM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
  9:30AM(N) Olivet Nazarene - IL vs. (N) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
   (N) Spring Arbor - MI vs. (N) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan University Tournament
 10:00AM(A) Carlow - PA @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
 10:00AM(A) RV Indiana Southeast - IN @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Indiana East - INCncl 
  (A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
  (A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
  11:00AM(N) RV Judson - IL vs. (N) Huntington - INCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) RV Southwestern - KSCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Ottawa - KSCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) LeMoyne-Owen CollegeCncl 
   (A) TBA @ (H) 14 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Ottawa (Ariz.) @ (H) Westmont - CACncl 
  10:00AM(A) University of Montevallo @ (H) 9 Tennessee WesleyanCncl 
 12:00PM(A) 21 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) Pikeville - KYCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Doane - NE @ (H) Morningside - IACncl 
 1:00PM(A) St. Ambrose - IA @ (H) Holy Cross - INCncl 
  2:00PM(A) 8 Point - GA @ (H) 13 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
   (N) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KY vs. (N) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Tournament
 11:30AM(A) Tabor - KS @ (H) Kansas WesleyanCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
 1:00PM(A) RV Midland - NE @ (H) Mount Marty - SDCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
   (A) Hanover College @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Hastings - NE @ (H) Northwestern - IACncl 
  10:00AM(N) 11 William Woods - MO vs. (N) RV Grace - INCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
  3:00PM(N) 11 William Woods - MO vs. (N) Huntington - INCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Invite
  1:00PM(A) 2 Xavier - LA @ (H) Jackson State UniversityCncl 
  10:00AM(N) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi vs. (N) Georgetown - KYCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Spring Invitational
  5:00PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) Lewis & Clark CCPPD 
  12:00PM(A) Ohio Northern University @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHCncl 
34:00PM(A) Loyola - LA @ (H) 4 William Carey - MSCncl 
 City Park
  5:30PM(A) Concordia - MI @ (H) Marietta CollegeCncl 
   (A) Concordia - MI @ (H) Grace Christian UniversityCncl 
   (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) 14 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
 3:30PM(A) Bethel - TN @ (H) Martin Methodist - TNCncl 
 Senior Day 2020
  3:00PM(A) Texas Wesleyan @ (H) John Brown - ARCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Seward County CC @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
  4:30PM(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) 19 Marian - INCncl 
 IWU Invitational
  8:00AM(A) Georgetown - KY @ (H) 19 Marian - INCncl 
 IWU Invitational
  1:30PM(N) Olivet Nazarene - IL vs. (N) Georgetown - KYCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan University Invitational April 3-5
  2:00PM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Emory & Henry CollegeCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Westmont - CACncl 
  7:00PM(N) RV Judson - IL vs. (N) Spring Arbor - MICncl 
 4:00PM(A) Ottawa (Ariz.) @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
   (A) TBA @ (H) 14 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 9 Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) RV SCAD Atlanta - GaCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Doane - NE @ (H) Northwestern - IACncl 
   (N) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KY vs. (N) TBACncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Tournament
 4:00PM(A) RV Midland - NE @ (H) Morningside - IACncl 
   (A) 23 Lewis-Clark State - ID @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) RV Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Missouri Baptist - MO @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 8 Point - GA @ (H) 15 Union - KYCncl 
 2:00PM(A) 21 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  1:00PM(N) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi vs. (N) 11 William Woods - MOCncl 
 Indiana Wesleyan Spring Invitational
  (A) Cornerstone - MI @ (H) Aquinas - MICncl 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBACncl 
  4:00PM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) Missouri Baptist - MOPPD 
 2 (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) 14 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  3:00PM(A) 4 William Carey - MS @ (H) Alcorn StateCncl 
  4:00PM(A) 11 William Woods - MO @ (H) 19 Marian - INCncl 
 IWU Invitational
 3:00PM(A) 3 Cardinal Stritch - WI @ (H) Olivet Nazarene - ILCncl 
   (A) TBA @ (H) 14 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Emporia State University @ (H) Bethel - KSCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Georgetown - KY @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  3:30PM(A) 12 Mobile - AL @ (H) Spring Hill CollegeCncl 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBACncl 
  4:00PM(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH @ (H) Otterbein UniversityCncl 
14:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) Ottawa - KSCncl 
 3:00PM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) Olivet Nazarene - ILCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) Kansas WesleyanCncl 
 4:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KS @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) Rust - MSCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Tabor - KS @ (H) Bethel - KSCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 21 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) 13 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
 312:30PM(A) 4 William Carey - MS @ (H) Delta State UniversityCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Indiana South Bend - IN @ (H) Indiana Northwest - IN  
 2:00PM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) 9 Tennessee WesleyanCncl 
 3:00PM(A) 25 McPherson - KS @ (H) Sterling - KSCncl 
 2:00PM(A) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Concordia - NE @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
  (A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) St. Ambrose - IACncl 
  2:00PM(A) 21 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) RV Asbury - KYPPD 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
3012:00PM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Bluefield - VACncl 
  1:00PM(A) 23 Lewis-Clark State - ID @ (H) 8 Point - GACncl 
  5:00PM(A) Ohio Christian @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHCncl 
 2911:00AM(A) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University @ (H) 7 Keiser - FLCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Saint Francis - IN @ (H) RV Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
 Senior Day
  2:00PM(A) 23 Lewis-Clark State - ID @ (H) RV SCAD Atlanta - GaCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Quincy University @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
  (A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) 3 Cardinal Stritch - WICncl 
  2:00PM(A) 22 Missouri Valley @ (H) William Jewell CollegeCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) 13 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 284:00PM(A) 11 William Woods - MO @ (H) Missouri Baptist - MOCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Bethel - TNCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) Indiana Northwest - IN  
 10:00AM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
 3:00PM(A) 18 Hope International - CA @ (H) 16 San Diego Christian - CACncl 
 3:00PM(A) Milligan - TN @ (H) 8 Point - GACncl 
   (A) Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College @ (H) RV SCAD Atlanta - GaCncl 
   (A) Montreat - NC @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) RV Judson - ILCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Saint Katherine - CA @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Sterling - KSCncl 
  4:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KS @ (H) Newman UniversityCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Webber International - FL @ (H) RV Ave Maria - FLCncl 
 10:30AM(A) Grand View - IA @ (H) 22 Missouri ValleyCncl 
  1:00PM(A) West Virginia Wesleyan @ (H) Bluefield - VACncl 
 1:00PM(A) Georgetown - KY @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Mount Marty - SD @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
 10:30AM(A) Indiana South Bend - IN @ (H) St. Ambrose - IACncl 
 3:00PM(A) Northwestern - IA @ (H) RV Midland - NECncl 
 11:00AM(A) 11 William Woods - MO @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
  2:00PM(A) 15 Union - KY @ (H) 13 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) RV Asbury - KYCncl 
  11:00AM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) RV Cumberland - TNCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  3:30PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Martin Methodist - TNCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  9:00AM(A) Grace Christian University @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Capital University @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
  3:00PM(A) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
  10:00AM(A) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) 21 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Cornerstone - MI @ (H) 24 Indiana TechCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Concordia - NE @ (H) Morningside - IACncl 
  2:00PM(A) Concordia - MI @ (H) Capital UniversityCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) Thomas More - KYCncl 
 2712:00PM(A) Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) 21 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 2:00PM(A) RV Judson - IL @ (H) Indiana Northwest - IN  
 Warm ups @ 10:00am
 1:00PM(A) Montreat - NC @ (H) 5 Reinhardt - GACncl 
 3:00PM(A) Arizona Christian @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  5:30PM(A) Mississippi University for Women @ (H) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 BNA Tennis Park
 1:00PM(A) 9 Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) 8 Point - GACncl 
 4:00PM(A) Grand View - IA @ (H) Baker - KSCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Bluefield - VA @ (H) West Virginia StateCncl 
  6:00PM(A) Webster University @ (H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MOCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Maryville CollegeCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  3:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) Spring Arbor - MIPPD 
 6:45PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Cornerstone - MICncl 
  1:00PM(A) Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College @ (H) 6 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
   (A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) 22 Missouri ValleyCncl 
 265:00PM(A) 14 Indiana Wesleyan @ (H) Olivet Nazarene - ILCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) Sterling - KSCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Whitworth University @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Georgetown - KY @ (H) RV Asbury - KYCncl 
  (A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Oklahoma WesleyanCncl 
  3:00PM(A) 11 William Woods - MO @ (H) Northwest Missouri State UniversityCncl 
   (A) 14 Indiana Wesleyan @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Alice Lloyd - KY @ (H) 13 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 253:00PM(A) Alcorn State @ (H) 4 William Carey - MSCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) 24 Indiana TechCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 15 Union - KY @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Emporia State UniversityCncl 
 Men Only
  2:30PM(A) Mississippi College @ (H) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 BNA Tennis Park
 3:00PM(A) RV Southeastern - FL @ (H) 20 Coastal GeorgiaCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Capital University @ (H) Shawnee State - OHCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  2:00PM(A) Florida National - FL @ (H) Webber International - FLCncl 
  4:30PM(A) Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Mississippi CollegeCncl 
241:30PM(A) Indiana Northwest - IN @ (H) St. Francis - IL  
  3:00PM(A) Willamette University @ (H) 18 Hope International - CACncl 
 4:00PM(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
 10:00AM(A) Friends - KS @ (H) RV Southwestern - KSCncl 
  (A) Concordia - NE @ (H) Hastings - NECncl 
  3:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) 22 Missouri ValleyCncl 
  12:00PM(N) St. Olaf College vs. (N) 20 Coastal Georgia  
  (A) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) 21 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
 23 (A) Lincoln Memorial University @ (H) 15 Union - KYCncl 
 2212:00PM(A) Manchester University @ (H) Saint Francis - INCncl 
 11:30AM(A) St. Ambrose - IA @ (H) St. Francis - ILCncl 
  (A) Milligan - TN @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
  2:00PM(N) 22 Missouri Valley vs. (N) RV Midland - NECncl 
  10:00AM(A) Villanova University @ (H) RV Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
  1:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO @ (H) Fontbonne UniversityCncl 
  2:00PM(A) 19 Marian - IN @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Thomas More - KY @ (H) 21 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 Cancelled (COVID-19)
 12:00PM(A) RV Cumberland - TN @ (H) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
 211:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Hillsdale CollegeCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) Bethel - TNCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) Indiana Northwest - IN  
 10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
 5:00PM(A) 18 Hope International - CA @ (H) Marymount UniversityCncl 
 11:00AM(A) RV SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Milligan - TNCncl 
 7:30PM(A) 18 Hope International - CA @ (H) Marymount CaliforniaCncl 
 11:00AM(A) Ottawa - KS @ (H) RV Southwestern - KSCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 5 Reinhardt - GA @ (H) 9 Tennessee WesleyanCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Kansas WesleyanCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Georgetown - KY @ (H) Thomas More - KYCncl 
 11:00AM(A) 13 Cumberlands - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYCncl 
  10:00AM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Johnson UniversityCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
 12:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Ohio ChristianCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Barton County Community College @ (H) 11 William Woods - MOCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) 3 Cardinal Stritch - WIPPD 
 2:00PM(A) Northwestern - IA @ (H) Concordia - NECncl 
 1:00PM(A) 8 Point - GA @ (H) Bluefield - VA  
   (A) Cornerstone - MI @ (H) 14 Indiana WesleyanCncl 
  10:00AM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Cedarville UniversityCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Morningside - IA @ (H) Gustavus Adolphus CollegeCncl 
  1:00PM(N) Morningside - IA vs. (N) Central CollegeCncl 
  11:00AM(A) RV Judson - IL @ (H) RV Carthage CollegeCncl 
  (A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
  2:00PM(N) Mobile - AL vs. (N) Webber International - FLCncl 
 Tallahassee, Fla. (Florida State University)
 20 (A) Concordia - MI @ (H) Defiance CollegeCncl 
 2:30PM(A) Westmont - CA @ (H) 18 Hope International - CACncl 
 3:00PM(A) Marymount California @ (H) 16 San Diego Christian - CACncl 
 2:00PM(A) 8 Point - GA @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
 11:00AM(A) RV Judson - IL @ (H) Roosevelt - ILCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Southwestern Christian - OKCncl 
 12:00PM(A) RV SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Bluefield - VACncl 
  (A) St. Ambrose - IA @ (H) 3 Cardinal Stritch - WICncl 
  12:00PM(N) Missouri Baptist - MO vs. (N) RV Midland - NECncl 
  10:00AM(A) RV Indiana Southeast - IN @ (H) Bellarmine UniversityCncl 
  7:00PM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO @ (H) Webster UniversityCncl 
 3:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) 13 Cumberlands - KYCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
   (A) Loyola - LA @ (H) University of Southern MississippiCncl 
  11:00AM(A) RV Asbury - KY @ (H) RV Southeastern - FLPPD 
192:30PM(A) RV Cumberland - TN @ (H) 21 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
  12:00PM(N) Indiana East - IN vs. (N) Millersville - PACncl 
 USTA National Campus
 4:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KS @ (H) Bethel - KSCncl 
  7:00PM(A) Kentucky Wesleyan College @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Nicholls State University @ (H) Loyola - LACncl 
 City Park
  4:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN @ (H) Covenant CollegeCncl 
   (A) RV Asbury - KY @ (H) 7 Keiser - FLPPD 
  1:00PM(A) 6 Middle Georgia State @ (H) RV Southeastern - FLCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Spring Hill College @ (H) 12 Mobile - ALCncl 
 18 (N) Indiana East - IN vs. (N) Bethel UniversityCncl 
 USTA National Campus
 4:00PM(A) Bethel - KS @ (H) Friends - KSCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 3 Cardinal Stritch - WI @ (H) St. Francis - ILCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 9 Tennessee Wesleyan @ (H) Milligan - TNCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Ottawa - KSCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Colgate University @ (H) Loyola - LACncl 
 City Park
  2:00PM(A) 22 Missouri Valley @ (H) Lindenwood UniversityCncl 
 12:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Midway - KYCncl 
 Lexington Tennis Club
  5:00PM(A) Nebraska Wesleyan University @ (H) Doane - NECncl 
  1:00PM(A) Hastings - NE @ (H) RV Southeastern - FLCncl 
 1712:00PM(A) Walsh University @ (H) Lawrence Tech - MICncl 
   (A) RV SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN @ (H) Brescia - KYCncl 
  2:00PM(N) RV Ave Maria - FL vs. (N) RV Asbury - KYPPD 
  1:00PM(N) 6 Middle Georgia State vs. (N) Florida National - FLCncl 
 Lakeland, FL
 164:00PM(N) Oklahoma Baptist University vs. (N) 12 Mobile - ALCncl 
 5:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) 25 McPherson - KSCncl 
  12:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Schreiner UniversityCncl 
  1:00PM(N) Webber International - FL vs. (N) RV Asbury - KYCncl 
  4:00PM(A) Saint Katherine - CA @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  12:00PM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) RV Southeastern - FLCncl 
 1512:00PM(A) Hanover College @ (H) RV Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
  2:00PM(A) 2 Xavier - LA @ (H) Nicholls State UniversityPPD 
  5:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN @ (H) Rhodes CollegeCncl 
  5:00PM(A) Barton Community College @ (H) Bethany - KSCncl 
  1:00PM(A) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) 15 Union - KYCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Bluefield - VA @ (H) 9 Tennessee Wesleyan  
   (A) Hastings - NE @ (H) Webber International - FLCncl 
1410:00AM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) Bethel - TNCncl 
 Mobile Tennis Center - Mobile, AL
 1:00PM(A) 18 Hope International - CA @ (H) Arizona ChristianCncl 
 1:00PM(A) Marymount California @ (H) Westmont - CACncl 
  (A) 6 Middle Georgia State @ (H) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
 10:00AM(A) 12 Mobile - AL @ (H) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
  5:00PM(A) RV Midland - NE @ (H) University of Nebraska-OmahaCncl 
  4:00PM(A) RV Indiana Southeast - IN @ (H) Oakland City UniversityCncl 
  1:00PM(N) Franklin College vs. (N) RV Indiana Southeast - INCncl 
  3:00PM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) 21 Campbellsville - KYCncl 
 10:00AM(N) 6 Middle Georgia State vs. (N) Loyola - LACncl 
 Mobile Tennis Center
  12:00PM(A) Bluefield - VA @ (H) Carson-Newman College  
 5:30PM(A) Cornerstone - MI @ (H) Concordia - MICncl 
  9:00AM(N) Ohio Christian vs. (N) Ferrum CollegeCncl 
  1:00PM(A) Midway - KY @ (H) Centre CollegeCncl 
  9:00AM(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO @ (H) Midway - KYCncl 
 Top Seed Tennis Club
   (N) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi vs. (N) Grand Valley State UniversityCncl 
   (A) Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Spring Hill CollegeCncl 
 4:00PM(A) 16 San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  1:00PM(A) Hastings - NE @ (H) Warner - FLCncl 
 13 (N) Milligan - TNdef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-3 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
 4:00PM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
 11:00AM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) Martin Methodist - TNCncl 
 4:00PM(N) 12 Mobile - AL vs. (N) Bethel - TNCncl 
 Mobile Tennis Center - Mobile, AL
  4:00PM(H) Iowa Central CCdef(A) Northwestern - IA7-0 
 4:00PM(A) 18 Hope International - CA @ (H) Ottawa (Ariz.)Cncl 
  1:00PM(A) RV SCAD Atlanta - Ga @ (H) 8 Point - GACncl 
   (A) Marymount California @ (H) Concordia UniversityCncl 
 11:00AM(N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) Blue Mountain - MSCncl 
 SSAC Roundup | Mobile Tennis Center
  4:30PM(A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) Baker - KSCncl 
 2:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Pikeville - KYCncl 
 Canceled due to COVID-19
  3:30PM(A) 11 William Woods - MO @ (H) 10 Lindsey Wilson - KYCncl 
 6:00PM(A) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi @ (H) Cornerstone - MICncl 
  5:00PM(A) Tuskegee University @ (H) 8 Point - GA  
 4:00PM(A) Missouri Baptist - MO @ (H) Freed-Hardeman - TNCncl 
 1:00PM(A) 16 San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) Arizona ChristianCncl 
  3:00PM(A) RV Asbury - KY @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettPPD 
 2:00PM(A) Bluefield - VA @ (H) 15 Union - KYCncl 
  10:00AM(N) Aquinas - MI vs. (N) St. Francis - ILCncl 
 4:00PM(A) Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Loyola - LACncl 
 Mobile Tennis Center
 11:00AM(N) 6 Middle Georgia State vs. (N) 12 Mobile - ALCncl 
 12 (N) Georgetown - KYdef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-3 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
 5:00PM(N) 4 William Carey - MS vs. (N) 6 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
   (N) Saint Francis - INdef(N) Brevard College9-0 
  3:00PM(A) University of North Carolina-Ashevilledef(H) 7 Keiser - FL5-4 
  12:00PM(N) St. Francis - ILdef(N) Morningside - IA6-1 
  5:00PM(N) Milligan - TNdef(N) Gordon College7-2 
 Spring Break Tennis
  12:00PM(A) Hillsdale Collegedef(H) RV Southeastern - FL6-1 
  4:30PM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) Simpson College9-0 
 5:00PM(A) Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) 12 Mobile - ALCncl 
   (N) Roosevelt - ILdef(N) Carthage College7-2 
  9:00AM(N) University of Northwestern - St. Pauldef(N) St. Ambrose - IA6-3 
 Spring Break Trip
114:00PM(A) Bethany - KS @ (H) Tabor - KSCncl 
  3:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KSdef(H) 24 Cumberland - TN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Bagnera/Alonso EgeaPoi/Moral-Tebar6-4V
Alejo BagneraDavid Moral-Tebar6-2, 6-3V
Til-Felix BochniaFranco Poi6-2, 1-6, 6-4V
Andres RicaurteRyan Fung7-6(5), 6-2H
Javier Alonso EgeaSheldon Hawthorne6-3, 6-1V
Aleksandar MilosevicSantiago Bracco6-1, 6-3V
Felipe SarpaBenjamin Erdmann6-4, 6-2V
  2:00PM(A) RV Indiana Tech @ (H) 8 Point - GA  
  1:00PM(H) 18 Coastal Georgiadef(A) 23 Missouri Valley5-2 
   (N) Thomas More - KYdef(N) Lynchburg College6-1 
 at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  2:00PM(H) Marymount Californiadef(A) Wheaton College5-2 
  5:00PM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) Central College6-3 
  2:00PM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL6-0 
 Spring Break Trip
  2:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KSdef(H) 21 Campbellsville - KY4-3 
  4:00PM(A) Swarthmore College @ (H) 17 Hope International - CACncl 
 102:00PM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) Barton County Community CollegeNo Team Score 
 Veterans Memorial Park - Great Bend, Kan.
  1:00PM(H) 18 Coastal Georgiadef(A) Georgetown - KY7-0 
 Spring Tennis Fest
   (H) Missouri Valleydef(A) Lawrence Tech - MI5-1 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
  7:00PM(N) Morningside - IAdef(N) Wentworth Institute of Technology8-1 
  10:00AM(N) Roger Williamsdef(N) Morningside - IA7-0 
  2:00PM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL6-0 
  12:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KSdef(H) RV Asbury - KY4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Joshua Turnquest David Moral-Tebar6-3, 6-2H
Choopat SuvimolsteanFranco Poi6-4, 6-3H
Duarte TeixeiraRyan Fung6-2, 2-6, 6-2V
Luiz Gustavo HartkopfSheldon Hawthorne6-4, 6-2V
Rodrigo CaveroSantiago Bracco6-2, 6-3H
Felipe PenuelaBenjamin Erdmann7-6(6), 2-1V
  12:00PM(A) Bluefield State Collegedef(H) RV Southeastern - FL5-2 
   (N) Roosevelt - ILdef(N) Aquinas - MI4-3 
   (N) Saint Francis - INdef(N) St. Ambrose - IA5-2 
 Spring Break Trip
  5:00PM(H) Coe Collegedef(A) Concordia - NE9-0 
  2:00PM(A) Bethel - TN @ (H) Spring Hill CollegeCncl 
  11:00AM(N) RV Indiana Tech vs. (N) 6 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
 Cancelled due to rain
 9 (N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) Thomas More - KY5-2 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
   (H) Roosevelt - ILdef(A) Aquinas - MI4-3 
  8:30PM(N) Morningside - IAdef(N) Piedmont College5-2 
  4:00PM(H) Southeastern Oklahoma State Universitydef(A) Ottawa - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Benjamin Finet and Danrich KrugerClaudio Quinones and Eric Czapinski6-2H
Juan Scoppetta and Manuel PilottoLuke Graham and Luke Kohler6-2H
Jason Roberts and Milos VuckovicOscar Aguilera and Lawson Medlen6-1H
Juan ScoppettaClaudio Quinones7-5, 6-4H
Manuel PilottoLuke Graham6-3, 6-3H
Danrich KrugerOscar Aguilera6-0, 6-2H
Milos VuckovicEric Czapinski6-1, 6-0H
Benjamin FinetLuke KohlerunfinishedH
Jason RobertsLawson Medlen6-0, 6-0H
  3:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KSdef(H) 21 Campbellsville - KY4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
C. Perez/CarboHawthorne/Fung6-1H
Raul SafontDavid Moral-Tebar2-6, 6-4, 6-4H
Nicolas Andrade Franco Poi7-6(3), 3-6, 6-1V
Alberto PerezRyan Fung6-3, 6-1V
David Carbo Sheldon Hawthorne0-6, 6-4, 6-4V
Matus SevcikSantiago Bracco6-0, 6-2H
Cristian PerezBenjamin Erdmann6-2, 6-3V
   (N) Roger Williamsdef(N) Saint Francis - IN6-3 
   (N) Saint Francis - INdef(N) Franciscan University4-3 
  4:15PM(N) 23 Missouri Valleydef(N) Milligan - TN7-0 
 Spring Break Tennis
   (N) Roosevelt - ILdef(N) Morningside - IA6-0 
  4:30PM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) RV Indiana Tech7-0 
   (H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) 13 Cumberlands - KY7-0 
  10:30AM(N) Ursinus Collegedef(N) St. Ambrose - IA8-1 
 Spring Break Trip
  2:00PM(H) RV Asbury - KYdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL4-3 
 Spring Break Trip
   (H) Southeastern - FLdef(A) Aquinas - MI4-0 
   (N) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(N) Mount Union College7-0 
 Spring Break Tennis Fest
 83:00PM(H) University of Daytondef(A) RV Indiana Tech4-0 
   (N) Piedmont Collegedef(N) Saint Francis - IN6-1 
  2:00PM(A) Fairmont State Collegedef(H) Bluefield - VA5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Satoshi YamadaLucas Alves6-4, 0-6, 6-2H
Michael GutuBartosz Losiak4-6, 7-5, 10-5H
Rodrigo HuarachiGui Pachane6-2, 6-0V
Mark BatoonJoao Martin6-3, 6-3V
Tanaka RushwayaValentino Klett6-2, 6-3V
  2:00PM(H) 21 Campbellsville - KYdef(A) Centre College7-0 
   (A) 16 San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
  8:00AM(N) 23 Missouri Valleydef(N) Georgetown - KY6-1 
 Spring Tennis Fest
  1:00PM(H) 13 Cumberlands - KYdef(A) RV Southwestern - KS6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Kwok/MontullPoi/ Moral-Tebar6-3H
Le Montagner/DietrichBracco/Erdmann6-2H
Martin BarbierDavid Moral-Tebar7-6(2), 6-3H
Luis MontullFranco Poi6-3, 6-4H
Mattis Le MontagnerRyan Fung6-3, 6-0H
Anthony KwokSheldon Hawthorne6-4, 6-4H
Max NijssenSantiago Bracco6-4, 3-6, 10-8V
Christian De la FuenteBenjamin Erdmann6-4, 4-6, 10-7H
  12:00PM(H) 9 William Woods - MOdef(A) RV McPherson - KS5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Aaron Westerlund/Nathan CookeJacob Turley/Martin Millos6-1V
Jesus Amezcua/Zach FrisbieJulien Bodin/Rick Sakamoto7-4 (7-4)H
Patrick Shelepov/Sam BirdJakob Komel/Nathan Monk7-6H
Aaron Westerlund Julien Bodin6-1, 6-2H
Patrick ShelepovJacob Turley6-4, 6-4H
Jesus AmezcuaNathan Monk6-1, 4-6, 7-6 (1-0)H
Sam BirdMartin Millos 7-6, 6-4V
Zach FrisbieBenjamin Wegener6-, 6-4H
Jack CampbellBruno Squarcia6-1, 6-7, 17-15V
   (N) Thomas More - KYdef(N) Milligan - TN4-3 
 at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  3:00PM(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TXdef(H) Howard Payne University7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Vinicius Silva / Gabriel BragaBen Blanchard / Jonathan Villarreal6-0H
Murilo Salviato / Artur EtzbergerMicah Hunter / Hunter Green6-0H
Sebastian Rodriguez / Caio RavagnaniAlbert Hernandez / Tevin Stevens6-0H
Gabriel BragaBen Blanchard6-2/6-0H
Artur EtzbergerMicah Hunter6-0/6-0H
Murilo SalviatoHunter Green6-1/6-0H
Caio RavagnaniJonathan Villarreal6-1/6-0H
Vinicius SilvaRomeo Rubio6-1/6-1H
Sebastian RodriguezTevin Stevens6-0/6-1H
   (N) Roosevelt - ILdef(N) Roger Williams8-1 
  12:30PM(N) The College of St. Scholasticadef(N) St. Ambrose - IA7-2 
 Spring Break Trip
  10:00AM(A) Bluefield State Collegedef(H) 18 Coastal Georgia5-2 
  8:00AM(H) Northwood Universitydef(A) Aquinas - MI7-0 
  9:00AM(N) Milligan - TNdef(N) Berry College5-2 
 Spring Break Tennis
712:00PM(A) RV Westmont - CAdef(H) 20 Arizona Christian4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Jesse Miritello, Rodrigo GarciaMatthew Alleman, Zachary Prince6-3H
David Maas, Philipp WeiseBenjamin Saito, Sebastian Vethan7-5V
No Player, No PlayerRyan Chung, Trevor StephensWin by DefaultV
Jesse MiritelloMatthew Alleman6-1, 2-3 (unfinished)V
David MaasZachary Prince6-4, 2-1 (unfinished)H
Rodrigo GarciaBenjamin Saito6-3, 2-0 (unfinished)H
Philipp WeiseRyan Chung6-1, 6-1V
No PlayerSebastian VethanWin by DefaultV
No PlayerAbraham PautaWin by DefaultV
  2:30PM(A) Grand View - IA @ (H) Midland - NECncl 
  1:00PM(H) 7 Keiser - FLdef(A) 8 Point - GA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
SimkissKlokow6-4, 6-1H
BarriosBarbon4-6, 6-4, 10-7H
MarreroPereira6-2, 3-6, 10-6V
TurosiemskiTobacco6-1, 6-4H
RodriguezMaust7-5, 6-3H
FerrarisDevoto7-5, 6-2H
   (N) Grand View - IAdef(N) Hastings - NE7-0 
 Hastings College
  2:30PM(A) Midland - NE @ (H) TBACncl 
 Midland University
   (A) 16 San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
  1:00PM(H) 9 William Woods - MOdef(A) University of Illinois at Springfield4-3 
  5:00PM(H) RV Texas A&M Texarkanadef(A) Jacksonville College6-1 
   (H) Southwest - NMdef(A) New Mexico Military Institute4-3 
  11:00AM(H) 13 Cumberlands - KYdef(A) RV Grace - IN7-0 
  3:00PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(H) Belhaven University7-2 
  5:00PM(H) 21 Campbellsville - KYdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL5-2 
 Spring Break Trip
  11:00AM(H) Webber International - FLdef(A) West Chester University of Pennsylvania5-2 
 4:00PM(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)def(A) Marymount California4-0 
  1:00PM(H) Calvin Collegedef(A) Concordia - MI8-1 
  3:00PM(H) 12 Mobile - ALdef(A) Huntingdon College6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Boris Kingebiel & Kevin AndruschMark Melchor & Carson Sands6-1H
Guido Evangelista & Aoi KambaraClint Robinson & Kevaughnte Merrion6-2H
Artem Vasheshnikov & Hugh MitchellDEFAULTDEFAULTH
Artem VasheshnikovMark Melchor6-1, 6-2H
Luca CirenzaCarson Sands6-0, 6-1H
Guido EvangelistaClint Robinson6-0, 6-0H
Aoi KambaraDomenic Terrell6-0, 6-0H
Hugh MitchellKevaughnte Merrion6-7, 5-7V
  11:00AM(H) 12 Mobile - ALdef(A) Mississippi College5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Artem Vasheshnikov & Boris KingebielS. Samyn & F. Le Tallec6-2H
Guido Evangelista & Aoi KambaraC. Trujillo & M. Ballatore4-6V
Luca Cirenza & Kevin AndruschB. Jarvis & M. Konovalor6-3H
Artem VasheshnikovF. Le Tallec2-6, 5-7V
Boris KingebielM. Konovalor6-4, 6-0H
Guido EvangelistaS. Samyn3-6, 2-6V
Kevin AndruschC. Trujillo6-2, 6-4H
Luca CirenzaM. BallatoreDNPH
Aoi KambaraB. McDaniel0-6, 6-4, 6-2H
  12:00PM(H) Emporia State Universitydef(A) Ottawa - KS5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Anton Levanovic and Luiz MaiaClaudio Quinones and Eric Czapinski7-6V
Andy Graf and Harrison BrownLuke Graham and Luke Kohler6-4V
Theo Belmonte and Cameron KleinholzOscar Aguilera and Lawson Medlen6-1H
Luiz MaiaClaudio Quinones6-2, 6-3V
Harrison BrownOscar Aguilera6-1, 6-1H
Andy GrafLuke Graham6-2, 6-1H
Anton LevanovicLuke Kohler6-1, 6-0H
Theo BelmonteEric Czapinski6-3, 6-0H
Cameron KleinholzLawson Medlen6-0, 6-0H
  1:30PM(N) Concordia - NEdef(N) St. Olaf College7-2 
  10:00AM(H) Grinnell Collegedef(A) Concordia - NE8-1 
  10:00AM(H) 2 Xavier - LAdef(A) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID6-1 
 69:00AM(A) 8 Point - GAdef(H) RV Southeastern - FL4-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
D'abovilleKlokow6-3, 6-4V
HaasKlokowno resultsH
BarbosaPereira6-3, 6-4V
MartinezTobacco6-1, 6-3H
FiorenzatoMaust6-3, 6-3V
LichterDevoto6-3, 7-6H
  2:00PM(A) 8 Point - GAdef(H) Ave Maria - FL4-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
HofmeisterKlokow3-6, 6-2, 7-6H
ThireauBarbon6-3, 7-5H
ViedmaTobacco6-2, 6-2V
MyrtilPeriera6-1, 6-2V
PrunerThomas6-7, 6-0, 7-5V
  10:30AM(H) 4 William Carey - MSdef(A) 10 Tennessee Wesleyan4-3 
  3:00PM(A) 22 Marian - INdef(H) 18 Coastal Georgia4-2 
 Spring Break Trip
  4:30PM(H) Midland - NEdef(A) Bethel - KS6-1 
  1:00PM(H) Washburn Universitydef(A) Tabor - KS7-0 
  5:30PM(H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Kansas Wesleyan7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Francois Alfonsi / Linus Richter Luis Soto / Rodrigo Vera6-2H
Jarod Sweetland / Adam WhiteShingi Chingaya / Kyle Rice6-2H
Andres Gonzalez / Felipe ParraEli Truhe / Derian Mastin6-1H
Francois AlfonsiLuis Soto6-2, 6-4H
Andres GonzalezRodrigo Vera6-0, 6-1H
Felipe ParraShingi Chingaya6-2, 6-2H
Linus RichterKyle Rice6-2, 6-0H
Jarod SweetlandDerian Mastin6-0, 6-1H
Adam WhiteEli Truhe6-3, 6-0H
  1:30PM(A) University of Texas of the Permian Basindef(H) Texas Wesleyan5-2 
  5:00PM(N) 15 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) 17 Hope International - CA6-1 
  12:30PM(H) Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(A) Carnegie Mellon University5-2 
  3:00PM(H) Concordia - NEdef(A) Baker - KS5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
J. Berryman / L. ZollerA. Hernandez / C. Fitzgerald7-6(5)V
E. Rojas / J, KitsonA. Ruckman / P. Ferretti 6-4H
I. Howes / J. BindlM. Hovorka / D. Steadman6-0H
Jeremy BerrymanAlejandro Hernandez6-3, 6-4V
Luke ZollerCarson Fitzgerald6-1, 7-5V
Eduardo RojasAdam Ruckman6-4, 6-3H
Isaac HowesMax Hovorka6-0, 6-4H
Joe BindlPedro Ferretti 6-2, 6-3H
Juan RabellinoDavis Steadman8-0H
   (N) 16 San Diego Christian - CA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
  8:00AM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Houghton College7-0 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  5:00PM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Wartburg College5-2 
 Spring Break Trip - Fort Gatlin Tennis Center
  3:00PM(A) Harding Universitydef(H) RV Texas A&M Texarkana6-1 
 4:00PM(H) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO4-0 
 6:30PM(A) 19 University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Aquinas - MI4-0 
  12:00PM(A) 19 University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Davenport University5-2 
  10:30AM(N) 25 Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(N) Montreat - NC5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
M. Braham/J. KirkhamWilliam Bruchard/Luca Menezes6-2V
R. Little/C. JohnsonMatus Rusnak/Vannasak Chheang 6-2V
J. Summerville/F. MinoldoLarry Magalasin/Marcus Gavelin6-3V
M. BrahamWilliam Burchard7-5, 5-7, 16-14H
R. LittleLuca Menezes6-3, 5-7, 6-2H
J. PlylerLarry Magalasin6-0, 6-2V
F. MinoldoGunnar Harlan6-2, 6-1V
J. TomalaMatus Rusnak6-1, 6-4V
C. JohnsonRoberto Salazar 6-0, 6-1V
   (H) Southwest - NMdef(A) Sul Ross State University9-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
GallardoPrempeh 6-0/6-0H
Coyazo MacNeil6-0/6-0H
 3:00PM(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)def(A) RV Westmont - CA4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Andres Reyes, Austin ToddMatthew Alleman, Zachary Prince6-2H
Dong Hyun Kim, Jordan PetrieSebastian Vethan, Benjamin Saito7-6H
Alan Vasquez, Mick GardinerRyan Chung, Trevor Stephens7-6H
Andres ReyesMatthew Alleman6-3, 6-1H
Austin ToddZachary Prince6-3, 6-1H
Dong Hyun KimBenjamin Saito6-0, 6-4H
Noah GriffithRyan Chung4-6, 6-1, 6-2V
Samuel MurphySebastian Vethan6-0, 6-3V
Max WoodheadAbraham Pauta6-3, 6-4V
 7:00PM(A) Marymount Californiadef(H) 20 Arizona Christian4-0 
  3:00PM(N) Spring Arbor - MIdef(N) Eastern Nazarene College8-1 
  9:00AM(N) Warner - FLdef(N) Spring Arbor - MI6-1 
 Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Resort
  9:30AM(H) 4 William Carey - MSdef(A) Montreat - NC4-1 
 William Carey Invitational
  4:00PM(N) Montreat - NC vs. (N) 2 Xavier - LACncl 
 at Hattiesburg, Miss.
  10:00AM(A) 22 Marian - INdef(H) SCAD Savannah - GA4-3 
 Spring Break Trip
  9:00AM(H) Webber International - FLdef(A) Regis College5-2 
   (A) RV Grace - IN @ (H) 14 Union - KYCncl 
 53:00PM(H) Arkansas-Fort Smithdef(A) John Brown - AR7-0 
  5:30PM(A) Blue Mountain - MSdef(H) Mississippi University for Women9-0 
  1:30PM(H) 4 William Carey - MSdef(A) Montreat - NC4-1 
  10:30AM(H) 4 William Carey - MSdef(A) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID4-0 
 7:30PM(N) 3 Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(N) RV Judson - IL6-0 
 Spring Break 2020 / Collegiate Courts: Doubles Courts 1-4, Singles Courts 1-6,
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Videla/La HeiPejovic/Palacio2-6V
VeltkampRossi6-4, 2-6, 5-10V
KerswellWehrle5-7, 7-5V
LestelleApellaniz2-6, 1-6V
La HeiDelebois2-6, 0-6V
VidelaTacconi1-6, 1-6
  8:00AM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Muhlenberg College4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  6:30PM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Regis College4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  6:30PM(N) 25 Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(N) Montreat - NC4-2 
 William Carey Invitational
  9:30AM(N) 12 Mobile - ALdef(N) Montreat - NC4-0 
 William Carey Invitational
  4:00PM(N) 2 Xavier - LAdef(N) 10 Tennessee Wesleyan5-2 
 at Perkinston, Miss.
  6:00PM(H) San Diego State Universitydef(A) 16 San Diego Christian - CA7-0 
  3:00PM(A) Emporia State Universitydef(H) Friends - KS7-0 
  3:00PM(A) RV Grace - INdef(H) Georgetown - KY4-2 
  5:00PM(N) Warner - FLdef(N) Cornerstone - MI5-2 
 Hilton Head, South Carolina
  4:00PM(N) 12 Mobile - ALdef(N) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Artem Vasheshnikov & Boris KingebielWilliam Bruchard & Luca Menezes7-6, 7-5 (Tiebreaker)H
Guido Evangelista & Aoi KambaraMatus Rusnak & Vannasak Chheang6-7. 6-8 (Tiebreaker)V
Kevin Andrusch & Luca CirenzaRoberto Salazar & Gunnar Harlan6-2H
Artem VasheshnikovWilliam BruchardDNFH
Boris KlingebielLarry Magalasin6-3, 6-4H
Guido EvangelistaGunnar HarlanDNFH
Kevin AndruschMatus Rusnak6-1, 6-1H
Luca CirenzaRoberto Salazar6-0. 6-0H
Aoi KambaraVannasak ChheangDNFH
  12:00PM(N) 15 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) RV Westmont - CA4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Matthew Alleman, Zachary PrinceGrant Esposito, Isaac Steiner6-4V
Benjamin Saito, Sebastian VethanMartin Carrizo, Diego Freire6-3V
Ryan Chung, Trevor StephensJason Wegener, Alex Serwatka6-4V
Matthew AllemanMartin Carrizo6-0, 6-4V
Zachary PrinceGrant Esposito6-4, 4-0 (retired)V
Benjamin SaitoMariano Jalif6-1, 4-1 (unfinished)V
Ryan ChungDiego Freire6-2, 6-1V
Sebastian VethanAlex Serwatka6-0, 5-3 (unfinished)V
Abraham PautaJason Wegener6-4, 3-2 (unfinished)V
  2:00PM(N) 15 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Mesa CC9-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerAnderson/Phadnis8-2H
Eli Steiner/Mariano JalifAlvarado/Pham8-0H
Riley Worland/Trey ThixtonDefault8-0H
Eli SteinerWyatt Anderson6-3, 6-0H
Isaac SteinerSaarang Phadnis8-2H
Trey ThixtonEmilio Alvarado6-1, 6-0H
Alex SerwatkaHung Pham6-0, 6-1H
Riley WorlandMax Beasley6-0, 6-0H
Jason WegenerDefaultDefaultH
  1:00PM(N) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH vs. (N) Drew UniversityRAIN 
 43:00PM(A) RV Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Georgetown - KY4-2 
  12:30PM(A) Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(H) Keiser - FL4-3 
  12:30PM(N) RV Southeastern - FLdef(N) RV Judson - IL4-1 
 Spring Break 2020
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Dabolville/MartinezChristopher Kerswell/Christopher Veltkamp4-6V
Thomas Ordez/BarbosaAustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia2-6V
Martinez/LichterManuel Lopez Videla/Hugo La Hei6-4H
Alexandre DabovilleChristopher VeltkampUNFH
HaasChristopher KerswellUNFH
BarbosaAugustin Lestelle6-4, 6-2H
MartinezDimitri Ingrassia6-1, 6-2H
FiorenzatioMax Fortun6-1, 6-1
LichterManuel Lopez Videla6-0, 6-1
  10:00AM(A) 9 William Woods - MO @ (H) 1 Georgia GwinnettCncl 
  11:00AM(N) Waynesburg College vs. (N) Cornerstone - MIRAIN 
 Hilton Head, South Carolina
  9:00AM(A) 21 Campbellsville - KY @ (H) 18 Coastal GeorgiaPPD 
  1:00PM(A) RV Grace - INdef(H) RV Asbury - KY4-3 
   (N) 22 Marian - IN vs. (N) 21 Campbellsville - KYPPD 
 College of Coastal Georgia | Brunswick, Ga.
  2:00PM(A) Pikeville - KY @ (H) 14 Union - KYPPD 
 33:00PM(N) 18 Coastal Georgiadef(N) Cornerstone - MI4-3 
 Hilton Head, South Carolina
  10:00AM(N) RV Judson - ILdef(N) Webber International - FL4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ivan Bondarenko/Matthew AlexanderChristopher Veltkamp/Christopher Kerswell4-6V
Marc Schneider/Cyrille de HollainDimitri Ingrassia/Augustin Lestelle6-4H
Orian Burzic/Jose CorderoManuel Lopez/Hugo La Hei0-6V
Cyrille de HollainChristopher VeltkampUNFV
Ivan Bondarenko Christopher KerswellUNFV
Matthew AlexanderAugustin LestelleUNFV
Marc SchneiderDimitri Ingrassia1-6, 6-2, 6-10
Orian BurzixMaximillian Fortun0-6, 0-6
Jose CorderoManuel Lopez-Videla0-6, 0-6
  3:00PM(N) Ave Maria - FLdef(N) RV Judson - IL4-1 
 Spring Break 2020
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Pruner/HofmeisterChris Veltkamp/Chris Kervell6-4H
Viedma/ThireuAugustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia2-6V
Amorim/BousquetHugo La Hei/Manuel Lopez VidelaH
HofmeisterChris VeltkampUNFV
Leivo Chris KerswellUNFH
ThirueAugustin Lestelle6-2, 6-3H
ViedmaDimitri Ingrassia1-6, 6-4, 3-6
MyrtilHugo La Hei7-6, 7-6
AmorimManuel Lopez Videla6-1, 6-3
  8:00AM(N) Emerson Collegedef(N) Midway - KY5-2 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  3:00PM(N) Concordia College-Moorheaddef(N) Midway - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  5:00PM(H) 15 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) 16 San Diego Christian - CA4-3 
  6:30PM(H) University of California-Riversidedef(A) 17 Hope International - CA7-0 
  6:00PM(N) 5 Reinhardt - GAdef(N) 9 William Woods - MO4-1 
  1:00PM(H) 11 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(A) RV Grace - IN7-0 
  1:00PM(N) Spring Arbor - MIdef(N) St. John Fisher College7-0 
 Chaplin Park Tennis Center
  3:00PM(A) 9 William Woods - MO @ (H) 6 Middle Georgia StateCncl 
  2:00PM(A) Spartanburg Methodist College @ (H) Montreat - NCPPD 
 21:00PM(A) 8 Point - GA @ (H) 22 Marian - INCncl 
 Spring Break Trip
  6:30PM(N) St. John's Univeristydef(N) Midway - KY4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - USTA National Campus
  10:00AM(N) RV Judson - ILdef(N) Warner - FL4-3 
 Spring Break 2020
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Bruno Pessoa/Filipe GilChris Veltkamp/Chris Kerswell4-6V
Julian Cuartas/Vitor WagnerAugustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia6-3H
Henrique Dias/Edwards Hugo La Hei/Manuel Lopez Videla6-2H
Bruno PessoaChris Veltkamp/Chris Kervell4-6, 6-2, 6-2H
Vitor WagnerChris Kerswell0-6, 1-6V
Filipe GilAugustin Lestelle1-6, 6-2, 6-4H
Julian CaurtasDimitri Ingrassia3-6, 3-5, 2-6V
Bruno CarvathoMarcus Berg6-2, 6-2H
Henrique DiasManuel Lopez Videla1-6, 1-6V
  11:30AM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Ohio Northern University4-3 
 Spring Break Trip - Lake Cane Tennis Center
  9:00AM(N) Cornerstone - MIdef(N) Eastern Nazarene College6-1 
 Hilton Head, South Carolina
   (N) 9 William Woods - MOdef(N) 21 Campbellsville - KY4-0 
 Middle Georgia State | Cochran, Ga.
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Raul Safont / Nicolas AndradeAaron Westerlund / Nathan Cooke6-0V
Cristian Perez / Matus SevcikJesus Amezcua / Zach Frisbie 6-1V
Eric Bernabau / David CarboPatrick Shelepov / Sam Bird3-3, unfinishedV
Raul SafontAaron Westerlund7-5, 5-6, unfinishedV
Nicolas AndradePatrick Shelepov3-6, 6-4, 1-2, unfinishedV
David CarboNathan Cooke6-4, 3-0, unfinished
Matus SevcikJesus Amezcua6-2, 6-3
Eric BernabauSam Bird6-1, 7-6 (8)
Alberto PerezZach Frisbie6-4, 6-2
  6:00PM(N) Albion Collegedef(N) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH5-4 
  11:00AM(A) 22 Marian - IN @ (H) 6 Middle Georgia StateRAIN 
 Spring Break Trip
  11:30AM(N) Spring Arbor - MIdef(N) Lebanon Valley College9-0 
 Chaplin Park Tennis Center
112:00PM(A) 5 Reinhardt - GAdef(H) SCAD Atlanta - Ga6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ernesto MartinezMartin Mendoza2-6, 6-4, 1-0 (13-11)V
Jordan SkaletJordi Puig7-6, 6-7, 1-0 (10-8)H
Lautaro MonardoFederico Gomez6-1, 6-0V
Alan ToleuSam Alexander6-3, 6-3V
Tomas PaceraPau Pujadas6-2, 6-3V
Rubin HowardMasumi Kamado6-0, 6-1V
  12:30PM(A) RV McPherson - KSdef(H) Baker - KS6-1 
   (H) 10 Tennessee Wesleyandef(A) 9 William Woods - MO5-2 
 Played at The Baylor School
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Valentin Popescu / Gregorio MagnarelliAaron Westerlund / Nathan Cooke7-5V
Patricio Gallegos / Bernat ParedesJesus Amezcua / Zach Frisbie7-5V
Ryan Lee / Sergio LapazSam Bird / Patrick Shelepov 6-4V
Valentin PopescuAaron Westerlund6-4, 6-2H
Patricio GallegosPatrick Shelepov6-2, 6-3V
Guido PicassoNathan Cooke6-3, 6-3H
Jesus FernandezJesus Amezcua6-3, 7-6 (7)H
Gregorio MagnarelliSam Bird6-4, 6-0H
Maximilian KenderZach Frisbie6-0, 2-6, 6-4H
  1:00PM(H) 6 Middle Georgia Statedef(A) 21 Campbellsville - KY4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
SyromolotovSafont6-0, 6-4H
MerahPerez6-1, 6-1H
SoulerotBernabeu6-0, 6-3H
  1:00PM(A) Georgetown - KYdef(H) Milligan - TN5-2 
  4:00PM(H) Ball State Universitydef(A) RV Indiana Southeast - IN7-0 
  10:00AM(A) Aquinas - MIdef(H) Holy Cross - IN4-0 
  1:00PM(H) Lees-McRae Collegedef(A) Bluefield - VA7-0 
  5:00PM(H) 5 Reinhardt - GAdef(A) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology6-1 
  2:00PM(H) 23 Missouri Valleydef(A) Ottawa - KS6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Kenta Kondou and Daisuke AotaClaudio Quinones and Eric Czapinski6-2H
Marius Castella and Gaston WalitzkyLuke Graham and Luke Kohler6-3H
Benedikt Voelker and Mare KerndlLawson Medlen and Oscar Augilera6-0H
Kenta KondouClaudio Quinones6-4, 6-4V
Benedikt VoelkerIgor GolubovicInjury DefaultH
Daisuke AotaOscar Aguilera6-1, 6-2H
Guilherme GumieroLuke Graham6-4, 6-1H
Luca WalterEric Czapinski6-1, 6-3H
Gaston WalitzkyLuke Kohler6-2, 6-1H
  1:30PM(H) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(A) Pikeville - KY7-0 
  3:30PM(N) Tiffin Universitydef(N) Cornerstone - MI6-1 
 Hilton Head, South Carolina
  2:00PM(H) 11 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(A) Martin Methodist - TN7-0 
292:00PM(A) Indiana Techdef(H) Aquinas - MI5-2 
  1:00PM(N) John Brown - AR vs. (N) Louisiana CollegeCncl 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  10:00AM(N) 2 Xavier - LAdef(N) John Brown - AR7-0 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  2:00PM(H) Rhodes Collegedef(A) Blue Mountain - MS7-2 
  10:00AM(H) Loyola - LAdef(A) Texas Wesleyan4-0 
  2:00PM(N) Texas Wesleyandef(N) Louisiana College7-0 
  1:00PM(H) Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(A) University of Chicago5-2 
  1:00PM(H) 15 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Ottawa (Ariz.)7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerTodd/Reyes6-2H
Eli Steiner/Mariano JalifPetrie/Kim6-2H
Martin Carrizo/Trey ThixtonVasquez/Woodhead6-2H
Martin CarizoAndres Reyes6-3, 6-1H
Eli SteinerAustin Todd6-1, 6-2H
Grant EspositoDoug Kim6-1, 6-2H
Mariano JalifJordan Petrie6-1, 6-0H
Alex SerwatkaSam Murphy6-0, 6-1H
Riley WorlandNoah Griffith6-1, 6-2H
 7:30PM(A) 16 San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) Marymount California4-0 
  12:00PM(H) Dallas Baptist Universitydef(A) Friends - KS7-0 
  2:30PM(H) Martin Methodist - TNdef(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN4-3 
  12:00PM(A) Ottawa - KSdef(H) Baker - KS5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
A. Hernandez / C FitzgeraldC. Quinones / E. Czapinski6-3V
A Ruckman / P. Ferretti L. Graham / L. Kohler6-1V
M. Hovorka / D. SteadmanO. Aguilera / L. Medlen6-4H
Alejandro HernandezClaudio Quinones6-3, 6-4V
Carson FitzgeraldIgor Golubovic2-0 (ret.)H
Adam RuckmanOscar Aguilera7-6, 6-7, (10-6)V
Pedro Ferretti Luke Graham6-2, 6-2V
Davis SteadmanErik Czapinski6-0, 6-4V
Max HovorkaLuke Kohler8-3H
  11:00AM(H) Midland - NEdef(A) Nebraska Wesleyan University7-0 
 4:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) Brescia - KY6-1 
  3:00PM(H) RV Southwestern - KSdef(A) Doane - NE7-0 
  (H) Ave Maria - FLdef(A) SCAD Savannah - GA7-0 
  6:30PM(A) RV Asbury - KYdef(H) Thomas More - KY7-0 
 2:00PM(H) 19 University of Northwestern Ohidef(A) Lawrence Tech - MI6-1 
  11:00AM(A) Concordia - NEdef(H) Bethel - KS5-2 
  12:00PM(A) RV Grace - INdef(H) Holy Cross - IN7-0 
  1:00PM(H) RV Carleton Collegedef(A) Hastings - NE8-1 
 4:00PM(A) 17 Hope International - CAdef(H) RV Westmont - CA5-2 
  10:00AM(A) RV Texas A&M Texarkanadef(H) Louisiana College7-0 
   (H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology7-0 
 Grizzly Spring Break Invitational
   (H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) 24 Cumberland - TN7-0 
 Grizzly Spring Break Invitational
  2:30PM(A) Luther Collegedef(H) St. Ambrose - IA9-0 
  11:30AM(H) Augustana Collegedef(A) St. Ambrose - IA9-0 
 12:00PM(A) 7 Keiser - FLdef(H) RV Southeastern - FL7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Bethel - TNdef(A) Pikeville - KY5-2 
  12:00PM(A) Georgetown - KY @ (H) Montreat - NCCncl 
 284:00PM(N) Loyola - LAdef(N) John Brown - AR7-0 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  1:00PM(N) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(N) John Brown - AR6-1 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  10:30AM(H) SCAD Atlanta - Gadef(A) 24 Cumberland - TN4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Martinez / SkaletBochnia/Milosevic6-3H
Ernesto MartinezT. Bochnia6-0, 6-3H
Jordan SkaletA. Bagnera3-6, 7-6, 1-0 (14-12)V
Lautaro MonardoA. Ricuarte6-2, 6-4H
Alan ToleuJ. Alonso6-3, 6-2H
Tomas PaceraL. Roman6-2, 6-4V
Rubin HowardA. Milosevic4-6, 6-2, 6-2V
  3:00PM(A) 8 Point - GAdef(H) 24 Cumberland - TN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
KlokowBaunera6-0, 6-4H
BarbonBochnia7-5, 6-0H
PereoraRicaurte6-1, 6-1H
TobaccoAlonso6-2, 6-2H
MaustRoman6-1, 6-1H
DevotoMilosevic6-2, 6-2H
   (N) 2 Xavier - LAdef(N) Texas Wesleyan7-0 
 LSUA Tournament, Alexandria, La. -- at Alexandria Aquatic and Racquet Club
 2:30PM(H) 17 Hope International - CAdef(A) Marymount University4-0 
  4:00PM(A) 15 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) 20 Arizona Christian4-0 
 2:00PM(A) 16 San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) RV Westmont - CA4-0 
 1:00PM(A) Friends - KSdef(H) Oklahoma Wesleyan7-0 
  2:00PM(A) Concordia - MIdef(H) Olivet College8-1 
  12:30PM(A) 9 William Woods - MOdef(H) Quincy University5-2 
  4:00PM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Belmont Abbey College7-0 
  1:00PM(H) Bethel Universitydef(A) Hastings - NE8-1 
 2:30PM(H) St. Francis - ILdef(A) Holy Cross - IN4-3 
  2:00PM(A) 21 Campbellsville - KYdef(H) Midway - KY7-0 
 Lexington Tennis Club
 2:30PM(H) 17 Hope International - CAdef(A) Marymount California4-0 
  4:00PM(N) 2 Xavier - LAdef(N) Louisiana College7-0 
 LSUA Tournament, Alexandria, La. -- at Alexandria Aquatic and Racquet Club
   (A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) Illinois Institute of Technology4-3 
  9:00AM(A) 13 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) Midway - KY7-0 
 Lexington Tennis Club
  2:00PM(A) 5 Reinhardt - GA @ (H) Martin Methodist - TNPPD 
 277:00PM(N) Texas Wesleyandef(N) John Brown - AR6-1 
 LSU-Alexandria Tournament (Alexandria, La.)
  1:00PM(A) 6 Middle Georgia Statedef(H) 8 Point - GA4-2 
 Postponed from February, 8th
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
KlokowStromoloton6-2, 7-6V
BarbonMsoah6-1, 6-2H
PereiraRapp6-3, 6-4V
LunaKammaruzzaman6-2, 2-6, 6-2V
TobaccoRomeo6-2, 4-6, 6-2V
  3:00PM(H) Lynn Universitydef(A) 7 Keiser - FL5-4 
  3:00PM(H) 2 Xavier - LAdef(A) RV Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
 LSUA Tournament, Alexandria, La. -- at Alexandria Aquatic and Racquet Club
  3:00PM(A) RV Southeastern - FLdef(H) Eckerd College5-2 
  3:00PM(H) Austin Peay State Universitydef(A) Martin Methodist - TN7-0 
  2:00PM(N) Davenport Universitydef(N) Webber International - FL5-2 
  1:30PM(A) 5 Reinhardt - GAdef(H) Young Harris College7-0 
 Season Opener
262:00PM(A) 19 Coastal Georgia @ (H) SCAD Savannah - GAPPD 
 1:00PM(A) Webber International - FL @ (H) RV Southeastern - FLPPD 
 25 (H) Biola Universitydef(A) 15 Hope International - CA4-1 
  4:00PM(A) Spring Arbor - MIdef(H) Albion College9-0 
 241:00PM(A) Morningside - IAdef(H) Mount Marty - SD7-0 
  2:00PM(A) 2 Xavier - LA @ (H) 4 William Carey - MSPPD 
  8:00AM(A) Lake Superior State Universitydef(H) Lawrence Tech - MI4-2 
  6:15PM(N) RV Southeastern - FLdef(N) Davenport University4-3 
 USTA National Tennis Center
  11:00AM(H) Brescia - KYdef(A) Alma College7-0 
  11:00AM(A) Florida National - FL @ (H) 6 Middle Georgia StatePPD 
2312:00PM(H) 7 Keiser - FLdef(A) 19 Coastal Georgia7-0 
  9:00AM(A) Florida National - FLdef(H) SCAD Atlanta - Ga4-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Martinez / SkaletFougerit / Grignon6-3H
Monardo / DuzinkiewiczVillanueva / Lee6-3V
Toleu / PaceraRodriguez / Vivero7-5V
MartinezRodriguez6-2, 6-4H
SkaletVillanueva6-3, 2-6, 6-0V
ToleuRebaud6-4, 6-2V
PaceraTilkian6-0, 6-1V
  12:00PM(A) 20 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) 10 Union - KY4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Lois Castellon / Mark KuhnelMartin Barbier / Eric Banoub6-3V
Ewan Mckinnie / Sebastiano ZorziLuis Montull / Anthony Kwok6-1V
Bernardo Aviles / Santiago DiazSjoerd Nijssen6-2H
Lois CastellonMartin Barbier6-2, 6-4V
Sebastiano ZorziLusi Montull6-4, 7-5V
Robert GasparovicMattis Le Montagner6-2, 6-1V
Santiago DiazEric Banoub2-0, WRV
Mark KuhnelAnthony Kwok6-1, 6-1H
Mateo GonzalezSjoerd Nijssen4-6, 6-3, 10-8H
   (A) 16 Campbellsville - KYdef(H) Indiana East - IN7-0 
 Riverside Athletic Club
  2:30PM(H) RV Midland - NEdef(A) Baker - KS7-0 
  2:00PM(H) University of Alabama-Huntsvilledef(A) Martin Methodist - TN6-1 
  2:00PM(A) Ottawa - KS @ (H) 9 William Woods - MOPPD 
  9:00AM(N) Albion Collegedef(N) Indiana South Bend - IN6-3 
  11:00AM(N) Bethel - TNdef(N) Alma College7-0 
 Centre Courts - Owensboro, KY
  11:00AM(H) Wright State Universitydef(A) Thomas More - KY7-0 
 2211:00AM(A) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(H) Texas Wesleyan5-2 
  3:00PM(A) Southwestern - KSdef(H) Texas Wesleyan5-2 
  11:00AM(N) RV Southwestern - KSdef(N) Dallas Baptist University4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ramos/McKenzieBracco/Contreras7-6 (3)V
Brian NguyenDavid Moral-Tebar6-1, 4-6, 10-7V
Grant McKenzieFranco Poi7-5, 2-6, 10-7V
Hunter TerrellRyan Fung6-2, 7-5V
Aaron CaponeSheldon Hawthorne6-0, 6-3H
Gabe GarridoSantiago Bracco3-6, 6-4, 10-5H
Josh WilliamsJavier Contreras8-3 (retired)H
  (H) Warner - FLdef(A) SCAD Savannah - GA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Bruno Pessoa / Filipe GilLiam Stoica / Nicola Buffo6-3H
Vitor Wagner / Julian CuartasEloy Veloso / Sebastian Nunez 6-2H
Henrique Dias / Jake EdwardsJordan Tenebaum / Aidan King6-1H
Bruno PessoaLiam Stoica 4-6, 6-3, 6-2H
Vitor WagnerNicola Buffo 6-4, 6-2V
Filipe GilSebastian Nunez 7-5, 6-0H
Julian CuartasEloy Veloso 7-6, 6-3, 10-4H
Henrique DiasJordan Tenebaum7-5, 6-4H
Bruno CarvalhoAidan King6-2, 6-1H
 2:00PM(A) RV Southeastern - FLdef(H) Ave Maria - FL5-2 
  12:00PM(H) RV Midland - NEdef(A) Augustana University4-3 
  4:00PM(N) RV Georgetown - KYdef(N) Kentucky Wesleyan College6-0 
 Owensboro Invitational
  1:00PM(N) RV Georgetown - KYdef(N) Bethel - TN4-0 
 Owensboro Invitational
  12:00PM(A) Baker - KSdef(H) Bethel - KS5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
N. Schrader / S. SinghA. Hernandez / C. Fitzgerald6-4V
R. LaCombe / Z ShimaA. Ruckman / P. Ferretti6-3H
DefaultM. Hovorka / D. SteadmanDefaultV
Nolan SchraderAlejandro Hernandez6-4, 6-2V
Ryan LaCombeAdam Ruckman6-3, 4-6, 10-8H
Zach ShimaCarson Fitzgerald6-1, 7-5H
Jordan SinghPedro Ferretti6-2, 0-6, 13-11V
Caleb CushmanMax Hovorka6-3, 6-3V
Default Davis SteadmanDefaultV
  11:00AM(A) Bethel - TNdef(H) Brescia - KY4-3 
  3:00PM(A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) Milwaukee School of Engineering9-0 
 1:00PM(A) 12 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Shawnee State - OH7-0 
 Beechmont Racquet Club
  5:00PM(H) Indiana Southeast - INdef(A) 16 Campbellsville - KY4-3 
 Southern Indiana Tennis Center | New Albany, Ind.
 2:00PM(A) St. Thomas - FLdef(H) Webber International - FL7-0 
  4:00PM(N) Indiana South Bend - INdef(N) Olivet College7-0 
  4:00PM(H) Aquinas - MIdef(A) Huntington - IN4-3 
  10:00AM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Huntington - IN6-1 
  2:30PM(A) Thomas More - KYdef(H) Cedarville University7-0 
  4:00PM(N) Augustana Universitydef(N) Doane - NE6-1 
 2:00PM(A) 22 Arizona Christian @ (H) 18 San Diego Christian - CARAIN 
 Played at Riveria Oaks & Resort Racquet Club
  2:00PM(H) Carson-Newman Collegedef(A) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan5-2 
  2:30PM(A) Wartburg Collegedef(H) St. Ambrose - IA7-2 
  1:00PM(A) Averett Universitydef(H) Bluefield - VA4-3 
 1:00PM(A) 10 Union - KYdef(H) Milligan - TN6-1 
 4:00PM(A) Ottawa (Ariz.) @ (H) 15 Hope International - CARAIN 
  11:00AM(A) Northwestern - IAdef(H) Central College5-4 
  1:30PM(A) Spring Arbor - MIdef(H) Aquinas - MI5-2 
  7:30PM(A) Illinois Wesleyan @ (H) St. Ambrose - IACncl 
 2112:00PM(H) Harding Universitydef(A) Blue Mountain - MS7-0 
  3:30PM(H) 8 Point - GAdef(A) Florida National - FL4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
KlokowRorriguez6-2, 7-5H
PereiraVivero6-3, 6-3H
TobaccoRebaudNot FinishedH
LunaHikianNot FinishedH
MaustMakeiaNot FinishedH
  3:00PM(H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Dallas Baptist University4-3 
  2:00PM(H) RV Grace - INdef(A) RV Judson - IL6-1 
 1:00 PM EST
  3:00PM(N) RV Texas A&M Texarkanadef(N) RV Southwestern - KS4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alejandro OviedoDavid Moral-Tebar7-6(2), 1-6, 10-8H
Alberto CabrilloFranco Poi6-7(5), 6-4, 10-7H
Kevin Tsati-onlaRyan Fung6-2, 6-3V
Gonzalo VegaSheldon Hawthorne6-4, 6-2V
Fernando MartinezSantiago Bracco6-1, 6-3H
Akash MusaleJavier Contreras6-2, 6-1V
 2:30PM(H) 15 Hope International - CAdef(A) 22 Arizona Christian4-1 
 Played at Fullerton Tennis Center
  7:00PM(N) RV Georgetown - KYdef(N) Brescia - KY4-0 
 Owensboro Invitational
  6:00PM(H) William Jewell Collegedef(A) Baker - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
C. Sanders / P. BragaA. Hernandez / C. Fitzgerald6-2H
B. Myers / M. WheelerA. Ruckman / P. Ferretti6-3H
H. Fulk / A. BrockerM. Hovorka / D. Steadman7-6 (7)H
Cutter SandersAlejandro Hernandez6-1,6-7(4),10-5H
Pedro BragaCarson Fitzgerald6-2, 7-6(3)H
Bjorn MyersAdam Ruckamn6-0, 4-6H
Athos BrockerPedro Ferretti6-1,2-6H
Hayden FulkMac Hovorka6-1, 6-2H
Max WheelerDavis Steadman6-3, 6-3H
  2:00PM(H) RV Midland - NEdef(A) Friends - KS6-1 
   (A) Southwest - NM @ (H) Collin CollegeCncl 
  9:00AM(A) Adrian Collegedef(H) Concordia - MI5-2 
  3:30PM(H) Saint Francis - INdef(A) Alma College6-1 
  8:00PM(A) Hendrix Collegedef(H) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO9-0 
  5:00PM(A) Bethel - TNdef(H) Kentucky Wesleyan College7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Concordia - NEdef(A) Sterling - KS7-0 
  5:00PM(H) Cornell Collegedef(A) St. Ambrose - IA5-4 
  12:30PM(H) Grand View - IAdef(A) Northwestern - IA7-0 
 2:00PM(H) 18 San Diego Christian - CAdef(A) Ottawa (Ariz.)4-0 
  8:30AM(N) 17 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Indiana East - IN7-0 
 Pearson Automotive Tennis Club
 202:00PM(N) RV Midland - NEdef(N) Sterling - KS7-0 
  2:00PM(A) Marion Military Institute  @ (H) Martin Methodist - TNRAIN 
  12:00PM(A) Wayne State Universitydef(H) Lawrence Tech - MI7-0 
192:00PM(H) 7 Keiser - FLdef(A) Ave Maria - FL6-1 
 2:00PM(A) Warner - FLdef(H) Webber International - FL6-1 
 182:00PM(A) Wallace Hanceville @ (H) Martin Methodist - TNRAIN 
 3:00PM(H) 22 Arizona Christiandef(A) Ottawa (Ariz.)4-0 
 173:00PM(A) Martin Methodist - TNdef(H) Birmingham Southern College5-4 
  8:00PM(H) 25 Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(A) Whitman College7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Luca Menezes – William Bruchard Jacob Strabo – Matti Biggi 6-2H
Matus Rusnak – Vannasak Chheang Aaron Yuan – Bear Lee 6-4H
Marcus Gavelin – Larry Magalasin Tom Chang – Aidan Schutter 6-1H
William Bruchard Jacob Strabo 6-3, 7-5 H
Luca Menezes Kai Strawn 6-4, 7-6 H
Larry Magalasin Bear Lee 6-1, 6-2 H
Gunnar Harlan Aidan Schutter 6-2, 6-3 H
Matus Rusnak Aaron Yuan 6-1, 6-2 H
Roberto Salazar John Carter 6-7, 6-1, 10-7 H
  9:00AM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) 10 Union - KY7-0 
 Grizzly Invitational
 1612:30PM(A) Lees-McRae Collegedef(H) Montreat - NC5-2 
 JV Match
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Mohamed Braham / James KirkhamHanquing Wang / Miodrag Popovic6-4H
Grayson Chumley / Christian JohnsonJofre Tura / Patryk Garwacki6-1V
Franco Minoldo Garcia / Jacob SummervilleFitzgerald Lomp / Matt Meluch6-4V
Mohamed BrahamHanquing Wang6-4, 6-0H
Jackson PlylerPatryck Garwacki6-1, 6-0V
Franco Minoldo GarciaJofre Tura6-1, 6-1V
Jose TomalaMiodrag Popovic6-4, 6-1V
Christian JohnsonMatt Meluch6-1, 6-1V
James KirkhamFitzgerald Lomp6-3, 4-6, 10-8H
  11:00AM(A) Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Hanover CollegeRAIN 
  2:00PM(A) RV Southwestern - KSdef(H) RV Midland - NE4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Struffi/Del RioBracco/Contreras7-6(3)H
Miguel AbeteDavid Moral-Tebar7-6(1), 7-5H
Conrad MascarenhasFranco Poi6-2, 7-6(3)V
Luca Struffi Ryan Fung6-4, 5-7, 10-8V
Salvador AlmeidaSheldon Hawthorne6-4, 6-3V
Nunzio ThielSantiago Bracco6-3, 6-3H
Enrique Del RioJavier Contreras0-6, 6-2, 10-4V
 7:00PM(A) 10 Union - KYdef(H) SCAD Atlanta - Ga4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Monardo/DuzinkiewiczDiaz Lopez/AvilesDNFH
Ernesto Sanz MartinezCastellonDNFH
Jordan SkaletZorzi6-1, 1-2, ret.V
Lautaro MonardoGaspisovic6-4, 6-4V
Alan ToleuDiaz Lopez6-0, 6-3V
Tomas PaceraKuhnelDNFH
Max DuzinkiewiczGonzalezDNFH
  4:00PM(A) University of Montanadef(H) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Luca Menezes – Matus Rusnak Ed Pudney – Oisin Shaffrey 6-0V
William Bruchard - Vannasak Chheang Max Korkh – Ludvig Hallgren 6-2V
Marcus Gavelin – Larry Magalasin Milo Benn – Pontus Hallgren 6-2V
William Bruchard Ludvig Hallgreen 6-2, 6-0 V
Larry Magalasin Max Korkh 7-5, 6-3V
Gunnar Harlan Ed Pudney 7-5, 6-1V
Matus Rusnak Oisin Shaffrey 6-0, 6-0 V
Roberto Salazar Milo Benn 6-1, 6-4 V
Marcus Gavelin Pontus Hallgreen 6-0, 6-0 V
  11:00AM(H) Mississippi Collegedef(A) RV Texas A&M Texarkana5-2 
  9:00AM(N) 10 Union - KY vs. (N) Bluefield State CollegeRAIN 
  11:15AM(H) Drury Universitydef(A) 24 Missouri Valley7-0 
  9:00AM(H) 21 University of Northwestern Ohidef(A) 14 Cumberland - TN4-0 
  9:00AM(A) 20 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) Centre College7-0 
 1510:00AM(N) John Brown - ARdef(N) University of the Ozarks6-3 
 Conway, Ark.
  2:00PM(H) Bluefield State Collegedef(A) 8 Point - GA5-2 
 Georgia Gwinnett College Invitational, Feb. 14-15
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
KlokowBau-Madsen3-6, 6-4, 7-5V
BarbonBelcora3-6, 6-3, 7-6V
PereiraSchmieta6-3, 6-4H
TobaccoKhalil6-3, 6-3H
LunaBusse7-6, 3-6, 12-10H
MaustAvila6-1, 7-6H
  3:00PM(A) Texas Wesleyandef(H) Austin College7-2 
 5:00PM(A) 18 San Diego Christian - CAdef(H) 15 Hope International - CA4-2 
   (H) Northern Illinois Universitydef(A) Cardinal Stritch - WI4-0 
 12:00PM(H) 19 Coastal Georgiadef(A) St. Thomas - FL5-2 
  3:00PM(A) Morningside - IAdef(H) Nebraska Wesleyan University7-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Radamacher, AndersonSanz, Maza8-5V
Curry, LeRakich, Opp7-8H
Retzloff, LohoefenerSeamans, Deleo8-6H
RadamacherGarcia6-1, 2-6, 10-8V
MazaCurry6-1, 6-3V
RakichLe6-1, 6-1V
SeamansAnderson7-6, 6-2V
OppLohoefener6-3, 6-3V
McKinneyRetzloff6-4, 0-6, 11-9V
 3:00PM(A) RV Southeastern - FLdef(H) SCAD Savannah - GA5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Liam Stoica / Nicola Buffo Alexandre D'aboville / Enrique Martinez 7-5H
Eloy Veloso / Jordan TenebaumFelipe Barbosa / Thomas Ortega6-3H
Tayler Ayers / Sebastian Nunez Alec Lichter / Santiago Haas6-2V
Liam StoicaAlexandre D'aboville3-6, 6-1, 6-3H
Nicola Buffo Santiago Haas6-3, 6-2V
Eloy Veloso Felipe Barbosa 6-2, 6-2V
Sebastian NunezEnrique Martinez2-6, 7-5, 6-3V
Jordan Tenebaum Omar Fiorenzato6-3, 6-1V
Aidan KingAlec Lichter6-0, 6-3V
  1:30PM(A) Montreat - NCdef(H) Methodist College6-1 
 JV Match
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Mohamed Braham / James KirkhamJoshua Deutsch / Danny Moore8-0H
Grayson Chumley / Christian JohnsonBrandon Ly / Harrison Bitzberger9-7V
Jacob Summerville / Franco Minoldo GarciaOwen Findley / Alex Lycan8-4H
Mohamed BrahamLucas Dunlop6-4, 6-4H
Jackson PlylerEJ Stolmeijer6-3, 3-6, 13-11H
Jose TomalaLuke Laney6-0, 7-5H
Franco Minoldo GarciaKyle Klinek6-3, 4-6, 10-7H
Christian JohnsonAJ Rogers6-0, 6-7, 15-3V
James KirkhamPatrick Newsome6-4, 6-4H
  10:00AM(N) 14 Cumberland - TNdef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-1 
 @ University of Northwestern Ohio
  3:00PM(N) RV Southwestern - KSdef(N) Hastings - NE7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Josh SordoffDavid Moral-Tebar6-1, 6-3V
Tan NugyenFranco Poi6-1, 6-3V
David LoomisRyan Fung6-0, 6-0V
Sam ReinerSheldon Hawthorne6-0, 6-0V
Ryan HunterSantiago Bracco6-0, 6-0V
DEFAULTJavier ContrerasV
  4:00PM(H) Principia Collegedef(A) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO9-0 
  2:00PM(A) Bluefield - VAdef(H) King University4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Sebastian Lieflaender/Jorge RojasMichael Gutu/Tanaka Rushwaya6-3H
Bobby Mayner/Nathan SnowSatoshi Yamada/Rodrigo Huarachi6-4H
Sebastian LieflaenderSatoshi Yamada6-2, 6-0V
Jorge RojasMichael Gutu6-3, 6-3V
Nathan SnowRodrigo Huarachi7-5, 0-6, 12-10H
Bobby MaynerTanaka Rushwaya6-2, 7-6V
  12:00PM(H) Brescia - KYdef(A) Oakland City University4-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
De Carvalho/StefanovicHolder/Kluemper6-0H
Joao Paulo De CarvalhoJose Perez6-3, 6-4V
Dainel PaezGrant Holder6-2, 6-2H
Danila PyzhNoah Peak6-0, 6-0H
Aleksa StefanovicJake Hughes6-3, 6-3H
Jacob Dipertkalep KneppDNFH
Juan TaveraJohnathan HolsappleDNFH
  11:00AM(H) Ouachita Baptistdef(A) RV Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
  11:00AM(A) RV McPherson - KSdef(H) RV Midland - NE5-2 
  3:30PM(N) 6 Middle Georgia Statedef(N) 10 Union - KY4-0 
  8:00PM(A) George Fox Universitydef(H) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Luca Menezes – William Bruchard Will Leach – Alex Namba 6-3V
Matus Rusnak - Vannasak Chheang Luke Lemaitre – Rox Rogers 7-6 (5)V
Marcus Gavelin – Larry Magalasin Thierry Van Os – Camden Comacho 7-6 (8)H
William Bruchard Will Leach 7-6, 7-5V
Luca Menezes Rox Rogers 6-2 4-6 6-3V
Larry Magalasin Alex Namba 6-4 7-6V
Gunnar Harlan Thierry Van Os 7-6 6-4H
Roberto Salazar Camden Comacho 7-5 6-1V
Matus Rusnak Pete Gibson 7-6 6-2H
  3:30PM(A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) Lake Forest College6-3 
 7:30PM(A) RV Westmont - CAdef(H) Marymount California4-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Marcos Silvestre, Adil KahnMatthew Alleman, Zachary Prince6-4H
Kevin Orellana, Conrad SpeddingSebastian Vethan, Benjamin Saito6-4V
Andrew Herd, Adalberto JuarezRyan Chung, Trevor Stephens6-1V
Marcos SilvestreMatthew Alleman6-4, 2-3 (unfinished)H
Kevin OrellanaZachary Prince6-1, 6-1V
Adil KahnRyan Chung6-2, 6-2H
Conrad SpeddingBenjamin Saito6-1, 6-1V
Andrew HerdSebastian Vethan6-3, 3-1 (unfinished)V
Adalberto JuarezAbraham Pauta6-2, 6-0V
  2:00PM(H) Purdue University Northwestdef(A) Olivet Nazarene - IL5-2 
  10:00AM(A) 17 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) 21 University of Northwestern Ohi4-2 
  1:00PM(A) RV Grace - INdef(H) Indiana Southeast - IN5-2 
  7:30PM(H) Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Codef(A) 20 San Diego Christian - CA5-2 
  9:00AM(H) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(A) Bluefield State College5-0 
 Grizzly Invitational
  9:00AM(H) Bellarmine Universitydef(A) 16 Campbellsville - KY4-3 
  3:00PM(A) Doane - NEdef(H) Bethel - KS7-0 
 (location change)
  2:00PM(N) Harding Universitydef(N) 24 Missouri Valley8-1 
  2:00PM(N) 17 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerAlexander Tammaro/Alex Fernandez-Rajal6-2H
Martin Carrizo/Diego FreireWilliam Burgess/Lukas Obel6-1H
Jason Wagener/Riley WorlandPedro Garcia-Orellana/Nicolas Damotta6-1H
Martin CarrizoAlex TammaroDid Not PlayH
Eli Steiner Pedro Garcia-Orellana DNFH
Mariano JalifWilliam BurgessDNFH
Alex SerwatkaLukas Obel6-3, 6-0H
Trey ThixtonNicolas Damotta7-6, 6-3H
Riley WorlandDiego Colombo6-2, 6-2H
   (A) Howard Payne Universitydef(H) Southwest - NM4-3 
  2:00PM(A) 12 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) Lincoln Memorial University5-1 
  4:30PM(H) Thomas More - KYdef(A) Covenant College4-3 
  10:00AM(N) Millikin Universitydef(N) St. Louis Pharmacy - MO9-0 
  1:00PM(H) 2 Xavier - LAdef(A) 13 Mobile - AL4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
S. Perez & AbdullahArtem Vasheshnikov & Boris Klingebiel6-3H
Batalla & ChikhaouiGuido Evangelista & Aoi Kambara6-3H
Miller & J. PerezLuca Cirenza & Kevin Andrusch4-6V
Santiago PerezArtem Vasheshnikov5-7; 5-7V
Juan BatallaBoris Klingebiel6-2; 6-2H
Shaikh AbdullahGuido Evangelista 6-2; 6-4H
Samir ChikhaouiKevin Andrusch5-7; 4-6V
Juan PerezLuca Cirenza4-6; 1-6V
Guillermo CairasAoi Kambara6-4; 6-3V
  1:00PM(N) RV Indiana Techdef(N) 14 Cumberland - TN4-2 
 Westwood Tennis Center | Lima, Ohio
 2:00PM(A) 7 Keiser - FLdef(H) Webber International - FL7-0 
 143:00PM(A) John Brown - ARdef(H) Hendrix College9-0 
  2:00PM(H) Emory Universitydef(A) 8 Point - GA8-1 
 Georgia Gwinnett College Invitational, Feb. 14-15
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
BarbonMora6-4, 6-2H
PereiraEsses6-2, 6-2H
TobaccoSverdlov6-1, 6-0H
LunaSertiuk6-0, 6-3H
 7:30PM(A) RV Judson - ILdef(H) St. Ambrose - IA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Wallick/Michael LaiLopez Videla/Fortun0-6V
SchieferdeckerVeltkamp0-6, 0-6V
AnchundiaKerswell1-6, 0-6V
ZuccatoLestelle1-6, 1-6V
DeckerIngrassia0-6, 1-6V
WallickLopez Videla0-6, 0-6V
ReinosoBerg0-6, 0-6V
  10:00AM(N) 17 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Lawrence Tech - MI4-0 
 @ University of Northwestern Ohio
  12:00PM(H) Grand View - IAdef(A) Central College5-2 
  6:00PM(H) University of Charlestondef(A) Bluefield - VA6-1 
  4:00PM(H) RV Midland - NEdef(A) Tabor - KS7-0 
   (A) 15 Hope International - CAdef(H) Saint Katherine - CA4-0 
  4:00PM(N) 17 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) 14 Cumberland - TN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Milosevic/BochniaGrant Esposito/Isaac Steiner2-6V
Bagnera/SarpaEli Steiner/Mariano Jalif1-6V
Ramirez/RomanTrey Thixton/Riley Worland1-6V
Alejo BagneraEli Steiner 3-6, 4-6V
Til-Felix BochniaDiego Freire6-3, 6-4H
Javier Alonso EgeaIsaac Steiner1-6, 0-6V
Aleksandar MilosevicGrant Esposito 1-6, 3-6V
Lucas RomanMariano Jalif3-6, 1-6V
Felipe SarpaAlex Sarwatka0-6, 0-6V
  8:00PM(H) Augustana Universitydef(A) Morningside - IA7-0 
  5:00PM(A) Western New Mexico Universitydef(H) 22 Arizona Christian5-2 
  12:30PM(H) Roosevelt - ILdef(A) Loras6-1 
  2:00PM(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)def(A) Western New Mexico University4-3 
  5:30PM(H) Azusa Pacific Universitydef(A) 18 San Diego Christian - CA4-1 
  11:30AM(A) RV Grace - INdef(H) Indiana East - IN7-0 
 Pearson Automotive Tennis Club
  6:00PM(H) Xavier Universitydef(A) Thomas More - KY7-0 
  3:00PM(H) University of South Alabamadef(A) 2 Xavier - LA7-0 
 South Alabama: NCAA Division I
  1:00PM(H) University of Toledodef(A) 21 University of Northwestern Ohi6-1 
  10:00AM(H) St. Edward's Universitydef(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TX7-0 
 133:00PM(A) 11 Tennessee Wesleyandef(H) Sewanee University7-2 
 1211:00AM(H) Bethune-Cookman Collegedef(A) 7 Keiser - FL4-3 
   (H) Chapman Universitydef(A) Marymount California9-0 
 115:00PM(H) Point Loma Nazarene Universitydef(A) 13 San Diego Christian - CA4-1 
  3:00PM(H) Barry Universitydef(A) St. Thomas - FL7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Pierre Montrieul/ Ignasi ForcanoJuan Patino/ Sebastian Mezo1-6H
Alessandro Giuliato/ Tim ButtnerPaulo Delquino/ Sebastian Bunster3-6H
Martin Gutierrez/ Arnau RodriguezMiguel Torremegra/ Eduardo Reyna0-6H
MontrieulAdriel Azucey5-7, 5-7H
GiuliatoJuan Patino0-6, 0-6H
ForcanoSebastian Mezo3-6, 2-6H
RodriguezBunster0-6, 2-6H
GutierrezSmulski1-6, 4-6H
ButtnerLerdo1-6, 0-6H
   (A) Montreat - NC @ (H) Lenoir-Rhyne CollegePPD 
 91:00PM(N) Cornell College vs. (N) St. Ambrose - IAPPD 
 rescheduled for Feb. 21
  4:00PM(A) St. Ambrose - IA @ (H) University of DubuqueCncl 
  4:00PM(H) 25 Lewis-Clark State - IDdef(A) Whitworth University6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Luca Menezes – William BruchardEthan Violette – Ben Bethards6-2H
Larry Magalasin – Herman YueSean Singco – Kincaid Norris6-4V
Marcus Gavelin – Vannasak ChheangKyle Smithall – Christian Flannery6-4V
William BruchardSean Singco6-4, 2-6, 6-3H
Luca MenezesJake Bethards3-6, 6-1, 6-0H
Larry MagalasinEthan Violette3-6, 7-6, 7-5H
Gunnar HarlanBen Bethards6-3, 6-0H
Roberto SalazarKincaid Norris6-3, 6-3H
Vannasak ChheangCameron Brewer6-3, 6-1H
  11:30AM(A) 23 University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) 21 Marian - IN4-3 
 Match Played at Indy Healthplex
  11:30AM(A) Colorado Collegedef(H) Hastings - NE5-2 
  6:00PM(H) Butler Universitydef(A) RV Indiana Tech4-1 
  2:00PM(A) Bethel - TNdef(H) Lane College7-0 
  2:00PM(A) Mississippi Collegedef(H) Loyola - LA4-3 
 City Park
  2:00PM(A) 20 Cumberlands - KYdef(H) Webber International - FL7-0 
  2:00PM(N) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(N) University of West Florida4-0 
 86:30PM(N) RV McPherson - KSdef(N) Colorado College5-2 
  1:30PM(A) RV McPherson - KSdef(H) Hastings - NE7-0 
 1:00PM(A) 19 Coastal Georgiadef(H) Ave Maria - FL4-3 
 3:00PM(H) RV Judson - ILdef(A) St. Francis - IL7-0 
 Vaughan Tennis Center
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Mishra/Del SolKerswell/Veltkamp2-6V
Del Sol/TurielLestelle/Ingrassia2-6V
MishraVeltkamp2-6, 1-6V
Del SolKerswell2-6, 1-6V
TurielLestelle2-6, 3-6V
Del SolIngrassia0-6, 1-6V
SchiefferVIdela0-6, 1-6V
QuevedoBerg0-6, 0-6V
  (H) St. Thomas - FLdef(A) SCAD Savannah - GA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Adriel Azucey / Sebastian Bunster Nicola Buffo / Liam Stoica7-6H
Juan Patino / Sebastian MezoAidan King / Jordan Tenebaum 6-4V
Eduardo Reyna / Paulo Quintella Eloy Veloso / Matthew Kastritis 6-4V
Adriel Azucey Liam Stoica 6-0H
Juan Patino Nicola Buffo1-6, 7-5, 6-1V
Sebastian MezoEloy Veloso 6-2, 4-6, 6-4V
Sebastian BunsterJordan Tenebaum6-0, 6-1V
Eduardo ReynaAidan King6-4, 6-1V
Fabrice BissaintheMatthew Kastritis6-0, 6-0V
  12:00PM(H) Spring Hill Collegedef(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN4-0 
 at Rhodes College
  4:00PM(A) Grand View - IAdef(H) Concordia - NE5-1 
 1:00PM(H) 7 Keiser - FLdef(A) Warner - FL7-0 
  1:00PM(H) Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Codef(A) 17 Hope International - CA6-1 
  3:00PM(H) Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(A) Indiana East - IN5-2 
 Park Forest Tennis Club
  2:00PM(H) Bellarmine Universitydef(A) Georgetown - KY4-2 
  5:00PM(A) Doane - NEdef(H) Nebraska Wesleyan University7-2 
   (H) Oklahoma Baptist Universitydef(A) Texas A&M Texarkana7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alex, AlbertoGraterol, Suiama2-6H
Gonzalo, KevinBrewer, Galdi3-6H
Fernando, AkashTan, Le-Fort1-6H
Alex OviedoSuiama0-6, 2-6H
Alberto CabrilloGaldi0-6,6-4,4-6H
Kevin Tsati-OnlaGraterol2-6,4-6H
Gonzalo VegaLe-Fort4-6,0-6H
Fernando MartinezBrewer2-6,2-6H
Akash MusaleRollins0-6,1-6H
   (H) University of Texas of the Permian Basindef(A) Southwest - NM9-0 
  1:00PM(N) RV Midland - NEdef(N) William Jewell College4-3 
  10:00AM(A) RV Midland - NEdef(H) Central College7-2 
  4:00PM(A) University of Redlandsdef(H) RV Westmont - CA6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Matthew AllemanAndrew Leahy7-6 (3), 1-6, 6-4V
Zachary PrinceThomas Reznik6-3, 6-3H
Ryan ChungDonovan Lilov6-1, 6-2V
Benjamain SaitoBrysl Libao6-0, 6-0V
Sebastian VethanAndrew Yip6-1, 6-1V
Abraham PautoMichael Cabacungan6-4, 6-2V
  6:00PM(H) Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Codef(A) Ottawa (Ariz.)7-0 
  5:00PM(A) Northern Kentucky Universitydef(H) Thomas More - KY7-0 
  1:00PM(H) 2 Xavier - LAdef(A) Mississippi College7-0 
 Mississippi College: NCAA Division II
  12:30PM(A) Central Collegedef(H) St. Ambrose - IA4-3 
  2:00PM(N) Carson-Newman Collegedef(N) Milligan - TN4-3 
  1:00PM(H) University of New Orleansdef(A) Loyola - LA7-0 
 University Tennis Center
  12:00PM(N) Tiffin Universitydef(N) RV Indiana Tech4-3 
 Lakewood Racquet Club | Lakewood, Ohio
  10:15AM(H) Davenport Universitydef(A) Cornerstone - MI6-1 
  9:00AM(A) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(H) Valdosta State University4-1 
 71:00PM(A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) University of Alabama-HuntsvilleRAIN 
  11:00AM(H) 8 Point - GAdef(A) The Citadel4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Luna/DevotoGraham/Van Zyl8-4H
KlokowStewart3-6, 6-3, 6-0H
BarbonGraham6-2, 6-4H
PereiraNawabi6-4, 6-4V
LunaVan Zyl6-2, 6-0H
MaustBencedic6-2, 6-3V
DevotoPyritz6-3, 6-1V
  2:00PM(N) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(N) Kansas Wesleyan7-0 
  2:00PM(N) St. Louis Universitydef(N) Baker - KS7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
A. Hernandez-Carreno / C. FitzgeraldP. Badaiants / A. Heiden6-3H
A. Ruckamn / P. Ferretti J. Nogalski / I. Tintore6-4V
M. Hovorka / D. SteadmanF. Cruz / K. Marri6-2V
Alejandro HernandezJustin Nogalski 6-1, 6-0V
Carson FitzgeraldPavel Badaiants6-3, 6-0V
Adam Ruckman Alex Heiden 6-1, 6-1V
Max Hovorka Ignacio Tintore6-0, 6-0V
Pedro Ferretti Felipe Cruz6-0, 6-0V
Kushal MarriDavis Steadman6-2, 6-2V
  7:00PM(N) Case Western Reserve Universitydef(N) 23 University of Northwestern Ohi7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Keiser - FLdef(A) Cumberlands - KY5-2 
  7:30PM(H) Wheaton Collegedef(A) St. Francis - IL7-0 
 Centre Court Athletic Club
   (A) Grand Valley State Universitydef(H) Indiana Wesleyan5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerDausman/Matov5-7V
Eli Steiner/Mariano JalifGeissler/Colantone6-3H
Diego Freire/Riley WorlandMiller/Rhoades2-6V
Eli SteinerDausman6-4, 6-3H
Diego FreireGeissler1-6, 3-6V
Isaac SteinerMatov6-2, 6-7, 6-10V
Grant EspositoMiller4-6, 6-3, 5-10V
Mariano JalifMorera-Lucas7-6, 6-2H
Alex SerwatkaColantone6-4, 6-7, 14-16V
  7:00PM(A) 10 Union - KYdef(H) Thomas More - KY5-2 
  7:00PM(A) University of Idahodef(H) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Vannasak Chheang – William Bruchard Fransisco Buscon – Esteban Santibanez 6-3V
Larry Magalasin – Marcus Gavelin Gui Scarpelli – Bruno Casiro 6-1V
Luca Menezes – Roberto Salazar Althaf Dhaifullah- Vivek Ramesh 6-1V
William Bruchard Fransisco Bason 6-1, 7-6V
Luca Menezes Althaf Dhaifullah7-6, 0-6, 6-4V
Larry Magalasin Bruno Casiro 6-1, 6-2V
Gunnar Harlan Gui Scarpelli 6-0, 6-1V
Herman Yue Vivek Ramesh 6-2, 6-4V
Roberto Salazar Alejandro Sadeno 3-6, 6-4, 10-6H
   (H) Concordia Universitydef(A) Ottawa (Ariz.)7-0 
  6:00PM(H) William Jewell Collegedef(A) Ottawa - KS4-3 
 Clayview CC
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Cutter SandersClaudio Quinones7-5V
Pedro BragaIgor Golubovic6-0V
Bjorn MyersOscar Aguilera6-3V
Athos BrockerLuke Graham6-3V
Max WheelerErik Czapinski7-5V
Jack LedbetterLuke Kohler6-2H
  3:00PM(H) Saint Katherine - CAdef(A) Marymount California5-2 
  5:00PM(H) Hopedef(A) Cornerstone - MI4-3 
 53:00PM(H) Laredo CCdef(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TX7-0 
 43:00PM(A) Saint Katherine - CAdef(H) 13 San Diego Christian - CA4-3 
  1:00PM(H) Lynn Universitydef(A) St. Thomas - FL7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Adam Lunding Johanss / Giovanni AraujoAdriel Azucey / Sebastian Bunster4-5H
Robin Calais / Nicolas CabreraJuan Patino / Sebastian Mezo 2-6H
Diego Gonzalez / Diego Valant Gonzalo Smulski / Nicolas Lerdo3-6H
CalaisAzucey6-7, 0-6H
AraujoPatino2-6, 2-6H
AlamiMezo2-6, 0-6H
FlottaBunster1-6, 0-6H
NealeReyna3-6, 0-6H
  1:30PM(H) 6 Middle Georgia Statedef(A) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan4-3 
  7:00PM(H) Biola Universitydef(A) RV Westmont - CA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alexei Prokopchuk, Derek JamesMatthew Alleman, Zachary Prince5-3 (unfinished)H
Andres Meneses, Logan BlairBenjamin Saito, Ryan Chung6-2H
Quentin Lau, Edwyn RamosTaylor Stephens, Sebastian Vethan6-1H
Alexei ProkopchukMatthew Alleman6-1, 6-0H
Logan BlairZachary Prince6-4, 6-4H
Derek JamesRyan Chung6-0, 6-1H
Edwyn RamosBenjamin Saito6-0, 6-2H
Andres MenesesSebastian Vethan6-4, 6-2H
Quentin LauAbraham Pauta6-0, 3-6, 10-7H
 35:00PM(A) 8 Point - GAdef(H) Tuskegee University6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Thomas/ SheldonPatterson/Sry6-2V
KlokowCole6-3, 6-3V
PereiraHargrove6-0, 6-1V
MaustMitchell6-0, 6-2V
DevotoSry6-0, 6-1V
BagleyPatterson6-4, 6-2V
  1:00PM(H) Alabama State Universitydef(A) 8 Point - GA5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Federico BarbonC.Andre6-2, 7-5V
Joe KlokowJ. Rodriguez6-3, 6-4V
Patrick TobaccoC. Markovic6-7, 6-4, 6-4H
Julien PereiraA. Marquis2-6, 6-4, 6-4H
Guido LunaA. Collard6-3, 6-4, 6-4H
Gavin ThomasA. Trajkovski6-2, 6-2H
 212:00PM(N) 7 Keiser - FLdef(N) Gustavus Adolphus College6-1 
  2:00PM(A) 10 Union - KYdef(H) Lincoln Memorial University4-3 
  5:00PM(H) 15 Cumberland - TNdef(A) Martin Methodist - TN5-2 
  3:00PM(H) Grinnell Collegedef(A) Grand View - IA9-0 
  9:30AM(A) 9 William Woods - MOdef(H) William Jewell College6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Pedro Braga - Cutter Sanders Aaron Westerlund - Nathan Cooke6-3V
Bjorn Myers - Athos BrockerChristopher Vleeming Ortiz - Sam Bird6-4V
Max Wheeler - Hayden FulkMaurice Bauens - Patrick Shelepov6-2V
Cutter Sanders Christopher Vleeming Ortiz6-1, 6-2V
Pedro BragaNathan Cooke7-5, 1-6, 10-4V
Bjorn MyersSam Bird2-6, 7-5, 10-3H
Athos BrockerZach Frisbie6-2, 6-0V
Hayden FulkPatrick Shelepov6-1, 6-1V
Max WheelerJack Campbell6-2, 3-6, 11-9V
 111:00AM(H) Christian Brothers Universitydef(A) Blue Mountain - MS5-2 
 Windike Country Club
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Paul Chabaud/Alilio FloresJuan Silva/David Garcia6-4H
Andres Calzacota/Danko Yordanov/David Ajievi6-4H
Alonso Reid/JohnstonEli Black/Nick Bails6-4H
Paul ChabaudDanko Yordanov3-6, 6-4, 6-10H
Alilio FloresJuan Silva2-6, 6-3, 10-8H
Alonso ReidDavid Garcia6-7, 7-5, 10-5H
Andres CalzacotaDavid Ajievi0-6, 0-6H
Carlson BennageEli Black0-6, 0-6H
Victor FontaziaNick Bailes2-6, 1-6H
  11:00AM(H) Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(A) Wisconsin-Whitewater7-0 
 3:00PM(H) SCAD Savannah - GAdef(A) Webber International - FL5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Liam Stoica / Nicola Buffo Ivan Bondarenko / Kyle Hall6-3V
Eloy Veloso / Sebastian Nunez Matthew Alexander / Marc Schneider 6-4V
Matthew Kastritis / Kyle PetersNo player / No playerWFH
Nicola Buffo Ivan Bondarenko6-3, 6-3V
Liam Stoica Matthew Alexander7-6 (5-0), 6-2H
Eloy VelosoMarc Schneider6-4, 6-2H
Sebastian NunezKyle Hall6-7 (0-6), 6-2, 6-2H
Jordan TenebaumNo playerWFH
Aidan KingNo playerWFH
  3:00PM(A) Kenyon Collegedef(H) 23 University of Northwestern Ohi5-2 
  12:00PM(A) 17 Hope International - CAdef(H) California Institute of Technology4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Simon Campos, Tanishq MahendraShawker, Wei2-6V
Dale Nixon, James ZhangKim, Kozlowski6-3H
Riley Morrison, Yazid BenchegraWill, Gundakaram2-6V
Simon CamposWei7-5, 6-4H
Tanishq MahendraYu7-6, 7-6H
Dale NixonKozlowski6-1, 7-6H
James ZhangWill6-3, 0-6, 7-5H
Riley MorrisonKim3-6, 3-6H
Yazid BenchegraGundakaram3-6, 4-6H
  12:00PM(H) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(A) Centenary College6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alex Oviedo, Alberto CabrilloNobles, Lim8-1H
Kevin Tsati-Onla, Gonzalo VegaWamsley, Dixon8-1H
Alex OviedoCorey Nobles6-0, 6-0H
Alberto CabrilloNathan Lim6-0, 6-0H
Kevin Tsati-OnlaColin Dixon6-0, 6-0H
Gonzalo VegaMax Wamsley6-0 , 6-0H
Akash MusaleDevine Martin6-1, 6-0H
  8:00PM(N) Colorado Mesa Universitydef(N) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
De LA Bastide/CureBruchard/Chheang6-2V
AlbrechtsenMenezes6-4, 7-5H
De La BastideMagalasin6-4, 6-0H
LandenBruchard7-5, 7-5V
HoweGavelin7-6 (7-3), 6-2H
van WykChheang6-4, 6-1H
  12:00PM(H) Idaho State Universitydef(A) 25 Lewis-Clark State - ID7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
LOHSE, Fynn / RIDEMAR, LukasLuca Menezes / Vannasak Chheang6-2H
RENDEK, Gary / TRHAC, PatrikWilliam Bruchard / Marcus Gavelin 6-1H
HARTMAN, Kyler / PRINSEN, YohannHan-Rong Yue / Roberto Salazar UNFH
RIDEMAR, LukasLarry Magalasin 6-1, 6-2H
LOHSE, FynnWilliam Bruchard6-0, 6-3H
TRHAC, PatrikLuca Menezes6-1, 6-2H
RENDEK, GaryGunnar Harlan6-3, 6-3H
PRINSEN, Yohann Marcus Gavelin 6-3, 6-1H
HARTMAN, KylerHan-Rong Yue6-3, 6-0H
  12:00PM(N) Cowley County CCdef(N) Baker - KS6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
A. Hernandez-Carreno / C. FitzgeraldA. Orihuela / C .Castillo6-4V
A. Ruckman / D. SteadmanA. Brauer / M. Sosa6-1V
Alejandro HernandezM. Sosa7-6(2), 2-6, (10-8)V
Carson FitzgeraldA. Brauer6-2, 6-1V
Adam RuckmanP. Vital 1-6, 6-2, (10-6)V
Davis SteadmanD. Gaura6-3, 6-1V
Max HovorkaP. McGee6-1, 6-3H
  6:00PM(A) Martin Methodist - TN @ (H) Milligan - TNPPD 
 4:30PM(H) Thomas More - KYdef(A) Shawnee State - OH7-0 
  1:30PM(N) Doane - NEdef(N) University of Dubuque9-0 
  10:00AM(H) Coe Collegedef(A) Doane - NE7-2 
  9:00AM(H) Lincoln Memorial Universitydef(A) 20 Cumberlands - KY4-3 
  1:00PM(A) Tabor - KSdef(H) Hastings - NE5-2 
  4:45PM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Albion College7-0 
  1:00PM(H) 2 Xavier - LAdef(A) Loyola - LA6-1 
 XULA Tennis Center
  12:30PM(A) Simpson Collegedef(H) St. Ambrose - IA7-2 
  12:00PM(A) 22 Arizona Christian @ (H) Mesa CCPPD 
 312:00PM(H) Cardinal Stritch - WIdef(A) Indiana-Purdue University at Indianapoli5-2 
 3:00PM(A) RV Judson - ILdef(H) Indiana South Bend - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Holden Price/Brenden HandyChris Veltkamp/Chris Kerswell2-6V
Carlos Gomez/TannerNanemakerAugustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia0-6V
Jacob Kunaby/L. BrumleyHugo La Hei/Max Forten2-6V
Holden PriceChris Veltkamp0-6, 0-6V
Carlos GomezChris Kerswell4-6, 1-6V
Brenden HandyAugustin Lestelle1-6, 1-6V
Tanner NenemakerDimitri Ingrassia0-6, 1-6V
Jacob KunabyManuel Lopez Videla1-6, 0-6V
L. BrumleyMarcus Berg 0-6, 0-6V
  3:00PM(H) 17 Hope International - CAdef(A) Saint Katherine - CA5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Campos, MahendraMolenkamp, Tessi6-1H
Nixon, ZhangNavarro, Rozpedski6-1H
Morrison, BenchegraReuter, Gomez2-6V
CamposTessi6-1, 4-6, 6-1H
  4:00PM(A) RV Grace - INdef(H) Hope8-1 
  6:00PM(H) Carson-Newman Collegedef(A) Martin Methodist - TN7-0 
 291:45PM(H) Creighton Universitydef(A) RV Midland - NE7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Campbell / MeaseStruffi / Abete6-3H
Lopez-Ray / DiazAlmeida / Mascarenhas6-1H
Hoff / BrownDel Rio / Heiss7-5H
CampbellAbete6-2, 7-5H
BrownStruffi6-0, 6-1H
GandiniAlmeida6-4, 6-3H
DiazMascarenhas6-3, 6-4H
MeaseDel Rio6-1, 6-1H
Lopez-ReyBitzer6-1, 6-0H
251:00PM(A) 19 Coastal Georgiadef(H) Warner - FL4-3 
  (H) Southeastern - FLdef(A) St. Thomas - FL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alexandre D'aboville / Enrique MartinezAdriel Azucey / Sebastian Bunster 1-6H
Felipe Barbosa / Thomas Ortega Juan Patino / Sebastian Mezo6-0V
Santiago Haas / Alec LichterEduardo Reyna / Miguel Torremegra2-6H
Alexandre D'abovilleAdriel Azucey 4-6, 6-7H
Santiago HaasJuan Patino1-6, 2-6H
Felipe BarbosaSebastian Mezo 2-6, 6-7H
Enrique MartinezMiguel Torremegra1-6, 6-7H
Omar FiorenzatoEduardo Reyna3-6, 1-6H
Alec Lichter Nicolas Lerdo 6-2, 2-6, 4-6H
  7:00PM(H) Butler Universitydef(A) 21 Marian - IN4-0 
 3:00PM(A) 7 Keiser - FLdef(H) SCAD Savannah - GA7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Nicola Buffo / Liam StoicaRiccardo Ferraris / Juan Marrero6-1V
Eloy Veloso / Sebastian Nunez Geronimo Barrios / Luke Simkiss6-2V
Matthew Kastritis / Kyle Peters Julian Turosienski / Fred Liljinberg6-0V
Liam StoicaLuke Simkiss6-0, 6-0V
Nicola BuffoGeronimo Barrios6-1, 6-1V
Sebastian Nunez Juan Marrero6-3, 6-2V
Eloy VelosoJulian Turosienski6-1, 6-1V
Matthew KastritisGerard Rodriguez6-0, 6-0V
Kyle PetersRiccardo Ferraris6-2, 6-0V
  7:00PM(A) Hanover Collegedef(H) Thomas More - KY4-3 
  2:00PM(A) Jackson State Universitydef(H) Loyola - LA5-2 
 City Park
 243:00PM(H) Incarnate Word Universitydef(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TX7-0 
2212:00PM(H) 19 Coastal Georgiadef(A) RV Webber International - FL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Gravelle/MalopeNo PlayerH
FiguiereBondarenko6-3, 6-7, 10-8H
GravelleAlexander6-4, 6-6V
FarinaSchneider6-0, 6-0H
RamokgopaHall6-3, 6-1H
JamelaNo PlayerH
MalopeNo PlayerH
 10:00AM(A) RV Southeastern - FLdef(H) Warner - FL6-1 
 USTA National Tennis Center
 2:30PM(H) Keiser - FLdef(A) St. Thomas - FL7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Riccardo Ferraris/ Juan MarreroAdriel Azucey/ Sebastian Bunster3-6H
Geronimo Barrios/ Luke SimkissJuan Patino/ Sebastian Mezo1-6H
Julain Turosienski/ Carli LiljenburgMiguel Torremegra/Nicolas Lerdo1-6H
Luke SimkissAzucey1-6, 0-6H
BarriosPatino7-5, 3-6, 0-1H
MarreroMezo1-6, 6-4, 4-6H
TurosienskiTorremegra5-7, 1-6H
RodriguezBunster1-6, 3-6H
LiljenburgLerdo1-6, 6-3, 0-1H
 196:00PM(H) University of Tennessee-Chattanoogadef(A) Union - KY6-1 
 171:00PM(A) Florida National - FLdef(H) RV Southeastern - FL6-1 
  3:00PM(A) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(H) Prairie State College4-3 
  3:00PM(A) University of California-Riversidedef(H) Ottawa (Ariz.)7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
ReyesAbdallah6-4, 7-6V
ToddChung6-2, 6-2V
KimWhelan-Merediz6-1, 6-2V
PetrieVelek6-0, 6-2V
VasquezBlando6-1, 6-3V
GriffithBlando6-2, 6-1V
 1510:00AM(N) Lees-McRae Collegedef(N) Milligan - TN4-3 
  12:30PM(A) Eastern Illinoisdef(H) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL6-1 
 32:30PM(A) 1 Georgia Gwinnettdef(H) Lander University7-0 
   (H) TBAtied(A) 19 Coastal Georgia0-0 
 Day 3 - Wallis Tennis Center
 2 (H) TBAtied(A) 19 Coastal Georgia0-0 
 Day 2 - Wallis Tennis Center
   (N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Xavier Invitational
 1 (H) TBAtied(A) 19 Coastal Georgia0-0 
 Day 1 - Wallis Tennis Center
   (H) 16 Cumberland - TNdef(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN6-1 
 245:30PM(A) Freed-Hardeman - TNdef(H) Mississippi University for Women7-0 
  1:00PM(H) William Jewell Collegedef(A) Tabor - KS7-0 
 234:00PM(A) Milligan - TNdef(H) University of Virginia's College at Wise7-0 
 201:00PM(H) Anderson Universitydef(A) SCAD Atlanta - Ga7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ignacio Bidegain/Preston MorpethErnesto Martinez/Tomas Pacera4-5, dnfH
Adam Kush/Aaron CaboAlan Toleu/Jovial Barry6-1H
Jeffrey Dayton/Jerry PriceLautaro Monardo/Augustya Sharma6-2H
Ignacio BidegainLautaro Monardo6-0, 6-0H
Aaron CaboAlan Toleu6-0, 6-1H
Aam KushTomas Pacera6-4, 6-2H
Preston MorpethJovial Barry6-1, 6-0H
Simon WilsonAugustya Sharma8-1H
Thomas SmalleyAshton Forbes8-0H
   (N) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Cup
   (H) Christian Brothers Universitydef(A) Freed-Hardeman - TN7-0 
  1:00PM(A) Milligan - TN @ (H) Maryville CollegeRAIN 
 1912:00PM(N) Indiana Southeast - INdef(N) Roosevelt - IL6-1 
   (N) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Cup
 1811:00AM(H) University of Illinois at Springfielddef(A) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL4-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
M. Senau/M. LopsleyFrancisco Faria/Alex Verdu4-6V
R. Rojas/T. MonteryAlfonso Martinez/Andres Martinez6-7V
A. Chan/P. RydellKyle Lingle/Jon Merki7-5H
SenauFrancisco Faria6-4, 6-2H
ChanAlfonso Martinez6-3, 4-6, 6-3H
MartinezAlex Verdu3-6, 6-2, 3-4H
RojasAndres Martinez7-6, 6-1H
LopsleyKyle Lingle6-0, 6-1H
ToroJon Merki6-1, 1-0H
  4:00PM(N) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILdef(N) RV Lindenwood-Belleville - IL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alex Turner/Chirag DahiyaAlfonso Martinez/Andres Martinez6-1V
Hasan Farooq/Juan NavarjoKiko Faria/Alex Verdu7-6 (6)V
N/AKyle Lingle, Jon MerkiONU DefH
Alex TunerAlfonso Martinez6-4, 0-6, 10-8H
Chirag DahiyaKiko Faria6-0, 6-0V
Hasan FarooqAlex Verdu6-1, 6-4V
Juan NaranjoAndres Martinez6-0, 6-3V
N/AKyle LingleONU DefV
N/AJon MerkiONU DefV
   (N) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Cup
  4:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Indiana South Bend - IN7-0 
  1:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Holy Cross - IN5-2 
  1:00PM(H) Mars Hill Universitydef(A) Milligan - TN4-3 
 17 (N) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Cup
 165:30PM(A) John Brown - ARdef(H) University of the Ozarks5-2 
 Conway, Ark.
 13 (A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) TBARAIN 
 Grizzly Open
 12 (N) Blue Mountain - MS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Grizzly Open
  11:00AM(H) Baker - KSdef(A) Tabor - KS6-1 
   (N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - West Florida Fall Fling
  2:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Hanover CollegeCncl 
 11 (N) Blue Mountain - MS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Grizzly Open
   (N) 8 Point - GA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Georgia Gwinnett College Grizzly Invitational, Oct. 11-13
  3:00PM(H) Purdue University Northwestdef(A) St. Francis - IL7-0 
 Match Point Tennis Club
  4:00PM(H) Eastern Illinoistied(A) RV Lindenwood-Belleville - IL0-0 
 Eastern Illinois University Tournament
   (N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 1 - West Florida Fall Fling
 103:30PM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Concordia - MI7-0 
 95:00PM(H) Goshen - INdef(A) Roosevelt - IL6-1 
 postponed from Sept. 27
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Friesen/Diego TorresBenoit/Fuqua6-3H
Filippo BigardiDavid Wolk7-6(4), 6-3H
Juan Miguel CiudadKerwin Chong7-6(4), 7-6(6)H
Danny BoussomCraig Greenwald3-6, 6-1, 6-3H
Josh FriesenNathan Benoit6-2, 3-6, (10-7)H
Evan BeckKendrick Chong7-5, 6-4V
Luke RushJacob Fuqua7-5, 6-1H
 6 (A) San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Part of Invitational Tournament
  2:00PM(H) 23 Missouri Valleydef(A) Quincy University5-2 
 5 (N) Lawrence Tech - MI vs. (N) TBACncl 
 UNOH Tournament
  4:30PM(A) RV Judson - ILdef(H) Aquinas - MI4-0 
 3:30pm EST
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Joel Hancox/Nick KlakChris Veltkamp/Chris Kerswell4-6V
Max G./Brandon M.Augustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia6-7V
Mariano Arroyo/John ElizaldeHugo La HeiMarcus Berg5-7V
HancoxChris Veltkamp3-6, 2-6V
KlakChris Kerswell3-6, 1-6V
Max G.Augustin Lestelle 6-7, 1-6V
Mariano ArroyoDimitri Ingrassia1-0 UNF
Brandon MMarcus BergUNF
John ElizaldeHugo La HeiUNF
   (A) San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Part of Invitational Tournament
  9:30AM(N) Texas Wesleyandef(N) John Brown - AR5-2 
 Arlington, Texas (Arlington Tennis Center)
   (A) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
  12:00PM(H) Baker - KSdef(A) Bethel - KS6-1 
  2:00PM(A) TBA @ (H) Grand View - IACncl 
 Ottawa University
  4:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) 21 Marian - IN4-1 
 Crossroads League Tournament Championship
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac Steiner Ian Deters/Diogo Jesus 4-6V
Eli Steiner/Mariano Jalif Armando Lopez/Dmitrii Voshchenkov6-4H
Diego Freire/Martin Carrizo Hunter Sylvester/Greg Fulling 6-4H
Eli SteinerCamilo Mesa6-3, 6-3H
Martin CarrizoDimitri Voshchenkov6-2, 6-0H
Diego Freire Hunter SylvesterUnfinished H
Isaac SteinerDiego Jesus 6-4, 6-4H
Grant Esposito Ian DeitersUnfinishedH
Alex SerwatkaArmando Lopez3-6, 1-6V
  4:00PM(A) Bethel - TNdef(H) Freed-Hardeman - TN4-2 
   (H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TX7-2 
   (H) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(A) Our Lady of the Lake - TX6-3 
  12:00PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Indiana East - IN6-1 
   (N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBAPPD 
 Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Invitational
 4 (A) 8 Point - GA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Jacksonville State University Invitational
  6:00PM(H) Davenport Universitydef(A) RV Judson - IL4-2 
 5:00pm EST
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Van Antwerpen/Bufmar Chris Veltkamp/Chris Kervell6-4H
Johansen/KhitrouAugustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia2-6V
Kors/LeathermanHugo La Hei/Marcus Berg1-6V
JohnsonChris Kerswell6-2, 6-4H
Van AntwerpenChris Veltkamp1-6, 6-4, 5-4 UNFH
BulmarAugustin Lestelle6-1 ,7-5H
KhitrouDimitri Ingrassia2-6, 6-2, 6-3H
LeathermanMarcus Berg4-6, 6-2, 6-2V
KorsHugo La Hei1-6, 2-6
   (A) San Diego Christian - CA @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Part of Invitational Tournament
  9:30AM(N) Texas A&M Texarkanadef(N) John Brown - AR6-1 
 Arlington, Texas (Arlington Tennis Center)
   (A) RV Olivet Nazarene - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
  7:00PM(A) Tabor - KS @ (H) Kansas State UniversityRAIN 
 Match will be vs. KSU Club Team
  4:30PM(A) Albion Collegedef(H) Concordia - MI6-1 
   (A) Our Lady of the Lake - TXdef(H) Southwestern Christian - OK9-0 
  1:00PM(N) Midway - KYdef(N) Kentucky Wesleyan College7-0 
  11:00AM(A) Rockhurst Universitydef(H) RV Ottawa - KS6-1 
 Forest Park
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Claudio Quinones and Luke GrahamNicolas Leon and Santiago Rodriguez7-6 (5)H
Eric Czapinski and Thomas GranthamSimon Birgerson and Alex Bernadas6-3V
Oscar Aguilera and Luke KohlerGarret Lewis and Masao Perret6-2V
Claudio QuinonesNicolas Leon6-4, 6-4H
Luke GrahamSantiago Rodriguez6-1, 6-2V
Oscar AguileraMasao Perret6-3, 6-0V
Eric CzapinskiSimon Birgerson6-0, 6-0V
Thomas GranthamAlex Bernadas6-2, 6-2V
Luke KohlerGarret Lewis6-0, 6-0V
  10:00AM(H) Indiana Southeast - INdef(A) Kentucky Wesleyan College7-0 
 33:30PM(N) Our Lady of the Lake - TXdef(N) John Brown - AR7-0 
 Arlington, Texas (Arlington Tennis Center)
  4:00PM(N) Indiana Southeast - INdef(N) Midway - KY6-1 
 Hunting Creek Country Club
  3:00PM(H) 21 Marian - INdef(A) Grace - IN4-2 
 Crossroads League Tournament Semifinals
  4:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Goshen - IN4-0 
 Crossroads League Tournament Semifinals
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Esposito/I. SteinerCafe/Friesen6-1H
Jalif/E. SteinerBigardi/CiudadDNFH
Eli SteinerFilippo BigardiDNFH
Martin CarrizoDanny BoussomDNFH
Diego FreireJuan Miguel CiudadDNFH
Isaac SteinerMartim Cafe6-0, 6-0H
Grant EspositoJosh Friesen6-2, 6-2H
Alex SerwatkaHermes Flores6-1, 6-0H
  4:00PM(H) Shawnee State - OHdef(A) Ohio Christian7-0 
 22:00PM(H) 17 University of Northwestern Ohidef(A) University of Findlay5-2 
 14:00PM(A) Principia Collegedef(H) Lindenwood-Belleville - IL6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alex Turner & Chirag DahiyaWyatt Dale & Greg Sovie6-3H
Martin Gonzalez & Juan NaranjoDaniel Gomez & Juan Segovia6-4V
XWilliam Johnson & Elliott MatthiesenDefaultV
Alex TurnerDaniel Gomez6-4, 7-5V
Martin GonzalezWyatt Dale6-2, 6-0V
Chirag DahiyaGreg Sovie6-4, 6-3V
Hasan FarooqJuan Segovia6-1, 6-3V
Juan NaranjoWilliam Johnson6-0, 6-2H
XElliott MatthiesenDefaultV
  2:00PM(H) 21 Marian - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI6-1 
 Crossroads League Tournament Quarterfinals
  4:30PM(H) Goshen - INdef(A) Huntington - IN5-2 
 Crossroads League Tournament Quarterfinals
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Filippo BigardiIllia Turaba7-6(5), 6-2H
Danny BoussomRodrigo Manzo6-2, 7-5H
Juan Miguel CiudadMateo Ameller7-5, 6-2H
Josh FriesenDiego Tapia7-5, 6-3V
Hermes FloresSebastian Salas6-7(6), 7-6(4), (15-13)V
Luke RushBrody Worl6-1, 6-1H
  1:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Taylor - IN4-3 
 Crossroads League Tournament Quarterfinals
 2911:00AM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
  3:00PM(A) Augustana University @ (H) Morningside - IARAIN 
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Holy Cross - INCncl 
 Holy Cross Invitational
  9:00AM(A) Indiana South Bend - IN @ (H) Holy Cross - INCncl 
 2810:00AM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) RV Judson - IL4-1 
 9:00am EST
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Issac SteinerChris Veltkamp/Chris Kervell4-6V
Eli Steiner/Mariano JalifAugustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia4-6V
Diego Freire/Martin CarrizoHugo La HeiMarcus Berg6-1H
Eli SteinerChris Kerswell6-4, 3-4 UFH
Martin CarrizoChris Veltkamp4-6, 6-1 UFH
Diego FreireAugustin Lestelle6-3, 6-2H
Isaac SteinerDimitri Ingrassia6-4, 6-3H
Grant Esposito Marcus Berg6-0, 6-0
Alex SerwatkaHugo La Hei6-3, 6-3
  3:00PM(N) RV Judson - ILdef(N) Indiana Southeast - IN4-3 
 2:00pm EST
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Garrett Fensler/Sebastian BurmanChris Veltkamp/Chris Kerswell7-6H
Brock Winchell/Dawlton FenslerAugustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia2-6V
Cade Burman/Bradley CrossHugo La HeiMarcus BergMarcus Berg6-4H
Garrett FenslerChris Kerswell0-6, 6-4, 7-6H
Sebastian BurmanChris Veltkamp2-6, 6-4, 1-6V
Brock WinchellAugustin Lestelle4-6, 5-7V
Cade BurmanDimitri Ingrassia2-6, 0-6V
Bradley CrossMarcus Berg6-0, 6-1H
Dawlton FenslerHugo La Hei4-6, 2-6V
  2:00PM(H) Grand View - IAdef(A) Morningside - IA5-2 
  12:30PM(H) Newman Universitydef(A) Tabor - KS9-0 
  10:00AM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Indiana Southeast - IN4-0 
  9:00AM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
  2:00PM(H) TBAdef(A) Grand View - IA2-1 
 Morningside College
   (N) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals Day 3
  4:00PM(A) Roosevelt - ILdef(H) Millikin University9-0 
  1:15PM(H) Hanover Collegedef(A) Midway - KY5-4 
  1:00PM(H) 23 Missouri Valleydef(A) William Jewell College6-1 
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 Creighton Invitational
 2712:00PM(N) Indiana Techdef(N) RV Judson - IL4-2 
 11:00am EST
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Alvaro Gomez/Alvaro GarridoChris Veltkamp/Chris Kerswell6-1H
Tiago Neves/Brunno StoraniAugustin Lestelle/Dimitri Ingrassia6-2H
Safer Infante/Juan AvellanedaHugo La Hei/Marcus Berg6-3H
Brunno StoraniChris Kerswell4-6, 4-6V
Tiago NevesChris Veltkamp0-6, 0-3V
Juan AvellanedaAugustin Lestelle5-7, 6-4, 4-4 UFH
Raybin ChanDimitri Ingrassia7-6, 3-6, 7-5
Alvaro GarridoMarcus Berg6-1, 6-1
Safer InfanteHugo La Hei7-6, 7-5
 1:00PM(H) 21 Marian - INdef(A) Bethel - IN7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Shawnee State - OH4-0 
 1010 Newark Rd.
  9:00AM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
   (N) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals Day 2
  5:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) RV Judson - IL4-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerVeltkamp/Kerswell4-6V
Mariano Jalif/Eli SteinerLestelle/Ingrassia4-6V
Diego Freire/Martin CarrizoLaHei/Beng6-1H
Eli SteinerChris KerswellNDH
Martin CarrizoChris VeltkampNDH
Diego FreireAugustin LeStelle 6-3, 6-2H
Isaac SteinerDimitri Ingrassia6-4, 6-3H
Grant EspositoMarcus Berg6-0, 6-0H
Alex SerwatkaHugo LaHei6-3, 6-3H
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 Creighton Invitational
  3:00PM(H) Miami Universitydef(A) Ohio Christian5-2 
 Middletown Campus
   (H) TBAtied(A) 19 Coastal Georgia0-0 
 ITA Day 2 - Presented by Oracle - Florida Region
   (N) Midway - KY vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - ITA Regionals - Georgetown College
  4:00PM(N) Indiana Southeast - IN vs. (N) Indiana TechPPD 
 IWU Fall Classic | Marion, Ind.
 269:00AM(A) Brescia - KY @ (H) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 Southeast Regional ITA Tournament
  4:30PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Indiana Tech4-0 
 IWU Fall Classic
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerGomez/Garrido6-3H
Eli Steiner/Mariano JalifNeves/Storani6-3H
Diego Freire/Martin CarrizoAvellaneda/Infante7-5H
Eli StienerStoraniNDH
Martin CarrizoNeves6-3, 6-2H
Diego FreireAvellanedaNDH
Isaac SteinerChan6-2, 6-2H
Grant EspositoGarrido6-2, 6-2H
Mariano JalifInfanteNDH
   (A) TBA @ (H) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 ITA Southeast Regional Championship Sept. 26-29
   (H) TBAtied(A) 19 Coastal Georgia0-0 
 ITA Day 1 - Presented by Oracle - Florida Region
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Midway - KYNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - ITA Regionals - Georgetown College
  3:00PM(H) Saint Francis - INdef(A) Anderson University6-1 
 4:00PM(A) Goshen - INdef(H) Spring Arbor - MI6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Ryan MacLeanFilippo Bigardi6-2, 7-5V
Alex ReinboldJuan Miguel Ciudad6-4, 6-4V
Connor MogleDanny Boussom6-3, 6-1V
Jonah EngleJosh Friesen6-4, 6-2V
Brendan BentleyHermes Flores6-2, 6-3V
Drew HallEvan Beck7-5, 6-2V
  1:00PM(H) Holy Cross - INdef(A) Bethel - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Gibson Ferguson 7-5, 6-2H
Euzarraga Shembarger 6-1, 7-6H
Wappell Weaver 6-2, 6-1H
Fajardo Boj 6-0, 6-3H
Brown Laman 6-0, 7-5H
Beekman Eash6-0, 6-2H
   (N) 11 Tennessee Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals Day 1
 4:00PM(A) Huntington - INdef(H) Taylor - IN5-2 
 25 (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) Davenport UniversityPPD 
  4:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) Earlham College6-3 
  3:00PM(H) Doane - NEdef(A) Bethel - KS5-2 
   (A) Cornerstone - MIdef(H) Calvin College8-1 
244:15PM(H) Goshen - INdef(A) Taylor - IN4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Filippo BigardiDavid Sandi6-4, 6-1H
Juan Miguel CiudadChase Bremner7-5, 6-7(6), 7-5V
Martim CafeChristen Jacquottet6-2, 3-0, retiredV
Danny BoussomSalvador LoCascio6-1, 6-1H
Josh FriesenAndre Danelli6-4, 6-2H
Hermes FloresVictor Cheng6-1, 7-5H
  4:00PM(H) Buena Vista Universitydef(A) Northwestern - IA5-2 
 2:30PM(A) Huntington - INdef(H) Bethel - IN7-0 
  5:30PM(H) Indiana South Bend - INdef(A) Manchester University6-1 
 4:00PM(A) Saint Francis - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH4-3 
 3:30PM(A) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Spring Arbor - MI7-0 
 1:00PM(A) 21 Marian - INdef(H) Grace - IN5-2 
 233:30PM(A) Brescia - KYdef(H) Oakland City University5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Michael Kluemper / Jacob Hughen Danila Pyzh / Daniel Paez 6-0V
Kaleb Knepp / Noah PeakChristian Fernandez / Joao Paulo De Carvalho 6-0V
James White / Grant HolderJuan Hernandez / Jacob Dipert 6-3H
Michael KluemperDanila Pyzh6-1, 6-0V
Noah PeakDaniel Paez 6-1, 6-1V
Kaleb KneppJoao Paulo De Carvalho6-1, 6-1V
Jacob Hughen Jacob Dipert 7-1, 7-6(8-6)V
Grant HolderChristian Fernandez6-2, 6-2H
Jonathan HotsappleEmerson Durbin6-2, 6-0H
  4:00PM(A) Otterbein Universitydef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH6-1 
 22 (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Regional Tournament
   (N) RV Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championship - Southwestern College
   (A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 3 - ITA Regional Championships
   (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
   (A) Tabor - KS @ (H) TBACncl 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 3 - ITA Fall Regional
 2111:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals - Singles
   (A) TBA @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Saint Francis - IN0-0 
 ITA Midwest Tournament
   (N) Spring Arbor - MI vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
   (A) 21 Marian - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Tournament
  1:00PM(H) Indiana South Bend - INdef(A) Concordia - MI6-1 
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 2 - ITA Regional Championships
  10:00AM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Day 3 - ITA Central East Regional Tournament
   (H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  11:00AM(H) Georgetown - KYdef(A) Midway - KY5-2 
  10:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) RV Ottawa - KSNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
   (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
   (A) Indiana Tech @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional Championships | Marion/Upland, Ind.
  3:00PM(H) Shawnee State - OHdef(A) Berea College4-0 
  9:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional (Indiana Wesleyan University)
   (N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - ITA Fall Regional
  8:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 22 Indiana WesleyanNo Team Score 
   (N) RV Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championship - Southwestern College
  1:00PM(H) Cornerstone - MIdef(A) Adrian College6-1 
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Regional Tournament
   (A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
 20 (A) Blue Mountain - MS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA South Regional
   (N) 8 Point - GA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA South Regional Tournament, Sept. 20-22
   (A) RV Judson - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Individual ITA Tournament Times: TBD
  11:00AM(N) St. Francis - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals - Doubles
   (A) TBA @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Saint Francis - IN0-0 
 ITA Midwest Tournament
   (N) Spring Arbor - MI vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
  4:00PM(A) Olivet Collegedef(H) Concordia - MI5-2 
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - ITA Regional Championships
  2:00PM(A) 11 Tennessee Wesleyandef(H) Mars Hill University7-0 
   (A) Indiana Tech @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional Championships | Marion/Upland, Ind.
  10:00AM(N) Friends - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional/Invitational - Sept. 20-22
   (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championships
  8:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 22 Indiana WesleyanNo Team Score 
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
   (N) RV Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Championship - Southwestern College
   (H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Regional Tournament
   (A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Taylor - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
  10:00AM(N) 23 Missouri Valley vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Loyola - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 1 - ITA Fall Regional
  8:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional (Indiana Wesleyan University)
  10:00AM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Day 2 - ITA Central East Regional Tournament
  8:00AM(A) Goshen - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional Tournament
 19 (A) RV Judson - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Individual ITA Tournament Times: TBD
   (A) TBA @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (H) TBAtied(A) Saint Francis - IN0-0 
 ITA Midwest Tournament
  10:00AM(N) 23 Missouri Valley vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
   (N) Spring Arbor - MI vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
  5:00PM(A) Northwestern - IAdef(H) Mount Marty - SD4-2 
  8:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 22 Indiana WesleyanNo Team Score 
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
  9:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  10:00AM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Day 1 - ITA Central East Regional Tournament
   (A) Holy Cross - IN @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
 ITA Regional Tournament
  8:00AM(A) Goshen - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional Tournament
   (N) Taylor - IN vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
   (A) Indiana Tech @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional Championships | Marion/Upland, Ind.
  8:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Midwest Regional (Indiana Wesleyan University)
  8:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 ITA Regionals
 186:00PM(H) Davenport Universitydef(A) Aquinas - MI4-3 
   (A) Lawrence Tech - MI @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Regional // Marion, Ind.
 1:00PM(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Bethel - IN5-2 
174:00PM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
 Head Coach Don Taylor's 250th Victory
 4:30PM(H) Goshen - INdef(A) Huntington - IN5-2 
 4:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Grace - IN4-3 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerPaule/Milan6-1H
Eli Steiner/Mariano JalifMax/Fabricio6-7V
Martin Carrizo/Diego FreireRamrio/Jacob4-6V
Eli SteinerMax Rozas4-6, 1-6V
Martin CarrizoFabricio Galvan7-5, 6-1H
Diego FreirePaule Popouic2-6, 6-7V
Isaac SteinerRamiro Candia7-5, 6-2H
Grant EspositoMauricio Corty6-3, 6-2H
Alex SerwatkaMilan Savic6-0, 6-3H
 2:00PM(H) 21 Marian - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI7-0 
 1512:00PM(A) Indiana Southeast - INdef(H) Franklin College7-0 
  12:00PM(A) Indiana South Bend - INdef(H) Olivet College8-1 
  2:00PM(A) Shawnee State - OH @ (H) Indiana TechRAIN 
 1600 West Jefferson Blvd.
 14 (A) TBA @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Flighted Tournament
  4:00PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Goshen - IN5-2 
 at Swinney Park
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Brunno StoraniFilippo Bigardi7-5, 6-1V
Tiago NevesJuan Miguel Ciudad6-4, 6-4H
Juan AvellanedaMartim Cafe6-4, 7-6(5)H
Raybin ChanDanny Boussom7-5, 6-0H
Alvaro GarridoJosh Friesen6-7(5), 6-3, (10-3)H
Jafer InfanteHermes Flores6-3, 6-0H
 11:00AM(A) Goshen - INdef(H) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
 at Swinney Park
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Jay StanchinFilippo Bigardi6-1, 6-3V
Tannon DishmanJuan Miguel Ciudad7-6(1), 6-1V
Austin SchofieldMartim Cafe6-0, 6-2V
Tyler ChrisliebJosh Friesen6-2, 7-5V
Tony TomehHermes Flores3-6, 6-1, (10-6)V
Reggie GarrettEvan Beck6-1, 6-3V
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Morningside - IANo Team Score 
 Day 2 - GPAC Individual Tourney
   (A) Bethel - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 2019 KCAC Individual Championships
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 KCAC Individual Championships
  3:00PM(H) Wittenberg Universitydef(A) Indiana East - IN5-2 
  12:00PM(A) William Jewell Collegedef(H) Baker - KS6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
A. Hernandez-Carreno / C. FitzgeraldB. Myers / P. Braga6-7 (4)V
A. Ruckman / P. Ferretti C. Sanders / A. Broker5-7V
M. Hovorka / D. SteadmanH. Fulk / M. Wheeler1-6V
Alejandro Hernandez-CarrenoBjorn Myers6-2, 1-6, (10-4) H
Carson FitzgeraldPedro Braga6-3, 4-6, (3-10)V
Adam Ruckman Cutter Sanders3-6, 6-3, (7-10) V
Pedro Ferretti Athos Broker2-6, 2-6V
Max Hovorka Hayden Fulk 2-6, 3-6 V
Davis Steadman Tiago Braga0-6, 4-6V
   (N) RV Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Singles Tournament - Woods Tennis Center
  9:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 Campbellsville Tournament
  10:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) RV Ottawa - KSNo Team Score 
 KCAC Individual Championships
  1:00PM(N) Shawnee State - OHdef(N) Heidelberg University7-2 
 30 E. Market Street
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Georgetown - KYNo Team Score 
 GC Invitational
  10:00AM(A) Hastings - NE @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Invite
   (H) Grand View - IAdef(A) Iowa Central CC4-3 
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Fall Tournament
  11:00AM(H) Alma Collegedef(A) Concordia - MI7-2 
 10:00AM(A) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Huntington - IN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Rodrigo Manzo/Mateo AmellerGrant Esposito/Martin Carrizo1-6V
Illia Turaba/Sebastian SalasEli Steiner/Isaac Steiner3-6V
Niko Rongos/Diego TapiaDiego Freire/Riley Worland4-6V
Illia TurabaEli Steiner4-6, 3-6V
Rodrigo ManzoMartin Carrizo0-6, 1-6V
Mateo AmellerIsaac Steiner2-6, 4-6V
Diego TapiaDiego Freire6-4, 4-6, 10-4H
Sebastian SalasGrant Esposito3-6, 4-6V
Niko RongosAlex Serwatka3-6, 2-6V
 3:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 1:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI7-0 
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 GPAC Individuals Tournament
  3:00PM(A) Lourdes - OH @ (H) 22 Indiana WesleyanFORFT 
  11:00AM(A) Taylor - INdef(H) Cedarville University5-2 
 9:00AM(H) 21 Marian - INdef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
   (N) Xavier - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 HBCU National Championships, Atlanta, Ga.
   (N) Hope vs. (N) Cornerstone - MINo Team Score 
 Hope Invitational
 139:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Point - GANo Team Score 
 at Huntingdon College Invitational, Sept. 13-15
   (A) TBA @ (H) RV Olivet Nazarene - ILNo Team Score 
   (N) TBA vs. (N) Morningside - IANo Team Score 
 Day 1 - GPAC Individual Tournament
  7:00PM(A) 11 Tennessee Wesleyandef(H) Covenant College9-0 
   (A) Bethel - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 2019 KCAC Individual Championships
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - KCAC Individual Championships
   (N) RV Midland - NE vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Singles Tournament
 2:00PM(H) Saint Francis - INdef(A) Bethel - IN4-2 
  10:00AM(A) Hastings - NE @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 GPAC Invite
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Fall Tournament
   (N) Kansas Wesleyan vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Flighted Tournament
  11:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Doane - NENo Team Score 
 GPAC Individuals Tournament
  5:00PM(A) Roosevelt - IL @ (H) Elmhurst CollegeNo Team Score 
   (N) Xavier - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 HBCU National Championships, Atlanta, Ga.
   (N) Hope vs. (N) Cornerstone - MINo Team Score 
 Hope Invitational
  4:00PM(A) RV Olivet College @ (H) Concordia - MIPPD 
  10:00AM(N) Friends - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 KCAC Fall Championships - Sept. 13-14
 123:00PM(A) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(H) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Jay Stachin and Tyler ChristliebAlex Tamarro and Alex Rajal4-6V
Tony Tomeh and Tannon DishmanWill Burgess and Adam Alger6-0H
Luke Wogoman and Reggie GarrettNico Damotta and Lukas Obel1-6V
Jay StachinAlex Tamarro2-6, 0-6V
Tannon DishmanAlex Rajal1-6, 3-6V
Austin ScholfieldPedro Orellana0-6, 1-6V
Tyler ChristliebWill Burgess1-6, 1-6V
Reggie GarrettLukas Obel2-6, 0-6V
Steve MullaneyNico Damotta3-6, 0-6V
  4:00PM(H) Adrian Collegedef(A) Bethel - IN9-0 
 2:30PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Taylor - IN4-0 
  4:00PM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Trine University7-0 
   (N) Xavier - LA vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 HBCU National Championships, Atlanta, Ga.
 104:00PM(A) Morningside - IAdef(H) Buena Vista University7-2 
  10:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) RV Ottawa - KSNo Team Score 
 Central Region Doubles Tournament
  10:00AM(H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 Central Region Doubles Invitational
   (A) Kansas Wesleyan @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 ITA Central Doubles Invitational
 4:00PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
 4:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 4:00PM(A) 21 Marian - INdef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
 3:00PM(A) Taylor - INdef(H) Spring Arbor - MI4-3 
 2:30PM(A) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Bethel - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Shembarger/Weaver Grant Esposito/Martin Carrizo6-4V
Ferguson/BosEli Steiner/Isaac Steiner 6-0V
Laman/Brown Diego Freire/Riley Worland6-3V
FergusonEli Steiner6-0, 6-0V
ShembargerMartin Carrizo6-0, 6-1V
WeaverDiego Freire6-0, 6-1V
BosIsaac Steiner6-1, 6-0V
LamanGrant Esposito 6-0, 6-0V
EashAlex Serwatka 6-0, 6-0V
 812:00PM(H) Thomas More - KYdef(A) University of Miami-Middletown7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
FidlerCampbell6-0, 6-1H
HaughtWilkerson6-2, 6-1H
HusterHall6-0, 6-1H
 7 (A) Tabor - KS @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 2 - Tiger-Jinx Invitational
 10:00AM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
   (A) Brescia - KY @ (H) RV Asbury - KYNo Team Score 
 RSC Individual Tournament
  (N) Ohio Christian vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 RSC Preview
  9:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 RSC Fall Invitational
  10:30AM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Day 2 - Missouri Valley College Invitational
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Jinx/Tiger Invitational
   (A) Bethel - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawk Fall Invitational
  4:00PM(A) Indiana Techdef(H) Huntington - IN4-3 
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 23 Missouri ValleyNo Team Score 
 Missouri Valley Invite
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Warhawk Fall Invitational
  5:00PM(H) Goshen - INdef(A) Aquinas - MI6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Filippo BigardiJoel Hancox6-4, 6-3H
Juan Miguel CiudadNicholas Klak6-3, 1-3, retiredV
Martim CafeBrandon McEachern6-0, 6-2H
Josh FriesenJohn Elizalde6-1, 6-0H
 9:00AM(A) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(H) Goshen - IN7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Bigardi/CafeEsposito/I. Steiner6-2V
Friesen/Luke RushJalif/E. Steiner6-0V
Filippo BigardiEli Steiner6-1, 6-0V
Juan Miguel CiudadMartin Carrizo6-1, 6-3V
Martim CafeDiego Freire7-5, 6-3V
Josh FriesenIsaac Steiner6-4, 6-2V
Hermes FloresGrant Esposito6-0, 6-2V
Evan BeckAlex Serwatka6-1, 6-1V
  10:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 River States Conference Individual Tournament (at Top Seed Tennis Club)
  1:00PM(N) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(N) Aquinas - MI7-0 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Martin CarrizoHancock/Klak6-0H
Eli Steiner/Isaac SteinerMcEachem/Elizalde6-1H
Eli Steiner J. Hancock6-3, 6-1H
Martin Carrizo N. Klak6-2, 6-2H
Isaac SteinerB. McEachern6-3, 6-0H
Grant EspositoJ. Elizalde6-2, 6-0H
 11:00AM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Bethel - IN7-0 
   (H) Texas Wesleyandef(A) Howard Payne University6-0 
 Arlington Tennis Center, Arlington, Texas
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Linus RichterGabe Benitez6-0, 6-1H
Andres GonzalezDominic Denardo6-1, 6-2H
Juan Filipe ParraMicah Hunon6-2, 6-0H
Ian CarvajalBen Blanchard7-5, 6-2H
Adam WhiteHunter Green6-0, 6-4H
  3:00PM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Wittenberg University4-3 
  12:00PM(A) Indiana South Bend - INdef(H) Franklin College6-3 
  8:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Midway - KYNo Team Score 
 Day 2 - River States Conference Individual Tournament - Asbury University
 1:00PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 10:00AM(A) 21 Marian - INdef(H) Taylor - IN6-1 
 610:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) Southwestern - KSNo Team Score 
 Day 1 - Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:00AM(N) Friends - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Tiger-Jinx Tourney - Sept. 6-7
   (A) Brescia - KY @ (H) RV Asbury - KYNo Team Score 
 RSC Individual Tournament
   (H) TBAtied(A) Tabor - KS0-0 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  10:30AM(H) TBAtied(A) Grand View - IA0-0 
 Day 1 - Missouri Valley College Invitational
  11:00AM(A) St. Francis - IL @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawk Fall Invitational
   (N) Roosevelt - IL vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Warhawk Fall Invitational
  8:00AM(N) Midway - KY vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Day 1 - River States Conference Individual Tournament - Asbury University
  10:00AM(A) Sterling - KS @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Jinx/Tiger Invitational
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 23 Missouri ValleyNo Team Score 
 Missouri Valley Invite
  10:00AM(A) Indiana East - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 River States Conference Individual Tournament (at Top Seed Tennis Club)
  6:00PM(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OHdef(A) Geneva College5-2 
   (N) Bethel - KS vs. (N) TBANo Team Score 
 Tiger-Jinx Invitational
  9:00AM(N) TBA vs. (N) Indiana Southeast - INNo Team Score 
 RSC Fall Invitational
 52:30PM(A) Trine Universitydef(H) Bethel - IN6-1 
  4:00PM(H) William Jewell Collegedef(A) Concordia - NE7-0 
  4:30PM(A) 17 University of Northwestern Ohidef(H) Goshen - IN5-2 
  1:00PM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Grace - IN4-3 
42:30PM(A) Goshen - INdef(H) Bethel - IN7-0 
 US Highway 20 Cup
 4:00PM(A) Spring Arbor - MIdef(H) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
   (H) Lawrence Tech - MIdef(A) Adrian College4-3 
 4:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) Huntington - IN7-0 
 4:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) 21 Marian - IN7-0 
 3:00PM(A) Taylor - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 312:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi5-2 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Grant Esposito/Isaac SteinerSalazar/Corde6-1H
Eli Steiner/Mariano JalifKaplusch/Omarkhanov6-1H
Diego Freire/Riley WorlandAuguavives/Lamy6-4H
Eli SteinerSalazar6-3, 6-4H
Diego FreireConde3-6, 2-6V
Grant Esposito Omarkhanov4-6, 7-6, 10-12V
Isaac Steiner Kaplusch6-2, 6-4H
Mariano JalifAuguavives 6-1, 7-6H
Riley WorlandBarcelo6-4, 6-1H
 9:00AM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Saint Francis - IN6-1 
 11:00AM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Bethel - IN7-0 
 11:00AM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Goshen - IN6-1 
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Filippo BigardiMax Rozas4-6, 6-3, 6-1V
Juan CiudadFabricio Galvan7-6(5), 7-5V
Dan BoussomPavle Popovic6-3, 6-3V
Martim CafeRamiro Candia6-2, 6-2H
Josh FriesenMilan Savic5-7, 7-6(3), 6-3V
Hermes FloresMauricio Corty7-5, 6-4V
 11:00AM(A) 21 Marian - INdef(H) Huntington - IN6-1 
 1:00PM(H) Spring Arbor - MIdef(A) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 302:45PM(A) Bethel - INdef(H) Manchester University8-1 
 293:00PM(A) Goshen - INdef(H) RV Judson - IL4-3 
 Please note the Men's Tennis team will be playing off site
Home PlayersVisitor PlayersScoreWinner
Chris Veltkamp/Chris KerswellDanny Bosom/Jaun Ciudad7-6H
Augustin Lestelle/Dimitri IngrassiaMartin Cafe/Josh Friesen7-6H
Hugo La Hei/Marcus BergFilippo Bigardi/Luke Rush4-6V
Chris VeltkampFilippo Bigardi3-6, 2-6V
Chris KerswellJuan Ciudad6-1, 6-2H
Augustin Lestelle Danny Boussom1-6, 2-6V
Dimitri IngrossiaMartin Cafe7-6, 7-5H
Hugo La HeiJosh Friesen2-6, 6-2, 6-7V
Marcus BergHermes Flores4-6, 2-6V
  3:00PM(A) Indiana Techdef(H) Saint Francis - IN7-0 
  2:00PM(H) Grace - INdef(A) 17 University of Northwestern Ohi4-3 
  2:00PM(H) Taylor - INdef(A) Lawrence Tech - MI4-1 
284:00PM(H) Huntington - INdef(A) Spring Arbor - MI5-2 
 1:00PM(A) Goshen - INdef(H) Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH7-0 
 postponed from Aug. 27
271:00PM(H) 21 Marian - INdef(A) Saint Francis - IN6-1 
 4:00PM(H) 22 Indiana Wesleyandef(A) Taylor - IN7-0 
 2:30PM(A) Grace - INdef(H) Bethel - IN7-0 
 2411:00AM(A) RV Judson - IL @ (H) 21 Marian - INNo Team Score 
 Marian University Doubles Tournament - No Team Scoring
  10:00AM(A) TBA @ (H) 21 Marian - INNo Team Score 
 MU Doubles Tournament - Marian - Indianapolis, Ind.
  10:00AM(H) TBAtied(A) Saint Francis - IN0-0 
 Marian Doubles Tournament
  10:00AM(A) Taylor - IN @ (H) TBANo Team Score 
 Marian Doubles Tournament
  12:00PM(A) Indiana East - INdef(H) University of Miami-Middletown7-0 

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